Why Are My Hamster Ears Down? (7 Intriguing Facts)

Hamsters are quiet animals. They will not vocalize or give you any sign if something happens to them. As hamster owners, you can see their physical changes and see your pet’s behavior that looks odd. Hamster ear down is one of the problems that might concern every owner.

Why are my hamster ears down? Hamster’s ears down or folded ears can be due to their reaction to fear or stress. Sometimes hamsters will fold their ears when they smell unfamiliar smells or sudden loud noises. If this situation is not temporary, there is a possibility that your hamster will get ear infections or injuries.

Knowing why hamsters fold their ears is vital for every owner to know. Let’s read this article to the end.

Why are my hamster ears down
Why Are My Hamster Ears Down?


Why Are My Hamster Ears Down?

Your hamster’s ears will look pointy and straight when nothing goes wrong. We must understand what makes hamsters have flattened ears. Is your hamster tired, stressed, waking up, or getting any sickness?

Hamster ear down is not a severe problem if it only lasts for a few minutes. Sometimes this happens when the hamster just woke up from sleep, and they are still a little sleepy to start their activities.

But if your hamster ears are always laid back even though they’ve been awake for a long time, check their ears for something like mites or sores causing an infection. If the infection is serious, hamster ears are always down with swollen ears.


Are Hamster Ears Sensitive?

Yes, hamsters have a high sense of hearing, and they can’t hear sudden loud noises. Hamsters can hear sounds several times more than humans do. When we hear a sound around 10 decibels, for hamsters it may mean 50 or 60 decibels.

If you see your hamster one ear down because there is a loud noise on the side of the ear closing, the hamster is trying not to hear the loud noise.

Hamsters are sensitive to loud new sounds. Hamster ears down all the time if there is a building construction or party next door. Some hamsters will be stressed if the loud noise does not go away.

Why are my hamster ears Down? Hamsters can’t stand the noise that irritates their ears. Hamster’s hearing sense makes them aware of predators. It will also be bad if a loud sound is suddenly heard by hamsters.


What Does It Mean If My Hamster’s Ears Are Down?

Happy hamsters will keep their ears straight. But if hamsters are frightened or stressed by their surroundings, the hamster ear down will occur. My Syrian hamster’s ears are down after the hamster heard the sound of firecrackers in front of the house.

It took a few minutes for the hamsters to calm down, and I had to pet them to make them more relaxed. Many think when a flattened ear occurs, it’s due to a hamster ear infection. But no, because ear infection will cause itchy on the ear, swollen ear, hot to the touch, and hamster scratching it several times.


Hamster Ear Infection Symptoms

Many of the same questions from the hamster’s owner about hamster ear down whether it is related to a hamster ear infection. What are hamster ear problems? Presence of inner infection, respiratory infection entering the ear canal, or bacteria around the ear.

The table below is a list of some of the symptoms. Knowing the cause will make it easier for you to consult a vet and prevent your hamster from getting similar infections.

General SymptomsExplanation
Scratching at the earsItching makes hamsters can’t stand scratching their ears.
Shaking the headHamsters look shaking their head more often as if they want to get rid of something in their head.
DizzinessHamster looks lack of coordination or loss balance.
Wax outer earsWaxes can be solid and have a crusty residue.
Discharge from earsYellow or blackish discharge inside the ear.

Try checking for infections such as wounds and immediately give hamster ear infection antibiotics before things get worse. Do not underestimate every infection that occurs in your hamster. Wounds that are not treated quickly will make it easier for your pet to be exposed to severe diseases.

What does it mean when your hamster’s ears are down? There is irritation or ear mites in the hamster. Check whether the ear is red and hot when touched.


How To Treat Hamster Ear Infection At Home?

Give pain medication or antibiotics from the vet. If not treated with special medicine, the infection becomes more serious. Treatment for hamster ear infection can be started by cleaning the outside of the ear if there is debris or dirt attached.

Why are my hamster ears Down? Ear mites can be one of the causes of hamster ears down all the time. Once the hamster is tired of scratching its ears, it will be flattened and swollen.

Why are my hamster ears down
Why Are My Hamster Ears Down?


What Does It Mean When Your Hamster Keeps Falling Over?

If you mean hamster’s ears, then several possibilities might happen. Look at the hamster body language and behavior, whether they are scratching their ear or shaking their head.

If your hamster’s ear is red, swollen, or hot when you touch it, it’s a sign that your hamster has ear mites or an infection. The hamster ear red due to itching by mites or rough scratch marks.

Why are my hamster ears Down? Hamsters can not stand the itching from an ear infection, or the condition of the inflammation in the ear is severe.


Hamster Ear Down For A Few Weeks – What Should I Do?

Hamsters who are afraid or stressed will temporarily flatten their ears until the problem is solved. But it’s different, like my hamster ears folded back for a few weeks now, and I had to take the hamster to the vet.

After being checked, the hamster is fine, and there is no sign of ear infection. I was told to check for air freshener or perfume with a strong smell that might interfere with the hamster’s sense of smell.

Why are my hamster ears Down? It’s because of the overpowering smell of perfume that interferes with the hamster’s sense of smell. Do not put perfume or objects that smell strong if you don’t want your hamster’s ears constantly flattened.


Why Does My Hamster Have Inactive Ears?

The hamster is inactive and the ears back can be because the hamster smells a strong smell or an ear infection. If there is a smell of perfume or an object with a smell that the hamster does not recognize, the hamster ears down flat until the smell moves away from them.

Several other things make hamsters’ ears are back after being flattened out for a while due to fear or stress of the environment.

Why are my hamster ears Down? The thing that most often makes hamster ear down is something that scares the hamster or sudden loud noise.


Do Hamsters Ear Down Due To Getting Old?

Healthy hamsters will not flatten their ears. The old hamster ears down due to stress, scared, or something negative is happening to them. Let them calm down until you see the hamster one ear down or both have started to straighten.

What does it mean when a hamster’s ears are down? If the hamster is scratching their ear constantly, it’s due to an ear infection. You can give antibiotics obtained from the vet until the ear problem is solved.

Do hamsters’ ears grow back? No. It won’t go back, but it can get better with the infection condition getting better.


How To Care When Hamsters’ Ears Are Down?

The best way is to take your hamster to the vet. Treating a hamster ear infection should not be careless because the ear condition can worsen if you treat it the wrong way. The vet will prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to relieve symptoms of infection and reduce pain in swollen ears.

Why are my hamster ears down? Infections caused by fungi, bacteria, or parasites can cause a hamster to scratch his ear and wound it. Hamster ears can be covered with fur that comes loose in the ear and causes severe conditions.


Final Verdict – Why Are My Hamster Ears Down

There are many possibilities for hamsters to flatten their ears, from harmless to needing special treatment. Hamsters can experience fear when they are afraid or stressed by something around them. This can be done quickly once they have calmed down.

Hamsters that wake up and are still sleepy will experience ear down until they are ready to start the activity. There’s nothing to worry about any of these things for sure.

Why are my hamster ears down
Why Are My Hamster Ears Down?

One thing to watch out for is hamsters with ear infections. If there is an inner infection or on the outside of the ears, you should get medication and antibiotics from the vet. Try to gently clean the ears of debris or dirt.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hamster a good and comfortable life!

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