How Much Do Rabbits Cost In The US? 5 Cool Hacks To Keep Rabbit Price Low

How much do rabbits cost? If you are living in the US and passionate about keeping pet rabbits, you will be finding that you need to have around $500 to $1000 in a year for a single rabbit in one time expenses and recurring expenses, depending on the US state you live in.

Bunnies cost may vary depending on different reasons and geographical location. But how much do rabbits cost in the US? This is among the questions that disturbs every new rabbit keeper.

How much do rabbits cost
How much do rabbits cost – Rabbits for sale

If you need more information about how much is a bunny, cage cost, rabbit food, among others, read this article to the end.

It covers most of the necessary information that will help you understand rabbit cost as well as other necessary costs that can help approximate how much you need to have a rabbit in your yard.

On average, a bunny costs $ 50, though this price is exclusive of other expenses such as food, rabbit cage, bedding, among other essentials. Approximately a rabbit costs about 300 bucks if you include another essential cost.


How To Buy A Rabbit?

Whether you are interested in a new rabbit breed or need to start keeping a rabbit in your backyard, you must know how much a rabbit costs and how to buy it. There is a different way of buying a new pet.

Contact any local animal shelter to get a rough idea of a rabbit cost, the breed you desire to keep as a pet, and other essential information.

Apart from visiting the shelters specialized in rabbit breeding, you can as well make an order online. Online shopping may be the most convenient method of buying your pet.

Before making any purchase you will need to find out several things. Ask yourself how much do rabbits cost? Where and how are you going to shop the rabbit?


What To Know Before Buying A Rabbit

When my friend visited my backyard and saw some two fat bunnies, the first thing to ask was how much do rabbits cost in your local area?

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Understanding how much do bunny cost is the first thing to note before buying a rabbit. Once you have the rabbit cost in mind, understanding its behavior will help you manage it well.

Rabbits enjoy the company. If you have seen two rabbits interact, you can’t have a reason for denying them their company! You cannot make a perfect company for rabbits.

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You cannot communicate to the bunny in a language they understand, therefore give them their company. If intending to buy a bunny, ensure you purchase either two or more.

Another essential thing to note before buying a rabbit is the rabbit cage cost. Remember, you will need a suitable cage or housing that will ensure your bunny enjoys a good environment.

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Rabbit Buying Cost Or Adoption Cost

How Much Do Rabbits Cost in your local stores? Is it cheap to buy or adopt a rabbit in your region? Before you own a rabbit, you will need to decide whether to buy or adopt it. This will be after comparing the cost and that of adopting it.

How much does a pet rabbit cost? After getting the pet rabbit price, you can make a comparison to gauge if it meets your budget.

If you don’t have enough budget for meeting the rabbit buying cost, adopting them from an animal shelter may be the most convenient way of reducing the expenses.

While adopting a bunny may seem the most affordable option, the priority should be getting the suitable variety for your family.


Rabbit Housing Cost

You can’t get a clear picture of how much do rabbits cost without looking at the rabbit housing. Remember, you need a decent housing facility for your beloved bunny.

Rabbit cage cost differs depending on the design and where you shop. You will also be keen not to overspend, making comparisons from different suppliers to get the best for your budget.

If you need to house your rabbit outside, you will need a hutch. A typical hatch of average size will cost $ 150- $ 200. You can also make your own if you are good at designing.

How much does a rabbit cage cost? A rabbit hutch will cost more than a cage. Though the indoor rabbit cage cost varies depending on the design, you will expect to spend about $ 50 – $100.


Rabbit Food Cost

How much does bunny food cost? Remember we are interested in answering our main question of ‘How Much Do Rabbits Cost?’ We therefore need to find all the necessary costs that contribute to the final budget of rearing a pet rabbit.

Don’t expect to shove some hey in the cage and think you are done. Rabbits need to get good food. You can add some vegetables and pellets, hey, to make it complete. Rabbit food cost depends on its size.

For instance, a mature rabbit will need a hey costing around $10-$20 in a month; vegetables can cost approximately $20 in a month while pallets $50 yearly. If you add some treats, rabbit food cost can rice by over $50.

Before finding the exact figure of how much does a bunny food cost, you must have all the rabbit food cost estimates correct to get the amount you need to budget for your rabbit.

How much do rabbits cost
How much do rabbits cost – Rabbits for sale


Rabbit Accessories Cost

Apart from the knowing bunny cost, rabbit cage cost, and rabbit food cost, there are other things to remember while planning to domesticate a rabbit.

You cannot get the answer to How Much Do Rabbits Cost without looking into the other accessories cost.

Things such as bedding, food, chew toys and treats are essential supplies that should be part of the rabbit cost.

How much does it cost to keep a rabbit when you include other rabbit accessories? Depending on where you buy your accessories, the total bunny cost can be about $ 40 per month.

To cut the rabbit cost, you make your toy and plant vegetables in your garden to make it affordable. This can help you reduce the overall figure when looking at how much do rabbits cost.


Rabbit Veterinarian Visit Cost

You need a regular checkups plan for your bunny to ensure good health. This can be annual; however, never hesitate to call a vet immediately you suspect any sign of illness in your rabbit.

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Veterinary visit cost may vary but can be about $35-$65 depending on the type of service.

Treatment cost for rabbits depends on the type of illness. You may spend additional hundreds of dollars on treating your bunny.


Rabbit Neutering Or Spaying Cost

When planning for neutering or spaying your rabbit, you can set aside $125-$250. Though it may seem expensive, it is of great worth.

Failing to spay or neuter your rabbit regularly can result in a disease outbreak which may be difficult and expensive to manage.


Rabbit Total Cost Of Ownership

If you have a kid asking a rabbit every time, you should have a rough idea of how much is a pet rabbit.

When you sum together the rabbit cost, you need to have around $500 -$1000 in a year for a single rabbit. That is the round figure that will help you know how much do rabbits cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Rabbits Cost At Petco?

If you need to know how much are rabbits Petco, first understand that the rabbit price varies massively depending on where you buy them. On average, the cost at Petco ranges from $50-$250.


How Much Do Rabbits Cost At PetSmart?

PetSmart is no longer selling rabbits. They sometimes hold adoption events, rescue groups for dogs, cats, and rabbits.


How Much Are Pet Rabbits?

Many people keep asking how much are bunnies in the US. If you buy a pet rabbit at the pet store, it will cost about $ 40 for average-sized rabbits. Rare breeds and show rabbits can cost $ 100 or over.


Final Verdict – How Much Do Rabbits Cost

After understanding How much do rabbits cost, you can now visit a nearby animal shelter for your pet.

How much do rabbits cost
How much do rabbits cost – Rabbits for sale

Remember, the cost may vary depending on regions, states and cost of living and the type of care your intent to provide to your bunny.

If you add extra accessories and care, your rabbit cost will increase accordingly. To ensure a low cost, consider working with locally available materials and accessories.

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