Do Axolotls Get Lonely? (9 Interesting Solitary Axies Facts)

Many pet owners will agree with me that their pets usually get lonely when they are not around and they don’t feel shy about showing this fact to their owners.

For instance, a dog will welcome its owner after a long period without seeing him or her by approaching its owner and wagging its tail, while a cat will show the same by approaching its owner and rubbing itself on him or her. What about axolotls, do they crave their owner’s attention and do axolotls ever get lonely when left alone by their owner?

Do axolotls get lonely? No, even if you leave your axolotl alone in its tank, your axolotl won’t get lonely. As a matter of fact, in most cases it is better to let your axolotl be in its tank since it can become agitated, more so by other axolotls as well as smaller fish or animals in the tank. So, if you are worried about leaving your axolotl in its tank, don’t be.

Your axolotl will even be happier as axolotls are generally solitary animals which prefer keeping to themselves.

Do axolotls get lonely
Do axolotls get lonely

If you keep an axolotl for a pet and you want to add to what you already know about your pet, or if you are planning to get an axolotl for a pet soon and you want to know more about your future pet, then you are at the right place.

Let’s get some insight on this subject by getting to know if axolotls indeed get lonely and other related questions that may arise.


Do Axolotls Get Lonely?

Axolotls are by nature reclusive creatures. They therefore like keeping to themselves and they are not fond of humans.

What about when we talk of axolotls being lonely, do axolotls get lonely when their owners leave them by themselves? No, your axolotl being a solitary animal likes keeping to itself.

Your axolotl will therefore enjoy being left alone as opposed to many pets which crave their owner’s attention. Considering this, is there such a thing as a lonely axolotl since axolotls don’t even like spending time with their own kind?

Well, it seems like there isn’t. However, axolotls show emotions in a different way as compared to human beings. They might be floating lazily sometimes.

But considering what we’ve learned about axolotls being reclusive creatures, do axolotls like to be alone? Yes, axolotls prefer being alone.

Surprisingly, axolotls don’t enjoy company even from their own kind, unless of course they are mating.


Do Axolotls Get Bored?

Not likely. Axolotls don’t exhibit any signs of getting bored even when left alone for a long duration. They basically like eating, or hunting, mating and biting each other.

They also fancy climbing plants and sitting in caves. When we talk about getting bored, what about getting lonely, do axolotls get lonely?

No, axolotls like being alone by choice. They hardly therefore get lonely since they don’t even like the company of their own species.


Can Axolotls Get Depressed?

No,your axolotls cannot experience depression. This is because depression is a phenomenon that predominantly happens to humans.

What about getting lonely, do axolotls get lonely? No, axolotls can live by themselves in their tanks without getting bored.

In fact many owners keep their axolotls by themselves and they get by just fine without showing any signs of loneliness or sadness whatsoever.


Do Axolotls Like To Be Touched?

Axolotls are sensitive animals which don’t like being touched often. Although they can be touched, you should go about touching your axolotl with a few things in mind. 

First and foremost, make sure to wash your hands before touching it..

You should also be gentle when touching your axolotl and it is also advisable for you to initiate the process. You can do this by spreading your hand out for your axolotl to touch first. 

This will also assist your axolotl to get accustomed to you.


Do Axolotls Prefer To Be Alone?

Can axolotls be kept alone is a question on many people’s minds, especially the ones planning on keeping an axolotl as a pet in the near future. Well, for those interested to know axolotls actually do well kept alone and they don’t require tank mates.

Furthermore, you should not house your axolotl with fish for a number of reasons. This is because the temperature ideal for most pet fish is too high for your axolotl.  

Considering this, do axolotls get lonely? No, axolotls actually do well by themselves and don’t require any company.


Do Axolotls Need Friends Or Tank Mates?

No, axolotls do well by themselves. This is because axolotls are by nature reclusive creatures.

Many owners actually leave their axolotls in their tanks by themselves and they usually never exhibit any signs of loneliness or sadness. Do axolotls get lonely, therefore, from what we’ve just learned?

No, your axolotl is usually fine and contented on its own, unless of course it is sick or otherwise.


Should Axolotls Be Kept In Pairs?

No, axolotls are by nature solitary creatures which like keeping to themselves. Your axolotl therefore doesn’t usually need a companion.

So according to this, do axolotls get lonely? No, axolotls actually love being left on their own.

Furthermore, they don’t even appreciate the company of their fellow axolotls, unless, of course, when mating.


Do Axolotls Like Being Alone?

Yes, axolotls prefer being alone since they are naturally solitary animals. What about being lonely when they are alone for a long time? Do axolotls get lonely?

Not at all. Axolotls are naturally reclusive animals that surprisingly don’t even require the company of their own species.


Do Axolotls Need Attention?

Other than the usual feeding and general caregiving from its owner, axolotls don’t usually need any special attention, unless of course, they are sick.


Should Axolotls Be Kept In Pairs?

Young axolotls should only be kept together if they are fed well and given plenty of space apart from each other. This is because baby axolotls have a tendency to nip at or bite off their tank mate’s legs and gills.

As opposed to recommendations from some fronts, axolotls are not social creatures and they therefore don’t benefit in any way from having a fellow axolotl as a companion. So in regards to this fact do axolotls get lonely? No, in fact being naturally reclusive animals axolotls prefer being alone by choice.

Do axolotls get lonely
Do axolotls get lonely


Are Axolotls Happier Together?

Your axolotls won’t get lonely even when they are alone provided that you accord them enough care and give them proper treatment daily. Many owners actually do that, and their axolotls are usually fine, living without any feeling of loneliness or sadness. 

Your axolotls will be happy when you interact with them, and more so when you feed them. However, they are not happier together. They are fine by themselves.


Do Axolotls Have Feelings?

There isn’t a substantial amount of evidence to determine whether or not axolotls have feelings. As a matter of fact, axolotls are far from having the best senses when it comes down to it.

Furthermore, axolotls will hardly even recognize their owners unless they pass through some form of training.

Having this in mind, do axolotls get lonely? No, according to the above statement, we can safely conclude that axolotls are solitary animals that like keeping to themselves. That said, when it comes to getting lonely it will also depend on an axolotl’s personality.


Should I Get Two Axolotls?

Your axolotl doesn’t need a friend to be entertained considering the fact that axolotls are predominantly solitary creatures. That said, it is perfectly alright to house axolotls together, as long as they are approximately the same size.

Furthermore, if you decide to house your axolotls together, make sure you feed them adequately because if axolotls are not well fed they have a tendency of eating each other’s limbs for extra nutrition.

This is one of the downsides when it comes to housing axolotls together.


Is It Ok To Have Only One Axolotl?

As a matter of fact it is advisable to keep one axolotl as compared to keeping a pair. This is because axolotls are by nature solitary animals that like keeping to themselves.

Furthermore, when you house your axolotls together, there is always the  risk of them feeding on each other’s limbs and gills if they are not adequately fed. The scenario only worsens if you house your axolotl with other aquatic species.

With this in mind, do axolotls get lonely at all? No, your axolotl will actually be happier and more content when it is by itself as compared to when it has company.


How Long Can You Leave An Axolotl Alone?

You can safely leave an adult axolotl alone for up to one and a half weeks as long as your axolotl is in good health and provided that you have housed your axolotl in a well-established, cycled tank equipped with filtration and aeration.

It also helps that axolotls don’t require regular feeding due to their slow digestion.


Is It Harsh To House An Axolotl In A Tank?

Axolotls are usually aggressive animals and they usually consider other aquarium inhabitants, including smaller axolotls, as food. It is therefore recommended that you don’t house your axolotl with other aquatic species or smaller axolotls.

On the other hand, axolotls are relatively fragile and other aquatic animals like fish can bite and damage their gills.


Can Axolotls Love?

Even though your axolotl cannot bond like a human can, your axolotl can at times get accustomed to you as its owner and care. For instance, open hand feeding is an ideal way to “bond” and get accustomed to your axolotl and vice-versa.

However, not being fond of humans doesn’t mean axolotls are unfriendly; they are just solitary by nature. That said, axolotls have their own ways of showing affection.


How Do You Know That Your Axolotl Is Happy?

Your axolotl has its own way of showing happiness. For instance, when your axolotl is happy it will approach you playfully whenever you approach its tank.

Your axolotl’s fins will also be positioned backwards and relaxed when it is in a happy state.

Furthermore, it may be hard to believe but the color of your axolotl’s skin can also indicate if it is happy.


How Do You Evaluate If Your Axolotl Is Stressed?

You can evaluate if your axolotl is stressed if it lacks appetite and if its gills are curled forward as compared to being laid backwards which indicates that your axolotl is happy. The best way to combat this scenario is by fitting your axolotl’s tank with a spray bar or flow-spreading outlet.

When we talk about being stressed, what about being lonely, do axolotls get lonely and sad? No, it is unheard of for an axolotl to get lonely or even sad as axolotls are generally solitary animals that actually prefer being by themselves.

Final Verdict – Do Axolotls Get Lonely?

So, when it comes to the topic, do axolotls get lonely, what can we say we have learned? Well, we can conclude that axolotls are naturally solitary animals which like keeping to themselves.

Do axolotls get lonely
Do axolotls get lonely

However, being reclusive doesn’t necessarily mean that axolotls are unfriendly. They are also not dangerous for a human in any way unless an axolotl is carrying a dangerous disease communicable to a human.

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