Where Can I Sell My Turtle? (7 Clear Selling Tips)

Despite being one of the most popular pets, owners often find it difficult after some time to pet turtles and may ask where can I rehome my turtles? The best an owner can do is find a new home.

Where can I sell my turtle? Owners should understand that it is illegal in the US to sell turtles. It is best to find a new home for the pet. Other options include checking with rescue homes or zoos.

Where can i sell my turtle
Where can I sell my turtle?


Can I Sell A Turtle?

Many people have questions in regards to giving away their turtle pet, as it can often get hectic to completely take care of the turtle and may ask where can I sell my turtle? The turtle owners should understand that they cannot sell their turtles in the US. Selling a turtle in the United States is an illegal act.

No matter if the intentions of the owners are good for example, they want their turtle to have a good life or if they want to give away their turtle for education purposes or if they are giving away turtle free with the tank, still it is illegal to trade a turtle.

The US agency FDA (food and drug administration) has regulated a ban on turtle sale and they also advise the US citizens to avoid buying turtles from the people who sell them.


Is It Legal To Sell Turtles?

When an owner gets very busy they may want to give away their pet and may ask where can I sell my box turtle, is it legal? It is illegal for people in the US to sell turtles, so owners should think of finding another home for their pets.


Where Can I Sell My Turtle In Beach?

Many owners buy turtles because they are perfect pets and exotic animals. However, a point comes when an owner often gets so busy that they cannot take good care of their turtle and may want to give away their turtle for the good of the turtle and ask where can I take my unwanted turtle?

However, since selling turtles in America is illegal, it is best for the owners’ interest to either donate the turtle or legally sell the turtle.

Before selling the turtle, the owner should take note of local laws. In the US, different states have different laws in regards to selling a pet, the owner should first look into the laws. If they prohibit turtle sale, an owner can even take advice from a professional, most of the time a vet or a pet store owner knows these procedures and they may help out the owner to sell the turtle.

Where can I sell my turtle? Some pet stores from where the turtle was bought can also take back their pets, so the owners should ensure they contact the pet store before taking any further decisions.

Owners should consider the fact that even if the owner can sell their turtle in a specific part of the country, they should still consider some other options that are for the best interest of the turtle.  Some of the best substitutes other than selling can be to Finding a Friend who wants to Adopt a Turtle, giving to a Pet Adoption Centre, giving back to Pet Stores, Giving the Turtle to a Special Park.

To conclude the answer to the question: where to sell my turtle? It is best to consider a new home for a pet turtle rather than selling it.


How Much Can You Sell A Turtle For?

Where can I sell my pet turtles and how much should I take? If the local laws allow the owner to sell a turtle, they can sell the turtle in local shops or to a person who is interested in buying it. The price of a turtle depends on the species.

Rare species are sold for thousands of dollars but one of the most common turtles, red-eared sliders, can be sold for $20, while if the owner has a precious species, it can be sold at higher prices. There are no fixed prices for turtles. Most of the young turtles would be sold at a lower price since they are a lot in quantity.

To get a fair price an owner needs to do their research before going out and making a deal. Sometimes, online shops often pay more price than a market but it can be untrue depending on the place an owner lives. It is best to do some research, do some discussions and negotiations with local stores and then after comparing the prices, the owner should make a deal.

Many people consider breeding turtles and ask where can I sell my baby turtles? It should be noted that it is illegal to trade turtles.


Where Can I Give Away My Turtle?

When turtle owners complain that I don’t want my turtle anymore, what should I do? One of the best places to give away the pet is to some known person who can pet a turtle.

This way the owner can ensure that their pet is safe and they can also give visits to their pet and see it grow. The owner should look for someone who would adopt the turtle, it can be family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Can I donate my turtle to the zoo? Yes, Another possible and best alternative can be to donate your turtle to a local zoo (if the zoo has a terrarium for the turtles) the owners can request a local zoo to adopt the turtle.

If the zoo accepts the turtle, it would be in the best interest of the turtle because at the zoo, turtles are cared for and the pet turtle will get to meet new turtles. However, giving away the turtle may come with filling up some paperwork, which the owner will have to fill.

Rescue homes are another option that the owners can look into. However, the owners are recommended to find a second home by themselves as rescue homes are often working beyond their capacities and turtles often don’t get a second home.

Another option to give away your pet could be local pet stores. Many local pet stores often take back or adopt the turtle. However, the owner would be required to pay a fee to donate the turtle.

Where can I sell my turtle for money? It is illegal in America to sell turtles.

Where can i sell my turtle
Where can I sell my turtle?


Does Petco Take Unwanted Turtles?

Where can I donate my tortoise, will Petco take them? Yes, Petco can take the turtles despite the fact of how old a turtle is. Their owners are asked for a reason for abandonment and require some paperwork to be filled. However, sometimes Petco may persist in adopting a pet due to some factors. The owner is advised to first call and make an appointment.


Where Can I Donate My Turtle Near Me?

If the owner can find some friend or relative to adopt their pet, it can be beneficial as the pet will live in touch with the owner.


What Is Petco Turtle Relinquishment Program?

Under the Petco Turtle Relinquishment Program, Petco stores would accept all types of aquatic turtles of any size. The owner can donate turtle to Petco. This program was started in regards to the U.S. FDA agency (Food and Drug Administration) in 1975 that had banned the purchase and sale of small turtles.  


Final Verdict- Where Can I Sell My Turtle

Adopting a turtle is a wish of many but sometimes owners get busy with their routines and may want to give away their turtles and may ask where can I sell my turtle? The best way an owner can rehome their pet is by giving it to someone who wants to adopt a turtle pet and who is responsible enough. It can be family or friends.

Where can i sell my turtle
Where can I sell my turtle? Where can I sell my turtle in the US? Where can I sell my turtle in Canada? Where can I sell my turtle in UK?

However owners can also contact the local zoo, if they have a turtle facility, it would be a second-best option. Another option would be a rescue home. However, zoos or rescue homes may not provide the owner with money. The owner can also look into local pet stores if they buy pet turtles.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet turtle a good and comfortable life!

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