Do Bunnies Shed? 5 Months Brutal Rabbit Shedding Behavior

Rabbit is one adorable pet that is perfect for families. Taking care of it at home is a joy for kids as well as adults. But before raising rabbits in the home, many have asked about the “do rabbits shed?” Yes, all pet bunny sheds.

Do bunnies shed? All Rabbits undergo Molting, which is a hair shedding process. Grown up Rabbits generally molt 2 to 4 times in a year. Rabbits shed heavily in the Fall and the Spring season in the US. Young rabbit Kits generally molt around their fifth month from birth to replace baby hair with adult hair.

As pet owners, you must be prepared for the bunny shedding conditions, and you need to clean the bunny hair in several places in your house.

Do bunnies shed
do bunnies shed

Besides, many rabbit owners ask “do bunnies shed?” We need to learn about most asking questions about bunnies shedding behavior to get ready when the season comes.


Do Bunnies Shed?

Yes, all bunnies shedding because they groom. They constantly groom, so it’s no wonder their coats look so fluffy. Every day, your bunny sheds some fur.

However, if you notice that it’s getting harder to brush your rabbit’s coat, then it’s most likely that your rabbit is shedding more fur every day. You may want to buy some grooming supplies to keep up with your rabbit’s needs.

Do bunnies shed every so often? Yes. The bunny’s body will shed some of the current furs to be replaced by brand-new fur. A natural rule of bunny shedding cycles is that you’ll notice a lighter shedding season after a hefty shedding season followed by a heavy one.

This cycle can last up to two months. This is entirely normal and means that the bunnies are looking for a new place to call home in the Fall.


Do All Rabbits Shed?

Yes, all rabbit shedding their hair two to four times a year. There are no exceptions to all types of rabbits, as bunny molting their coat is a natural process, although some types of rabbits shed more minor than others.

Do rabbits shed with the monthly period? Yes, rabbits shedding every three months by doing heavy shedding. Meanwhile, light shedding may not be noticeable by the rabbit owners and can occur at any time.


What Months Do Rabbits Shed?

Rabbits normally shed their fur in the late winter or early autumn. This is a natural procedure and part of their normal growth process, but you may find some signs that your rabbit is molting four times in a year, every season.

Why do rabbits molt seasonally? Rabbit molting seasonally to prepare their coat for the next season. Some signs to look for include excessive hair loss, general dampness around the ears, and general limpness.

Some signs of molting to be on the lookout include a heavy build-up of scabs and calluses around the ears, a tendency towards respiratory distress during times of stress, and excessive licking of the ears.


Are Pet Rabbits Nocturnal?

Due to the shedding of rabbits, many pet owners see rabbits sleeping more during the day, and many still think that rabbits are active at night. Rabbits are crepuscular animals.

Do bunnies shed in the night? Because the activity of crepuscular animals is more at dusk and dawn, rabbits will shed their fur during that time. Ensure you clean the rabbit’s fur, and don’t let the rabbits eat their fur.

Some bunnies will lick some parts of their body due to heavy shedding, and some rabbits will remove the hair shed with their teeth.


How Much Do Rabbits Shed?

Although rabbits generally shed fur in bunches rather than in single sheets, they all lose the same amount of fur in the same amount of time. A rabbit that sheds a lot more will generally shed more hair in a shorter amount of time.

When do bunnies shed more than usual? Rabbit shedding a lot in spring because they were shedding their thick coat to remove their winter fur. Rabbit needs to adjust their body temperature to keep warm, that’s why their winter fur is thicker than other seasons.


What Months Do Rabbits Shed?

Rabbits will lose their hair from February to June. This is the time of year when a rabbit gets into the act, and the need for vegetables, fruits, and other supplements picks up. Rabbits also will lose hair in July and August.

The shedding is just part of the cycle of the life of these animals. When do rabbits shed ends? They do not stop shedding until they reach the later parts of the year. This means that if you plan to own a rabbit, you should be prepared for this natural hair loss.


Reasons Why Bunnies Shed?

The reasons why bunnies shed are because the rabbit has seasonal shedding patterns. Does rabbit fur coat shed? Yes. Rabbit shed their coat to adjust the season’s temperatures. This applies to warmer and cooler temperatures with different coat thicknesses.

Do bunnies shed for getting a new coat? Yes. A rabbit will grow a nice thick coat in the winter, then shedding its winter coat for a thinner coat to prepare for the summer season.

Apart from seasonal shedding, the rabbit also does light shedding, which is sometimes not seen by the pet owners. That’s why the pet owners’ job is to do brushing their coats every day to help so that there is no matted hair on their bodies.


Rabbit Shedding – Patchy Fur – What To Do?

To avoid patchy fur loss, you have to gently brush their coat every day so that the rabbit’s fur doesn’t come out in clumps which causes severe flaking. How much do rabbits shed also determines the patchy fur loss. After shedding and the rabbit has a bald spot, then we can see if the rabbit has skin mite.

Fur mites can cause itching to your rabbit and significantly interfere with fur development on the bald spot. Take your rabbit to the veterinarians to do a skin scraping to detect the mites. Your vet will do the classic treatment with oral or injectable ivermectin with two weeks of treatment.

Do bunnies shed always come with patchy fur? No. It will reduce the chance of patchy fur and bald spots on your rabbit’s fur with a proper grooming routine.

Rabbit Urine Stain Removing Method


How Can I Stop My Rabbit From Shedding?

You can’t stop the rabbit shedding, but you can help the rabbit shed more of it until it leaves the bold spot because there are fur clumps in one spot.

Why is my rabbit shedding so much? Because your rabbit isn’t brushing regularly and makes their hair easily falling out. Rabbits with hair loss problems are more prone to skin mites because they are not covered in fur.

You can use a rabbit grooming kit to do your grooming routine and give your rabbit a fun experience.

Do bunnies shed
do bunnies shed


Rabbit Grooming Kit

Please remember, don’t use a grooming kit specifically used for paint and dogs because a rabbit’s fur is more delicate and torn easily. There are several grooming tools you can use for a rabbit, which are:

Grooming ToolBenefit
Rubber brushesFairly gentle and quite soft. Very useful during rabbit shedding.
Soft brushExcellent for general grooming.
Nail clippersClipping rabbit’s nail with safe and easy method.
Slicker brushHelps in removing remaining shed to avoid matted fur.

Do bunnies shed can be reduced by a grooming kit? Regular grooming will help you identify any problems with your rabbits’ fur or skin and reduce the chances of fleas or other parasites.


Rabbits That Don’t Shed – What Bunny Does Not Shed?

There are no rabbits that don’t shed, but there are types of rabbits that shed the least. The mini rex rabbit and the angora rabbit are the ones that shed the least.

Do bunnies shed be affected by several factors? Yes. Bunny shedding also depends on genes, weather fluctuations, and food the bunny consumes. For angora and mini rex breeds, shedding depends on how their coat is treated.

Angora and mini rex do shed but don’t make a mess. Sometimes, their shedding is not noticeable, so some pet owners will feel annoyed with their smooth fur sticking to their carpets or sofas. Because their coat is small and neat, they require regular brushing more frequently than other breeds.

Teddywidder Rabbit Breed


Tips For A Rabbit Grooming

Do bunnies shed need help with grooming routines? Yes, to avoid matted fur or mites in rabbit’s skin. Do grooming routine three times a week. And do it more often when your rabbit enters the shedding season. If the shedding has started, do grooming every day until the shedding process is complete.

Because rabbit skin is quite fragile, groom gently and use a brush specially designed for rabbits, if you find fur mats or large clumps, use thinning scissors or mat splitter tools to remove mats and clumps.



There are several Frequently Asked Questions related to “do bunnies shed?” which can help you to get quick answer to your rabbit shedding behavior questions. Some of them are:

Do Bunnies Shed Their Tails?

The rabbit will never shed their tails unless it’s forced. A few things make it possible to “do bunnies shed their tail?” like the tail was pulled off or the tail was injured.

If you start seeing the sign of your rabbit shed its tail, take it straight to the veterinarians so as not to traumatize your rabbit from the pain on their tail.

Typically, rabbits don’t shed their tails, but there are unexpected events related to their tails. Ensure their behavior and always look at their tails during seasonal shedding to ensure that their tails are in good condition.


Do Rabbits Shed More Than Cats?

No. Cats do shed a little bit. It all depends on the type of coat they have and what they have to keep themselves warm.

If you look at the size of a bigger cat than a rabbit, it can be ascertained that cats can be shedding more than a rabbit in terms of quantity, but cats do not have to shed seasonal behavior.

Rabbit molting heavily when it enters the spring, while cats can be shed every day to adjust their body temperature. Some cat breeds are shed more frequently than other breeds.


Why Is My Rabbit Shedding In Clumps?

Some common triggers of pet rabbits shedding in clumps are food, old food, toys, and fleas. Some common signs to look for in pet rabbits include excessive scratching, excessive grooming, excessive burrowing and nestling, and decreased appetite.

If any of these things are happening, you need to get your rabbit checked out immediately to avoid an impending health emergency.

Your vet can detect why your rabbit is shedding in clumps. The most common cause is parasite infections. Your vet will provide treatment so that the shedding returns to standard and does not clump.


Final Verdict On Rabbit Shedding Behavior

When are pet owners asking about “do bunnies shed?” They will also ask about “how to stop rabbit shedding?”. You can’t stop rabbit shedding behavior, and the rabbit will shed seasonally. The enormous shed will come in late winter or early spring to prepare for hot weather.

You can help your rabbit, so there is no matted fur or shedding in clumps by providing a grooming routine.

Do bunnies shed
do bunnies shed

Grooming will help keep the hair and fur from getting so matted that it hangs all over the place and starts to itch. Again, it’s essential for your rabbits to have proper grooming. The more prolonged and more frequent the grooming, the better it will work in reducing the shedding behavior.

When you found your rabbit shedding heavily outside their seasonal shedding, sometimes the only logical thing you can do is to have it checked out by a vet. They will be able to tell you whether it is something to worry about or if your rabbit is just acting out as a natural part of their development.

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