American Bully Types : (5 Clear Types)

Are you considering adopting an American Bully dog as a pet? Or do you just want to know about the various types of American Bully out of pure curiosity? In either case, you will find this article helpful: as it has comprehensive information on all types of American Bully.

The major American Bully types include the Standard American Bully, The Classic American Bully and The Pocket American Bully. Others are the XL American Bully and the Extreme American Bully.

What sets the different American Bully types apart are factors like height and body structure.

American bully types
American Bully Types

Some types of American Bully dogs are rather big: like the XL and extreme Bully types.

Other American Bully breed types are more modest in size: like the Standard And Classic Bully types.

Then of course there is American Bully pocket type, which is especially small.

So size is the basis for American Bully classification. Perhaps there are those who would consider classes on the basis of, say, American Bully face types or American Bully tail types.

There are also perhaps those who would consider classing on the basis of American Bully color types or even American Bully Scott type.

But the recognized American Bully type chart classifies them on the basis of their sizes. So it is on the basis of size and body structure that we have the American Bully different types.

It is important to point out that these are not different Bully breeds. So when we talk of different types of Bullies dogs, the reference isn’t really on different American Bully breeds.

It is more or less on the different Bully sizes.


How Many Types Of American Bully Are There?

The best place to start a discussion on American Bully types is by finding out how many of them there are.

So, indeed, how many types of American Bullies are there?

 As it turns out, there are 5 types of American Bully. These are as per the ABKC Bully standards.

The 5 types of American Bully include Standard, Classic and Pocket American Bully. Others are the XL and the Extreme American Bully.

Note that these are not different types of Bully breeds.

Rather, these are more of American Bully body types. You can also refer to them as American Bully varieties.

The breed of American Bully dog is one. But with the single American Bully type dogs have different body sizes and structures.

Previously, there used to be 4 American Bullies types. Indeed if you research on American Bully all types, the older resources will tell you that there are 4.

The four were Standard, Classic, Pocket and XL.

A new type American Bully was added to the list more recently. That type of American Bully that came into the list more recently is ‘Extreme’.

So it is a new addition to the types American Bully lovers have to know about.

Now the types of American Bullys is made up of Standard, Classic, Pocket, XL and Extreme.

These are not American Bully similar breeds. All of them are kinds of Bully dog: with only body size and body structure setting them apart.


What Are The Different Types Of American Bullies?

On the basis of their body size and body structure, the Bullies are classified as Standard, Classic, Pocket, XL and Extreme.

When we make reference to the different type of American Bullies, it is on the basis of size and body structure.

So in the context of American Bully type pocket size is the smallest.

And in the context of classification for the American Bully XL and Extreme Bully are the biggest.

American bully types
American Bully Types


Different Types Within One Breed

The American Bulldog breed is one. Yes, if you research on what breeds are in an American Bully, you will find all that information on Pitbulls, Staffordshire Terriers and so on.

And if you dig deeper into the types of American Bully bloodlines, you will unearth even more information. That is in line with the American Bully bloodline history.

This is also how the use of Patterdale Terriers to make the Pocket American Bullies comes into the picture…

But the basic fact remains that there is really one American Bully breed.

So the different types of Bully dogs are within one breed. They are more of American Bully classes, on the basis of American Bully sizes.

A common misconception people have is to the effect that these are different types of American Bully breeds.

Once you fall into the error of assuming that these are different Bully breed names, you can’t recover easily.

So it is important to understand that there is one American Bullies breed. But if you research on how many Bully breeds are there, you may get confused: as there are various dogs that are considered to be ‘Bullies’ without being American Bullies.

Basically every Bully type American Bulldog breeders deal with is thrown into that category. And that is how you may even end up with a new Bully breed every now and then.

But our focus is specifically on the different type of American Bully dogs.

Those different types of American Bully dogs are standard, classic, pocket, XL and the American extreme Bully dog.

We will now proceed to look at each of these different types of Bullies dog in turn.


Standard American Bully

The Standard American Bully dog is of medium to large size, with a body that is conspicuously muscular. Its head is blocky, with a somewhat short muzzle.

So what makes an American Bully dog standard is its body size and muscular build.

According to the American Bully type standard, the height should be in the 17 to 20 inches range for a male. For a female that should be in the 16 to 19 inches range.

This dog is the reference point for all types of Bullies dog classification.

Thus all types of American Bullies are named with regard to how far they align or depart from this ‘breed standard size and body build’.

When looking at a full blood Bully dog, you may start by asking yourself whether or not it is a standard Bully.

If it isn’t, you may then make reference to the American Bully sizes chart, to see where it falls.

Indeed, in answering the question on what type of dog is an American Bully, we look at the standard Bully.

That is also what helps us in answering questions like, is an American Bully a type of Pitbull? So in that endeavor, we start by comparing the standard Bully to the different types of Bully Pitbulls.

How well does it compare to the different types of Pitbull Bullies?

Comparing it with the various types of Bully pits, we see that it has some similarities.

Yet it also has some differences with the classic Bully Pitbulls: even using brahma Bully puppies as the point of reference. Thus it is close but separate from/to purebred Pitbull.

So that is how we go about answering the is American Bully a type of Pitbull question – with reference to standard Bully.


Classic American Bully

The Classic American Bully dog has a body frame that is smaller than that of the Standard Bully. The dog is somewhat less muscular than the Standard Bully, but it still has remarkable muscle mass for its size.

Thus what makes an American Bully classic is slighter body frame and muscle mass.

In all other regards, the classic Bully dog is akin to the standard Bully dog. And that is in fact what makes the American Bully standard vs classic comparison so hard.

Some people view these as similar American Bully styles: but they are somewhat distinct.

Of all the various American Bully dog types, these two (standard and classic) are rather common.

Here, the American Bulldog Bully type difference is on account of body structure.

Both dogs may be of almost equal size. But what sets them apart is body structure: with the classic Bully dog being slighter in terms of body frame.


Pocket American Bully

With regard to the American Bully dog sizes, the pocket American Bully is the smallest.

Thus what sets the American Bully pocket class aside is its relatively modest size.

The standard pocket Bully is below 17 inches if male, and below 14 inches for females.

Thus when you are using the American Bully different sizes classification, this is the smallest.

Yet it is not always the cheapest. In fact, when seeking an American Bulldog Bully type for sale, you may find that the pocket Bully costs more than the bigger ones!

So in spite of its small size, the pocket type American Bully has its strong selling points.

The whole thing is similar to what we see, with regard to the different types of ear crop for American Bully. In that context, you find that the simplest isn’t necessarily the cheapest.

Likewise, this smallest Bully dog type (pocket Bully) isn’t necessarily always the cheapest.


XL American Bully Dog

What sets the XL American Bully dog apart from the rest is its bigger body size and higher muscle mass.

This is, by definition, a bigger than average American Bully type of dog.

Height for males will typically be in the 20 to 23 inches range. For females, the height will typically be in the 19 to 22 inches range.

If you encounter an American Bully for sale, and its height is in that range, it may be an XL Bully.


Extreme American Bully Dog

As mentioned earlier, the newest addition to the list of American Bully types is the extreme Bully.

What makes an American Bully extreme is its exaggeration, in comparison with the breed standard.

So this is a somewhat taller, more muscular and wider dog, in comparison to the standard Bully.

The rear quarters of this dog will be higher than for other Bullies. And its lips are somewhat close…

In many ways, it is like an exaggerated caricature of the standard Bully.


How Do You Know What Type Of American Bully You Have?

The main way to tell what type of American Bully you have is by checking out its size and body structure.

If it is a true American Bully, and its below 14 inches (female) or 17 inches (male), then it is a pocket Bully.

The dog may also be 17 to 20 inches (male) or 16 to 19 inches (female). This would mean that it is either a standard or classic Bully. The bone structure determines which of the two it is.

In case it is a manifestly big dog, above 19 inches for females and 20 inches for males, it may be an XL or Extreme American Bully.

How ‘exaggerated’ it is determines whether it is XL or Extreme.

While at it, one may ask, which American Bully is best? And the answer is that it depends on your needs.

For instance, if you want a small dog with full bully features, the pocket Bully may be best for you.

But if you want an intimidating big dog, then the XL or Extreme Bully may be the better choice.


Final Verdict – American Bully Types

There are 5 key types of American Bully dogs. Those are the Standard, Classic, Pocket, XL and the Extreme American Bully.

What sets the different types of American Bully apart is body size and body structure.

American bully types
American Bully Types

The pocket Bully is the smallest. On the other hand, the XL and Extreme Bullies are the biggest. In between are the Standard and Classic American Bully.

If you prefer a small, highly manageable dog, the pocket American Bully may be best for you.

In case what you prefer is a big, intimidating dog, what may be best for you is the XL or Extreme Bully.

And if you prefer a compact, mid-size dog, then the Standard or Classic American Bully may be the best choice.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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