Are Dog Paws Sensitive, Soft Or Rough?

Are dog paws sensitive

Have you ever noticed your dog running on any hot or super cold surface without having any difficulty? Has this ever made you wonder how your dog’s feet are not super sensitive to the extreme hot or cold body like your own? This is because your dog’s feet and paws …

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Do Dogs have Eyelashes?

Do dogs have eyelashes

Yes, Dogs do have eyelashes, and they are there for the same purpose as that of humans, to protect their eyes from dust, debris and harmful particles. Unlike humans, Dog’s length of eyelash is based on the fur length. You’ll find some dogs having the longest and most beautiful eyelashes …

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How Long Can A Dog Go Without Pooping?

How long can a dog go without pooping

Dogs are a human’s best friend. 53% of the US population owns a dog, so we all know a thing or two about dog poop. But what happens when your dog isn’t pooping as much and how long can a dog go without pooping? There are various reasons why your …

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Why Do Dogs Pant In The Car? 3 Best Reasons

Why do dogs pant in the car

Does your dog get anxious when taken for rides in the car? Do you want to enjoy outings with your furry friend but can’t due to its travel anxieties? Are you interested in knowing how to calm your dogs in the car? Then you have stumbled on in the right …

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Dog Flinching For No Reason? 5 Best Reasons Why Dogs Flinch 

Dog flinching for no reason

Dog flinching is mostly an instinctive response. You try to pet your dog and he flinches. What’s wrong? Let’s discuss this common occurrence in some detail.  What Is Dog Flinching? Dog flinching usually happens when your pet is apprehensive about anyone coming near. Dog flinching in sleep is a relatively …

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