Are Axolotls Illegal In The 50 US States? Updated

Although the axolotl is a cute animal, not everyone can have it. It seems that some people want to know are axolotls illegal in their states. Well, let’s have a quick look at why that isn’t necessarily true.

 The reason as to whether or not axolotls are illegal has to do with the fact that they are endangered, which, if you don’t know, is a pretty serious thing. On top of that, they are considered to be collectibles and therefore illegal to sell for retail. They aren’t considered to be a type of wild animal in most cases.

In which states are axolotls illegal? In certain states such as Maine, California, Virginia, New Jersey, they ban all salamanders, including axolotls. Unlike New Mexico, which is legal to own but cannot be imported from other places.

Are axolotls illegal
Are Axolotls Illegal?

To find out more details about why axolotls illegal, let’s read this article to the end.


Can You Have An Axolotl As A Pet?

Maybe axolotls seem unusual to be used as pets because not many people have axolotls. Apart from that, the axolotl is an interesting pet to watch. Imagine you have a salamander that stays in the water forever or becomes an aquatic pet. Of course, it will be fun and exciting to have it.

Are axolotls illegal? For some states, the axolotl may not be owned or sold. Where are axolotls illegal? California, Maine, and several other states prohibit owning axolotls as pets.

Start learning about the requirements for caring for an axolotl, even though it’s relatively easy. Some things such as water used, water temperature, food, tank size, chiller and environment will affect their life expectancy.


What States Are Axolotls Illegal In?

If anyone asks, are axolotls illegal? Yes, for certain states. In some states, such as Virginia, Maine, New Jersey, and California, it is illegal to own or sell axolotls.

Some ask about the axolotl for sale Illinois because it is not included in the states mentioned above. For other states, you should check local laws before you decide to treat an axolotl. Contact your local authorities to see if you can care for axolotls or breed them in your home.

If you still insist on caring for the axolotl even though there is a ban in that state, you are considered guilty because it is against the law and will be punished according to the applicable rules.


Are Axolotls Illegal In California?

Owning an axolotl is a crime in California, even if you bring it from another legal state or say it from a pet store around California.

Are axolotls illegal? Yes, in California because it is an endangered species. If you live in California and want to have an axolotl as a pet, immediately look for another legal pet.

Are axolotls only illegal as pets in California? As long as the animals that will be made pets are on the endangered list, then no one is allowed to take care of them, and if they forcibly take care of them, it will be considered against the law.


Can You Have An Axolotl As A Pet In California?

Any Ambystoma species such as the axolotl are prohibited from being kept in homes as pets in California. Keeping, selling, and owning axolotl is something that should not be done. If you have it, the fish department will enforce the law according to its faults.

Although you can find axolotl for sale in California, they are not legal. Are axolotls illegal? Yes, in California. It cannot be owned as pets or breeding. You also shouldn’t bring it from other states, even if in that state it is legal.


Why Are Axolotl Illegal In California?

Under California law, the axolotl is prohibited because it is endangered and can threaten natural wildlife. This leads to banning all salamanders, and the axolotl is one of them.

Are axolotls illegal? Since axolotls are salamanders, owning an axolotl in California is impossible. If you have secret possession, you will be subject to penalties or fines by applicable law.


How To Get An Axolotl In California?

You can’t get an axolotl in California because it’s written in the California Department of Fish and Game law. You can find it in Title 14 on page 7, which is relevant to amphibian species law.

Are axolotls illegal? Yes. If you own it or sell it, you can use no legal defense because it is clearly against the law. If you insist on having an axolotl, then you can look for another state that allows axolotl as pets.

You can sell or own an axolotl in a legal state without having to be in California, which already has strict laws regarding salamanders as an endangered species.


Are Axolotls Legal In New Jersey?

Axolotls are as illegal in New Jersey as they are in California. Axolotls and all tiger salamanders are not allowed to be pets and sold. If you find a pet store in New Jersey that sells axolotls, it’s not legal.

Although people have been trying to petition for axolotls to be allowed as pets in New Jersey, it still doesn’t have many supporters. In addition, many other options can be raised for aquatic pets.


Are Axolotls Legal In New York?

In New York, the axolotl is also an endangered species, and it is not legal to have it as a pet. Even if you bring an axolotl New Mexico and want to be raised in New York, you must first obtain permission from local authorities.

Are axolotls illegal
Are Axolotls Illegal In The 50 US States?

Are axolotls illegal in New York? You can try to have one in New York State by asking local authorities first. Endangered species are protected in various states and are not allowed to be treated as pets because they can threaten natural wildlife.

Choosing aquatic pets other than the axolotl is many options, so not having an axolotl as a pet is also common. If you really want to take care of axolotls, make sure you know the laws about caring for axolotls in your state.


Are Axolotls Legal In Canada?

The legality of axolotls in Canada depends on the jurisdiction of the particular province. The issue about axolotls in Canada is importation, not about selling or owning axolotls.

Are axolotls illegal in Canada? If you import from the USA, you must have a clear permit because some states in the US are also prohibited from selling or owning axolotls.

But you also need to know whether it is okay to have axolotl as pets in Canada because it depends on the decision of each province.


Are Axolotls Legal In Texas?

The axolotl is a protected animal in Texas. There must be certain permits if you want to get an axolotl from United States breeders. You can also look for axolotl breeders in Texas to make it easier to care for them as pets.

Are axolotls illegal in Texas? If you want to know the licensing of axolotls as pets, you can ask the Wildlife Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Having animals that are protected by the states is very difficult if you want to become pets. Because having it alone can be dangerous for the scarcity of the animal.


Are Axolotls Legal In Arizona?

Axolotls are legal as pets in Arizona. Because the temperature is quite high, you need a chiller, cooler, or aquarium fan because axolotls can only live at cool temperatures.

Are axolotls illegal? In Arizona, axolotls are allowed to buy, sell, or own. If you are still in doubt, ask the local authorities for the animal law that is there.

Non-domesticated animals such as axolotls will be questioned for their rights because they avoid wild animal smugglers.


Are Axolotls Illegal In Virginia?

You must have a special permit to own axolotls in Virginia. Axolotl Virginia is an endangered species that must be protected. In addition, axolotls belong to the salamander family, which are few in number in the wild, although you do get Mexican axolotls.

If you want to buy an axolotl for sale Virginia, you must ask for a special permit from the pet store to have the legality of owning an axolotl as a pet in Virginia.


Axolotl Legality Laws 2021

If you want to know are axolotls illegal, you should know the latest axolotls legality laws. Below is a table showing which states are illegal and which states are legal to sell, buy or own axolotls.

New Mexico (can’t import)California
New YorkMaine
Other states than the illegal stateNew Jersey

Although there are places where it is legal to own an axolotl, there are also places that must have a special permit to own an axolotl. You should ask in detail about the pet laws where you live so you feel safe in owning an axolotl as a pet.


How If You Have Axolotl In An Illegal State?

You should immediately contact your local authorities to confirm ownership of the axolotl in your home. Wildlife authorities will contact you and tell them to hand it over to take care of the axolotl.

If you do breeding, stop the reproduction any further. You can euthanize the eggs before they are three to four days old because they don’t have embryos yet and won’t feel any pain.

Do not let you hide axolotls in your home, and deliberately practice breeding for personal gain because if you refuse to cooperate, legal action will be applied according to your fault.


Purchasing Your Axolotl On Legal State

People that have decided to get their pets one way or another usually wonder if they will need to get a CITES permit. This is a permit to enter specific countries, which can be used to help with showing that a person is legally permitted to own the axolotl.

If you already have a special permit, then you can take care of or do breeding. Axolotls are not difficult animals to care for; it’s just that they need a cool temperature so that their metabolism is safe.

Axolotls are exotic pets that can live alone. If you want to care for more than one axolotl, pay attention to their behavior based on their age. If they are juveniles, axolotls tend to fin-nip or nibble to others, so axolotls are not recommended to have tank mates.


Final Verdict On Are Axolotls Illegal

Having an axolotl as an endangered species is something that must be considered because not all states legalize axolotls to be treated as pets or carry out the breeding process.

If you get it from New Mexico as a place where there are still a lot of axolotls, you also can’t import it to another state because you must have a special permit from your local authorities.

Are axolotls illegal
Are Axolotls Illegal In The 50 US States?

Although many states allow you to care for axolotls, learning about the behavior, needs of tanks, and how to breed is necessary because axolotls are not like the aquatic pets you usually care for.

Some states that make it illegal to own axolotls, such as California, New Jersey, and Maine, prohibit breeding or owning axolotls. If you have one, immediately contact local authorities to hand over your axolotl.

If you insist on owning an axolotl and do it secretly, of course, you can be punished according to the laws in force in that state. Make sure you read exotic and endangered pets rules of your states before buying or breeding one.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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