All About Merle Bully Dog Breed

In recent years, merle Bullies have been attracting a lot of attention in dog lover circles. Consequently, we see lots of people seeking to get information on the merle Bullies. This article fills that gap: with the most comprehensive information on the merle Bullies.

A merle Bully is simply an American Bully dog whose coat has a mottled appearance due to patches of a lighter hue. The merle Bully often also has eyes that are either blue or of another odd color.

The patches that give the American Bully merle dog a mottled appearance are either set against a piebald or solid coat.

Normally, you find either a blue merle Bully or a red merle Bully. But there is also another type we refer to as the cryptic merle Bully dog.

Merle bully dog breed
Merle Bully Dog Breed

The most important thing to know about the merle American Bully dog is that it has a coat with a mottled appearance. And that mottled coat appearance is due to the presence of patches of a lighter color.

Another key thing to know about the merle Bully dogs is that they tend to have blue eyes. Alternatively, their eyes are in other odd colors.

The Bully merle dog comes about due to certain genes. And it is worth mentioning that the Bully merle dog is considered to be problematic, as it is prone to certain health issues.

This is indeed why most kennel clubs have refused to ever register these merle dogs.


What Is A Merle Bully?

A Bully merle dog is one whose coat has a discernible mottled appearance, thanks to the presence of lighter color patches.

To put it differently, the merle Bullies have coat colors that seem to be dilute at some points. And this is due to the presence of lighter color patches.

There is an actual merle gene, which is responsible for bringing about these lighter color coat patches.

Besides giving the Bully dog merle (mottled) coat appearance, the said gene also gives it blue eyes. If the eyes are not blue, they will be in some other odd color.

So there are two defining features in the merle Bully world of dogs. Firstly, you find the merle color Bullies having a mottled coat appearance, due to the lighter color patches on them.

And secondly, you find the merle color Bully dog with blue or other odd color eyes.

By the way, there is really no separate merle Bully breed. Although it has some unique appearance, the Bully merle dog is still an American Bully – like any other.

Thus in spite of looking exotic merle Bully is not a separate breed.


How Does A Bully Merle Dog Look?

There are two features that define the appearance of the Bully merle dog.

Firstly, the Bully merle dog has a coat that looks mottled. The coat looks mottled because it has lighter color patches.

Secondly, the Bully merle dog has odd color eyes. Mostly these are blue. But they can also be of some other odd color.

In terms of actual colors, you can have anything from a blue merle American Bully dog, chocolate merle Bully, black merle Bully and so on.

In broad terms though, the Bully merle dogs fall into three broad categories. There are blue Bully merle dogs. Then there are red Bully merle dogs.

It is under the blue category that you will typically find the black-looking Bully merle dogs.

Thus a black tri merle Bully dog would tend to be in the ‘blue’ grouping. Generally that is where any American Bully black merle dog belongs.

On the other hand, it is under the red grouping that you may find the likes of the chocolate tri merle Bully dog.

The dog just needs to have the mottled coat appearance, with blue or other odd-color eyes, to be regarded as a Bully merle dog.

In a merle tri Bully dog, you find three colors. Those are some sort of base color, alongside white color and tan points.

The base color for the merle tri Bully dog could be black, blue, chocolate or lilac.

Consequently, you find the likes of the lilac merle Bully dog and the blue tri merle American Bully dog.

There is also the brindle merle Bully dog, with some even talking of a platinum merle Bully dog.

Then of course there is the ghost merle Bully dog and apparently also a fawn merle Bully.


How Big Is A Merle Bully?

With regard to bodily size, the Bully merle dog is just like any other American Bully.

An American Bully can be in the pocket size or standard size. It can also be in classic size or XL size.

Consequently, you sometimes find a merle pocket Bully dog. This pocket Bully merle dog is the most modest in size. Thus for someone seeking a small dog, the pocket merle Bully is the most ideal.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is the merle XL Bully dog. The said XL Bully merle dog is the biggest in size. So for someone requiring a big dog, the XL merle Bully turns out to be most ideal.

In between the merle pocket Bullies and the American Bully XL merle dog, there are others. Those are the standard and classic Bully merle dogs.

Thus if you want neither the merle XXL Bully dog nor the Bully pocket merle dog, there are those other medium options.

In practical terms, you can find a full grown pocket Bully merle dog that is only 13 inches tall.

Conversely, you may find a Bully XXL merle dog that is as high as 23 inches.

What gives you a hint on the size of the dog is how it is classified: pocket, standard, classic or XL.

For instance, if you hear someone talking of a tri merle pocket Bully, you know that it is likely to be a small dog.

Conversely, someone talking about a merle Bully XL dog will normally be referring to a rather big pup.


How Many Types Of Bully Merle Dogs Are There?

In terms of coat appearance, there are normally three types of Bully merle dog. Those are blue, red and cryptic Bully merle dogs respectively.

Those then are the bases for the merle Bully color chart.

In terms of size, we may talk of the pocket Bully merle dog, the standard burly merle, the classic Bully merle and the XL Bully merle.

There are even those who may talk of there being a merle micro Bully. Thus if you find someone making enquiries on merle micro Bully for sale or merle micro Bully price, it would be against this background.

So in that context, it is actually merle pocket Bully puppies that would be termed as micro Bullies.

Thus someone looking for merle pocket Bully puppies for sale may refer to them as micro merle Bullies…

Of course, like all other American Bullies, these can be single color, two color or tri color.

And when, for instance, you look at the American Bully tri color merle group, you find many types of dogs in it.

Within it, for instance, you may find a lilac tri merle Bully, blue tri merle Bully, grey merle Bully tricolor dog and so on.

The tricolor merle Bully has 3 colors: a base color, some tan points and some white areas.

Since there are many possible base colors and patterns, a merle tri color Bully can have numerous descriptions.

The tri color merle Bully may be, more specifically, a blue merle tri Bully, chocolate tri merle American Bully, lilac merle American Bully tricolor dog and so on.

With regard to parentage, you can have the normal Bully merle dogs and the double merle Bully dog. The latter is what you get when you breed two merle Bullies.


What Makes A Dog A Bully Merle?

It is the genes that make a dog a Bully merle.

There is a certain gene that, when present in a dog, can cause its coat to have mottled appearance due to lighter color patches.

This gene also makes the dog’s eyes blue or other odd color.

When the gene is present in an American Bully dog, and it manifests its effects, the dog ends up being a Bully merle.

The whole thing is similar to how, thanks to this very same gene, you end up with merle Bully Pitbull dogs.

So just as the merle Pitbull Bully comes about due to the action of a certain gene, so do the merle American Bullies.

Other genes then bring about their effects, to complete the seemingly exotic Bully merle dog profile.

For instance, in a merle American Bully XL dog, the extra size is due to the action of a certain gene. So that is how you end up with a merle XL American Bully.

Similarly, the micro Bully merle dog comes about as a result of the action of a certain gene. So that is how we end up with the micro merle Bully dog.

Even if you happen to find a ghost merle tri Bully dog or a white merle Bully dog, this would be due to the action of certain genes.

So whatever merle exotic Bully qualities you happen to be looking at, they are due to certain genes’ actions.

Ultimately, when it comes to the question of how to make a merle Bully dog, one has to breed a dog with the merle gene.

This is similar to how the making of a merle Bully Pit would require the breeding of at least one Pitbull with the merle gene.


Are Merle Bullies Rare?

Merle Bullies are quite rare.

This is because for many years, breeders deliberately culled them, due to their perceived ‘problems’.

Thus if, for instance, a dog happened to give birth to a litter with a female merle Bully puppy, the latter would be almost instantly culled.

Even if a potential merle American Bully stud grew to adulthood, he usually wouldn’t be allowed to breed.

This ultimately had the effect of making these dogs rare.

Today, the rarity has become an advantage. It means that the merle Bullies command higher prices.

If you do find merle Bully puppies for sale, chances are that the price will be higher than for other American Bullies.

The higher merle American Bully price is due to the dogs’ relative rarity.

Thus the merle Bully price would probably be lower, if these were more commonplace dogs.

By the way, some types of merle Bullies are even rarer than the rest.

For instance, red merle Bullies will tend to be rarer than blue merle Bullies.

Thus you are more likely to find blue merle Bully puppies for sale than you are likely to find red ones.

This is similar to how the blue merle Pitbull Bully puppies would tend to be easier to find than red ones.

Further, you may find some Bully merle sizes being rarer than others.

For instance, the blue merle pocket Bully or a blue tri merle XL Bully may be rarer than standard size Bullies.

You really just have to look at the typical merle Bully cost, to see that these are rarer dogs. These dogs generally cost more, because they are rare.

Merle bully dog breed
Merle Bully Dog Breed


Can You Register A Bully Merle Dog?

Most kennel clubs won’t register a Bully merle dog. In fact, they typically won’t register merle dogs of most breeds.

If you ask them, what is wrong with merle dogs, they tell you that the dogs are prone to many problems. And that is why they don’t register them.

Thus getting a merle Bully registry entry can be hard.

But there are certain kennel clubs whose registration rules may be more flexible. For instance, can you register a merle Bully ABKC? That, according to some sources, may be a possibility.

Ultimately the difficulties we face here are similar to those faced by American Bully Pitbull merle owners.

It can generally be rather hard to have an American Bully standard merle dog registered by a kennel club.

One then imagines how much harder it will be for outliers, like an American Bully tri merle dog or an American XL Bully merle dog.

Nonetheless, the lack of registration doesn’t lower the value of the Bully merle dog.

The American Bully merle price remains impressive. In fact, there seems to be a special merle exotic Bully price gain, due to the lack of kennel club registration.

There are people who regard the whole kennel club registration obsession as a snobbish elitist issue.

So they argue, for instance, that a piebald merle Bully remains an outstanding dog – with or without kennel club registration.

The same would apply for a ticked merle Bully, tweed merle Bully, XL American Bully merle or any other variety.

Surely, the legitimacy of a, say, an American Bully lilac merle dog doesn’t so much depend on kennel club registration, does it?

The same would go for a blue merle XL Bully, a Bully merle tricolor dog, merle brindle Bully or any other.


How Is The Temperament Of A Bully Merle Dog?

The gene that brings about the merle color doesn’t seem to affect the dog’s temperament.

Thus the Bully merle dog is like any other American Bully in terms of temperament.

An American Bully merle puppy behaves just like any other American Bully puppy. Only the American Bully merle color pattern sets it apart.

Even a mature merle XL Bully stud would behave like any other hot-blooded American Bully male dog.

Thus you shouldn’t get, say, a merle pocket Bully puppy or a tri merle Bully puppy expecting its temperament to be different from that of any other American Bully dog.

The Bully merle dog, like any other American Bully, will be energetic. It will also be considerably intelligent. And it will usually have a high level of playfulness. It may also depict some degree of stubbornness.

Whether yours is an American Bully merle XL dog, Bully blue merle dog or lilac merle pocket Bully, that is the sort of temperament to expect.


How Are The Care Needs Of A Bully Merle Dog?

In terms of exercise, this Bully Merle dog will usually need at least an hour of it per day. This is because it is a highly energetic dog, with a need for a healthy outlet.

In terms of grooming, this dog – due to its short coat – will only require an occasional brushing, washing and so on. But nail clipping will have to be very regular.

In terms of feeding, the size of the dog will determine how much is adequate. Feeding needs for a pocket, standard, classic or XL size Bully are obviously different.

But this being a high energy dog, it requires as much dietary support as possible, without overfeeding.


What Health Problems Are Merle Bullies Prone To?

A Bully merle dog seems to be especially prone to vision and hearing problems, as its life progresses.

There can also be special allergies and seizures to which the Bully merle dog is particularly prone to.

Then there are heart problems, reproductive issues, skin problems (including sun sensitivity) and bone issues.

All those tend to be more common in double merle Bullies.


Why Do People Like Owning Merle Bullies?

Merle Bullies are prone to more health issues than other American Bullies.

Moreover, merle Bullies have been denied registration by most kennel clubs.

Yet people still like owning them. Why?

For most people, it seems to be due to the unique appearance of the merle Bullies. On account of it, people find them to be ‘cute’. And they are therefore willing to pay a premium for them.

In fact, some people will go to great lengths, seeking a merle Bully for sale.

And in some places, any breeder with good merle American Bully puppies for sale is sure to be inundated with calls. These would be calls from folks seeking to buy the ‘cute’ Bully merle puppies.

Actually, people are often willing to pay considerable prices, for the dogs’ ‘cuteness’. For instance, a merle pocket Bully price can often be an impressive sum of money.

And this is assuming that one manages to find a merle pocket Bully for sale in the first place.

The same dynamic plays out, if one happens to find a merle XL Bully for sale anywhere. A breeder offering a set of XL merle Bully puppies for sale is almost assured of reaping big from them.

That may also apply to a breeder with ghost merle tri Bully for sale puppies.

Generally, anyone with the merle exotic Bully puppies for sale has chances of laughing all the way to the bank.

That includes breeders with tri merle XL Bully for sale, blue merle Bully for sale or even (the different breed) French Bully merle puppies.

Generally, having merle Bully dogs for sale has become lucrative. And this is because people have come to love owning them. Most people consider them ‘cute’ and hence adorable.


How Can You Get Merle Bullies?

At the most basic level, you get merle Bullies by breeding dogs that have certain genetic traits. One of the dogs needs to have the merle gene.

As an ordinary dog lover, you can get merle Bullies by breeding them, buying them or adopting them.

Let us look at each of these ways in which you can get merle Bullies in turn.


Breeding Merle Bullies

To get a Bully merle dog, you need to breed one American Bully dog that has the merle gene with another American Bully.

Can you breed two merle Bullies? This is not advisable, as it would result in a double merle that is prone to many health problems.

So you ideally breed one dog with the merle gene with another one that doesn’t have the merle gene.

You thus end up with a dog that has the merle appearance, but without too many health issues.


Buying Merle Bullies

If you opt to buy a Bully merle dog, you have to start by seeking a breeder with such dogs on sale.

You may go online and search for a term like ‘merle Bully puppies for sale near me’. Or you may use a term like ‘merle American Bully for sale near me’.

If what you want is specifically a pocket size Bully merle dog, you can search for ‘merle pocket Bully for sale near me’…

So you just enter a search that is as specific to your needs as possible.

The alternative to this is to ask around. For instance, you may ask people who are likely to know whether there is anyone with an American Bully merle for sale around.

You can even be more specific, and enquire if there may be a merle tri American Bully for sale, micro merle Bully for sale or anything else along those lines.

What you are actually seeking are Bully merle puppies for sale around.

But if you specifically want to find something like, say, a blue merle American Bully for sale, you can ask for the same in particular.

Chances are that you will eventually find a breeder who has American Bully merle puppies for sale.

Those may specifically be tri merle Bully puppies for sale or any other type you set out in search of.

Upon finding a breeder with the dogs you need, research on the breeder’s reputation.

Then inspect the dogs carefully. If they meet all your requirements, negotiate for a price and close the deal.


Adopting Merle Bullies

Nowadays, many people are preferring adoption rather than outright purchase of dogs.

This is because some fear that outright purchase encourages the proliferation of puppy mills.

But there are those who hold that commercial breeders still have an important role to play…

Ultimately, if you belong to the former school of thought, you can search for charities that may have merle Bullies up for adoption.

Then take a good look at the dogs. And if you like what you see, initiate the adoption process.


How Much Does A Merle Bully Cost?

A Bully merle dog can cost as little as $700 and as much as $3,000 – or even more.

So there is really no fixed Bully merle dog price.

The type of breeder you are dealing with may determine, to some extent, what you pay.

How ‘cute’ the dog looks may also influence its price.

For instance, you may find someone charging a higher chocolate merle Bully price than they charge for other Bullies. On enquiry, you are told that the higher price is due to the chocolate dog’s unique cuteness.

You may see a similar dynamic with regard to the tri merle Bully price. So the merle tri Bully price may be somewhat higher, due to the uniqueness.

And that is assuming you actually find someone with merle tri Bully puppies for sale.

A person offering a merle female Bully for sale may charge more, due to its breeding capabilities.

Size too can affect pricing here. For instance, if you find merle XL Bully puppies for sale, the asking price may be higher than for pocket merle Bullies.

Thus the people who offer merle Bullies for sale have different pricing strategies.

Consequently, what you pay (if at all you find merle Bullies puppies for sale) may vary considerably. It can be as little as $700 and as much as $3,000 or even more.


Final Verdict – Merle Bully Dog Breed

A Bully merle dog is one whose coat has a mottled appearance, which is on account of certain lighter color patches.

Normally, the Bully merle dog will also have eyes that are blue, or in some other odd color.

Primarily, there are blue Bully merle dogs, red Bully merle dogs and cryptic Bully merle dogs.

Merle bully dog breed
Merle Bully Dog Breed

In terms of size, you may find a pocket Bully merle dog, standard Bully merle dog, classic Bully merle dog and XL Bully merle dog.

The Bully merle dogs are especially prone to certain health problems, thanks to their genetic heritage. Those include vision and hearing problems, as well as allergies and seizures.

They may also have certain unique bone problems, heart conditions and skin issues.

It is advisable not to breed two merle Bullies. That is because doing so produces double merle Bullies, which are prone to even more health issues.

You can buy a Bully merle dog from a commercial breeder, adopt a Bully merle dog from a rescue charity or possibly adopt one informally from an individual.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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