Micro Ferret : What Are Miniature Ferrets? 7 Cool Facts

In recent times, there has been a lot of interest in micro ferrets. Within this article, you will find information on, among other things, the defining features for the micro ferrets, how they can be acquired, and how much they cost.

The micro ferret, also known as a miniature ferret, is a smaller, cute type of ferret. Among the micro ferrets, the hobs (males) normally grow to around 11 inches – nose to tail base, while the jills (females) normally grow to around 9 inches nose to tail base.

Thus full grown micro ferrets may be similar in size to the kits of some other ferret types.

Yet in spite of the small micro ferret size, these tend to be healthy, energetic and entertaining ferrets.

Micro ferret
Micro Ferret : What are Miniature Ferrets?

As with most other animals, ferrets differ in size: with some being exceptionally small and some being exceptionally big.

Now what some micro ferret breeders do is focus on breeding the smaller ferrets over time, establishing a line of small ferrets: the micro ferrets.

There is a certain type of ferret that is known as the whippet ferret. The said whippet ferret tends to be quite small in size. It is within the whippet ferret variety that you may find many of the micro ferrets.

Comparing the micro ferret to ferret pets from the other varieties reveals that the only difference is in size. It is often the smallest ferret. But in all other regards, it is just like any other ferret.


What Is A Micro Ferret?

The micro ferret is best described as a very small type of ferret – in other words, a miniature ferret.

So this is a ferret that, at full adult size, is considerably smaller in comparison to other ferrets. And this is in spite of getting adequate nutrition. So it is a ferret that is naturally smaller in size. It is the miniature version of ferret.

Of course, ferrets of other varieties can at times suffer from pituitary dwarfism. Then they may fail to attain their full growth potentials.

But the micro-ferrets is one that, in spite of attaining its full growth potential (and in spite of it not suffering from pituitary dwarfism), turns out to be relatively small.

Thus the micro-ferret is a mini ferret: which, even at adulthood, grows to a relatively small size.

When you objectively compare micro-ferrets to ferrets of other types, you see that the micro-ferrets are considerably smaller. And this applies in all cases.

By the way, note that the ferret we are making reference to here is an animal. This clarification is important, because of the micro ferret electric reference that some people make at times.

You see, in electronics, there is a unit known as micro farad – a measure of capacitance and stuff. But some people misconceive it as micro ferret: hence the micro ferret electric reference.

And that is how you end up with people who are seeking information on capacitance finding themselves in pages talking about pet ferrets!


How Big Do Micro Ferrets Get?

As we said earlier, what sets micro-ferrets apart from the rest is their size.

This leads to a question on how big the micro ferrets grow.

Now as with all other types of ferrets, in micro-ferrets, the hobs (males) tend to be bigger. They tend to be bigger than the jills (females).

The best way to measure a ferret is by taking a measurement from nose to the base of the tail.

In a micro hob ferret (a male), the nose to tail base length will normally be around 11 inches. That is at adulthood: in other words, that is the full grown hob micro ferret size .

In a micro jill ferret (a female), the nose to tail base length will normally be around 9 inches. Again, that is at adulthood – the full grown jill micro ferret size.

These measurements can be helpful when, for instance, shopping for a micro ferret harness.

So you find that the micro polecat ferret in question here may require a special type of harness. This is on account of its relatively smaller size.

Indeed, there are even those who say that there needs to be a special micro-ferret symbol! This is on account of the fact that this is a ferret that is quite different from other ferrets, in terms of size.


Is A Micro Ferret The Same As A Miniature Ferret?

In some contexts, people keep on making reference to micro-ferrets, whereas in other contexts, people keep on making reference to miniature ferrets.

 This can create confusion, as one tries to figure out whether the micro-ferret is also the miniature ferret.

So, indeed, is the micro-ferret exactly the same as a miniature ferret? The answer is ‘yes’. The micro-ferret may also be referred to as the miniature ferret. Both names allude to the same thing.

Thus the micro-ferret is also the miniature ferret and, by extension, is also the mini ferret.

Micro ferret
Micro Ferret – Teacup Ferret


Are Micro Ferrets Healthy?

Because of their relatively small size, there are people who have concerns as to whether the micro-ferrets are healthy.

So, are micro ferrets healthy? The answer is ‘yes’. Micro-ferrets tend to be healthy. At least this is the case for well-bred and well-cared-for micro-ferrets.

The best micro ferret breeders ensure that they only breed those ferrets that are naturally small. So those are ferrets whose small size is due to genetic heritage, and not due to health issues.

Thus the micro-ferrets are not (as some people assume) small due to malnutrition. Neither are they small due to issues like pituitary dwarfism. These are ferrets that are naturally small – due to their genetic heritage.

It follows, then, that the micro-ferrets can be as healthy as any other.


How Long Do Micro Ferrets Live?

Given their small sizes, there are many people who have concerns on whether micro-ferrets have normal life expectancy.

That is what leads to questions like this one – on how long do micro ferrets last?

And the answer is that, with good care, micro-ferrets can live for 5 to 10 years. Some even go beyond 10 years.

Thus in terms of life expectancy, micro-ferrets are like any other ferrets. That is provided they receive proper care.


How Much Do Micro Ferrets Cost?

If you are buying from a commercial breeder, a typical ferret kit will normally cost an average of $100. It can however cost as little as $75 and as much as $250 in some places.

The micro ferret price is also within that range. But there are some micro ferret breeders who may regard them (the micro-ferrets) as ‘special’ and sell them at premium prices.


What Is The Smallest Ferret?

The smallest ferret is the one we refer to as the whippet ferret.

Many of the micro-ferrets often turn out to be whippets.


How Can You Acquire A Micro Ferret?

The most straightforward way to acquire a micro-ferret is by getting a commercial breeder to sell it to you.

Some breeders deliberately breed these micro-ferrets. They therefore always have micro ferrets for sale.

You can start the search online. Just carry out a search for a term like ‘micro ferrets for sale near me’. This may yield at least one link to a breeder who happens to have a micro ferret for sale.

You can be more specific, and clarify that you are seeking either a micro hob ferret for sale or a micro jill ferret for sale.

Once you find a breeder with the ferrets, you may proceed to enquire on the price. Then you can check out the ferrets, and if they look good, pay for them and start bonding with them.


Final Verdict – Micro Ferret

The micro ferret is the miniature version of a ferret: one that grows to a relatively smaller adult size.

Most micro ferret hobs (males) will grow to around 11 inches. And most micro ferret jills (females) will grow to around 9 inches.

The whippet ferret is the smallest type of ferret. And most miniature ferrets may often turn out to be of the whippet variety.

Micro ferret
Micro Ferret – Miniature Ferret

In terms of personality, health and life expectancy, the micro ferrets are like all other ferrets. Only their smaller size distinguishes them.

There are commercial breeders from whom it may be possible to purchase the micro ferrets. The prices for the micro ferrets may be in the $75 to $250 range, though some breeders may charge premium prices for them.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet ferret a good and comfortable life! 

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