Cat Proof Rabbit Cage : 3 Effective Methods

Rabbits are very innocent and attractive nature-wise. They feed on the grass and hay. They don’t hurt anything when eating. Due to these behaviors, they have always been victims of predators. Many predators like lions, tigers, cats, and dogs efficiently hunt and eat them.

So, it is essential to take much care of your rabbit and protect them from predators. In this article, we will discuss the cat proof rabbit cage, protecting rabbits from cats, how to keep cats away from rabbits, and a predator-proof rabbit hutch.

Cat proof rabbit cage methods
Cat Proof Rabbit Cage methods


Cat Proof Rabbit Cage

Cats are the rivals and predators of rabbits, but you can train them and make them live together without any problems. The practice and training make this thing possible.

The most suitable way is a cat proof rabbit cage. If you want to go outside and then there should be a cat proof rabbit cage that will rescue your rabbit from cats. We can also use a cat proof fence; it will also save our rabbits from cat attacks.


How Do You Cat Proof Rabbit Cage?

To make a cat proof rabbit cage, make sure that all the cage openings should be closed. There is no opening that will be left open. This will cause problems with your rabbit. Locking latches are very important in this cage because it will decrease the risk of openings of doors.

As we know that, cat generally rush into the cage when they see the uncovered place or any other opening from which you can quickly enter.


Make The Roof of Rabbit Hutch Cat Proof

The rabbit lover or rabbit owners whose rabbits have been the victims of cats said that the top of the hutch or cage should be strong enough that no cat can break or enter into it. It is because the cat attacks the cage from outside; this is present in his nature. So make or select the cage whose top is solid or cat proof.

There might be other sides from which that cat can attack, like any uncovered space or if the latch is not used correctly for the lock. Then it will also make the cat enter the cage.


Cat Training Tool to Let the Rabbit Alone

The open-top is the best tool for making the cat free from rabbits. It is a valuable instrument that trains your cat. You can start this practice by sitting along with the rabbit in the cat proof cage. The cage is open enough for the cat to sniff him.

Your cat will see you when you hug or hold your rabbits. Then also hold or hug the cat, in the same manner, this will make the friendship between both of you. If the cat shows aggression or bad behavior, then stop him while he is showing aggression.

We have many examples of rabbits and cats’ close relationships. They don’t harm each other. 


Methods For Making Cat Proof Rabbit Cage

There are many methods by following you can easily make the cat proof rabbit cage. For a homemade hutch or cage, make sure that there is no entrance in this cage. Make the cage ground metallic or place some sheet.

Digging is a natural habit of rabbits, and any predator can quickly rush into the wrenches that have been dig by rabbits. So, a metallic ground floor is necessary. Make sure that there will be no unopened place that will cause any problem for your pet.

Cat proof rabbit cage
Cat Proof Rabbit Cage methods


Homemade Predator Proof Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

To make a homemade predator or cat proof rabbit cage, you should have all the instruments needed for making the cage. Measuring tape, chicken wires, or metallic ground is very important for making a fox-proof rabbit hutch or cat proof rabbit hutch.

First of all, dig the ground about 3 feet deep from all the sides and place the metallic sheets on the floors. Then fill the digging place with sand or soil. By measuring the chicken wires or metallic wires, you can build the cat proof rabbit cage.

If you have many rabbits, then make the cage according to your need. Keep in mind that there will be no opening that is uncovered. Uncovered openings make the predator easy to hunt your rabbits.


Is The Dig Proof Rabbit Cage Is Good?

A digging-proof rabbit cage is good for the life of rabbits. Digging is a natural process, and it will make the life of rabbits active and strong.

If you select the dig-free hutch, it will make your rabbit stay in his cage, and your rabbits cannot run outside by burrowing the wrenches. Thus chances of being prey will be minimal.

Keep in mind that digging is a perfect physical activity. It has diverse advantages like

  • It provides a warmer place for your rabbit to sleep.
  • Rabbits can hide in wrenches and save their lives from predators.
  • Digging will provide access to plants and grass.
  • Digging will make the nails trimmed. This is a good sign.
  • A Rabbit’s life is healthy and active.
  • Digging enhances mental health.

Hence, you have seen the importance of the digging of a rabbit. So, make the Cat proof rabbit cage with a metallic floor. Then your rabbits will be able to dig, and it also saves your rabbits from going outside. Predators will have no access to metallic ground floor rabbit cages.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to Protect Outdoor Rabbits from Predators?

If your rabbit is living outside in the garden or someplace, it will be effortless for predators like cats, dogs, foxes, and other organisms like them to rush into the garden or hunt them.

Always keep the rabbits in the indoor environment it will lessen the risk of attack and save the lives of your rabbits. Many repellents are also used for keeping the predators away from the garden. If you want to leave the rabbits outside, then observe them.

If you want to go outside and your rabbits are in the garden, keep all of the rabbits in the cage and then go outside.


Is Cat Repellent Safe for Rabbits?

Cat repellent like pepper solution is safe for rabbits. You can make it at home or buy it from the store. Many cat repellents are safe for rabbit’s health. Few of them are dangerous for rabbits. So, before using the cat repellent, please read the instructions or consult with your vet whether it is suitable for your pet or net.


Can Rabbits And Cats Stay Together?

Yes, rabbits and cats can stay together in the home. For making this, you need to train both of them. Good tips and guidelines for both of them are necessary for becoming friends. Cats and rabbits both are friendly. They can become companions.


Final Verdict – Cat Proof Rabbit Cage

Rabbits are very innocent. They don’t know how to protect themselves from other organisms. They have no adaptation for saving their lives when predators come. Although rabbits have sharp teeth using them, they can easily hunt or defend themselves, but this is not in their nature. The only adaptation is the run fast while seeing predators and move into the wrenches which have been dig by them.

Cat proof rabbit cage
Cat Proof Rabbit Cage methods

So we need precautionary measures to save the rabbits from predators. For saving the lives of predators, cages are essential. A cat proof rabbit cage is essential for the rabbit’s lives.

The top of the floor should be solid so that no predators can enter the cage, and the ground of the cage is made up of metallic sheets that any predators will not be able by burrowing into the wrenches.

If your rabbits are living outside, then proper observation is required to save them from predators.

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