French BullDog Colors (Rare And Common) : 15 Amazing Frenchies Colors

We all love dogs, and they prove to be the man’s best friend. You may like any dog according to your preference. They all are loyal and give any sacrifice for their masters whenever the need arises.

I will share information about French Bulldog colors and the French Bulldog types. Let’s have a detailed analysis of both of these things. We will be talking about every color they are allowed to have by their genes.

French bulldog colors
french bulldog colors

We will also see the French bulldog price by French Bulldog colors based on their rarity, trainability and temperament.

Let’s start this article without wasting more time.

French Bulldog Colors

Let’s discuss that what a French Bulldog is, their qualities and French Bulldog types before moving to French Bulldog Colors.

The French Bulldogs are formed when two breeds are crossed. One is Toy Bulldog from England, and the other one is any Local Ratter from Paris.


What Are The Qualities Of A French Bulldog?

  • A French Bulldog is an extremely friendly
  • It is a stuffed dog
  • It has a bit of temperament.


Now, let’s discuss primary French Bulldog colors.

Primary Colors And Their Simple Meaning

The French bulldog standard colors are given as:

Brindle French Bulldog

French Bulldogs of the ‘Brindle’ color are one of the most common breeds. Their coat is dark with lighter strands in it.

Fawn French Bulldog

They are usually light yellowish-tan or brownish, with a uniform coat. They have a bit darker heads than their bodies.

Pied French Bulldog

French Bulldogs with fawn or brindle patches usually have a pied or piebald coat.

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French Bulldog Colors

There was a time when the French Bulldogs only come in black color. It was not a legal thing to have a French bulldog other than black color. But, time passes, and the American Kennel Club approved many colors for the French Bulldogs.

Popular French Bulldog Colors

The popular colors of a French Bulldog are as follows:

  • Black and white French Bulldog
  • Black and fawn French Bulldog
  • Cream and white French Bulldog
  • Fawn and black French Bulldog
  • Fawn brindle and white French Bulldog
  • Gray and white French Bulldog
  • Black French Bulldog

French bulldog colors black

French bulldog colors brown

French bulldog colors cream

French bulldog colors black and white

Let’s discuss these colors in detail.


Spotted French Bulldog

Spotted French Bulldog is one of the rarest bulldogs. We can see them as small and tiny dogs with black and white spots all over the body.

They are adorable and possess several qualities, including social behavior and friendliness. These Spotted French Dogs are also known as Piebald.


Show Quality French Bulldogs

Show Quality French Bulldogs are excellent dogs and have good nature, but their temperament is average. We can buy any quality of French Bulldog and see that it has different color options.

The groom of a French Bulldog is groom-able easily. They have an average weight of 28 pounds which is equivalent to almost 60 Kg.

Show-quality French bulldogs have a powerful neck with a thick arch, while the ears are large and the skin is loose.


True Cream French Bulldog

True Cream French Bulldog is a scarce French bulldog color, people craze for these types of bulldogs. We often confuse this with a white and fawn-colored bulldog.

So, if you are buying a True French Bulldog, you need to understand its features clearly. Let’s see what makes it different from other French bulldog types.


Fawn Pied French bulldog

Fawn pied Frenchies are basic white and typically contain various fawn patches (some patches may have multiple shades of fawn).

Pieds with fewer patches are called Recessive Pied, whereas pieds with many patches are called fawns. Some of the fawns have black masks, and others have lighter covers.


Blue Fawn French bulldog

French bulldog fad colors carry only two recessive dilute genes, but it also has two genes for the fawn color. The darker blues carry more brindle genes than fawn genes, so their color is dominant.

Blue fawn French bulldog puppies pads are more bluish and show more blue shadings on the back and ears. The fawn/tan colored ones are our favorite, although there are no two exactly alike.

The color blue on the French bulldog coat is light black. This color appears dark to the eye.

Some coat colors within the French bulldog breed are linked to specific genetic diseases. Many people discount the adverse effects associated with blue coats.

Dogs of all colors have been documented to suffer alopecia as well as health difficulties such as arthritis.

The prices of French Bulldogs in these undesirable colors are usually much higher than those in desirable colors.


Black and brown French Bulldog

A black and brown French bulldog is also a unique breed of French bulldogs. They are small in size and appear to be very good in terms of color.

These French breed variants have an excellent coat that is very shiny and lustrous. The eyebrows have tanned marking that makes them different and unique from other dogs. These tan marks are also present on the tail.


Blue pied French Bulldog

Blue pied French Bulldog is a great dog breed. We see that this Bulldog’s body is entirely white; it has patches of blue color all over its body.

The marking or patches of blue color may be on different parts of the body.


Red French bulldog puppies

The red French bulldog puppies are unique and rare. They have a reddish glow on their body. The face of these puppies is black by birth.

We also see that these bulldogs have a white-colored chest. They are very friendly and loved by all the people in the US and all over the world.


Blue cream French bulldog

The blue cream French bulldog is a fantastic dog with a mixed-colored body. The coat of this dog has a unique color in between cream and blue. You will see blue and cream-colored markings on its body.

Blue sable French Bulldog costs you about $2000 to $5000. This color is also scarce and expensive.


Blue Brindle French Bulldog

The blue brindle French bulldogs are unique. It seems like there is a blue shade in the coat of these dogs. Blue brindle bulldogs have spots of blue and brindle color. The color comes because of the recessive gene and does not let the black color come n the breed.

They may get a disease that makes different spots on the coat of these French dogs.


Tri-color French bulldog price

The tri-color French Bulldog is a very awesome bulldog that has exotic spots all over its body. The three different colors are distributed unevenly.

The tri-color French bulldog price ranges from $3000 to $5000. It is a bit expensive breed but has a unique coat color that everyone is attracted to and likes very much.


Chocolate brindle French bulldog price

The chocolate brindle French dog has a chocolaty coat which is due to the genes present at locus B; the black color vanishes, and we get a chocolaty colored dog.

The chocolate brindle French bulldog price is not too much. You can get a chocolaty brindle French bulldog for almost 3000 USD.


Mouse colored French Bulldog

The mouse-colored French Bulldog is a perfect and unique breed of a French bulldog. They are seen as blue or graph mixed. It is generally not a qualifying color. Many states have banned this color.

The ears of this mouse-colored French Bulldog have white patches in them. The body and also have white stripes.


Seal brindle French bulldog

The seal brindle French bulldogs have white hairs on them. People often mistakenly see that they are pure black French bulldogs.

They are also mid-range bullies and may cost up to 3000 USD.


Is It Good To Get A Male Or Female French Bulldog?

You can decide what you want; both male and female French bulldogs are perfect.

The male French bulldogs are masculine, brave, confident, and assertive. They quickly face any danger. But, they require more effort to get trained.

On the other hand, we see the female bulldogs a little weak. But they are very loving and awesome. We can easily control and train the female French bulldogs.


AKC Color Codes For French Bulldogs

The AKC color codes and French bulldog breeding color chart is as follows:


Fawn & WhiteS086
Fawn BrindleS088
White & BrindleS203
White & FawnS207
Black & FawnA011
Black & WhiteA019
Cream & WhiteA077
Fawn & BlackA083
Fawn Brindle & WhiteA089
Gray & WhiteA105
Brindle & WhiteS059


French Bulldog Color Coats Health Issues

French bulldog colors may cause some health issues; let’s talk about them,


In conjunctivitis, we see that the dog has a damaged conjunctiva membrane of the eye. The eyes will appear red and swollen. You will see constant fluids coming out of the membrane. The dog will find it very itchy for the eyes.

Eyes have redness, and it is very unpleasant. It is very harmful to the eyes of your French Bulldog.


Oral and topical medicines are both used in conjunctivitis. Your vet will give antibiotics.



Diarrhea can also affect French bulldogs. In diarrhea, the French Bulldog will not poop properly. It has terrible bowel movements, and dehydration may occur. It is potentially different; it can wash away all the minerals of the body.


We can treat diarrhea by using some antibiotic drugs. It is also possible that your vet may give you an ORS to feed your dog. You need to make assure that your Bulldog is drinking plenty of water.


Ear Problems

French bulldogs also have ear problems. If you anything weird in the behavior of your dog, you can call your vet. The symptoms include redness of the ears and swelling.

The dog will be scratching its ears and will be very uncomfortable and uneasy. You need to see your vet immediately. It is a severe problem; if you leave it untreated, it will permanently damage the ears.


Go to your vet and ask him to prescribe some of the best medicines.


Breathing Issues

The dogs that have a flat face get the problem of breathing. These are also known as brachycephalic airway syndrome. It is due to short facial bones that will make it difficult for the franchise to breathe.


You need to assure that you are visiting a vet before doing any experiment with your dog. It is very dangerous to give it medicine in case of breathing problems.

In case your dog is not recovering from the disease, the vet may prescribe some sort of surgery.


Skin Issues

French bulldog colors may also contribute to some of the skin issues in dogs. Some of them are given below:

  1. Seborrhea (dandruff)
  2. Inflammation
  3. Itchy skin (pruritus)
  4. Dull, dry coat
  5. Sores
  6. The crustiness of the skin.
  7. Redness


French bulldogs will have dandruff if you are not taking care of the baths. It will help if you bathed your dog regularly.


You can witness inflammation on the body, on the ears, or the coat. This may be due to some allergies. Apply some ice and water if you want quick relief.

Itchy skin

This is also due to French bulldog color variations. Because the breeds have been mixed so much, they might get some problems. Itchy skin is one of these.

Dull, dry coat

Not eating food rich in nutrients will cause the coat to lose its shiny nature. Give a healthy diet for the nourishment of the skin.


Sometimes, your dog may get sore on its body or muscles. In that case, you can give medicines to your dog. But, keep it hydrated so that sores are controlled.

The crustiness of the skin

The skin will appear dry, and the crust will be falling off your dog’s skin.


You can witness redness on your dog’s skin.


Avoid Merle Gene French Bulldogs

The merle gene is not present in  French Bulldog naturally, so they cannot be purebred. This makes it Merle color to be one of the rarest French Bulldog Colors.

A Merle French bulldog is developed by introducing this gene from other strains that carry this gene, such as Chihuahuas.


Frequently Asked Questions

What colors are acceptable for French bulldogs?

The American Kennel Club has approved French Bulldog colors as Fawn and Brindle, Fawn and White, Fawn Brindle and White, Fallow, White, Red, Red and White, Red Brindle and White.


What is the rarest color of the French Bulldog?

The rarest French bulldog color is Merle.

Most people are familiar with the Merle Frenchies, and they have an excellent reputation. They have a lighter color coat with darker spots and streaks on their bodies.

Frenchies with merle coats were once considered prone to health issues and were therefore eliminated from many breeding programs.


What is the healthiest color of the French Bulldog?‎

The Brindle is considered to be the best and the most famous French bulldog color.

The brindle coat is probably what most people think of when describing colored French Bulldogs.

It is an elderly, popular, and probably the most famous Frenchie coloring with a dominant dark color with lighter strands.


What is the original color of the French Bulldog?‎

When the original French Bulldog standard was issued in 1897, it used only Brindle as its only color standard. However, after the 1911 standard revision, standard colors started to include fawn, cream, Piebald, and more.


What is the most famous French bulldog color?‎

The most famous French bulldog color is Brindle.

French Bulldogs come in three primary colors: Brindle, black and white. Its dominant color is that dark, dominant color with light strands.

Other patterns such as plump, pied, white markings, black shadings, and black masks are approved by the AKC also.


Final Verdict

Hope you liked the Rare French bulldogs and French bulldog colors and types have been discussed. We see different types of franchises. Initially, it was not allowed to breed different French bulldogs other than black, Brindle, fawn, and black. But, with time, it was legally allowed to reproduce different French bulldog colors.

‎Black and white French bulldogs, actual cream, Brindle, tan, and blue are allowed colors. They range from 1000$ to almost 6000$. They are expensive, and when the breed is rare, like the Tricolor bulldog, the price may vary because it is unique and rare.

French bulldog colors
french bulldog colors

A lot of diseases can occur because French bulldog colors have got after genetic variations. So, skin issues, breathing problems can also occur. The French bulldog puppies are adorable.

Lilac French Bulldogs typically cost between $20,000 and $30,000 per pup, depending on the breeder providing the puppy for sale. Isabellas are very expensive and can cost as much as $35,000 per pup.

If you are going to buy a bulldog, you can read this all-in-one guide about French bulldog colors and decide what you want.

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