Do Goldfish Eat Other Fish? (9 Interesting Facts)

Goldfish comes from Asia where it has been bred and selected for more than a millennium. It was only from the 17th century that it was introduced in Europe. Today, it is one of the new pets most valued by a man. The size of the goldfish varies according to the varieties but generally remains between 10 and 25 cm for fish living in aquariums. In the aquarium, reproduction will be infrequent because the eggs are often eaten by goldfish.

Do goldfish eat other fish? Yes, goldfish can eat other fishes in a tank. They do it mainly because of a poor environment, lack of space, mistakenly when finding food, or when other fish are unhealthy or dead.

Goldfish are omnivorous pets. To avoid goldfishes eating other fishes, the owner should provide a good environment and the basis of the goldfish diet is aquarium food (granules, flakes) which is very energetic and of very good quality.

Do goldfish eat other fish
Do goldfish eat other fish?

What do goldfish eat other than fish food? Fish must also have regular vegetable intake (boil vegetables for a few minutes and crush them). Feeding quantity and frequency should be limited (about two minutes per meal for an adult goldfish and two meals per day maximum).


Do Goldfish Eat Other Fish?

Do goldfish eat other fish? No, goldfish are not predator fish, they will never intend to eat other fishes in the tank. However, sometimes when goldfishes mistake small fishes or their babies for food, they might swallow them. Small fishes or baby goldfish may look like food for adult goldfish and they may eat them by mistake.

An owner should note that a goldfish will only eat other small fishes or baby goldfish as a mistake and not to harm others. If the owner doesn’t find a tank mate of the goldfish, it can be possible that the goldfish may have swallowed it.


Why Will Goldfish Eat Other Fish?

Most of the time a goldfish will eat another fish due to a mistake. It happens because of the limited space they are kept in. Many owners complain about having half eaten fish swimming because their goldfish ate them. It can only be possible if the tank is small or the attacked fish was sick.


Do Goldfish Eat Their Babies?

Do goldfish eat other fish babies? Yes, sometimes a goldfish may eat its babies or babies of other fishes. goldfishes don’t have any feelings for their children.

It is just part of nature for them. Because they don’t attach any feelings to their children, they end up eating some of the babies out of hundreds of baby goldfishes produced by them. It can also be done due to mistakes.

Do big goldfish bully little goldfish? A goldfish will eat its babies when they are hungry, so owners are recommended to separate goldfishes from their mothers and other fishes to ensure their survival.


Do Goldfish Eat Snails?

Generally, a good fish would not eat a snail. However, sometimes when an owner has a snail that is smaller than the mouth of a goldfish, they might end up in the stomach of the goldfish.

Furthermore, if the owner has male and female snails but doesn’t want them to have babies, then a goldfish would help in controlling their population as goldfishes are known to eat the eggs of snails.

In addition, some owners ask What fish can live with a goldfish? A goldfish can live with fishes like Dojo Loach, Zebrafish,  Loach and some other species.


Do Goldfish Eat Shrimp?

A goldfish is known to eat anything that fits its mouth. Due to their extremely small size, shrimp is also at risk when kept with a goldfish. A shrimp may be eaten by goldfish.

If the owner wants their shrimp to live and thrive, they should not keep them in the tank of goldfish because goldfish will eat the shrimp.


Why Do All Goldfish Eat Other Fish?

Why do goldfish eat other fish? goldfishes will eat anything that fits in their mouth. Because they don’t have any feelings, goldfish may even eat their babies, who can fit their mouth, when adults are hungry.

Sometimes, goldfishes can also eat large fishes too. The reason why a Goldfish may eat another large fish is to create more space for itself. When goldfish considers that they are in a crowded tank, they become aggressive and often end up eating other fishes.

Goldfish are territorial fishes. So, it is also possible for goldfishes to eat or be aggressive towards new fish in the tank when they feel the tank is overcrowded. So, the owner should ensure that their pet is kept in a tank that has enough space for goldfish to live comfortably and have quality food.

Furthermore, even though goldfishes won’t get aggressive very often, goldfishes are also known to eat fishes that are weaker than them in the tank. A goldfish won’t like to have sick or injured fish in a tank and will try to eat them.


Can A Goldfish Kill Other Fish?

Do goldfish eat other fish? Yes, goldfish may kill another fish. It would be done by eating them. Most of the time, goldfish will eat fishes that are smaller than them but sometimes they can even eat larger fishes. However, the owner should understand that goldfishes aren’t predators or cannibals.

Why do goldfish eat other goldfish? The main reason why a goldfish will eat a small goldfish or any other fish is that they are easy to swallow and they easily swallow them out of a mistake. When it comes to larger fishes, a goldfish may eat a large fish when there is less space, if the other fish is sick or if the other fish is bothering them.

When a goldfish is fulfilled with its environment and food needs, it won’t attack anyone except for eating small fish by mistake. Goldfishes are very friendly and social fishes that are fine with living with other fishes. However, the owner must check if the tank isn’t overcrowded.


Preventing Goldfish Eating Other Fishes

Why do goldfish eat other fish and how to prevent it? To avoid having goldfish attacking fish in the tank, the owner should keep some factors in mind. If the owner provides the right environment for goldfish, a goldfish will never intend to harm or kill any other fish.

There are many ways an owner can apply in a tank to get their tank to be a peaceful place. The owner should bear in mind that the environment is the main trigger point for goldfishes to become aggressive and harm other fishes.

The answer to the question: Why is my goldfish eating my other fish? Some of the ways, an owner can prevent goldfishes from killing other fishes are as follows


Provide Enough Space

A goldfish will naturally become aggressive when they don’t have enough space to roam freely. A tight space will make them agitated and stressed, which will affect their health. An owner should provide at least 10 gallons of water for each of their goldfish. If the owner has 4 goldfish, they will need 40 gallons of water.

An overcrowded tank will encourage goldfish to take the lives of other fishes and make room for themselves.

Furthermore, because goldfishes produce a lot of waste during the day, overcrowded tanks might not be as hygienic as required, which will make the tank a poor place for goldfishes. So, owners are recommended to provide large enough space, for goldfishes to be more friendly towards each other.



Water is also important for fish. Space and water are somehow correlated to each other. If the fish is kept in little space, water will naturally turn unhygienic and poor more quickly. Poor water quality can be another stressful situation for goldfishes to bite other fishes.

To keep the water clean, owners should have fish limited to the quantity of water and clean the water at least once or twice a week as required.



Food given to the goldfish should be of high quality and it should be provided at a specific time and that too in a specific quantity. The digestion process of goldfish is a lot different from any other animal. They don’t have a stomach, so the food doesn’t stay inside them for too long.

It is recommended to feed goldfishes 3 times a day and the owner should clean all the food that they didn’t eat in 2 minutes. When feeding, the owner should keep in mind to not overfeed them or never underfeed them. Overfeeding will cause health problems and underfeeding will make them eat each other.



Sometimes, an owner may misunderstand their goldfish to be eating other fish while in reality, they may be trying to mate with other goldfish. When a male goldfish is chasing down a female goldfish, it often looks more like an aggressive move to humans while it’s not.

However, an owner should always keep in mind to separate the pregnant fish from others and baby fishes should also be separated when mothers have given birth to them. As excessive babies often are eaten by adult guppies to make some space.


Additional Improvements

An additional effort can make a lot of difference. The owner should take extra measures to make sure that the fishes aren’t trying to kill each other. Some extra measures like adding a separator would help in keeping fish in the same tank and at the same time, the risk of them eating one another is reduced.

Additionally, to improve the quality of water and to keep the water clean for a long time, owners can add live plants which will give a more natural touch and keep the water clean for a long time.

Adding other natural elements like rocks or artificial structures will also help them to have a hiding spot from one another.


Separate The Bullying Fish

If the owner observes that there is one particular fish that is being more aggressive towards other fishes, the owner should separate that particular fish from the rest of the fish. An owner can try to add the bullying fish after some time, if that fish is still bullying, the owner would need to add a permanent separate tank for that fish.


Taking Care Of Sick Fish

Many goldfishes are seen eating the fishes that are injured or sick. If the owner feels that they have fishes that are ill, they should be separated immediately because they can be eaten by goldfishes.

If a fish is attacked by a goldfish, the owner will have to separate them as well until they are fit and healthy again.

Do goldfish eat other fish
Do goldfish eat other fish?


Do Goldfish Eat Other Dead Fish?

Do goldfish eat other fish that are dead? If a fish dies in a tank, a goldfish may try to eat it, to remove it from the tank. Once a goldfish sees a dead fish, it will start eating it immediately, so the owner should remove the fish as soon as possible.

This doesn’t mean that goldfishes are predators but they will do so to clean their environment and they are always looking for food.


Do Goldfish Eat Other Fish Eggs?

Do goldfish eat other goldfish eggs? Yes, goldfishes are often seen eating the eggs because they don’t have any parental feelings. To save the eggs, the owner should make sure they separate the fish from eggs as soon as they first see the eggs.


Do Goldfish Eat Other Fish Tail?

A goldfish may eat the tails of other fishes when they aren’t given enough space. Do goldfish eat other goldfish tails? Yes, if a goldfish is kept in a poor environment, it may eat the tails of other fishes. The owner should provide a comfortable for the goldfish to live peacefully.


Do Black Moor Goldfish Eat Other Fish?

Are goldfish edible for black moor goldfish? Yes, a black moor goldfish may eat another fish that is small in size. A goldfish is known to eat a fish that can fit in its mouth. However, goldfishes are not predators. They would never hurt or bully a fish.  They will eat eggs, small fishes and dead fish. However, they won’t intentionally kill a fish to eat them.


Do Goldfish Eat Other Small Fish?

Do big goldfish eat other fish? Yes, it is possible for goldfish eats other fish. However, goldfishes won’t do it intentionally. goldfishes will eat anything that is the size of their mouth. So, if the owner keeps small and large goldfishes together, adult goldfishes may eat small fish.

Do goldfish eat minnows? Minnows can be eaten by goldfishes if they fit the mouth of goldfish but Do goldfish eat guppies also? Yes, guppies can also be eaten by goldfishes.


Do Comet Goldfish Eat Other Fish?

Yes, a comet goldfish can eat another fish. A goldfish will only eat a fish that can fit in their mouth or the one that is dead. However, goldfishes are not predators. Do goldfish kill other fish? They would never hurt or bully a fish, they wouldn’t intentionally kill a fish to eat them.  They may eat eggs, small fishes and dead fish.


Do Fancy Goldfish Eat Other Fish?

Do goldfish eat other fish? Yes, a fancy goldfish might eat another fish that is small in size or the one that is dead. However, goldfish won’t kill another fish to eat them. Do goldfish eat other dead fish? A goldfish is not a predator fish. They will only eat a fish that can fit in their mouth and the fishes that are sick or dead.


Do Oranda Goldfish Eat Other Fish?

Yes, an oranda goldfish may eat another fish that is small in size. However, they are not predators, they won’t kill another fish to fill their tummy neither will they ever hurt nor bully a fish. A goldfish may eat small fish by mistake but a gold fish will eat a dead fish or a live fish due to lack of space or poor environment.


Does Goldfish Eat Other Fish?

Do goldfish eat smaller fish? Yes, goldfishes may eat fish, however, that is done without any intention to eat fish. Many owners ask Why is my goldfish killing my other fish? It can be due to lack of space or unhealthy fish in the tank.


Do Common Goldfish Eat Other Fish?

Do goldfish eat other fish? Yes, a common goldfish can eat another fish that fits their mouth. Common goldfish are not predator fish. They will only eat eggs, small fishes and dead fish. The reason to eat a fish or egg won’t be to hurt any other fish but for their own comfort or due to mistake.

Do goldfish eat other fish
Do goldfish eat other fish? Do goldfish eat other fish in aquarium? Do goldfish eat other fish pets?


Final Verdict – Do Goldfish Eat Other Fish

Do goldfish eat other fish? Yes, a goldfish will eat other fish. It is often seen however, goldfishes aren’t aggressive fishes, they won’t do it to hurt other fishes. Why do goldfish eat other fish? A goldfish will eat other fishes because of a poor environment, lack of space, eating small fishes mistakenly, dead fish, unhealthy fish.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet fish a good and comfortable life!

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