How Much Do Hedgehogs Run At Night? (7 Cool Facts)

Hedgehogs are pets that can run at great speeds to escape predators. Running is also very good for pet hedgehogs’ health.

How much do hedgehogs run at night? On average, a hedgehog can run at 3-4 miles per hour. It can quickly run and complete a distance of 9 miles to 15 miles in one night. Walking and making your hedgehogs run regularly will not only make them healthy but also help them develop immunity.

In this blog post, we will discuss how much do hedgehogs run at night and the benefits of doing it by your pet hedgehog.

How much do hedgehogs run at night
How much do hedgehogs run at night?


How Much Do Hedgehogs Run at Night?

How much do hedgehogs run at night? It’s a basic question that everybody has in their mind when they own a pet hedgie.

Your pet hedgehog will love to run at night, so he will be keeping his heart and body healthy. The wild hedgehogs are also seen running at night because the predators are not very often outside.

This thing will help your hedgehog continue its running, and you can also watch him complete the routine walk it’s doing every day.


How Far Does A Hedgehog Run In A Night?

Hedgehogs must be kept within limits and taken care of when taking them as pets. They can run at the speed of 4 miles per hour. This can lead them to move more than 12-15 miles per hour.

So, you have to either leash them or place them somewhere they can’t escape and won’t run away. Your house is entering, and the exit must be closed at night. It’s because nighttime will be the best escape if they are aggressive.

Thus, we must always take care of the hedgehogs if they try to escape.


Do Hedgehogs Run All Night?

Yes, hedgehogs love to be very active at night. Do you know why? Their biological clock is set at Nocturnality.

It means the hedgehogs will stay up all night while sleeping during the daytime. This will change everything, as this triggers the hedgehogs and make them active at night.

So sometimes, these hedgehogs will keep running all night here and there. Plus, you must also clear everything in the hedgehog’s way if you’re setting it free at night.

If the hedgehog runs all night, it will disturb you, and you will not be sleeping well with all the noise.


Why Do Hedgehogs Run All Night?

How much do hedgehogs run at night, and what’s the reason for that? There are many reasons why a hedgehog will run all night. Some of these reasons are as follows:

  • Infections
  • Brain Problems
  • Stress
  • Courting



Infections are the worst form of things that may cause the hedgehogs to run at night and go round and round.

You may see your dog swinging in circles. This indicates that some infectious bodies such as microorganisms and bacteria are building up in their ears, nose, or other places.

You can use the vet’s advice and use some other homemade recipes to clean your dog’s ear or nose.

The ear problem is solved easily by using the medicine for your dog. But apart from this, if you are not comfortable using a self-medication procedure, you have to make sure your route towards a vet.


Brain Problems

Brain problems are also very dangerous for the hedgies that run at night or at any time. You see, hedgehogs will be running or moving in circles round and round when their brain function is affected.

The ear infection spreads from the ear to the whole brain, and this will make your hedgie go mad and circle in only 1-d.

But, if he circling is normal, you can recognize it by the movement of swinging. The normal hedgies will move in circles in several directions, but mad hedgehogs will only have 1 swift direction while they run and move in circles.



Stress is a real killer for any living organism. All animals, when stressed, are very cold and sad. Therefore, they start acting weird and doing many nasty things.

Some things that they do is running at night or round and round in circles. So, avoid all sorts of stress if you love your hedgehog.



When a hedgehog moves in circles, it doesn’t mean that it’s not normal. Sometimes, normal behaviour will also make them move in circles and run at night.

The most common cause is when these hedgehogs are trying to mate; they run at night to find a partner to have mating with and have babies.

How much do hedgehogs run at night
How much do hedgehogs run at night? How much do hedgehogs run at night odometer? How much do hedgehogs run at night as pets?


How Fast Does A Hedgehog Run?

Now you know how much do hedgehogs run at night, we will head towards the speed of a hedgehog.

You can expect these hedgehogs to run at considerable speed like all other animals. They can have speeds ranging between 6-7 miles or 3-4 miles per hour in some cases.

But an angry hedgehog will run at very great speed. And can cover up to a distance of 9-15 miles in one night.


How Much Do Hedgehogs Run At Night?

Hedgehogs have a very bad habit of running at night. This means that they will be sleeping like owls all day and be active all night.

It’s a very big disadvantage of keeping hedgehogs as pets. You can see that these pets will be running at least 20-30 km per night if they are set free from captivity.


How Many Miles Do Hedgehogs Run A Night?

How much do hedgehogs run at night in miles? When doing the math in miles, we can say that hedgies are great at running at night.

Their speed is very fast, like 3-6 miles per hour, whereas these hedgies will be covering more than 10-15 miles in just one night. That means you have to take special care of these hedgies to get them attached to you.

Please spend some time with them, buy their favorite food, and take them out to play with them. All these things will calm them, and they won’t be running at night aggressively.


What Time of Night Are Hedgehogs Most Active?

These animals are most active at night after 6-7 pm. So we should never set them free after 6om in the evening.

Should hedgehogs be out at 7 pm? This is the bad time to take out the hedgies, as they can have a mental breakdown any time and get angry, which isn’t good for them and the people in their surroundings.

So, always think about your safety and the people around you because hedgehogs are very sharp-edged quills pets.

If the quills stick to anyone for a long time, it will be making the skin/fur site swollen, and infection is more likely to occur in that region.


How Far Can A Hedgehog Run In One Night?

My friend asked me how much do hedgehogs run at night if you accidentally lose them. Her hedgehog ran away, and she was really worried about it.

We’ve searched for the hedgehog, and we knew that the pet was still within the 10-15 miles area. It was because hedgehogs can only go to a limit of 15 miles in one night.

As the night ends, they will get tired and sleepy and won’t have the stamina to move an inch. After searching for a while, we finally found our hedgehog.


Final Verdict – How Much Do Hedgehogs Run At Night

Hedgehogs are great pets for people who love porcupine-like pets. They have sharp quills that could also cause infections.

These pets are like owls. They sleep during the day and wake up at night, but how much do hedgehogs run at night? Well, these hedgies are said to run up to 15 miles in one night!

How much do hedgehogs run at night
How much do hedgehogs run at night? How much do hedgehogs run at night in captivity? How much do hedgehogs run at night in the wild?

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As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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