Why Is My Guinea Pig Not Eating Pellets? 7 Menacing Reasons

Caring for a guinea pig as a pet has its challenges. Owners must understand how they want to eat with the food you provide. They are picky eaters and only want to eat when they want to. Even though we have provided sufficient food portions with the best quality, my guinea pig won’t eat pellets

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? There are several possibilities for the guinea pig to reject eating pellets. The guinea pig refuses to eat because of a sudden change in diet, or its cage is dirty. Guinea pigs are sensitive to their surroundings. They will also choose the best food to increase their appetite. It’s essential to check their health because sometimes decreasing appetite can be caused by disease.

To find out why the guinea pig refuses to eat pellets, let’s read this article.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets
Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets?


Why Isn’t My Guinea Pig Eating Their Food?

The causes of guinea pigs not wanting to eat can vary. If their behavior changes with discomfort and whining, they can get respiratory infections, gastrointestinal problems, or extreme stress.

The first step is to inspect the guinea pigs’ cage. If there is an unpleasant odor or some corners are dirty, you will need to remove the guinea pig and clean the cage, then let them play to reduce stress.

Once their cage is clean, try feeding them a new diet with well-prepared food. If the guinea pig is not interested in any food, it’s time to bring your guinea pig to the vet for a medical examination.


What Happens When Your Guinea Pig Doesn’t Eat?

Events will start from refusing to eat or only eating portions far less than usual to refusing any food the owners buy. Guinea pigs can lose weight drastically, and their health will decline.

No owner wants their guinea pig to develop anorexia. As much as possible, the owners will provide the best food, although initially, they have to insert food using a syringe to meet their daily needs.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? Guinea pigs may be in an unhealthy condition, so their appetite has decreased. A sudden change in diet can also make the guinea pig refuse to eat pellets, even though the pellets given have been placed in a clean place.


Why Is My Guinea Pig Not Eating?

Guinea pigs are supposed to be fussy eaters. They spend most of their time in the cage, eating and defecating constantly. If you notice a decreasing appetite regularly, your pet is experiencing health problems or refusing to eat for some reason.

For example, guinea pigs may refuse to eat if they are disturbed by loud noises around them. They need a calm atmosphere to choose the best food from the pile of food in front of them. No wonder there are guinea pigs who take the best quality hay to eat first.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? If this is your first time pelleting a guinea pig, you should understand that guinea pigs are sensitive to dietary changes. Introduce pellets slowly. Try to increase their appetite by mixing them with their favorite foods.


Why Is My Guinea Pig Not Eating As Much?

Check their environment. If something strange is bothering the guinea pig or because the cage is dirty. If the guinea pig is in a dirty place, they won’t even come close to the food you give them.

Clean the cage constantly of uneaten food and pig’s waste. If necessary, provide fresh food that you have not given earlier on the same day. If the guinea pig has started to approach the food you give them, they will choose which one is best to eat before taking others until they are full.


Is It Okay To Not Feed Guinea Pigs Pellets?

Pellets are not the only food that guinea pigs need. You have to provide some other foods such as hay and fresh vegetables. Proper balanced food will increase the guinea pig’s appetite, and they can choose from several foods that you love because the menu is not monotonous.

One food that needs to be prepared daily in unlimited quantities is good-quality hay. You can give pellets as a second option, let the guinea pig eat, and choose hay as guinea pig food without pellets.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? Either the guinea pig is still trying to adapt to their new diet, or they’re just not wanting to eat much because of stress. You have to find the stress cause because they can refuse any food you give them.


Do Guinea Pigs Need Pellets Every Day?

Although hay is the guinea pigs’ primary food source, you need to provide 1/8 cup of pellets daily. You can divide it over several feeding times, as the guinea pig will not be attracted to food in the same place for a long time.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? When guinea pigs don’t eat pellets, they enjoy hay and freshwater more. You don’t have to worry if guinea pig doesn’t eat pellets, as long as they have other food alternatives.


How Long Can Guinea Pigs Go Without Eating Pellets?

There are no specific rules for how long they can’t tolerate eating pellets, but you need to feed the guinea pigs before they starve for more than 12 hours. Hay is an excellent source of fiber, but pellets are also great for guinea pigs to grow.

Why is my guinea pig not eating his pellets? It depends on how much hay or vegetables they eat on the same day. Try reducing the hay supply in their cage, if you see their pellets are still intact in the afternoon. Make guinea pigs choose pellets so that their diet is balanced.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets
Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets for few days?


Why Is My Guinea Pig Not Eating Pellets or Moving?

Check their behavior, and estimate how long your guinea pig has not moved from its place. Guinea pigs are active animals. It will react when you take them from the cage, or you interact from outside the cage.

They may not move or eat pellets because they are full. Remove any other food, leaving only the pellet and water remaining in the guinea pigs’ cage.

This is a different case from the old guinea pig not eating pellets. Old guinea pigs are pickier and less active because they are no longer as energetic as young guinea pigs. Provide easier-to-eat food for old guinea pigs, or aid their feeding with a syringe.


Why Is My Guinea Pig Not Eating Pellets And Losing Weight?

There’s a chance the guinea pig will refuse to eat them if you’re giving pellets for the first time, or you’re giving them with a different ingredient. If you can entice a guinea pig to eat, the rejection won’t last long. The guinea pig will slowly eat the pellets, even in small portions.

If a guinea pig is not eating pellets or pooping, there is a possibility that they will get an illness. Provide water or fiber in sufficient quantities so that the guinea pig is not dehydrated.

Hay is good for the guinea pig’s health because of the fiber and the water content, although a little. Balance the hay with pellets to balance the pigs’ diet.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? Sudden diet change, pellets given is different than usual, or your pig is sick. If it’s time to eat, give fresh pellets and don’t give them in large quantities at once. It’s better to give in small portions but run out, and you can add more if the guinea pig still looks hungry.


Why Is My New Guinea Pig Not Eating Pellets?

Guinea pigs cannot accept 100% new food. Give comparisons to introduce new foods. So they can taste the flavors and textures. Try it with 10% new food and 90% old food with excellent quality. After the guinea pig enjoys the food, slowly increase the percentage for the next 10 days.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? You are introducing too many pellets to guinea pigs. They are not ready for new food because they are unfamiliar with the smell and taste. If not mixed with old food, guinea pigs will refuse to eat.

Remember that the guinea pig is a picky eater. They will choose the best food from the pile of food you provide.


How Long Can A Guinea Pig Go Without Pellets?

The rule of thumb is that guinea pigs need 1/8 cup of pellets daily. It doesn’t matter if you are still introducing pellets for a few days and haven’t followed the rules on how many pellets to give them.

Guinea pigs can survive without pellets provided other food is provided of the highest quality. Do not forget to give water and food with fiber content. Prepare unlimited ready-made hay in the cage, and prepare pellets for their feeding interlude.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? Try checking the quality of the pellet given to the guinea pig. If the quality is poor, you need to replace it with a new one. Try giving pellets at mealtime, don’t differentiate when you give hay and pellets.


How To Get Your Guinea Pig To Eat Pellets?

Every guinea pigs’ owner should think about the balance of their pet’s diet every day. If the owners can provide a good diet, the guinea pig will look cheerful with an ideal weight. The table below shows how to feed pellets for guinea pigs.

How to feedExplanation
Balance dietBalance their diet by providing 1/8 cup of pellets plus 1 cup of fresh vegetables.
Look the pellets ingredientsChoose a supplement that has vitamin C and several other important nutrients.
Avoid giving guinea pig a bad foodClean food that has stayed more than 12 hours.
Serve pellets in ceramic dishesThe ceramic holder will keep the pellets clean and increase the guinea pigs’ appetite.
Adjust pellet quantitiesEven if you measure 1/8 cup of pellets daily, measure their weight and adjust the diet to determine whether the pigs are overweight or underweight.


Can Guinea Pigs Survive Without Pellets?

Yes, as long as you can provide the guinea pig with vegetables or hay for fiber content. Provide enough water to balance the diet and make it easier for any food to enter. Remember, pellets have more energy content than grass or hay. The right portion will increase the weight of the guinea pig healthily.

If the guinea pig is used to eating pellets, don’t give up on their usual diet. If you replace it with another food, the guinea pig will experience reflux like the first time you gave it a pellet.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? Guinea pigs who are used to pellets will have no trouble eating the pellets until they run out. The cause of guinea pigs refusing pellets is their body condition or poor pellet quality.


Final Verdict – Why Is My Guinea Pig Not Eating Pellets

Guinea pigs are picky eaters and easily refuse new food. Try to introduce pellets with a ratio of 10% and 90% of old foods to suit their new diet.

Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets
Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets? Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets in winter? Why is my guinea pig not eating pellets in summer?

If you insist on giving pellets in large quantities, the guinea pig will experience a decreasing appetite or refuse all the food you are given.

Once the guinea pig is used to pellets, provide 1/8 cup of pellets daily with other foods such as vegetables and hay. Try the best quality pellets, and keep them fresh by putting them in a ceramic holder.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet guinea pig a good and comfortable life!

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