Do Plecos Eat Other Fish? (7 Interesting Facts)

Hypostomus plecostomus are also called plecos. It can be seen and heard by many owners that when there are anxiety problems with plecos, they may start other animals like fishes in the aquarium. It would be best if you kept only those fishes that they do not eat.

Do Plecos eat other fish? They can eat other fish in the aquarium. But they can only eat those fishes that are dying or dead. When they sink into the bottom of the tank, then plecos can easily eat them. They want to gain protein, so when they don’t get food, they may start eating other dying or dead fishes.

Do plecos eat other fish
Do Plecos eat other fish?

In this article, we will discuss on do Plecos eat other fish, can plecos live with other fish, do plecos need other fish, do Bristlenose plecos eat their babies, and many other things related to these. Let’s dive into the details of do Plecos eat other fish.


What Do Plecos Eat?

Many species of Pleco can eat algae, and others can eat plants. Many of them are also carnivores, meaning they can eat meat, etc. they can also use fibers from woods. They are scavengers; it means that they can eat anything which comes in their way.

They can also eat detritus, but they need a more supplemented diet to gain the essential nutrients that are important for daily life functioning after eating this. It would be best if you fed them once a day with their staple food. You can also give lettuce, zucchini, and cucumber to them.


Do Plecos Eat Tetras?

They may eat tetras, but mainly they eat algae. Do Plecos eat other fish? They can attack them and then eat, their size is about ten inches, and they can eat small fish. You should only give them fish food because it contains essential nutrients that are needed for their body.  They are known as opportunistic feeders, which means that they can eat anything that comes their way.


Do Plecos Attack Other Fish?

Do Plecos eat other fish? Yes, they attack other fish. When they are aggressive due to stress, then they may attack or harm other fish. When other fishes come in his path, he doesn’t like them and shows aggression to them.


Will Common Pleco Eat Other Fish?

Yes, common Pleco can eat other fishes that are present in their aquarium. They like to eat the greenish content that is present in the tank or habitat. Mostly they want algae, but they need other nutrients for proper functioning because an alga is not a complete diet.


Will My Pleco Eat My Baby Fish?

Do plecos eat small fish? Rubber-lipped pleco is a peaceful algae-eating fish. They don’t bother or harm other fishes even when they are at an early age. When you place commercial food, vegetables, and tank algae, they don’t eat your baby fish. But in case of stress and aggression, they may eat or harm your babies.


Do Common Plecos Eat Small Fish?

Do common plecos eat other fish? Yes, they can eat small fish. One of the most common things to stop them from eating fish is giving them their diet so they will not eat the other fish.

They need protein content to fulfill their protein requirement. When there is a low protein level in the diet, they get by attacking and eating other fishes. They are truly omnivores; you can feed them with various foods like insects, animal carcasses, fish food, fruits, vegetables, plant matter, etc.


What Else Do Plecos Eat?

They are not herbivores. Herbivores are animals that need only greenish things. Their body is not compatible with eating other things like meat. They are carnivores; it means that they can eat a variety of things.

You can give fruits, meat, vegetables, etc., many species of plecos need more protein to fulfill their need, but they also grow into a large size.  To see him happy and healthy, you should not only give algae to them, but you can also use many other things in your diet like squash, cucumber, and other vegetables.


Do Plecos Eat Dead Fish?

Yes, plecos only eat dying or dead fishes. When they have some stress, then they start eating fish that are present in their aquarium. This is a natural adaptation in them.


Do Clown Plecos Eat Other Fish?

As we know that they are scavengers. That is why they may eat fish. Do Plecos eat other fish? When fish die in the tank, then they come to the bottom of the tank. If the plecos are under stress, they can eat dead fishes that are sinking in the bottom of the tank. 

If you notice that plecos are eating other fish, then there is a high chance of death. Can Plecos kill other fish? Many owners are also there that say that they can kill or eat fish. But the truth is that the tank has unhealthy conditions that are why fish die and are eaten by plecos. Plecos are also useful in the cleaning of tanks or aquariums.

Do plecos eat other fish
Do Plecos eat other fish?


Do Bristlenose Plecos Eat Other Fish?

Bristlenose Pleco attacking other fish can happen, and many owners also complain about this issue. They may eat other fish, but in case the fish is dead. Bristlenose plecos killing fish is a common thing because they have aggressive nature.


Where Does Plecos Comes From?

They have been originated from costa Riva, Panama, South America. They give preference to living in rivers and streams that have fast-flowing water. They can also live in quiet estuaries and brackish ponds. They belong to those fishes that modify and maintain their behavior when there is any change in the external environment.


Can Plecos Be Kept Together?

Yes, you can keep them together but at an early age. But when they reach maturity, then you cannot keep them in one place. Plecos can be highly territorial of each other. So, it is very dangerous to keep them together because they can harm each other.


Is Plecos Friendly With Each Other?

The answer to this question depends upon the age of the plecos. At a young age, you can keep them in one place. You would not see any accidents at that age. When they are mature, then it isn’t easy to own them in one tank or aquarium.

Do Plecos eat other fish? You can see that when there are more than one adult plecos in the tank, then they start chasing each other. The golden tip is that you should only keep a pleco in one aquarium. This rule is also applicable to other fishes.


Can I Get Plecos As Pets?

Yes, you can get Pleco because they are very useful for cleaning purposes. They can remove the algae from the tank in which you own them. It can also be seen that Pleco is killing other fish, but it is only when they are under stress. They grow very rapidly. They can grow about twenty inches very fast.

One of the big problems is that it doesn’t fit into the tank when there is big fish. You should know the size of the aquarium that you have, then you should buy plecos.  They can compete with other species and also cause death. They are also able to burrow in mud banks resulting in the collapse of the bank.

Do plecos eat other fish
Do Plecos eat other fish?


Final Verdict – Do Plecos Eat Other Fish

Plecos eat other fishes present in their aquarium, but they only eat those fishes that are dead. Normally they eat algae that are present in the tank. This individual is very helpful for cleaning the tank.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet fish a good and comfortable life!

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