Can Dogs Eat Durian And Durian Seeds? 5 Best Health Benefits

Can Dogs eat Durian? Whether you have fed your dog before, just about to let your dog find out, or want to know more about Dogs eating Durian, take your time to look around.

A quick answer for can dogs eat durian is yes, however, be careful with the Durian seed! Durian seeds contain cyanide, a harmful chemical that can be deadly, the seeds can block the gastrointestinal system of canines.

Knowing this is not enough, you need to learn the pros and cons of dogs eating durian. From our page, you will learn the amazing health benefits of dog durian and how to feed it safely to your dogs.


What Is Durian?

It is an edible fruit, often referred to as the ‘king of fruits”, with a triple taste, that is savory, sweet, and creamy. Durian can be oblong or round, spiked, and has a hard outer layer. It has large seeds which can be dangerous for your pups, as they are not easily digestible.

Durian seeds are round or heart-shaped. They can either be reddish-brown or yellowish-brown.

Some people regard it as the sweetest fruit, while others describe it as eccentric because of its powerful smell. Can dogs eat durian if raw? You can feed it either raw or cooked.

Due to its sweetness and high level of nutrients, it is a preference for your dog’s treat. How much can dogs eat durian? For as little as 100 grams of Durian, that is enough to provide all the rare nutrients like the dietary mineral manganese.  


Do Dogs Like Durian? 

Yes. Dogs like durian because it is delicious. Although dogs have a powerful sense of smell, durians are likely their best choice for treats. This fruit has associated health benefits too that we have described below.

If your dog dislikes durian, it is possibly because of the offensive smell from the fruit. You can notice a strange reaction from a dogs smelling durian easily, like barking, sneezing, or sniffling. It is normal, do not blame your dog. You can cook the fruit and feed your pet. 


Can Dogs Eat Durian?

Can dogs eat durian? Yes. They can. Durian is nutritious, in both fat and calories. But you have to be very cautious if you do not want to hurt your dog. The spiked outer cover can easily hurt your pup while the seeds are indigestible. The fruit is harmless but its stem, seeds, and outer cover can be toxic to your dog.

Dogs eating durian have many benefits compared to those who do not. Let’s get into details about how these benefits turn out.

Durian, being rich in fiber, improves the digestive process by preventing heartburns, constipation, and bloating. It contains crucial minerals that aid in bone development. Feeding a dog regularly can cure anemia because of its high levels of iron and copper.

However, feed your pet in limited quantities of durian, an average of two bites every week. As a pet parent, you not only need to know how often you should feed your dog with durian but also the risk. You will learn all that on the next slide.


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How Much Durian Can A Dog Eat?

Always limit the cases for your dogs eating durian because more durian can cause obesity to your dogs. Only give less than three bites every week.

Make sure you are not replacing your dog’s meal with durian but serving it as a compliment or treats. Do not serve durian daily or consecutive days either, so that you can limit sugar and fats.

Can dogs eat durian in large amounts? If your dog overeats durian, it becomes incredibly spirited to a point you might not control it. The sugar from durian extraordinarily provides instant-overwhelming energy because of the sudden rise of the energy levels. A good precaution is to always watch your pets as they feed to see their reactions.


Can Dog Eat Durian Seed?

Try as much as possible not to feed durian seeds to your dog. The seeds are harmful because they contain cyanide, which is a poison to your dogs. Durian seeds can easily choke your pup and cause other common risks such as blocking the intestines.

They also take longer to be digested in the body. The seeds are especially poisonous when raw because they contain toxic cyclopropene acids.

Always remove the seeds whenever you are feeding durian to your dogs, that is where the concern is. In case your dogs eating durian ate the seeds too, you can look at our remedies below.


What If A Dog Eats Durian Seed?

Can dogs eat durian seeds? Durian seeds can be indigestible, and take several months to be digested. If your dog swallows durian seeds accidentally, you can order some artificial digestive enzymes and add them to the dog’s food. For your home remedy, acidic pineapple juice can speed up the digestion process.

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Usually, dogs that eat durian seeds can develop complications in their stomachs and can suffer from bloat, which needs to be urgently addressed by your vet. If you are not sure if your pup ate durian seeds, some quick signs are vomiting, constipation, bloody stool, and fatigue.


What Fruits Are Toxic To Dogs?

We care about your pet. So, let’s get you started with the fruits that can harm your dog if you feed them. Durians are not poisonous, but the seeds are. The fruits included in our list are harmful and should not be fed to your dogs, whether raw or cooked.

The top harmful group of fruits is grapes and raisins. Whether given in small or large quantities, they can easily destroy the liver irreversibly, especially for small dogs.

This is going to be a surprise for you. Avocados can cause breathing shortness and diarrhea. If you have been feeding your dog, please stop it today.

As it has always been, all the seeds, stones, and pips of fruits such as apples, plums, and cherries contain cyanide too. They can be fatal if ingested, avoid throwing them to your dog.

Nuts, onions, garlic, and unripe tomatoes are all dangerous. These fruits can harm the red blood cells easily, whether raw or cooked.


Is Durian Allowed For Dogs?

Yes. You should feed durian to your dogs. According to the dog’s health database, durian has a vast amount of nutrients, like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Calcium, Thiamin, Zinc, and Phosphorus. Dog researchers have not diagnosed cases of allergies or any side effects from durian.

However, avoid durian seeds because they can be poisonous to your dog’s digestive system. The spike outer cover can also hurt your dog physically.

Where can I buy dog durian? Visit any verified stores that sell dog’s meals.

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Can Dogs eat Durian and Durian Seeds
Can Dogs eat Durian and Durian Seeds


Final Verdict

So, can dogs eat durian? Dogs are safe if they feed on small chunks of durian without seeds. Some dogs may not eat durian because of its powerful smell. If it smells and leaves without a single bite, you can cook the durian and see if that changes anything. Most dogs will not have problems eating durian, however.

From the benefits above, we can surely advise you to include durian in your dog meals. You should observe the correct intervals with your feeding. It has some good anti-oxidants.

Dogs surround us. It is enticing to play with dogs by throwing the treats rather than handing them over. More fun is to watch them scavenge or give back your pieces. It is vital to ensure you realize what could destroy your canine. 

If you feel your pup ate something harmful or shows any of the signs above, talk to your vet immediately.

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