Axolotl Tank Mates : What Can You Put In A Tank With Axolotls? 9 Cool Facts

Are you planning on keeping multiple axolotl fish or multiple fish besides axolotl? If you have a big tank, then you might want to think about axolotl tank mate. What fun is having a tank that is full of your favorite pets. But do axolotl need tank mates?

Is having Axolotl tank mates important? NO, axolotl doesn’t need companions since they are quite solitary animals. Having another animal in your tank is only a hindrance in any way, especially if you have several different species of these fish. Because of the danger of nibbling on live body parts of other species, other non-axolotls should not be kept in a tank with axolotl.

Surely you are curious why it is not recommended to have axolotl tank mates. Let’s read this article to the end.

Axolotl tank mates
Axolotl Tank Mates – axolotl tank size – axolotl tank kit – what can you put in a tank with axolotls


What Can I Put In My Axolotl Tank?

The axolotl is one fish that prefers to spend time at the bottom of the water column. You need to pay attention to the substrate material because your axolotl will be there a lot. Sand is the best substrate for axolotls compared to aquarium gravel.

You can also put live plants like Java Fern and Anubias. This depends on how you are going to arrange the rest of the tank. You can either put plants on top, covering them up with soil or sand or just leave them be.

If you decide to put plants in an axolotl cage, just remember to get a good grade of soil to plant on. Otherwise, your plant will not be able to live inside the tank.

How about axolotl tank mates? You can put another axolotl in the same tank, as long as they are both the same adults. If it is still a juvenile, it will be dangerous because of its nibbling habit.


What Other Fish Can Live With Axolotls?

If you want to add fish that are in a tank with axolotls, make sure you put fish that do not have sharp spines or hard exoskeletons because axolotls can eat other fish in the same tank.

One of the reasons why axolotls are better off living alone in a tank is that they are not friendly with other fish and tend to eat them.

Fish that are suitable as axolotl tank mates such as Minnows or Guppy fish because of their small shape, besides that they can protect themselves from hungry axolotls.

Even if you put another axolotl, there is a possibility that the axolotl will be nibbling on the other, and this will cause injury or infections.


Can You Put Snails In With Axolotls?

Putting snails in with axolotls is a good idea because not only do they provide some stunning entertainment as aquarium occupants, but you can also get them to nest in their aquarium.

Mini snails can become axolotl tank mates because they have a softer exoskeleton, so sharing a tank with the axolotl is safe.

If you look at axolotl tank mates Reddit, mini snails function as an aquarium cleaner because snails are bottom feeders, eating leftover foods and keeping the substrate clean.


How Many Axolotl Can You Put In A Tank Together?

Well, that depends on several factors. First of all, how much water is in your pool? The amount of water will determine how many axolotls you can get. If it’s less than half, you will have to develop another method for filling your tank.

Don’t let more than three axolotls fit in a 10-gallon tank. In addition, the axolotl requires a mix of saltwater and freshwater.

You shouldn’t have to think about axolotl tank mates because they’re better off living alone. Also, make sure the axolotls you put in the same tank are adults because if they are juveniles, there may be cannibalistic tendencies.


Do Axolotls Get Lonely?

No, they are comfortable even if they live alone in the tank. Because of their aggressive nature, axolotls threaten the axolotl tank mates, especially small fish.

They may even eat them. Axolotl does not need companion to keep it active in the tank, but if you have another pet like cat or dog, then a chance of injury for either one is possible.

So, before putting axolotl and fish together ensure that your fish will never be eaten by axolotls because pretty sure it will be eaten.

There’s a lot of discussion on axolotl tank mates Reddit, how to choose the right tank mates, because axolotls often eat small fish, and can be dangerous because if the bones are hard, it will be a choking hazard or cause constipation.


Can You Have 2 Axolotls In The Same Tank?

If you decide to put two axolotls in the same tank, there is a possibility that one of them will experience harm from the larger axolotl due to its aggressive nature and nibbling habit.

This will subject the axolotl to primary or secondary injury and degrade their health over time, especially if they are still juveniles because axolotls can eat each other gills, limbs, or other body parts.

That is why axolotl tank mates are almost none, because they are more comfortable in their own tank, without even having small fish.


Should I Keep 2 Axolotls In The Same Tank?

It is not advisable to keep two axolotls in the same tank because of some reasons.

First reason is that they are aggressive by nature and may harm each other.

Second reason is that when one of them dies, the survivor will be sad for a long length of time. So, if you have two axolotls, set them each on their own tanks.

Third reason is that if both of them will be left in the tank after one of them dies, then you may find the dead body being nibbled by the survivor. So, it’s better to keep only one axolotl and no more than that.

And fourth reason is that your tank will be crowded, there is no space to move around.

So, it’s better to keep only one pet axolotl and leave the second tank for another type of pet like fish or small aquatic animal.

If you decide to have two in the same aquarium then ensure that they are not aggressive with each other.


Can 2 Axolotls Live In A 20 Gallon Tank?

A 20-gallon tank is the safer choice if you put one axolotl because this fish produces a lot of waste. But if you follow the rule of thumb, you can put 3 small axolotls in a 10-gallon tank. So the 20-gallon tank can load 2 axolotls at once.

If you know that axolotl tank mates are not good because axolotl tends to be more aggressive, you need to look at the behavior one by one. If one shows nibbling or biting to the other one, you must be ready to do the separation.

Yes, 2 axolotls can live in a 20 gallon tank but you need to keep some important things in mind before putting them together. They could kill each other if their jaws are heavy.

So, make sure there is enough spare space for them to avoid any biting incident. It will be better if you keep plenty of food items in the tank to keep them active and busy.


What Can You Put In A Tank With Axolotls?

Axolotl will do best in a planted tank or a “green” water tank, like a lava rock tank.

The live plants in a tank with axolotls are a great addition because they provide additional nutrition to your fish. However, not all live plants are equal.

You must pick the proper plants for the size and species of your tank. Larger tanks often call for bigger, bulkier live plants, while smaller tanks need more delicate plants.

For axolotl tank mates, you can put mini snails, small shrimp, mini fish with a minimum exoskeleton or hard spine. Because if the axolotl eats them at any time, there will be no health problems such as impaction or choking hazard.

Avoid putting goldfish and cory catfish as the axolotl tank friends because both fish can be dangerous. For goldfish, due to the aggressive action of the axolotl, the gills and fins of the goldfish will be nibbled, causing injury and stress.

For the cory catfish, it will be dangerous for the axolotl because the body’s defenses from the cory catfish can make the axolotl’s body infected when trying to nibbling them.

Axolotl tank mates
Axolotl Tank Mates – what can you put in a tank with axolotls


How To Maintain The Axolotl Temperature?

Axolotls are accustomed to living in cool temperatures between 15°C – 18°C in their optimum range. Make sure the pH of the water is between 6.5 and 8.0. Try not to let the tank be above 22°C.

Place the tank or aquarium in a place that will not be exposed to sunlight to prevent the axolotl from overheating.

It will also be tricky if you decide to put the axolotl tank mates because the mates have to adjust to the tank’s temperature, which can be comfortable for the axolotl. Not all fish can withstand cool temperatures like tropical fish, which require a heater.


Can Axolotls Cohabitate?

Yes, axolotls can cohabitate, but not recommended. Axolotls often do fin-nipping to other axolotls or other fish, and this causes injury or infection to others.

This is the main reason the axolotl is not suitable if there are mates in the tank. The axolotl cohabitation is not the real problem, but the axolotl nibbling behavior is the cause.

If you choose axolotl tank mates, make sure you have a big tank and include little fish that can swim fast away from the axolotl. It will be the axolotl’s activity to swim to and fro, and the little fish can keep running to avoid them.

But if there are too many little fish, it will be a stressful thing for the axolotl. Be careful with the number of little fish you put in the tank.


What Is The Right Food For Axolotls?

If you put little fish as axolotl tank mates, it could be that fish become a snack for axolotls. But this is not a good and common thing, because it can cause impaction or other issues.

You should know that axolotl in tank must be given regular food, to maintain their health. The table below is a list of foods that are suitable for axolotls.

Foods for axolotlExplanation
Live wormsWash any dirt first on the worm before giving it to the axolotl.
DaphniaSmall crustaceans that has essential nutrients like lipids, vitamins, fatty acids.
Brine shrimpflavorful foods for your axolotl with vitamins, lipids and fatty acids.
PelletsEnsure the ingredients will have low fat and high protein. A thumb rule should be 40% protein or more.


What Is The Suitable Axolotl Tank Size?

A 20-gallon tank includes a suitable tank size for one axolotl. Although they can be comfortable in a 10-gallon tank, you have to change the water regularly to keep it fresh and clean because axolotls also cause a lot of waste.

You can also search for an axolotl community tank if you want to put more than one axolotl in one place. To put more axolotl tank mates, you’ll need a bigger tank, about 40-gallon tanks.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if the axolotl lived alone in a tank, but it would be boring if you put it in a 10-gallon tank. The suitable size is a 20-gallon tank so they can enjoy the environment more.

If you are looking for a tank size guide, generally, the minimum Sufficient tank size for axolotl is 24 in. x 10 in. x 12 in. and a good rule of thumb is that your tank volume needs to be at least 50% of the axolotls’ length.


What Do You Need For An Axolotl Tank Kit?

In the first axolotl tank kit, you have to choose the right aquarium for your axolotl. Long tanks are better than tall tanks because axolotls are bottom dwellers. For a suitable size, you are better off choosing a 20-gallon tank instead of a 10-gallon tank.

Next is a filter that does not create too much flow. Furthermore, the heater functions to prevent temperature swings throughout the day. Making sure the tank temperature doesn’t exceed 22°C is the main thing because the axolotl can’t stand temperatures higher than that.


List Of Things To be Included In An Axolotls Tank

  1. Aquarium or tank for axolotl
  2. Substrate in the aquarium
  3. Lighting system for the aquarium or tank, since it needs sunlight to live well and healthy.
  4. Heater(optional) for an aquarium which should be placed at the bottom of tank so that it will get the heat from bottom to top.
  5. Drift wood and plants for the tank.
  6. Decorations (optional) like rocks, aquarium ornaments or anything that makes it more fun to look at your pet axolotl.

So now you know what are things required in the tank. For a healthier life for your pet axolotl do not forget to clean the tank regularly. Axolotls are known as neotenic salamanders, so they never stop growing and requires constant water changes in its tank to keep it healthy.

TIP: Make sure that you are doing weekly water change of 50% and at least twice water change in a month of 100%.

If you follow the above tips, then I am sure that you will have an amazing life with your pet axolotl. Make sure that you are following all steps carefully to ensure the safety of your axolotls in its tank.


Things To Pay Attention To When Keeping Axolotls

You have to pay attention if you want to give axolotl tank mates because the nibbling and fin-nipping behavior is very annoying to other fish, even other axolotls. If one axolotl is larger than the other, they will bully the smaller ones, so the smaller size can experience injury and stress.

In addition, the tank temperature must be considered because axolotls are cool-temperature fish and cannot be exposed to sunlight for a long time. If so, there will be health problems for them due to overheating.


Is It Okay If I Put My Axolotl With Another Pet?

It is not a good idea to put axolotl with any other pet. The best thing you can do for your pet axolotls is to keep it alone in its tank. However, if you want to add another pet into the tank then go for small fish or aquatic snail.

If your axolotl accidentally eats other pets like fishes or snail, then it can release harmful chemical like ammonia that can cause death of your pet axolotl.

Because of their aggressive nature, they may not understand what you are trying to do and will try to bite you or any other pets whether it is a cat or dog.


Annoying Axolotl Habit: Big Mouth

If you have two axolotls, then you will never want to put them back in the tank because of their annoying habit called big mouth. It is a playful act where they bite each other and release it immediately. This can lead to death of smaller one if the bigger one has heavy jaws. If you do not want this habit to be part of your pet axolotl’s life, then keep it in the tank alone.


Final Verdict On Axolotl Tank Mates

Axolotls are fish that can live alone and will not feel alone because they are aggressive fish, even with other axolotls. For juveniles, if other axolotls are included, there is a possibility that cannibalism appears because they can bite the gills, fins, and limbs of others.

Axolotl tank mates
Axolotl Tank Mates – axolotl tank size – axolotl tank kit – what can you put in a tank with axolotls

Although this will decrease as they mature, the fin-nipping and nibbling will not necessarily disappear completely.

This is what confuses pet owners who want their aquarium to be filled with fish other than axolotls because if you put smaller fish, it will be used as a snack, but if they are the same size, the nibbling behavior will be stressful for other fish.

A suitable tank for one axolotl is a 20-gallon tank, although you can put one or two smaller axolotls in a 10-gallon tank. This is so that the axolotl gets a large space even though it lives alone.

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