Why Is My Guinea Pig Not Eating Hay? 3 Unique Issues

Diet plays an essential role in the health of your guinea pig. As an owner, you should always check his eating habits and have him checked by the vet if things start to look a bit strange. The primary food that guinea pigs need is hay. It would be a problem if the guinea pig didn’t want to eat it.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? There are several reasons why your guinea pig is not eating the hay. Guinea pigs are bored with the same menu, poor hay quality, or medical conditions. Grass hay is an excellent source of fiber for the guinea pig diet. 

For some reasons why guinea pigs reject hay, and how to choose hay for guinea pigs, read this article to the end.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay
Why is my guinea pig not eating hay?


Can Guinea Pig Live Without Hay?

Guinea pigs should eat hay as their daily routine. Don’t leave guinea pigs without hay for more than a day. Guinea pigs cannot survive without it, and no alternative can replace the benefits of it. Many breeders keep trying to convince new guinea pigs to eat hay.

Ensure the hay for guinea pigs is fresh and clean. It contains lots of fiber which is excellent for their vegetarian diet and can file down their teeth. If they continue to grow, their teeth become painful and painful for them.

You can choose timothy hay or meadow hay as optimal grass hay for your guinea pigs. These kinds of hay are high in vitamin C if you choose the best quality.

Dried alfalfa hay is fine, but it is not what the hay should be. Healthy, unprocessed hay is what your pig needs for its bone health and energy.

If your pig overeats alpha hay, your guinea pig can develop large painful stones from calcium deposits. It will make a problem with your guinea pig’s bladder.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? Guinea pigs only want to eat fresh food. If the hay is in poor condition and smells awful, the guinea pig will refuse to eat it.


What If Guinea Pig Doesn’t Like The Hay?

There are still other things you can try. Once you have given your pig a proper diet of vegetables, fruits, and hay then you should try giving them some treats occasionally. Ensure you are not giving them too many as they will become over-stimulated and get fat.

Many guinea pigs like to eat hay. But, if your guinea pig doesn’t like it, it may have an adverse reaction to some problems.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? First, if you give your pig too much hay in a short period, it can cause digestive problems. If this happens, then you may have to ration out the amount of hay that you are giving your pig.

Second, the food is not clean, or there is still a lot of dust. Guinea pigs are picky animals. Poor hay quality will interfere with their appetite.

Check the condition of the cage of the guinea pigs. If the cage is not kept clean and the substrate is not changed regularly, it can also cause your guinea pig discomfort. Their appetite decreases, and they are not comfortable in a cage.


What Will Happen If A Guinea Pig Doesn’t Eat Hay?

The problem with many pet owners is that they do not know the importance of feeding their guinea pigs the correct amount of hay each day. The fact is the wrong amount of food can cause your pigs to be sick.

If you do not take care of this issue, then you may find that your pigs are suffering from different types of diseases.

Too much hay can cause your pigs to be overweight. You may think that your guinea pig is okay with being overweight, but you must remember that overweight pigs are more prone to diseases. Lack of hay per day will also make the guinea pig sick.

It is because hay is an excellent source of different nutrients that the body needs. These nutrients help in the proper growth of the body. It also helps the proper functioning of the organs in the body. Hay also contains an array of vitamins and minerals that are vital to the health of the pig.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? It may be because the guinea pig has too much food before or because of a medical condition.


Why Do Guinea Pigs Waste Their Hay?

Guinea pigs will mostly waste their hay simply because they’re picky eaters. Sometimes they take some of it and leave the rest. Guinea pigs will take the tastiest one and leave nothing else. You’ll often see the guinea pig foraging around the hay and only picking up the parts he likes.

If you can find hay for guinea pigs with the best quality, there’s a good chance the guinea pig will eat up any food in front of them because it’s tasty and clean.

Don’t worry if the guinea pig doesn’t finish its food. At least they eat it even in small portions. Give a small portion the next day and try to choose the best food. If eaten by the guinea pig, then the problem is in the quality of the hay.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? First because of picky eaters, second because of the quality of the food.


Other Reasons Why Guinea Pig Not Eating Hay

Knowing why guinea pigs don’t want to eat grass hay will help you keep them healthy. The table below will show some reasons guinea pigs won’t eat the hay you give them.

Reasons for not eating hayExplanation
Teeth problemOvergrown teeth make it difficult for the guinea pig to eat and cause mouth injury. If left unchecked, guinea pigs won’t want to eat anything.
Food supplyIf you put food other than hay, the guinea pig may prefer that food and have no interest in hay. Reduce treats or pellets until your pig eats hay first.
LonelinessGuinea pigs are social animals. If they see his friend eating, he also wants to follow what his friend is doing. Having more than one guinea pig in one cage will stimulate each other and they can have fun.

If you choose to have more than one guinea pig in the same cage, provide the highest quality hay for guinea pigs in adequate portions. If one of the pigs eats more hay, give the other pig a chance to eat hay. He will grow at the same rate as his friend.


Do Guinea Pigs Need Fresh Hay Every Day?

Hay is one of the most important things that you have to provide your guinea pigs. They need a lot of it to survive. So, as much as possible, provide them with an adequate supply of hay.

It contains all essential nutrients that are needed by the body. This includes fiber, which is essential for the growth and development of the pig.

If the hay isn’t fresh or smelly, the guinea pig won’t come near it or eat it. Guinea pigs are picky eaters, and you’ll often see them looking for the best-tasting hay.

Fresh hay will ensure that the guinea pig does not choose the best because all the hay quality you provide is the same. If they waste their hay, try to bring better quality than what you gave before.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? Probably you provide bad hay to them. Pig noses are also sensitive. If the hay is soiled with dust, they will also refuse to eat the food.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay
Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? Why is my guinea pig not eating hay daily?


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grass Instead Of Hay?

Yes, guinea pigs can indeed eat grass because it contains many beneficial nutrients. But it cannot replace hay because it contains necessary nutrients and roughage that your piggies cannot get from any other sources.

It may be surprising for some people, but guinea pigs also need certain minerals from their food. If you have a nice lawn or garden then there is a good chance that the guinea pigs will eat what comes up naturally.

But if the lawn is overgrown with weeds and dead grass then you are unlikely to see your pet in the same area for quite some time.

If you want to give grass, don’t cut it with a lawnmower. Let the guinea pig eat the grass directly in the yard, or you can pluck it directly by hand.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? Guinea pigs might be bored with the same menu. You can add treats or vegetables to add a variety of flavors. But don’t let other foods be given more than hay.


Reasons Guinea Pigs Won’t Eat Hay Or Anything Else

A possible reason is a smell. A dirty cage will emit a foul odor, and this stinks. Guinea pigs don’t smell things that are not clean, and they will find your smell offensive. You can solve this problem by cleaning the cage every day.

Another reason why guinea pigs refuse to eat is because of the temperature in their cages. You must provide them with a warm environment. They should have access to hot water as well as food and fresh water regularly.

Another possibility is that the guinea pig’s teeth are too big and cause them pain. If pigs consume too much calcium, their teeth will become large and make it difficult to eat.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? The three possibilities above are not only for one type of food, but all foods offered to guinea pigs. If you encounter some of these problems, all you need to do is solve the problems that occur.


Can I Force My Guinea Pig To Eat Hay?

Forcing food on guinea pigs will only keep them from eating hay for as long as they want. You can’t force pigs to eat hay because they are picky eaters. Try choosing some fresh and clean food. Put some fresh food in the cage, and let the pig come over and eat it.

Watch their teeth if there is a problem with them rejecting their food because hay for guinea pigs is a daily food that the guinea pig is unlikely to refuse.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? Having a stomach problem, toothache, or poor hay quality reduces the guinea pig’s appetite.


How To Entice Guinea Pig To Eat Hay?

Hay isn’t challenging for a guinea pig to eat. Its digestive enzymes are easily absorbed by its system, as it’s always full and rich in calories.

You could also try to entice the pig to eat by rubbing its belly against the object of attraction. You might also try to entice a pig with its food by pretending to put it in its cage.

If your guinea pig refuses to eat on its own, try offering it a treat. Only offer treats once a day, at first. Gradually increase the number of treats you’re giving your guinea pig, but not too much, as you don’t want it getting too hungry before you’re ready to feed it.


Final Verdict – Why Is My Guinea Pig Not Eating Hay

Grass hay is the primary food source of fiber which is good for the health of the guinea pig and piles down the teeth’ growth. Recognizing the guinea pig’s behavior in choosing food will help you entice them to eat hay. 

If guinea pigs have large teeth, they will have difficulty eating and will not want to eat anything. Hay will reduce these chances and must be a daily diet.

Why is my guinea pig not eating hay
Why is my guinea pig not eating hay? Why is my guinea pig not eating hay in summer? Why is my guinea pig not eating hay in winter?

You can’t leave a guinea pig without hay for more than a day. Guinea pigs will not survive if you do not provide fresh and clean food. The chances of the guinea pig refusing to eat hay are many.

Medical conditions such as constipation or diarrhea, or teeth that are too large. There are other possibilities such as an overly smelly cage or poor hay quality.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet guinea pigs a good and comfortable life!

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