Do Hedgehogs Mate For Life? (7 Interesting Facts)

Hedgehogs are becoming increasingly popular as pets. The African pygmy hedgehog is one of the species of choice by every pet owner because it has a small body, funny face, and good temperament. Owners are happy with caring for a hedgehog, and they want to add one for their mate in the cage.

Do hedgehogs mate for life? Hedgehogs will mate freely with other hedgehogs. They are not monogamous creatures and will seek their mate in the mating season. Once the mating process is complete, the male will leave the female. Hedgehogs are solitary animals that prefer to be alone, not mate for life.

Do hedgehogs mate for life
Do hedgehogs mate for life?

Knowing things about hedgehogs is essential. Add your experience and knowledge about how to care for hedgehogs and choose a mate for them. Let’s read this article to the end.


Do Hedgehogs Mate?

Yes, hedgehogs will start to mate when they reach maturity at one year old. Male hedgehogs will find a mating partner, and they will mount the female from behind. After the mating process is complete, the male hedgehog will leave the female.

Both males and females have more than one mate. You can conclude that babies born will have different fathers. Putting one pair of hedgehogs in one cage will make them confused because hedgehogs are used to looking for other mates.

When you want to do breeding practice, ensure you have at least 2 pairs of hedgehogs so they can still change mates during the mating season.


Do Hedgehogs Partner For Life?

Hedgehogs do not have lifelong bonds with other hedgehogs. Hedgehogs prefer to live alone by doing any activity alone. A female hedgehog will care for the hoglets alone. Each male will leave the female shortly after the mating process is complete.

Hedgehog is not an animal mate for life because they will always look for a different mate every time. In addition to the mating season, they will avoid each other because they are solitary animals. Ask experienced breeders if you want to put more than one pair in a cage.

Do hedgehogs mate for life? No, hedgehogs are always looking for a new mate. It would not be suitable for you to put one pair in the cage because the hedgehog needs another mate all the time. Leaving them with the same partner will make the hedgehog feel awkward and prefer to be alone.


How Long Do Hedgehogs Mate For?

Hedgehogs have heat every nine days and will be off for the next seven days. The experienced breeders will put males and females together for 4-5 days, then separate them for 4-5 days.

Try to find more than 2 hedgehogs to give a variety of pairs to pygmy hedgehog mating. Although hedgehogs prefer to be alone in a cage, they also have heat for a few days. Giving hedgehogs their sexual needs will also prolong their life and reduce stress levels.

Hedgehogs can mate within a few days after putting them in the same place. Return the female after a few days to rest. If there are still no signs of pregnancy, you can put the female back in the male’s cage seven days later.

Do hedgehogs mate for life? No. Hedgehogs will switch partners whenever they want. When the male enters the heat stage, they will look for the female and mount them up.


Do Hedgehogs Pair For Life?

No hedgehog is a pair for life. Hedgehogs should be separated after the mating process is complete for a few days. Otherwise, male hedgehogs can be stressed by having a female beside them and vice versa.

Separating hedgehogs when they don’t want to die is vital. Solitary animals should not be in the same place. You can only put hedgehogs in pairs when they enter the heat cycle every 9 days.

You can cycle repeatedly between the time to collect the hedgehogs in one place and rest them.


How Long Do Hedgehogs Mate For?

Hedgehogs are in the mood, or the heat cycle can mate with the female until they separate. The length of time cannot be measured because every hedgehog is different. We can only ensure the hedgehog will have many mates throughout his life.

Do hedgehogs mate for life? No hedgehogs survive with one mate. They will continue to look for new partners every mating process. No wonder one female will get pregnant from several different males.

Do hedgehogs mate for life
Do hedgehogs mate for life?


Are Hedgehogs Monogamous?

Hedgehogs have a loving, loyal, gentle, and loving nature. But all that happened to them on the owners. Hedgehogs are not monogamous creatures, they will continue to look for new mating whenever possible.

Pay attention to the proper age for hedgehogs before they mate. For females, try to have them age more than 9 months for their maturity in reproduction. Male hedgehogs can begin to mature after 5 months without any problems.

If you force female hedgehogs to start mating at 6 months of age, they will not be able to take care of the hoglets because they are still growing.


How Do Hedgehogs Mate?

Male hedgehogs will not mate on one female only but continue to alternate. Males will try circling the female of their choice with rhythmic snorting sounds. Females attracted to the male hedgehog will start to flatten their bodies as a sign that they are ready for the reproductive process.

Are hedgehogs monogamous? No, they’re not. Hedgehogs are always looking for a different mate than before. Try to have more than 4 hedgehogs of different genders to maximize the breeding process.

Do hedgehogs mate for life? No, hedgehogs don’t stay with one partner. They will continue to look for new ones as best they can. Between male and women will do the same thing.


How To Breed Hedgehogs?

The breeding process must go through several steps and not do it carelessly. The table below is a few steps that need to be prepared before you do breeding on hedgehogs.

How to breedExplanations
LicenseCheck the regulations in your area. Some areas prohibit hedgehogs from owning or practicing breeding unless they are licensed.
Select femalesChoose females with the age of 9 months and above for a perfect reproductive process.
Healthy malesLazy to be more than 5 months old and free from defects.
Bring and returnTake the male to the female cage during the mating process, and return the male to his cage when the mating process is complete for the next few days.

If the mating process is complete, the next step is to keep the female hedgehogs pregnant for approximately 35 days. Make the mother’s nest by setting the temperature warm and feeding regularly.


How Long Are Hedgehogs Pregnant For?

Female hedgehog pregnancy days range between 30-46 days. The average gestation period is 35 days. In that span of days, you need to take care of your hedgehogs more carefully and wait until the longest day to determine whether they are pregnant or not.

Pregnant hedgehogs will tolerate temperatures between 16 to 24 °C degrees. If their nest is too cold, add a 40-watt bulb and heat pad under the lid. Pregnant hedgehogs need a lot of food and drink. Give more portions when you have entered the last 2 weeks of pregnancy.

Ensure you provide fresh food of good quality to increase the energy of the mother hedgehog.


Final Verdict – Do Hedgehogs Mate For Life

Hedgehogs are animals that always change partners during the mating process. They can’t be a pair for life. It will make them stressed and uncomfortable being in one cage.

Hedgehogs are solitary animals. They will only meet their partner when entering the heat cycle. The experienced breeders recommend keeping the male and female in the same cage every 4-5 days and separating them within the same period.

Do hedgehogs mate for life
Do hedgehogs mate for life? Do hedgehogs mate for life as pets? Do hedgehogs mate for life in captivity?

After the mating process is complete, ensure to provide special food and place for pregnant hedgehogs until they wait for delivery between 30-46 days.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hedgehog a good and comfortable life!

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