Cat Tree For Ferrets : Should I Get My Ferrets A Cat Tree? 5 Clear Facts

While buying accessories for your ferret’s cage, you may find yourself considering purchasing a cat tree. But is a cat tree useful to ferrets? If yes, how can ferrets use the cat tree? And which are the best cat trees for ferrets? Read on, for answers.

A cat tree for ferrets can serve as a structure on which the ferrets would be playing and relaxing. Ideally, ferrets’ cat tree shouldn’t be too high. A cat tree that is too high can be a safety hazard for ferrets, whose bones tend to be fragile.

Cat tree for ferrets
Are Cat Tree For Ferrets Safe?

If you can find an appropriate cat tree for your ferrets, they may come to like it a great deal. For them, it would be an exercising structure and one that they may even start sleeping on.


What Exactly Is A Cat Tree?

A cat tree is an artificial structure that is designed for cats (and other cat-like pets) to be climbing, playing and relaxing on.

It is normally vertical, mimicking an actual tree, and can go up several feet high.


Can Ferrets Use Cat Trees?

Since ferrets share many traits with cats, people often express interest in knowing whether the ferrets can use cat trees.

So, indeed, can ferrets use a cat tree? To answer that question, we first need to ask ourselves several others. Firstly, we need to ask ourselves, can ferrets climb trees? And the answer is yes – though they may not do it as graciously as cats.

Next we need to ask ourselves, do ferrets like to climb? And the answer is still yes. Ferrets do like climbing, whenever they get a chance. Sure, for a ferret climbing tree is not as easy as it is for a cat.

But ferrets do often like climbing when they get a chance.

Finally, we need to ask ourselves, do ferrets like cat trees? And we find that the answer to this question varies. Most ferrets like cat trees. But a few ferrets don’t care for the said cat trees.

The whole thing is akin to asking, do ferrets use scratching posts? And you find that there is no single universal answer. Most ferrets use such scratching posts. But a few don’t care for them.

Now with regard to the question on whether ferrets can use cat trees, the answer is ‘yes’. There are a few that may not care for cat trees. But most ferrets really seem to like cat trees.


What Purpose Do Cat Trees For Ferrets Serve?

Cat trees for ferrets serve two major roles.

Firstly, the cat trees for ferrets serve as accessories for ferrets to play and exercise on. As the ferrets get to go up and down the cat trees, they get a chance to play and exercise.

Secondly, the cat trees for ferrets serve as accessories for the ferrets to relax. They also make life more interesting for ferrets, minimizing boredom.

Cat tree for ferrets
Cat Tree For Ferrets


Can Ferrets Share Cat Trees With Cats?

To answer this question, we first need to find out, can ferrets be around cats? And the answer turns out to be ‘yes’, ferrets can be around cats.

Next we need to ask ourselves, can ferrets be friends with cats? And the answer is still ‘yes’ – as incidents of cats being friends with ferrets are not rare.

Sometimes, the bonds of friendship get to such a level that using cat treats for ferrets becomes possible!

But we do have to mention that their relations are not always cordial. Can ferrets kill cats? The answer is yes – just as the cats can kill the ferrets at times.

Now given all these facts, can ferrets share cat trees with cats? The answer is that it may be possible: as long as the cats and ferrets get along.


Which Is The Best Cat Tree For Ferrets?

The best cat tree for use by ferrets is one that is sturdy, so that there is no risk of the ferrets falling off it.

Ideally, a ferrets’ cat tree should be short. Since ferrets often fail in their climbing attempts (and their bones are quite fragile) this is very necessary. Otherwise very tall cat trees can be safety hazards for ferrets.


Final Verdict – Cat Tree For Ferrets

Cat trees for ferrets can serve as useful cage accessories – on which the ferrets can be exercising and relaxing.

Ideally, ferrets’ cat trees should be short in height. This way, even if the ferrets fall off them, they may not incur major injuries.

Ferrets’ cat trees should also be sturdy. This way, chances of the trees breaking as the ferrets try to climb them are minimal.

Cat tree for ferrets
Do Cat Tree For Ferrets Help With Boredom? Are Cat Tree For Ferrets Normal?

Interestingly, cats and ferrets that get along are sometimes able to share cat trees. Therefore if you keep both cats and ferrets, and they get along, this may be an exciting possibility.

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