Can Bearded Dragons Live Together? 9 Interesting Beardie Facts

Many people wonder if bearded dragons can live together. Bearded dragons happen to be one of the cutest pets that can spontaneously increase your dopamine and make you happy.

Can bearded dragons live together? You should not keep two bearded dragons together. The beardie is a silent and calm species that likes to live alone and hate to share their space or food. So, if there is more than one lizard dragon, it might upset the atmosphere of their house. They will now compete to be the most dominant, get more food, and be in the coziest place.

So, in this article, I will be discussing one of the busiest topics of discussion that whether “housing bearded dragons together” is OK or not. Let’s start the article right now.

Can bearded dragons live together
Can Bearded Dragons Live Together – housing bearded dragons together – can you keep bearded dragons together


Can Bearded Dragons Live Together? Amazing Facts!

When you keep two bearded dragons together, it might not be a good thing. Firth of all, I would like to say that the nature of these species of reptiles is not very fond of living together with someone.

Secondly, it is a universal law that says, if there is more than one candidate for something, a competition exists between them for their survival. This theory is also directly linked with the “Theory of Natural Selection,” which tells that only those species survive that are the fittest.


How To Introduce Two Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragon cohabitation is not an easy process. You would be amazed to know that a female bearded dragon is more difficult to introduce than a male one.

Can bearded dragons live together? If yes, how do you introduce two of them together?

There are several ways to do this:

Give Them Time

No matter how much time they would take, it would help if you did not pressurize them.


Let Them Spend Some Time

Another important thing that will help your beardies acclimate immediately is leaving them in a cage or a tank. After this, you will allow them to spend some time.

This will be the time they will get bonded with each other.


Try To Start Some Short Meetings every day

A short meeting will be a good initiative. Your beardie will be getting used to the new partner. He will be thinking of it even after you took the new beardie out of the tank.


Start Some Sleepovers

When your beardie has spent some quality time with the new partner, bearded dragon, you will shift to the next step. Try the sleepover trick.

Trust me, it will work, and you will see that everything will start changing.


Let The Beardie Get A Hint That He Is Getting A New Roommate

When you are constantly arranging sleepovers for your bearded lizard, he will be getting hints that he is about to get a new roommate. Or more of a tankmate!


Shift The New Bearded Dragon With Him

After assuring that your beardie is getting used to the new lizard, it will not be getting into any fight with it; you can finally shift them together.

Can Bearded Dragons Live Together If There Are Two Females?

If you are planning to keep two female bearded dragons, it may not be good. Let’s talk about the two opposite-gender bearded dragons. It might be possible when you introduce them when the female is on heat.


Is It OK To Put 2 Bearded Dragons Together?

Can two bearded dragons live together? Will there be any bad after-effects of keeping the two beardies together?

Technically, I would say that your beardies should be trained first that they are going to live together. Otherwise, they might not get along and have problems getting space, sharing food, or even having a comfortable walk.

So, can bearded dragons live together and not fight? It might not be possible, but you can first train them to live together, and then there will be no fights.


Can 2 Bearded Dragons Live In A 40 Gallon Tank?

Can 2 bearded dragons live together inside the same tank? A 40 gallon tank is a very big one. It will be enough for 2 beardies at the same time.

But, the problem here is not about the space. The real issue here is that how will you make them get along? You will have to put in some effort. Follow up the rules that can make them close friends, and finally, you will be able to answer the question, “can bearded dragons live together?”

Generally, bearded dragons tails are long and ensure if they fight their tail doesn’t drop. Tails don’t grow again for beardies unlike other lizards.


Can A Male And Female Bearded Dragon Live Together?

Can bearded dragons live together as a couple? For a male and female beardie, it will be very easy to adjust with each other.

You see, being an opposite gender, the two of these beardies will be attracted towards each other. You can purposely make them get intimidated when they are on heat and exhibiting the desire to have sexual intercourse.

So, the bonding will be very strong at that time, and you can easily make them get closer.


Can bearded dragons live together without Fighting for Food?

Now, let’s start with “can bearded dragons live together and not fight for food?”

According to Darwin, when the number of species increases, their competition to survive also increases. They will fight for food, shelter, even attention.

The same is the case with these beardies. When you already have a bearded pet dragon, it will be attached to you, and you will pay all attention and food to it.

But, introducing a new beardie in your life and the beardies’ life will make it kind of jealous. Now, you will be giving food, attention, and space to both of them.

So, they might fight over food, shelter, and also attention. For this purpose, you can make a separate room or build a wall between them at first, after that, when they become friends. You can remove the divider. Beardies grow fast so make sure they have enough nutrition and don’t fight for food.

Can bearded dragons live together
Can Bearded Dragons Live Together?


Do Bearded Dragons Get Lonely?

Can bearded dragons live together and not get alone? If the bearded dragons live alone for a long time, it will not make any difference. They can lay flat for a long time and go on brumation and while away time easily.

Why do I think so? According to the nature of these beardies, you will see that these animals only want to be alone without any friends or sometimes without families.

So, they will not get alone, and you don’t have to worry about it. But, if you want to paint the life of your beardie with color combinations, you introduce a female beardie in their life.


Can bearded dragons live together In The Same Tank?

Can you keep bearded dragons together in the same tank? The same tank means that you have to suffer more.

Another thing, your beardie will have less space and privacy as it has a silent nature, so it will get upset if anyone troubles it.

So, can bearded dragons live together in similar tanks? You can keep them physically together, but don’t keep them together before you train them to enjoy each other’s company.


Things To Do: When Bearded Dragons Fight or Have Problems

Here are some quick things you can do if you notice that the bearded dragons are uncomfortable with each other.

You know that it will be difficult for any bearded dragon to share his space with a new partner. But, certainly, there is something you can do.

At the moment, you can try out one of these things:


Build A New Tank

Building a new tank for your beardie will be exclusive and the quickest thing. It will be the most time-saving thing you can do immediately to get rid of any inconvenience.

But, there are some downsides to this thing. If you keep both of the lizards in separate tanks, you will have to do double duties.

There will be more burden for you, and you will always have something on your plate. You have to clean, dry, pour food, take it out separately at a separate time

Thus, it may seem real quick, but you will have to work more on this thing.


Sell One Dragon

I will not say that it is the last available option for you. You can deeply think about it and then give it either for adoption or sell it.

I know it will not be an easy thing for you. You have raised this pet and have an emotional attachment with your bearded lizard.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Bearded Dragons Live With Other Lizards?

Can bearded dragons live together with other lizards? Other lizards may not be very friendly with your lizard. So, I would prefer to be alone.

Also, it is like your lizard that it wants to stay alone. But, the bearded dragons may need some partner in their life at some point. So, you introduce an opposite-gender partner in their life.

This thing might spice up things, but you have to take good care of it and get them along with each other so that peace be with them!


Can I Put A Baby Bearded Dragon With An Older One?

Can bearded dragons live together if they have an age difference? The baby beardie should never be left with an adult.

The adult will never spare it. You will always see that it will be teasing it. So, the adult beardie must be kept separate, but it has not learned to share its kingdom with anyone. So, you have to do something.

The tank should be ether divided by placing something between the center, or you can build a new tank and placed them separately. So, please don’t put in the younger and the older beardie together unless it is necessary.


What Can Live With A Bearded Dragon?

Can bearded dragons live together? Yes, they may or may not live together, but 70% odds are there your beardie will not get adjusted with the new one.

But, here are some of the animals. I would like to tell you that your beardie is completely cool with these animals. If you train it well, these bearded lizards will successfully be living as good roommates.

So, here is the list that you will find very attractive:

Thus, these animals were studied and trained to live with bearded dragons. You can easily keep them together after training them.


Final Verdict On Can Bearded Dragons Live Together

Can bearded dragons live together? Yes! They can live together, but they don’t like to live together. They are an alone species. You can expect them to live lonely and happily. But, introducing an oppositely gender bearded dragon would be good.

Bearded dragon watch what the opposite gender does with their third eye, even though it might look like they are sleeping.

Can bearded dragons live together
Can Bearded Dragons Live Together – housing bearded dragons together – can you keep bearded dragons together

Thus, keeping bearded dragons together for a long time will be a good thing if you want to keep them together permanently. If they are causing trouble, you can separate the tank, divide the tank, or buy a new tank.

But, if your bearded lizard is still not helping it, you can sell either of them.

Thus, that was all about “can bearded dragons live together.” Suppose you have any queries about it. Would you please comment below and tell us your thoughts on this topic?

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