Why Does My Guinea Pig Squeak When I Pet Him? 7 Cool Facts

The guinea pig is an animal that can be fearful and difficult to approach at first. It may tend to be wary and get on the defensive during the first few days. However, a guinea pig is a rodent that needs attention so that it can survive.

When owners pet a guinea pig, they may experience that the guinea pig being uncomfortable around them and may ask this question next in their mind naturally.

Why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? It can be difficult for the guinea pigs to get used to human company so it is essential for the owners to pet the guinea pig with gentleness and engage with the pet as much as possible. The most common mistake that the guinea pig owners make is that they force guinea pigs to like them and forcefully pick them. It should be avoided and guinea pigs should be given some time and space to ease first.

Why does my guinea pig squeak when i pet him
Why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? Why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him in the winter?

To take good care of him, it is essential to know some basics and approach techniques to put the pet animal in confidence.


Why Does My Guinea Pig Make Noises When I Pet Him?

Guinea pigs are pets that owners like to tame but when the owner is taming, a guinea pig may create sounds and owners wonder why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? Or why does my guinea pig squeak when I hold it?

A Guinea pig can make many different sounds and those different sounds may have different meanings.

For example, when a guinea pig is comfortable and happy with its owner’s petting, it will purr but guinea pigs also purr when they feel threatened or if they are startled however when they are stressed they make short spurt sounds.


Symptoms That My Guinea Pig Likes Me?

The most important thing is to check the body language of the pet guinea pig to understand how the pet is feeling. If you can feel that the guinea pig is comfortable around you. For example- playing openly around the owner, coming towards you when you are nearby, smelling you, sitting in your lap with its own will, licking your hands are all symptoms.


Why Does My Guinea Pig Keep Squeak When I Hold Him?

Why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? Generally, guinea pigs squeak when they are anxious or scared. By squeaking, a guinea pig is making the other guinea pigs aware of the danger. If the owner is facing such problems, they should give their guinea pig some distance and time. The Guinea pig shouldn’t be handled forcefully.

 It is recommended that firstly, the guinea pig should be left alone for twelve to fifteen hours, owners shouldn’t come in contact except for putting food and water. Then after fifteen hours just open their cage and set them free and just sit there. Most probably the guinea pig will come by itself. To attract the guinea pig faster the owner can also put food in their lap.

Another reason, besides the guinea pig not liking the owner, can be that the guinea pig is maybe trying to grab the attention of the owner. Squeaking can also mean that the guinea pig is having some internal pain. The most important aspect is to understand the guinea pig and its body language will tell a lot more about the condition of the guinea pig.


Why Do Guinea Pigs Squeak When Cuddling?

Sometimes, the owners forget that guinea pigs are very vulnerable and delicate and we as humans are used to grabbing things tightly. Guinea pigs squeak either when the owner is holding the guinea pig too tightly, which can cause pain in its body or maybe the guinea pig doesn’t want to be cuddled by the owner and wants some space.

To answer why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? It can be said that the guinea pig is trying to say something to its owner. Either the guinea pig likes to be cuddled or it doesn’t.


What Are Unhappy Guinea Pig Noises?

Even though the clearest symptoms of guinea pig behavior can be assessed by its body language, it can also be determined by the noises it makes. Some of the noises a guinea pig makes when it is unhappy include hissing, whining, teeth chattering, growling.

The reason for the unhappiness among guinea pigs can be poor living conditions, small terrarium in proportion to the size and quantity of guinea pigs and feeling of threat. All these factors should be assessed and fulfilled for a happy and healthy guinea pig.


What Does It Mean When A Guinea Pig Purrs?

When a guinea pig is purring, it can mean both happiness and anger in the guinea pigs. So understanding the situation and body language of the guinea pig is essential to understand if the guinea pig is happy or angry. However, a happy guinea pig makes a low tone purring sound while a high tone purring may relate to the anger of the guinea pig.

Guinea pigs make many sounds and owners may ask why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? It is their natural behavior, this is their way of communicating with the owners and telling if they are excited or annoyed.


Why Do Guinea Pigs Eat Their Poop?

Eating their poop is very common among the guinea pigs and it is considered natural for them to eat their feces. Eating their poop isn’t unhealthy, it provides them with the required vitamins and fibers.


Signs Your Guinea Pig Hates You

Guinea pigs show many symptoms to show if it doesn’t like their owner. Some of the expressions include getting freeze when you hold them, strutting, throwing their head up, teeth-baring, resistance, hissing and biting are all signs of dislike in guinea pigs for their owners.

Why does my guinea pig squeak when i pet him
Why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? Why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him in the wild?


How To Stroke A Guinea Pig?

Many owners don’t stroke their pet the right way and may ask why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? It can be either a happy guinea pig or a sad one. The guinea pig owners should learn how to stroke a guinea pig.

Start slowly, the owners should not rush things. The owners should visit the guinea pig on several occasions and sit by it and gently stroke it if it comes to you, without scaring him. This will help him get used to you. You can try to put your hand on the bars of the cage to let it approach you and feel it. This will help them get used to your scent.

After a few days, the guinea pig will feel more confident. Open its cage, put your hand in it without abrupt movements and let it smell you. Then start to stroke it gently so that the guinea pig gets used to the owners’ touch and learns to trust them fully.


How To Carry And Handle Your Guinea Pig?

Before carrying the guinea pig, the owners should prepare themselves beforehand by placing a towel on their lap, as guinea pigs, like other rodents, can defecate on the owners when handled.

Approach the cage gently and calmly so that it does not feel the stress. Pet your guinea pig and gently grip it.

To hold it well, slip a hand under its belly and lift it while continuing to stroke it to reassure it. Place a finger in front of one of its legs and support its hindquarters with your other hand. Maintained in this way, the guinea pig will feel confident. Sit down and place him against you, against your chest, to reassure him.


Mistakes To Avoid When Petting The Guinea Pig

The guinea pig is a very social animal, which should be held gently, without being too tight, as the owner could injure or suffocate it. Holding a guinea pig too tightly can lead to squeaking guinea pig for which the owners may ask why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? Guinea pigs should be held gently.

However, the owner will also need to be firm, because the guinea pig can quickly try to jump. At first, avoid carrying it while standing, as it will fall from a great height if it gets out of your way and could be seriously injured or killed.

It is best to remain seated on the floor or on a relatively soft sofa or chair to absorb the impact of a possible fall.

The owners should not hesitate to stroke the animal while holding it against them. The owner can give it some treats as well so that the guinea pig is happy and fulfilled; it’s an effective way to gain confidence faster.

Ideally, the guinea pig should be taken out of its cage every day. When he is comfortable with the place, the owner should let the guinea pig roam freely in a secure room in the house.


Why Guinea Pig Teeth Chattering At Human?

Teeth chattering is an indication of something that the guinea pig isn’t liking. For example when an owner cut the nails of the guinea pig or if the guinea pig doesn’t like the place it lives in. Teeth chattering is a sign that the guinea pig is sad and requires change. The owners should notice where and when does the guinea pig chatter to find what is the problem.


What Does It Mean When Guinea Pigs Whistle When You Pet Them?

Guinea pigs often sequel or whistle in a high pitch which often is regarded as excitement. The guinea pig also purrs which can depend on the situation the guinea pig is in. Purring can mean either the pig is angry or it can also mean that the guinea pig is also happy. It depends on the situation.


Why Is My Guinea Pig Squeaking At Me?

Guinea pigs generally squeak when they are stressed or anxious.


Guinea Pig Noises And What They Mean

Generally when guinea pig sounds slow and deep pitched sounds with calm posture, this means they are happy. However unhappy guinea pig noises include high pitched sounds and guinea pig teeth chattering.

Relaxed guinea pig noises are happy sounds while rigid and high pitched sounds are symptoms of anger or fear.


Why Do Guinea Pig Always Squeaking For Food?

It is normal for a guinea pig to ask for food all the time. However, there should be a proper routine with enough food to provide all nutrition that a guinea pig needs.


Final Verdict – Why Does My Guinea Pig Squeak When I Pet Him

Guinea pigs besides being trending and cute pets are very social and interact with their owners. However, sometimes different sounds aren’t comprehensive and owners may ask why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? Guinea pigs make different sounds like purring, squeaking, teeth chattering and other sounds.

However, the best way to understand if a sound is positive or negative is to assess the situation and understand the body language and activities of the guinea pigs.

Why does my guinea pig squeak when i pet him
Why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him? Why does my guinea pig squeak when I pet him in captivity?

Generally, guinea pigs squeak in low and deep pitch when they are happy and their body is relaxed. However, an annoyed guinea pig making high pitch sounds with a tight and rigid body can mean that the guinea pig is angry or scared. There are ways like providing goof food, terrarium, space and hiding spot. All these factors can improve the overall behavior of a guinea pig.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet guinea pig a good and comfortable life!

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