How Many Lives Does A Dog Have? Do Dogs Reincarnate And Have 9 Lives? 7 Interesting Facts

How many lives do a dog have? Most of us believe that cats have nine lives. But what about dogs? How many lives does a dog have?

Almost every one of us has heard that different animals have different lives. Some people believe this as truth, whereas some people believe that it’s just a superstition.

In some religions, people even pray to animals thinking that they have the power to be reborn again. I used to hear a lot of stories about rebirth and reincarnation since I was a kid.

I used to read a lot of books regarding these topics. After reading lots of mythical stories, other people’s experiences, and based upon my understanding, I found the answer to this question.

How many lives does a dog have
How Many Lives Does A Dog Have – Do Dogs Reincarnate – Do Dogs Have 9 Lives

Keep reading this article to find the answer.


How Many Lives Does A Dog Have?

How many lives do a dog have? The answer is no. The information written in all the books that I read were nothing but some mystical stories. They were all stories that people believed happened in the past. They didn’t mention any proof that all those things happened in the past. I didn’t find real evidence of those stories either.

How many lives do a dog have? When it comes to dogs, the answer is that they have only one life. One of my dogs was dead a few years ago, but I didn’t find any evidence of my dog’s rebirth. I never saw the rebirth of a dog I knew.

But I heard my friend talking about it. She used to have a cute puppy that died in an accident. She told me that after a few years of its death she saw it again at a new place.

She said that it has the same facial features and body language. But she wasn’t able to confirm that it was her dog. I heard of such incidents happening with other people, but there was no firm evidence to support it.

Even science does not provide any firm evidence of a dog’s rebirth. So, we can confirm that a dog has only one life.


Do Dogs Reincarnate?

How many lives do a dog have? Do dogs come back when they die? If you are wondering what reincarnation is, then it is the rebirth of a soul into a different body.

Rebirth is different from reincarnation. Rebirth is the birth of the same soul in the same body as in previous life again.

In some religions, people do believe in reincarnation. You can mostly see it in Hinduism and Buddhism.

In Hinduism, people believe that people with some magical powers reincarnate again in different forms. Often, they worship people who reincarnate as God. So, in Hinduism, you see more than one God. They also worship different animals thinking that it’s a form of reincarnation.

They firmly believe that souls die and are reborn. In Buddhism too, they have the same belief. They conduct well-organized funerals for dogs assuming that they reincarnate.

I think it’s difficult to find any evidence for reincarnation since the body changes when reborn.

However, there is no firm evidence that dogs reincarnate based on science. So, for now, it is just a belief that dogs reincarnate. But, in reality, it doesn’t.

With this, we can say that dogs have only one life. There is no such strong evidence that can show that dogs reincarnate into a human form either. We have known about reincarnation, but what about how long they live?


How Long Does A Dog Live?

On average, dogs generally live from 10-13 years. Based on different conditions, they can live longer or shorter than this. Dogs that live in the wild can have a longer lifespan than pet dogs. They usually can live up to 20 years.

How long a dog can live also depends on its genetics too. Certain breeds are found to live longer than others. Here is a list of dogs who lived the longest.

RankNameAge Breed
1Bluey29 yearsAustralian Cattle Dog
2Butch≥28 yearsBeagle
How many lives does a dog have
How Many Lives Does A Dog Have – Do Dogs Reincarnate – Do Dogs Have 9 Lives

I think the reason why these dogs lived the longest is because of their breed and grown-up conditioning. Australian cattle dogs are used for droving cattle and beagles are good hunters. Beagles were used for hunting earlier. It shows that these dogs generally have good physical activity and are medium-sized.

It is said that elephants and whales have a long life because they are large in size. But it is wrong in the case of dogs. The shorter the size of the dog, the longer it lives. All these may be the reasons why these dogs lived so long. But there is no evidence of any such dog which lived for 50 or 100 years.

Giving your dog nutritious and healthy food, maintaining proper hygiene, and making it exercise can improve its life span. Take it to regular vet visits. Brush its teeth regularly.

  1. Dachshund Lifespan
  2. Pug Lifespan
  3. Maltese Lifespan


Do Dogs Have Nine Lives?

How many lives do a dog have? Nine? This idea originated because dogs have saved themselves from life-threatening situations. Once my dog was about to face an accident, then it suddenly saved itself by reacting quickly. I was almost shocked at that time. 

There was another time when I took my dog along with us for a trip. We were standing at the edge of the roof at one place, then suddenly I found our dog hanging upon the edge of the roof. I suddenly reacted to it and saved it. If it wasn’t noticed by me then it would have been dead by today. By these, I came to know that we should never take dogs on trips with me. Every moment of the trip, I was so afraid after that incident.

Not only these but there were many other times when my dog was rescued from dangerous incidents. It happened with my dog, and I think other dogs too, get themselves into dangerous situations. All this makes people assume that they are reborn or they have such powers.

This spread as stories and some people believe it as true. So, how many lives do a dog have? As there is no proof to this statement, we can say that dogs have only one life.

How many lives do a dog have? Nine or more? Dog having 9 lives is just a false belief according to me.


Can Dogs Remember Their Past Lives?

How many lives do a dog have? Do dogs remember their previous lives. In humans, I have seen some people remembering their past life on social media. But, I surely don’t know about it. I have never seen a dog remember its past life until now. I didn’t find any evidence for this anywhere. I think this can also be proof that dogs have only one life.

 Anyway, it is difficult to say whether dogs remember their past, if they reincarnate/reborn.


Final Verdict – How Many Lives Does A Dog Have

How many lives does a dog have? Good question. By this we can conclude that dogs only have one life for now. We don’t have much evidence to believe that dogs have more than one life. Dog’s reincarnation and rebirth are all the stories. 

How many lives does a dog have
How Many Lives Does A Dog Have – Do Dogs Reincarnate – Do Dogs Have 9 Lives

But, it doesn’t mean that this rebirth and reincarnation is a completely wrong idea. However, it is firmly believed in some religions that everything that his soul will be reborn. It is a false idea for now, as we do not have any evidence for it. It can be true in the future.

There is nothing wrong with having one’s own opinions and beliefs. If you believe that dogs have more than one life, then there is nothing wrong with it. This is just my conclusion based on my understanding.

The only thing you can do, if you try, is to increase the lifespan of your dog. Taking proper care of it is the best thing for you to do.

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