Goldfish Poop : Do Goldfish Poop and Pee? 9 Clear Health Facts

The goldfish is one of the favorite animals of fish lovers. And for good reason, it requires very little maintenance but still brings a comforting presence in a home. However, many owners of goldfish don’t know much about goldfish pee and poop. How often do they poop, and pee? What should be taken care of when they poop and pee? Many owners don’t even know what it looks like.

Many owners want to know what a healthy goldfish poop looks like. A healthy goldfish poop will be chunky and in small portions. The color of their poop is generally similar to the color of the food that they eat.

Sometimes owners notice white poop, which is an indication of something wrong with the health of goldfish. If the owner finds that the goldfish is pooping white they should consult with a vet.

If the owner sees a long poop, it can be caused due to overfeeding. In this case, owners should recheck the diet schedule of their pet fish.

Goldfish poop
Goldfish poop – Do goldfish poop and pee?


Do Goldfish Poop and Pee?

Yes, goldfishes, just like any other fish or animal do poop and pee. However, the way goldfish poops and pee is far different from any other animal. A goldfish would eliminate urine through its gills called teleost gills. Furthermore, goldfish poop from a very tiny opening that is around their tail. This is the place from where they eliminate poop.

Owners need to understand the anatomy of their pets to properly take care of them because it helps in understanding the overall health of the fish.

To fully understand how the digestion process takes place in goldfishes, it is informative to understand that goldfish will first eat the food and drink water through the pharynx that is a part of the back of their mouth.

Gold Fishes don’t have a stomach. The food and water go directly into their intestines. Water is absorbed by osmosis before heading to the intestines of goldfish.

Further, extra water is eliminated in the form of urine through kidneys and food waste is eliminated from a tiny opening at the back of their tail.


What Should Goldfish Poop Look Like?

The faeces of goldfish can tell a lot about the health of goldfish. If the faeces of goldfish is chunky, short and has the same colour as the food they eat, then it can be concluded that the goldfish is healthy and their poop is normal.

However, if the goldfish is having a long tail of poop, it will be a symptom that the owner is overfeeding their pet.


What Does Goldfish Poop Look Like?

Normal Goldfish poop is in small pieces and chunky. It is generally of the same color as the food eaten by goldfish. If the owner sees such poop, the owner should consider it as a healthy goldfish poop.


My Goldfish Is Pooping A Lot, What To Do?

If the owner observes that their fish is popping a lot, it can be possible that they are being overfed. After observing the feeding patterns, the owner should control how much they feed their pet.

If required, the owner should not feed their fish for a day to clear the digestive tract of their fish.


Why Is There Poop Hanging From My Fish?

If the poop is hanging out from the fish, it most probably means that the fish is eating much more than is required. The owner should control feeding their pet and learn how much food their fish needs.


How Do You Deal With Goldfish Poop?

Owners need to clean the poop of their fishes and clean the tank. Goldfish poop and pee in the tank which increases ammonia and bacteria in the tank, making it unhygienic for fishes to survive in the tank.

To deal with goldfish poop, the owner should clean the poop by changing the water frequently together with cleaning the tank properly. The owner should use a vacuum on gravel if required, to clean poop, uneaten food, dead plants etc.


How Much Does A Goldfish Poop?

The frequency of goldfish poop highly depends on how many times they are getting food and how much quantity of food they get. If the fish is getting the same amount of food at a specific time, they will poop at a specific time. If goldfish are regularly getting food, they would poop at least once in 24-48 hours.


What Is Goldfish Poo Trouble?

If a goldfish is having trouble pooping or if the owner has noticed that their pet may have not pooped for a long time, it can be possible that they are having a constipated goldfish. However, if the owner can’t see the poop of the goldfish, it can be possible that the goldfish is pooping but the owner may not be seeing it.

If the owner is observing other signs of constipation like bloating, lethargy, poor appetite or clamped fins, it can be possible that they are suffering constipation. The owner should consult with a vet to solve constipation.


Why Is There White Stringy Goldfish Poo?

Fantail Goldfish with Clear stringy poop is a symptom that the fish is getting overfed. Goldfish poop string is a sign of overeating. However, if the goldfish poop is white, it is a bad sign and the owner should immediately consult a vet to get their fish checked.


Why Is Goldfish Poop With Air Bubbles?

If the owner is observing air bubbles in the goldfish poop, it can be possible that the fish is struggling for oxygen, or if the tank has more fish than it can handle. Sometimes, warm water can also lead to fishes having bubbles in their poop. The owner should find a solution to this problem, as it is a wrong indication.


When Do Goldfish Poop?

The owner can expect their pet to poop after a few hours of eating. The goldfish will poop once or twice in 24-48 hours. The goldfish will have a digestion process from eating to digesting and secreting in a few hours.


Why Is My Goldfish Poop So Long?

If the owner observes goldfish long stringy poop, it is possible that the fish is being overfed by their owners. Owners should read and be informed on how to schedule and at what time should they feed their pets. The owners should have a specific timetable for their fish food time so that they don’t find goldfish poop trailing.


Why Do Goldfish Poop So Much?

A normal goldfish won’t poop a lot. In some cases, when an owner feeds their fish too much, it can lead to goldfish pooping a lot. When petting fishes or any other animal, the owner should always be very careful with the feeding schedule. In the case of goldfish, overfeeding can even lead to early death.


Do Goldfish Poop A Lot?

On average a goldfish poop gang would poop once in 24 to 48 hours. So there isn’t a lot of excretion among goldfish. However, in some cases, goldfishes may poop a lot if they are being overfed. So owners need to have a proper feeding schedule for their pets.


Why Is My Goldfish Poop White?

If the owner notices that their pet is eliminating a white poop, it can mean different things. The owner should be aware that goldfish poop clear is not a good sign and they should work immediately to correct what’s wrong. The most common reasons, why a goldfish poop white includes the following reasons:-


Improper Diet Or Food

If the fish is getting poor or bad food, it can lead to white poop. It is one of the most common reasons for white poop. The owner should check what they have been feeding their pets in the last few days or months, depending on the period the white poop is being eliminated.

Goldfishes require a versatile diet that is rich in nutrients and vitamins that are required by them. In their diet, goldfish need live food, meat, vegetation, and tropical flakes. If the owner is failing to provide a versatile diet, the owner is simply mistaking the food requirements of their fish and they should make changes as soon as possible.


Bacterial Growth In Fish

If a goldfish is having bacterial infections, it can be possible that the fish is white faeces due to bacterial infections. To confirm that the fish is having a bacterial infection, the owner should also check other symptoms of bacteria infection including lethargy, bloating, and a lack of appetite.

If the owner notices such symptoms, they should immediately consult a vet. If the stage of infection is early, the fish will get treated with a few antibiotics.



Even though it is very rare for fishes to get parasites like roundworm, Hexamita or tapeworm in a tank, white poop can also be caused by parasites. The parasites are inside the body of fish. Though it’s not very common for tank fishes to get parasites if the owner thinks that they should consult a vet.


Pale/Translucent White Poop

If the owner notices that their fish is secreting goldfish white poop that is pale or translucent, it can be possible that the fish isn’t getting enough food from their owners. Pale or translucent poop means that fish isn’t getting enough nutrients in their body.

The owner should be careful with the diet of their pet fish. There should be a proper timing and food chart that follows the routine to feed the fish and the owner should follow it very diligently. The diet menu should be made so that the fish gets all the nutrients it requires.

Goldfish poop
Goldfish poop – Do goldfish poop and pee?


What Eats Goldfish Poop?

No fish eats the goldfish poop and neither do shrimps, plecos or catfish will eat fish poop. Sometimes fishes are seen eating their poop but that is rare and they do it because they mistake it for food. To get rid of the goldfish poop floating, the only way is to clean the tank regularly with a vacuum or manual.


How To Clean Goldfish Poop?

The only way to clean the tank of goldfish is by using the vacuum or cleaning the tank manually. It is a very integral part. The quality of life of fish depends on the quality of the tank they are in. So it is very important to clean the tank.


Do Goldfish Eat Their Poop?

Goldfishes won’t eat their poop. Goldfish eating poop is very rare. However, in some cases, goldfish may eat their poop. There are three reasons why a goldfish may eat their poop, but a goldfish would never eat their poop to fulfil their nutritional requirements or hunger.

The first reason why goldfish may eat their poop is simply due to a mistake. The poop of a goldfish is somewhat similar to the food, which often confuses the fishes when eating their poop. When fish eat their poop, they will immediately take it out and won’t eat it any further.

Another reason why goldfish may eat their poop is when goldfishes are exploring their environment. When a fish is exploring their environment, during that time too, they won’t take in poop, they will bite it and throw it out. When a fish is exploring its environment, it is a good sign that the fish is healthy.

In extreme conditions, goldfish will eat their poop without spitting it out when they are extremely hungry. This is very bad and can lead to death among the pets. Owners should make sure that they are following a routine diet with nutritious food.


Why Is There Green Goldfish Poop In The Tank?

The poop of a fish would be similar to what they are eating. If there is goldfish green poop, it can be possible that they may have eaten something green like vegetation or green pellets for fishes. Even goldfish pink poop or goldfish red poop is normal if they are eating something of a similar color.

Many times owners get confused and worried seeing goldfish red poop until it’s similar to the color of food, it’s fine. However, if the owner suspects something is wrong, they should consult a vet.


Why Is Goldfish Black Poop?

If the goldfish is excreting black poop, it will be a symptom that the goldfish is excreting the dead worms from their intestine. It can be the result of the medication that the vet gave to your pet. Black poop means that worms are now not in the intestine of the fish.

However, if the goldfish has black poop without any medication all of the sudden, the owner should consult a vet and take any required medication as guided by the vet.


What Should Goldfish Poop Look Like?

The poop of goldfish should be short and chunky. The color of goldfish poop would be similar to what they eat. So, owners should expect that the poop of the goldfish should be solid in small quantities.


Why Is My Goldfish Poop Hanging Out?

Many owners complain that their goldfish poop looks like worm. If the poop of goldfish is hanging, it can be possible that the fish is eating more than what is required. The owner should create a diet plan for their pet if they are seeing their goldfish long stringy poop.

The diet plan should consist of proper timing and a meal plan. The owner should feed each meal in limited quantity, to not overfeed and not underfeed the fish to help fish excrete healthy goldfish poop.

Is it dangerous if goldfish has poop hanging out? The owner should be concerned with goldfish poop long stringy and focus on changing the diet plan of the fish.


What Is Normal Goldfish Poop Color?

To understand if a goldfish is pooping normally, the owner should observe the color and chunkiness of the goldfish poop. The goldfish poop color is generally of the same color as the food a goldfish is eating. If goldfish eat the food of green color they will poop green and if they eat something red, goldfish poop red would be normal.


What Does Goldfish Poop Look Like?

An owner can see a lot of poop excreted by goldfish. A normal goldfish poop will be chunky and short. However, sometimes owners complain about goldfish long poop which is often considered as goldfish with funny poop. It means that the owner is feeding a lot of food to their pet and it should be controlled.

Sometimes, owners also see goldfish clear poop. Often white poop is an indication of a problem. If the owner sees clear goldfish poop, a vet should be contacted immediately.

Goldfish poop
Goldfish poop – Do goldfish poop and pee?


Final Verdict – Goldfish Poop

A healthy goldfish poop is an indication that they are doing fine. So it is important to understand what an average poop looks like. On average a goldfish will poop in short portions. The poop will be chunky and of a similar color to the food.

White poop or long-tailed poop is the most common poop that is considered bad for goldfish. White poop may be an indication of improper food consumption or bacterial or parasitic infections. While long poop may be an indication of overfeeding.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet fish a good and comfortable life!

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