When To Put A Dog Down Due To Dementia? 9 Clear Symptoms

Can dogs get dementia? When to put a dog down due to dementia? These are among the heart-breaking questions for all dog owners.

When to put a dog down due to dementia? I asked this question 2 years ago when my dog was suffering from dementia. It is one of the horrible things in this world that scares all dog owners.

Especially, if you love your dog a lot. Should I put my dog down if he has dementia? If so, when to put a dog down due to dementia?

When to put a dog down due to dementia
When To Put A Dog Down Due To Dementia – dementia in dogs when to euthanize


Do Dogs Get Dementia?

Dementia is nothing but the decline of one’s cognitive and mental ability. It generally contains three stages. It starts with very less cognitive ability and can increase very severely.

We all know that humans suffer from dementia. But do dogs get dementia? The answer is Yes. Just like humans, dogs do suffer from dementia. It is also called dog dementia or canine cognitive dysfunction(CCD). It starts with simple symptoms and can lead to severe issues.

It is found that a dog’s dementia is similar to Alzheimer’s disease in humans. All dogs don’t suffer from dementia. Mostly, old dogs suffer from this issue.

Are dogs with dementia suffering? Dog’s dementia affects its memory, thinking ability, and natural behavior. Constant caring of your dogs can help you easily identify if your dog is suffering from dementia. So this helps you know when to put a dog down due to dementia.


Symptoms Of Dog Dementia

Decreased interest in physical activity

If your dog is suffering from dementia then it can barely show any interest in going outdoors. You can observe that it is always less enthusiastic to play with you. It can show less interest to go for a walk with you like before.


Staring at the wall

This can be one of the symptoms you can observe to find out if your dog is suffering from dementia. Usually, it will start staring at the wall or something for a very long period time. It usually stares at some familiar place.


Lack of social engagement

This can be one of the easiest symptoms that you can observe in your dog if it is suffering from dementia. It is confusing all the time. It doesn’t recognize loved ones or familiar faces. It can run away from you in between a walk or not greet you when you enter the home as before. It generally avoids social interaction.


Barking for a long time for no reason

If your dog is suffering from CCD then it fears a lot out of confusion. So, it keeps on barking for no reason. During this time you can also observe changes in its appetite. It can sometimes feel a lot hungry, and sometimes it can feel a loss of appetite.


Changes in its sleeping pattern

Dogs with dementia will not have a specific sleeping schedule. Most of the time it sleeps all day and awakens daily at night. Check your dog’s sleeping cycle regularly.


Peeing / Pooping indoors

Dogs with dementia often get confused with their daily activities. They have a low cognitive function which often combines with memory loss. They forget the rules and norms you taught them. They often end up peeing and pooping indoors themselves.


Being disoriented

They often get trouble finding/locating things in your home. They fail to remember all the things in your home, sometimes even doors and furniture. Increased anxiety levels: Dogs with dementia can sometimes have high anxiety levels, which may be difficult to control. It can be difficult to find water. So, keep it near it always. Do not give it distilled water. Can animals drink distilled water? Nothing happens if it drinks some, but it is unsafe in larger quantities.



Dogs are often confused during dementia. They wander without any reason and get lost in it. So, do not leave your dog in unfamiliar places. Do not leave it alone anywhere. You should always be by your side during this time.


How Do You Know When To Put Down Your Dog With Dementia?

When to put a dog down due to dementia? You just need to find out how. Finding out whether your dog is suffering from dementia can help you a lot. If you find out that your dog is suffering from CCD at the initial stages then you can easily look for some treatments for it. But how do we find it? It’s very simple.

How does dog dementia progress? Check the above mentioned-symptoms in your dog. If you see almost all the symptoms in your dog, then it is more likely that your dog is suffering from dementia. If you observe these symptoms in your dog only once or twice, do not confirm that it is suffering from dementia.

Observe your dog for some long period time. If you find your dog with these symptoms more often than itself, confirm it.

When to put a dog down due to dementia. Answer yes/no  questions if you want to confirm dementia in your dog:

  • Is your dog having good social interactions?
  • Is your dog having a good night’s sleep?
  • Is your dog having controlled emotions?
  • Is your dog able to remember its surroundings?
  • Is your dog listening to your instructions?
  • Is your dog active?
  • Is your dog peeing/pooping outside?

If you got your answer as no to more than 3 questions then you have to understand that it is suffering from dementia. Then you should known when to put a dog down due to dementia.

When to put a dog down due to dementia
When To Put A Dog Down Due To Dementia – dementia in dogs when to euthanize

If you got no as your answer to all these questions, then your dog’s dementia is in a severe stage. When to put a dog down due to dementia? After confirming it, don’t just euthanize it? Visit a local vet for further confirmation. If your vet advises you that it is suffering from dementia then you can euthanize it based on the instructions given by your vet.


How Do You Treat Dementia In Dogs?

How do you treat dementia in dogs? Unfortunately, we don’t have a specific treatment that can completely cure dog dementia. However, some treatments can mask these symptoms. You can visit a good vet if you want to know where to start. These treatments generally include new training methods that can improve the cognitive functions of your dog.

My dog got dementia, is he suffering? When to put a dog down due to dementia? Some say that changing a dog’s diet can improve its condition. They say that providing foods rich in antioxidants can help improve its cognitive functions. You can try it if you want.

However, you need to take extra care of your dog while it is suffering from dementia. You need to make it exercise, keep its food and water near to it always, and train its brain with some exercises.


How Does Dog Dementia Progress?

How fast does dog dementia progress? There are 3 stages in dog dementia.

Different stagesSymptoms observed
Stage 1: MildAt this stage, I observed very small changes in my dog. It started to have fewer social interactions and irregular sleeping schedules. At first, I thought that it was just anxiety.
Stage 2: Moderate.At this stage, I observed it walking up all night. It was causing a lot of disturbance at night. My dog forgets my training. Sometimes it used to bark for a very long time without any reason.
Stage 3: SevereThis is the final stage. At this stage, my dog was barking all night without any reason. The nights were unbearable. It also started not to respond to my calling and also used to pee and poop indoors and panting.


It is a lot better if you identify it when it is in stage 1. I found that my dog was suffering from dementia after stage 2. If you find it early, then you can go for some treatments. The quality of life diminishes a lot at stage 2 and becomes worse at stage 3.


How Fast Does Dog Dementia Progress?

Generally, it took 8 months for my dog’s dementia to progress from mild to moderate stage. After a year it went from moderate to severe.

It is said that about one-fourth of dogs, dog dementia can progress very rapidly. It can take 5 months to a year. It takes another year to progress from moderate to severe.


Does Dog Dementia Get Worse At Night?

Yes. Dogs with dementia often have changes in their sleeping patterns. Most of the time, they sleep during the morning and wake up during the night.

They also bark a lot while they are awake at night. My dog used to cause a lot of disturbance during the night. It used to be a lot of anxiety at night. Sometimes, I was unable to control it. It also used to wander all night.


Are Dogs With Dementia Suffering?

Yes, Of course. Having irregular sleeping schedules, Being sensitive to your touch, unwilling to take a walk, and always feeling confused and depressed are all the signs that show that your dog is suffering during CCD.

Sometimes, you may not feel like it is suffering, but it surely suffers a lot mentally during dementia.


Should You Euthanize Your Dog If It Is Suffering From Dementia/Senility?

When to put a dog down due to dementia? One of my friends didn’t do it. I think it’s our choice whether to euthanize it or not. If you can take care of it during its final stages also then you don’t need to euthanize it. You can buy some dog diapers and take extra care during this time.

When to put a dog down due to dementia? If you think that quality of life is more valuable than the quantity of life, then you can euthanize it. However, humans don’t have any such laws to euthanize themselves when they are suffering. It’s better to consult a vet before making your own decision.


The Life Expectancy Of Dog Dementia

According to research conducted it is said that dog dementia doesn’t decrease its lifespan. However a dog also requires its quality of life. Living longer with pain is of no use. This means that you should know when to put a dog down due to dementia.


Final Verdict – When To Put A Dog Down Due To Dementia

Looking to know when to put a dog down due to dementia? Dog dementia is something that all dog owners hate. However, sometimes it is inevitable. Dog dementia generally has 3 stages. Having less social interactions, being reluctant to do physical activity, changes in sleep-wake cycles, loss of appetite, and barking for long hours are all the signs of dog dementia.

When to put a dog down due to dementia
When To Put A Dog Down Due To Dementia – dementia in dogs when to euthanize

If you see all these symptoms it would be a lot better to visit a vet immediately. You can go for treatments that help in symptom masking. When to put a dog down due to dementia? There is no hard and fast rule that you must euthanize your dog if it is suffering from dog dementia.

It’s your choice to keep it alive if you can take care of it. But, I think we need to think about its quality of life too. You should ask you vet when to put a dog down due to dementia. If you want to euthanize your dog with dementia, then it is better to consult a vet before doing it. Dog’s dementia can progress within 6-18 months.

Instead of ignoring it during this time, take proper care of it and let it live a little bit better. Be kind towards it every day.


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