Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples? (9 Interesting Facts)

Sometimes we pay attention to something in humans and wonder if it is in our dog. We can’t even take it off our minds until the mystery is solved. One of the most frequently asked questions is about dogs’ Adam’s apples.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples like humans? All dogs have Adam’s apples, not just male dogs but also female dogs. If owners don’t know about this, they will assume their dog has lumps on their throat. There’s nothing to worry about from Adam’s Apple or the clinically known larynx.

We need to know what an Adam’s apple does on dogs because many owners don’t know about it. Let’s read this article to the end.

Do dogs have adam's apples
Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?


What Is Adam’s Apple?

Adam’s apple or laryngeal prominence is the cartilage wrap in front of the larynx. The word “Adam’s” is taken from the story of Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit, and the fruit is lodged in his throat. Adam’s apple protects the vocal cords and voice box from harm.

For humans, Adam’s apple is visible in men, while women do not grow as much as a man does. But some women look like they have an Adam’s apple even though it’s not as clear as a man’s.


Do Animals Have Adam Apples?

Many animals have Adam’s apple even though we can’t see or recognize them like we see Adam’s apple on men. If we want to examine any animal with an Adam’s apple, we need to touch the larynx and check for lumps.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? Dogs and cats have an Adam’s apple. Try to taste the lump with your finger in their throat. You will find a little bump in both males and females. Dogs or cats don’t look like they have an Adam’s apple because they’re covered in fur.


Where Is A Dog’s Adams Apple?

Many still do not believe and ask do dogs have Adam’s apples? Because it is not visible and not as prominent as humans have. Locate the Adam’s apple in the dog’s throat or under their chin.

If you don’t feel a little bump, try to lift the dog’s head. Use your finger to locate the Adam’s apple in dogs in the center of their throat. Do not force your dog to look up if they feel uncomfortable. It is for information only and not to inconvenience your dog.


Is a Dog’s Adam’s Apple Easy To See?

You can’t see it directly because most of the dog’s Adam’s apples are covered in fur. Some dogs can look like they have an Adam’s apple if they don’t have thick fur on the neck. The only way is to check it with your finger and locate it inside the dog’s fur.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? Yes, male and female dogs have an Adam’s apple. You can try to feel it in the middle of their throat until you find a little lump. Don’t worry. It is harmless to dogs, and it’s normal for your dog to have them.


Do Male Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?

Yes, male dogs have Adam’s apple. Many canine owners are still wondering about ‘do dogs have Adams apples‘. They have never looked for it directly because they don’t focus on it. Many owners do not care about it.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? Curious owners will check their pet’s neck until they are relieved that their dog has one. Male dogs will have an Adam’s apple than females because they have more testosterone. Testosterone makes a dog’s Adam’s apple grow bigger.


Do Female Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?

Yes, female dogs have a larynx or an Adam’s apple although they are no bigger than male dogs. Try to check the female dog’s front neck and use your finger to locate Adam’s apple. If there are female dogs that don’t have it, don’t worry because there are also dogs that don’t and that’s normal.

Do girl dogs have Adam’s apples? If you find it with your finger, then they have it. Sometimes people ask about ‘do dogs have Adam’s apples‘ because canine owners are curious whether dogs have them like humans and have no other intention because they are not dangerous.


Do Dogs Have A Lump In Their Throat?

The little lump is known as dog Adam’s apple. If there are other lumps around the dog’s Adam’s lump location, look at the dog’s behavior when you try to press it. If the shape is different like an Adam’s apple, see if there are tumor symptoms as shown in the table below.

Tumor symptomsExplanation
RegurgitationDogs vomit several times undigested food or blood.
DysphagiaDogs seem to have difficulty swallowing their food.
Whining while swallowingDogs feel pain in their throat with every swallow.
CyanosisMucus membranes have bluish color.
PtyalismDrooling and excessive salivation
SwellingObvious swelling on throat or neck area.

Although this doesn’t answer about ‘do dogs have Adam’s apples’ you need to worry if your dog has a tumor around the dog’s Adam’s apple. Dogs will not experience any of the above if they only have Adam’s apple. The larynx will not harm dogs because it includes body parts.


Where Is A Dogs Adams Apple?

Many are still confused about ‘do dogs have Adam’s apple or not’ because they can’t see it. You should hold the area with your fingers and feel around the dog’s throat until you find the little bump.

But if you find another lump around Adam’s apple, immediately take your dog to the vet for the possibility of a tumor growing around your dog’s neck. An enlarged tumor will make it difficult for your dog to eat or do their activity.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? Both males and females do. Try to locate the larynx with your finger, Point your dog’s head slightly up until you find a little lump in the middle of their throat. Do not do it rudely because it can make your dog uncomfortable.

Do dogs have adam's apples
Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?


What Is The Lump On My Dog’s Neck?

There shouldn’t be any lump other than the dog’s Adam’s apple. If you find another lump and your dog is whining when you touch it, try getting your dog checked by a vet. The possibility of a dog having a tumor in the neck is also there because the tumor can grow in any part of the dog’s body.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? Yes, and one lump in the dog’s throat is normal. Dogs held by the larynx will not cause any reaction if you touch them gently. The lump on the dog’s neck other than Adam’s apple can be dangerous if not treated immediately.

Try to see the dog’s behavior when eating, whether they have difficulty swallowing their food or often vomit food sometimes after eating. If there are any signs regarding their throat, it is a sign that your dog lumps other than Adam’s apple on their throat.


Do Dogs Have Adams Apples Like Human Beings?

Adam’s apple is not only owned by humans because dogs and cats have it even though it is unnoticeable. Check the inside of the fur, and feel for a little lump in the middle of the throat. Do it slowly so as not to startle your dog.

While most women don’t have an Adam’s apple, female dogs are more likely to have it. Some female humans have an Adam’s apple even though it is not as big as a male’s.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? Female dogs have it, and you need to feel it with your fingers. The shape of the Adam’s apple on female dogs is not as big as male dogs, so you will only feel a tiny lump on the center of their neck.


Can You Feel A Dogs Adams Apple?

It depends on how you search for it. The larger the dogs, the dog’s Adam’s apple enlarged. Just like humans, adult dogs are easier to find Adam’s apples than puppies. Testosterone makes Adam’s apple grow bigger. That’s normal if you find it hard to find Adam’s apple in female dogs.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? Almost all dogs have it, and this is normal. If you can’t feel where the dog’s Adam’s apple is there’s nothing to worry about. Sometimes some dogs do not have specific parts. As long as they are healthy, there is nothing to worry about.


Can You Feel A Dogs Larynx?

Find the dog’s larynx below the chin and in the front of their neck. If you have trouble locating the dog’s larynx, take your dog on your lap, pet them, and try to tilt the dog’s head up for a while to find out where the larynx is.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? The larynx is the nickname used by every vet on dogs or cats. Because the shape is the same as that of a human, many canine owners prefer to call it the Adam’s apple. Not many pet owners notice that their dog has them because they are unnoticed.


Do Puppies Have Adam’s Apples?

You’ll find it easier to find a dog’s Adam’s apple when you’re an adult than when you were puppies. All dog’s body parts still feel small on puppies because they can grow bigger. Wait until your dog enters the adult stage and check do dogs have Adam’s apples.

Don’t be sad or worried if your dog doesn’t have an Adam’s apple, because not all female dogs have it. Maybe your dog has it but you don’t notice because of its small size. Male dogs will have a larger Adam’s apple than females.


What Does Adam’s Apple Do For Dogs?

Adam’s apple on dogs will protect the frontal parts and larynx wall. Adam’s apple also plays a role in deepening the dog’s voice which is very useful for male dogs entering puberty. Dogs sound deeper because they have the same Adam’s apple as humans.

Even though female dogs don’t have many of them, sometimes you can feel a tiny lump on their neck, as proof that every gender of dogs has it.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? Try to check the dog’s throat with your fingers. If you find a little bump in the middle of the neck, your dog has an Adam’s apple.


Why Are Some Dogs Adam’s Apple Unnoticeable?

Dogs that have a lot of hair under their chin will make Adam’s apple less visible. Adam’s apple on dogs doesn’t look as obvious as humans, and you have to use your finger to find the exact location. Don’t worry if your dog doesn’t have it, because your dog may have it but not as much as the others.

Do dogs have Adam’s apples? Try to search it gently with your finger. If necessary, check the entire neck to see if your dog started any other lump besides their Adam’s apple.


Final Verdict – Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples

Male and female dogs have an Adam’s apple although the size varies. The function of the Adam’s apple in dogs is the same as in humans, playing a role in deepening the dog’s voice and protecting the walls and frontal parts of the dog’s larynx.

Do dogs have adam's apples
Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples? Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples Like Humans?

Every veterinarian will refer to the dog’s Adam’s apple as the larynx. If you find other lumps in your dog’s throat, check with your vet to see if your dog has a tumor or not.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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