Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Water? 9 Menacing Facts

Hamsters are pets with a lot of energy and are active at night. Sometimes, owners don’t know about caring for this furry little pet. A hamster that doesn’t drink enough can be a source of confusion and stress for its owners.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? Hamsters don’t drink water because there are several factors. A stressed hamster, a new environment, getting sick, or an improperly installed water bottle are some factors that can cause a hamster to suddenly stop drinking.

We need to know in detail what makes a hamster lose interest in drinking. Let’s read this article to the end.

Why is my hamster not drinking water
Why is my hamster not drinking water?


Is My Hamster Drinking Water?

Hamsters need a drink after exercising on the spinning wheel, running around the cage, or whatever activity your hamster is doing. Ensure that you give your hamster access to drink fresh water using a water bowl or water dispenser.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? If your hamster doesn’t seem to be drinking, check out some of the possible reasons your hamster refuses to drink. Hamsters are animals that are sensitive to their environment. If their cage is dirty or the drink you provide has a bad smell, your hamster won’t drink.


Do Hamsters Drink A Lot Of Water?

Water needs in hamsters vary depending on their breed and gender. The average hamster needs to drink 10-30 ml of water or 10 ml per 100 grams of hamster’s body weight. A more active hamster will need to drink more. If hamsters have memorized their access to drinking, they will drink according to their needs.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? Hamsters who are stressed can make them refuse to drink. Try to look for factors that stress them out, such as loud noises, bright lights, or a dirty cage.


Why Won’t My Hamster Drink Water?

Hamsters who do not drink as usual will panic the owners. Why hamsters don’t drink water must be found as the source of the problem, and must be seen how much water the hamster drank before and how long after the hamster stopped drinking.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? Hamsters who don’t want to drink can become a severe problem if they do it continuously. Hamsters can become dehydrated and susceptible to disease. Monitor your hamster’s behavior and take it to the vet if it gets serious.


What Do You Do If Your Hamster Won’t Drink Water?

The hamster’s behavior will be different than usual. Hamsters who drink less will reduce their activity and ruffled coat. They will move slowly as if they don’t have the energy to exercise or move around the cage. You must know how to restore your hamster’s condition.

The table below is how to get your hamster to drink water.

How to doExplanation
Rehydrate hamsterAdminister fluids to your hamster with a syringe. You can ask your vet if there is a rehydration fluid needed for a hamster that contains salts and sugars.
Feed hamsters with fresh produceFruits and vegetables that have high water content can reduce dehydration. Cucumber is a vegetable that is suitable for your hamster.
Take hamster to the vetEvery vet can provide advanced dehydration treatment. Your vet will analyze how severe the hamster’s dehydration is and what treatment is appropriate.

I didn’t know the problem with my hamster until he showed a behavior change and slept more in his hiding place. Why is my hamster not drinking water due to illness. The vet gave antibiotics and medicine to recover my lovely pet.


How Do I Get My Hamster To Drink Water?

Refresh the water supply and check if the water bottle is functioning properly. If your hamster still won’t drink, try a different color or type of water bottle. Entice your hamster to drink by giving the hamster favorite food and preparing drinks after eating.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? Hamster not drinking in a new cage because hamsters are not used to their new environment. Let the hamster settle in its new enclosure and still provide access to water.


How Long Can A Hamster Not Drink Water?

Some owners will notice the new hamster is not drinking water. You shouldn’t force a hamster that has just come into your home to act normal because they have to adapt. You can entice them to drink before dehydration after 24 hours without water.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? Hamsters are still aware of their new environment and make sure their cage is free from threats. Once the hamsters have calmed down, they can start eating or drinking.


How Can I Tell If My Hamster Is Dehydrated?

Hamsters who are sick can be seen from how they move in their cage. I haven’t seen my hamster drink from her water bottle, and they sleep more than usual. I checked the water bottle is still functioning properly, and I change the freshwater every morning.

You can tell if your hamster is dehydrated with a skin tent test. Use your thumb and index finger to gently pinch at the hamster’s neck to create a tent of the hamster’s skin. After a while, if it stays up in a tent, your hamster is drinking less.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? The unwell hamster doesn’t want to eat or drink. You can help your hamster to drink by using a syringe.


How To Get Your Hamster To Drink Water?

My hamster is not drinking water almost all day. I saw the hamster perform destructive behavior by biting the cage and spinning around in the cage like a flurry. I tried to get the hamster out of the enclosure and calm him down.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? Hamsters that are under stress may have less appetite and not drink. Resolve hamsters from things that make them afraid or uncomfortable in the cage.

Why is my hamster not drinking water
Why is my hamster not drinking water?


Signs Of Dehydration In Hamsters

I’m worried my new hammys aren’t drinking their water. Their skin isn’t what it used to be and feels even drier. I saw the condition of my hamster with loose skin, labored breathing, sunken eyes, and dry mucous membranes. These are dehydration symptoms after my hamster got diarrhea.

Diarrhea can cause hamster loss of fluids and dehydration. Ensure you can give your hamster water by using a syringe or pointing the hamster at the water bottle until they drink.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? The hamster you have just taken care of needs to adapt to a new place or calm down with its surroundings. Don’t surprise your hamsters with new things, and gain their trust by petting them and giving them their favorite food.


Why Is My Syrian Hamster Not Drinking Water?

I’m concerned my hamster isn’t drinking water, and I think all owners do. I tried to check the water bottle that I prepared in the cage, and it didn’t work properly. The hamster has tried to get the drink out of the water bottle, but it doesn’t come out completely. It makes my hamster tired to try and choose not to drink.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? After I changed the water bottle and put fresh water in the water bowl, my hamster was excited to drink. A few moments later, I replaced it with a new water bottle in perfect condition.


Why Is My New Hamster Not Drinking Water?

Hamsters need to settle into their new environment. They are still not used to the condition of their cage while paying attention to whether there is a threat around their cage. It’s different from the problem of a 2 year old Syrian hamster won’t drink.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? My 2 years old Syrian hamster won’t drink because he is sick. I took it to the vet, and my vet administered fluid while giving me medicine to recover my pet.


Why Is My Dwarf Hamster Not Drinking Water?

Dwarf hamsters should not be dehydrated or not drink for more than 24 hours. Hamster conditions can be fatal if more than 2 days there is no access to water. Why is my hamster not drinking his water, because he doesn’t know how to get water from a water bottle.

Hamsters taken from the wild will be accustomed to digging into plants to find small water supplies. If you’re not familiar with their cage, dwarf hamsters don’t know how to drink from a water bottle.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? Hamsters are not used to the new environment and are still carried away by their wild instincts to find access to water by digging into plants.


Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Any Water?

Hamster’s age and breed can determine how much they need to drink. Why is my dwarf hamster not drinking water? Because he is old and less active, unlike when my hamster was young. Any hamster that grows older will drink less than before.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? Sometimes owners do not check the condition of the water bottle that has been given to the hamster. Malfunctioning apparatus is also a problem that makes hamsters unable to drink. Ensure you provide a water bottle with perfect function without any obstacles.


How To Know If Hamster Is Drinking Water?

When placing the water bottle, use a dry erase marker and draw a line at the highest water line. Weigh your hamster and determine how much your hamster should drink per day. If the hamster drinks more than half the water bottle, you know that the hamster is drinking water.

How long can a hamster go without water? Hamsters should not be left dehydrated for more than 24 hours. Hamsters will get worse if they don’t have access to water for more than a day. A fatal thing will happen if the hamster does not get water for the next 2 or 3 days.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? The quality of the water can affect the hamster’s desire to drink. If the water you serve is bad, the hamster may refuse to drink it.


Why Is My Hamster Not Eating?

The most familiar condition besides hamsters, not drinking is not eating. Hamsters can stop eating if the food is spoiled or not fresh. Poor hygiene will make the hamster stressed and will not eat or drink for some time to come.

Why is my hamster acting drunk? Try to check what food or drink the hamster consumes. If hamsters get food poisoning, they can act drunk. Check the hamster’s body temperature. If their temperature is too cold, hamsters can get sudden mood swings and not be able to control their bodies properly.

Why is my hamster not drinking water? The water in the water bottle has not been replaced for more than a day or there is an unpleasant odor around the water bottle. Sensitive hamsters will not touch spoiled food or drink.


Final Verdict – Why Is My Hamster Not Drinking Water

Hamsters are active animals that have a lot of energy. The more energy the hamster expends, the more often the hamster needs water to rehydrate. There are several reasons why hamsters refuse to drink. Water bottles that don’t work properly, spoiled water, stress, or illness.

Why is my hamster not drinking water
Why is my hamster not drinking water? Why is my hamster not drinking water in summer?

Hamsters that don’t drink for up to 24 hours are dehydrated and more susceptible to disease. Ensure you help them drink using a syringe or provide fruit or vegetables that have a lot of water content. A healthy hamster will drink a lot and eat according to its proper diet.

You can see whether the hamster is drinking frequently or not on its skin. Hamster skin will look fresh if the hamster drinks enough.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hamster a good and comfortable life!

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