Basset Hound Colors : Lemon Basset Hound, Black & White, 5 Rare Colors

Do you know about Basset Hounds? This breed is the 36th most popular dog in the United States based on the American Kennel Club with a wide variety of basset hound colors that target dog owners.

The reason why many people chose this particular breed is that it is very active and lively. Also, basset hound colors vary widely, from common to rare colors.

The lemon basset hound is one of the most complex basset hound colors to find, making it difficult for dog owners to find it in their trusted breeder.

Basset hound colors
basset hound colors and markings

Before discussing the various kinds of Basset Hound colors, let’s first learn about their temperament, lifespan, health problems, and history.


History Of Basset Hound Dog Breed

The history of the modern basset hound dog breed dates back to the late 1800s in Great Britain. Everett Millais is the one who brought French basset hounds to England in a larger shape than the original.

This basset hound black and white that is often used for hunt badgers and foxes. The first standard breed of hound bassets originated in Great Britain in the late 19th century. With a keen nose and small foot, basset hounds were bred for hunting.


What Does Basset Hounds Look Like?

Bassets have short-crooked legs and have long hanging ears. They have big faces with sad facial expressions and have hanging lips. Bassets have a long body with tail curves up. Due to its long body and short legs, the body of the bassets looks like a rectangular shape.

For the coat, Basset has tricolor and bicolor. Tri colored basset hound puppies are often chosen by dog owners, while bicolor is often found in every breeder.

Because they have different motifs between tricolor and bicolor, basset hound colors reference many dog owners before choosing the right color for them.

Basset hound red and white are the target of dog owners who like bicolor, and basset hound colors tri-color with a mix of brown, black, and white are the main choices for those who like tricolor.


Does Basset Hounds Coat Color Really Matter?

Many dog owners choose basset hound colors that conform to the American Kennel Club’s standard. From these standards, it can be ascertained that there is an undesirable color because it allows for disorders of the basset hound.

One of the undesirable colors is the blue basset hound because it is often associated with alopecia and skin allergies. While the rare basset hound colors, the dog owners prefer basset hound colors lemon & white because they match the AKC standard.

Dog owners choose specific markings, such as the spotted basset hound that will grab attention at dog shows.


What Are The Basset Hounds Colors And Markings?

Even though you already know that the lemon basset hound is in high demand because it includes rare colors, you must know some basset hound colors that are included in the AKC standard.

Let’s take a look at some of the basset hound colors variants


Basset Hound Tri-color

You can start seeing tricolor basset hound puppies from the seventh week of age. The tri color basset is a mixture of black, brown, and white with nice blends of the three colors.

Basset hound colors tri-color that are included in the AKC standard are black white & brown, black brown & white, black tan & white, black white & tan, and brown black & white.


Basset Hound Lemon & White

Even though you don’t often see lemon basset hound and you often see white basset hound with a mixture of other colors, Basset hound colors lemon & white is included in the AKC standard with the registration code 115.

If you are looking for a lemon color, it is already difficult, and then you will also find it a little difficult to get lemon & white colors because the lighter colors basset hounds are harder to find than darker colors.


Basset Hound Black & White

You will find a black and white basset hound with a few other colors such as brown or red in some parts of the body. You will find it difficult to find pure basset hound colors black & white because you are more likely to encounter the trio-colored type.

Even if you encounter a pure black and white basset hound when a puppy, they will have tan markings as they mature. If you really want this color, you will find it difficult to find pure black & white without any other color mix.


Basset Hound Red & White

The red and white basset hound is a darker version of the lemon basset hound colors and is more similar to the brown and white colors.

The basset hound colors red & white have a red color that comes from red tickings or red spots all over the body. Although similar to brown and white, you can distinguish a basset hound red and white with much darker coat color.


Are Lemon Basset Hounds Rare?

Yes, if you find that there is a lot more lemon color than white. Although lemon basset hounds cannot be separated from their white color, lemon basset have absolutely no black hair on their bodies. It is often called blonde because it does have a recessive gene from the red or lemon coat color.

Lemon basset hounds are also rare because you find it more difficult to find a basset with a lighter color than a darker color. After you get it, make sure you take good care of it. Their short coat requires plenty of grooming.


How Long Do Basset Hounds Live?

The average lifespan of a basset hound is 8 to 12 years. If the dog owners can provide proper meals and regular exercise, the black and white basset hound can live up to 17 years.

Many dog owners care for tri color basset hound puppies and have a healthy life that can live more than 12 years.

Apart from nutritional diets and regular exercise, other factors that support black and white basset hound live longer are their family history and mental health. If they live happily with their owners, then this plays a major role in your dog’s healthy life.


Are Basset Hounds Good House Dogs?

Black and white basset hound puppy and adult basset hounds are great family dogs because of their friendly traits. Apart from choosing from basset hound coat colors, dog owners also know that basset hounds have a kind of nature and spunky personality.

Several dog owners consider good dogs for their family based on coat colors that match their preferences. No wonder the basset hound colors are the main keys for dog owners to keep one of them.

Basset hounds are easy-going social dogs, making it easy for them to make new human friends. The Lemon basset hound is the right choice if dog owners want to choose a basset hound based on the scarcity of coat color and their friendly traits.


Are Basset Hounds Good With Kids?

The basset hound is very energetic and a joy to have as part of the family. The reason why kids love to play with dogs is that they get to pet black and white basset hound puppies and get to hug them.

The basset hound red and white does not do well in households where there are too many adults. He needs steady attention to stay healthy and fit. If there are too many adults around, he might develop aggression.

Therefore, the kids should be introduced slowly into the dog’s life. Do not force the dog into interacting with the kids immediately. It is not impossible for the lemon basset hound to live in a family with kids. With proper care, it is quite possible.

Many kids also want to choose basset hound colors that suit their playmate. Generally, kids will choose basset hound colors tri-color, but if they are observant, they will choose basset hound colors lemon & white because of their unique color.


Basset Hounds Temperament

The Basset has a gentle, affectionate, friendly, and devoted personality that makes it a favorite among many households. It can be a straightforward dog to own since it only needs to be trained and fed regularly.

Because of these reasons, the Basset hound colors lemon & white is becoming more popular today.

Some basset hounds are also sweet-tempered and calm, so they are perfect if you have a blue merle basset hound with a color that reflects calm. Some choose the color black and white basset hound because of their gentle and affectionate nature.

Basset hound colors
basset hound colors and markings


Do Basset Hounds Bark A Lot?

Basset hounds will be barking if they have a purpose. For example, they will be barking when they see something they want to chase when hunting because of their instinct. And also, the hound bassets will be howling aloud if they are left alone too long.

Because basset hound colors tri-color are hunting dogs, they like to be busy. If they don’t have any activities to do, then they will get bored and start barking. If you don’t provide activities or toys for them, then they can come to you a lot.

For example, the red basset hound puppies are barking because it wants your attention and wants to do something. If they remain ignored, then they will howl.


How To Train Basset Hounds?

White basset hound puppies need training just like any other dog, so you have to make the most of it. If you train them properly, you can expect a loyal life companion.

The easiest way to train any basset hound colors is to use positive reinforcement. When you are training any basset hound colors, do not yell or demand obedience. When you catch him in the act of doing something wrong, immediately say “no” and take him outside.

The key to learning how to train basset hound red and white is to understand their nature and use that to your advantage. Basset are very energetic animals, and they like to be surrounded by people and things they can indulge in to keep them active.


How Long Can basset Hounds Be Left Alone?

Typically, the basset hound hates being left alone. They can only be left alone for up to 4 hours. After that, every basset hound colors will howl and tend to be destructive.

Basset hounds are pack animals, so they really hate being left alone. Don’t leave them alone too often, so they don’t get stressed. Tan and white basset hound love it when people give them attention and give them something to do.


Do Basset Hound Shed?

Every basset hound colors are shedding in spring and summer. Basset shed to remove their thick coat to prepare for hot weather. No matter how hard you try to prevent black basset hound or tan basset hound not to shed, they will do it naturally on the specific seasons.

There is no difference between common colors or rare colors, and all basset hound colors will be shedding. You only need to prepare yourself to clean their shedding so that your house remains clean.


Do Basset Hounds Love To Eat?

Basset hounds tend to be hearty eaters. They easily gain weight if they don’t do regular exercise. You can take basset hound colors for long distances because they have great endurance. If you let your basset hounds have large body weight, they will have leg and back problems.

For example, my gray basset hound loves to eat. They feel that they always lack the food I provide. I give my gray basset hound moderate portions and provide them with exercise by walking long distances after eating quite a lot of portions.


Do Basset Hound Have Health Issues?

For each basset hound colors, you choose, make sure your breeders provide health clearances from your puppy’s parents. Some of the health issues basset hounds can get are:

Basset Hound Health IssuesExplanation
Gastric Dilatation VolvulusBloat or gastric torsion after they are fed one large meal in a day
GlaucomaThe pressure inside the eye that damage on the retina and optic nerve
Ear InfectionsInflamed ear or ear smell bad because of infections
ObesityToo much weight which can cause additional disease for the long-back dog breeds
Hip DysplasiaThe thighbone doesn’t fit well into the hip joint

You certainly want to have a lemon basset hound or blue and white basset hound with no health issues so they can live a happy, healthy life. If you see any symptoms of some of the health issues above, then take your Basset to the vet for immediate assistance before the disease becomes severe.


Why Is The Basset Hound Famous For Being Lazy?

Basset hounds are known as lazy dogs because they love to eat a lot and are prone to obesity, and with their long posture and short legs, they look like lazy dogs. You will often see some basset hound colors with this treat, such as a tri colored basset hound or a red basset hound.

This is wrong. Basset hounds are hunting dogs that have a high level of endurance. They indeed get fat easily when given a lot of food, but their endurance level is very suitable to be given more exercise than other dog breeds.

No matter if you choose a basset hound colors tri-color or a basset hound red and white, they don’t become lazy dogs if given regular exercise and obedience training.


How Much Does A Puppy Basset Hound Cost?

The median price for basset hound puppies is $ 800. You can find basset hound puppies for between $ 450- $ 1400. Basset hound coat colors also determine whether or not the price is high because there are rare colors that are rarely owned by breeders.

You’ll easily find the tri color basset hound for a standard price, and you’ll find the lemon and white basset hound at a higher price. The lemon basset hound is rare and includes the standard AKC colors for basset hound colors lemon & white. Many also call the blonde basset hound because it’s color like pale yellow and has blonde fur.


Final Verdict – Basset Hound Colors And Markings

One of the most important things you have to know about choosing a Basset Hound is several basset hound colors and patterns available. Understanding what the different basset hound markings mean will help you make your final decision much easier.

Knowing the type of breed you have and the reason you’re choosing a particular dog will also help you decide on a better color. The price of the basset hound is sometimes also determined by its color because there are several common and rare colors.

Apart from looking at the color, you should know a few things about basset hounds, such as temperament, health records, eating behavior, and suitable exercises for this breed.

Basset hound colors
basset hound colors and markings

Choosing a basset hound for watching dogs or companion dogs is very suitable because they come from hunting dogs with friendly traits. Do not overfeed the basset hound because this breed loves to eat. If they lack exercise, they will be prone to obesity.

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