Do Dogs Have Uvulas? (9 Interesting Facts)

If we look at cartoons with dogs in them, we often see dogs opening their mouths. When a dog cries, laughs, or screams, we notice a dangly little thing in the dog’s throat like an upside-down heart.

Do dogs have uvulas in real life? Dogs don’t have a uvula as we see in cartoons. The uvula is an elongated flap of tissue at the back of the human’s tongue. As we know, dogs do not use their tongues to lubricate the vocal cord as humans do.

It’s an interesting fact that all canine owners need to know. Let’s look at some of the most asked questions about dogs and the uvulas in this article.

Do dogs have uvulas
Do Dogs Have Uvulas?


What Animals Have Uvulas?

Yehuda Finkelstein, the Otolaryngologist from Tel Aviv University, researched how the uvula lubricates human’s vocal cords and concludes that no animal other than humans has a uvula. All other mammals have no uvula.

The uvula produces lots of saliva and is a biological marker that distinguishes humans from other animals. The research looked for uvulas from 9 different animals, including baboons, chimps, and sheep. A few baboons have underdeveloped uvulas, but baboons can’t be compared to uvula in humans.


Do Dogs Have Uvulas?

A uvula has the responsibility for moistening and lubrication by producing saliva in the mouth. Uvulas can prevent discomfort and choking when food enters the space between the nose and mouth. The piece of tissue in the uvula has an essential influence on human speech and produces specific sounds.

Dogs do not have and do not need a uvula because the way dogs communicate is different from humans. A uvula is not a necessary part of every creature, so it’s not uncommon for dogs not to have one.

Try to check domesticated dogs for their open mouths. You won’t find any uvula on the dog’s throat. You don’t have to worry if your dog doesn’t have one because dogs don’t need the uvula to make sounds or produce saliva as a moisturizer in their mouth.


What Does The Dangly Thing In The Back Of Your Throat Do?

The dangly thing behind the human’s throat is the uvula. The uvula hangs and looks like a dangly thing. The function of the uvula is to help humans swallow food and produce noises. If the food is not suitable for humans, the uvula becomes a gag reflex to regurgitate what is not suitable for eating.

Humans can still live without a uvula, and their mouth still feels normal. It’s just that for a moment, the mouth feels uncomfortable and dry. But there are some things you need to pay attention to if you have a swollen uvula.

The table below lists some reasons why you may have a swollen uvula.

What cause swollen uvulaExplanation
InfectionsCroup, mononucleosis, flu, and strep throat can lead to a swollen uvula. The throat may be afternoon and red.
AllergiesPuffed up tissue or skin, the uvula getting bigger because of seasonal allergies to pollen or grass.
InjuryComplications of tonsil removal procedures, frequent throwing up, endoscopy, and intubation are some of the causes of a swollen uvula.


Do All Dogs Have Uvulas?

No dog has a uvula. The animal that is still close to a dog, although closer to a dingo than a dog, is called the New Guinea singing dog. The New Guinea singing dog has two-pronged not-fully-formed uvulas.

The purpose of the uvula in New Guinea singing dogs is to trill and howling noises. The studies about these theories are minimal and still assume the noise arises from the animals’ uvula. Even so, we cannot equate the New Guinea singing dog to a dog, because it is still close to a dog, but not a dog.


Are Uvulas The Same As Tonsils?

Tonsils are not the same as uvula. The tonsils are made of lymph tissue, while the uvula is the finger-shaped piece of tissue in the throat. The uvula hangs down in the back of the throat.

The tonsils can be seen from the back of the mouth and on either side of the throat. The uvula can only be seen when humans open their mouths wide.

Do cats and dogs have uvulas? Cats and dogs don’t have uvulas. There has been research that has examined nine different animals and only found a few of the baboon species that have an underdeveloped uvula. Only humans have a fully-developed uvula.

Dogs and cats do not rely on the uvula for producing noises. That’s the reason why dogs and cats have a distinct vocal technique like humans, with static voices and pitches.


What Controls Voice In Dogs?

When dogs ark, some dogs use high-pitched yaps, and others are deep and intimidating. Dogs can regulate their voice directly by exhaling air in their larynx and out of their mouths. Just like a dog when it’s growling or yawning. Humans need the uvula to produce sounds, while dogs don’t.

Do dogs have uvulas? No. Every breed of dog does not have a uvula. Some of the sounds that dogs produce are barking, whining, growling, howling, and groaning. Dogs do not use the uvula, but the air vibrations in the dog’s mouth.


Why Do Dogs Not Have A Uvula?

Humans are the only animals that have a uvula. Dogs have a soft palate in the roof of the mouth and can protrude similarly to the uvula. Dogs that have problems with an elongated soft palate will experience several symptoms such as trouble breathing, gagging, and snoring.

Does dogs have uvulas? No, dogs do not have uvula. If you see a dangerous thing in the dog’s throat, immediately visit a veterinarian to check the dog’s health.


Why Don’t Dogs Have Uvulas?

Dogs don’t have uvula, but a dog’s throat will look similar to ours. The four major organs in a dog’s throat are the esophagus, trachea, larynx, and epiglottis. The larynx is the link between the nose and the trachea. The larynx serves as lower airway protection and the house of the dog’s voice box.

Do dogs have a uvula? No. While humans rely on the uvula to produce sounds, dogs have a special place called the voice box that is protected in the larynx. The trachea is the windpipe, next they have the epiglottis and the esophagus. The esophagus is the tube that connects to the dog’s stomach.

Do dogs have uvulas
Do Dogs Have Uvulas In Puppy Stage?


Do Dogs Have An Epiglottis?

Yes, dogs have an epiglottis and one of the four major organs in the dog’s throat. The epiglottis is a piece of cartilage that acts as a flap, and you can see it on the back of the dog’s tongue. The flap can close the windpipe’s opening to allow food or drink to enter the esophagus when the dog swallows.

Do dogs have uvulas? The uvula is not one of the four major organs because every dog does not have one. The uvula is also not an essential body part for dogs because dogs have a voice box for producing sounds.


Can Dogs Exist Without Uvulas?

Sure. Dogs can live without uvulas because, in every dog’s life, uvulas do not exist. Uvulas exist only in humans and not in other creatures. Although some have a uvula, their shape and function are not as perfect as that of humans.

Do cats and dogs have uvulas? No. Cats and dogs do not have a uvula. Even if a scientist wants to insert the same function as the uvula into the dog’s throat, it will not affect the dog’s life because dogs have their mechanism for swallowing food and producing sounds.


Do Dogs Have Tonsils?

Yes, every dog has three different tonsils. There are lingual tonsils, palatine tonsils, and pharyngeal tonsils. The lingual tonsils are at the base of the dog’s tongue and are very small. The palatine tonsils are the larger tonsils that are on either side of the dog’s mouth. The pharyngeal tonsils are in the nasal cavity and meet the throat.

The three tonsils are easy to see, and some are not. The palatine tonsils are one of the easiest types to see.


Do Dogs Have A Gag Reflex?

The uvula has a function as a gag reflex in humans. Although dogs do not have a uvula, they do have a gag reflex. The dog’s larynx has a function as a gag reflex. The inflamed larynx will make your dog gag.

When animals don’t have uvula, it doesn’t mean they don’t gag. Each animal has its body parts in their throat that make them throw up. Try to induce your dog’s vomiting when eating foreign objects or toxic foods. Your dog can vomit even though they don’t have a uvula.


Why Do Dogs Tongues Hang To The Side?

The hanging tongue is not uncommon. When a dog has a tongue that hangs to the side, several health problems occur in your dog.

If you have small-breed dogs, there is a genetic difference making the dog’s tongue too large, and the abnormal jaw bone does not support the tongue and makes it slip out through the gap.

But if it weren’t for genetics, your dog could be exposed to severe dental disease and make your dog’s teeth fall out.

The tongue can roll out to the side as trauma from jaw pain. Dogs with loss of the lower teeth can irritate their tongue because it hangs to the side.


Can Dogs Have Their Voice Box Removed?

There is a procedure for removing a dog’s voice box known as debarking or devocalization. Sometimes some neighbors are bothered by the dog’s barking problem. Many canine owners choose to take the debarking procedure as a remedy for their pets’ excessive barking.

But this cruel procedure strips the dog’s ability to communicate and vocalize. Even though your dog looks normal, dogs can’t communicate their feelings when they are happy, sad, afraid, bored, or frustrated. The invasive surgical procedure will remove lots of laryngeal tissue and significantly reduce the dog’s voice.


Disorders Of The Pharynx (Throat) In Dogs

Dogs don’t have uvula but might get throat disorders or pharyngitis. It’s the inflammation in the dog’s throat wall due to bacterial respiratory infections or cancer on the dog’s tonsils or mouth.

The symptoms start with a hoarse bark and coughing. The walls of the dog’s throat become swollen and cause other symptoms such as reduced appetite, weight loss, gagging, drooling, vomiting, fever, and slow eating due to pain.

Pharyngitis occurs because there is damage that occurs in the dog’s throat due to sharp objects, viral infections such as distemper, tonsillitis, cancer, or bacterial infections. It has nothing to do with the uvula because dogs don’t have it.


Final Verdict – Do Dogs Have Uvulas

Canine owners are curious about the inside of a dog’s mouth. When we see a cartoon and a dog screams, cries, or barks, we see an animation of a dangerous thing in the dog’s throat. Humans have it. The function is to produce sounds and saliva to keep the throat and tongue moist.

Do dogs have uvulas
Do Dogs Have Uvulas From Birth?

Dogs don’t have a dangly thing on the dog throat or uvula. They produce sounds from the voice box or larynx tissue. Dogs do not need a uvula and have a gag reflex from the larynx.

No other animal besides humans has a uvula. There are only certain animals that have an underdeveloped uvula even though their function is not as good as that of humans.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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