Can Ferrets Tell When You’re Sad? (7 Cool Facts)

Having a pet can be a helper for us in difficult times because their presence can be a stress reliever. Although many people will spend time with pets, sometimes owners want to have a pet that can feel what their owners feel. Sharing sadness makes us stronger and happier with pets.

Can ferrets tell when you’re sad? Yes. Many ferret owners have reported that their pet can sense something wrong, such as when their owner is sad or happy. A ferret can sense emotions and act according to how you feel.

For example, ferrets will grieve the loss of either animal or human. They will spend time with their owners more frequently.

Can ferrets tell when you're sad
Can Ferrets Tell When You’re Sad?

Knowing ferrets can sense owner’s emotions is something new for us. Let’s read in more detail in this article.


Can Ferrets Tell When You’re Sad?

Ferrets are social animals, friendly, and love interacting with their owners. If ferrets bond with their owners, they can sense the owner’s sadness. Many owners stated that their pets might sense when something is wrong.

They will cuddle their owner like they want to calm down and comfort the owner when they feel lost.


How Do You Tell If Your Ferret Loves You?

There are many things ferrets can show when they love their owners. The table below is what ferrets will do when they love you.

What ferrets doExplanation
Approach you when you appearFerrets will run to their owners and do a quick cuddle.
LickingFerrets will kiss their owners by licking on your eyes, lips, ears, or hands.
GroomingFerrets will groom their owners the same way ferret grooms themselves.
Need your attentionFerret will jump to your lap and ask to be picked up or noticed.
ParticipatingFerret will be interested in doing any activities with you.


What Can Ferrets Sense?

The excellent sense of ferrets is their sense of smell. A ferret can taste and hear as another option for the sense of smell but don’t use their eyesight because it’s quite poor. A ferret can feel the owner’s emotions if they have bonded long enough.


How Do You Know If A Ferret Doesn’t Like You?

The unhappy ferret will scream at you. The way ferrets’ scream is different from when they make chirping noises because they are happy. Ferrets can scratch or bite you when you force yourself to hold them.


Do Ferrets Get Attached To Humans?

Ferrets are social animals that can spend a lot of time with you. They are affectionate, playful, and bond with their owners. If you treat your ferret well, the ferret will trust you and can do the same as other pets.

Can ferrets tell when you're sad
Can Ferrets Tell When You’re Sad Now?


Is My Ferret Depressed?

A depressed or stressed Ferret will walk away from you, hissing, biting, over-grooming, and looking for a place to hide. They need to calm down until the thing that is stressing them out goes away or ends.


How To Tell If A Ferret Is Sad?

Sad ferrets want to hang around with their buddy more often as they want to entertain themselves with them. Sometimes ferrets will sigh, flatten their body, and slouch.

If you want to get a ferret’s mood back, try giving them a treat, petting them, cleaning their cage or litter boxes, letting them sleep on your lap, and playing with them for a while.


Can Ferrets Get Depressed?

Ferrets can get depressed because they lost their cage mate or were neglected by their owners. Ferrets can be stressed when they are alone because they are social animals.

If you want to cheer up your ferret, you can hug your pet, talk to them, and give them their favorite treat.

Do what the ferret does for you when you feel sad or lost. Ferrets need the same attention they pay attention to your emotions.


Final Verdict – Can Ferrets Tell When You’re Sad

Many ferret owners who reported their pet can sense the owner’s emotions and try to understand by hugging their owners and wanting to spend time with their owners as a form of attention when the owner is sad.

Can ferrets tell when you're sad
Can Ferrets Tell When You’re Sad At Home?

A ferret can sense the owner’s feelings when they bond with them. The same goes for ferrets, when they are losing their cage mate, or something is stressing them out, they want their owner to notice or hug them.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet ferret a good and comfortable life!

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