How Do Clownfish Sleep? 4 Clear Places To Look For Sleeping Clownfish

Every aquatic pet owner wants to know interesting facts about their pet. When they live in the aquarium, they are not only swimming around and eating but there are many other things they do. One of the things that make aquatic pet owners curious is their sleeping habit.

How do clownfish sleep? Clownfish prefer to sleep in hidden places or under tanks. Clownfish will enter a trance-like state where their body is motionless, laying down, or floating. Their eyes stay open while they sleep because they don’t have eyelids. In the wild, clownfish will sleep in hollow shells or anemones.

If you want to know in more detail how clownfish sleep, read on in this article.

How do clownfish sleep
How do clownfish sleep?


Do Clownfish Sleep?

Yes, they do. Clownfish are diurnal and will sleep at night. Their sleep time is not far from our sleep schedule, between 8 hours or more. Some sleep until morning, some take a nap or doze off.

The way clownfish sleep can sometimes fool the owners because they look like dead fish. But don’t worry, clownfish are used to sleeping lying down on the bottom of the tank.

When their eyes are always open, it doesn’t mean they never sleep. Try to stay near the tank at night and watch how the clownfish sleep.


Do Clownfish Ever Sleep?

Clownfish sleep almost every day like us. One thing that keeps many pet owners from believing they are sleeping is that their eyes don’t close when they sleep. But that’s because clownfish don’t have eyelids. Clownfish have several ways to sleep.

Some are sleeping by hiding in anemones, in caves, lying down on substrates, or floating. New pet owners who have clownfish will worry about the condition of their fish at night because they float like helpless.

Don’t worry because that’s one way they sleep. Try tapping the glass from the aquarium. If they suddenly wake up, then they take a nap. Although this is a way to determine if something has happened, it can interfere with the clownfish’s sleep quality.


Where Do Fish Like To Sleep?

Wherever they think is safe and away from light. Clownfish are fish that cannot be exposed to light when they want to sleep. If the aquarium light is too bright, the clownfish will have trouble sleeping well.

If fish have nests, they will sleep in the same place every time. Some are looking for a shady place to outwit predators.


How Do Clownfish Sleep?

Clownfish will be motionless by keeping their eyes open. Their condition is like a trance where they don’t move their bodies much. The table below will make it easier for you to recognize the conditions of how clownfish sleep.

Clownfish sleepingExplanation
In the bottom of the tankClownfish lying down on substrates or anywhere on the bottom of the tank.
FloatingSleeping on the surface of the tank and not moving much.
Inside hiding placeClownfish sleep in anemones, caves, hollow shells, or anything that can be a hiding place.

Clownfish become the target of many predators when in the wild. They have soft pectoral fins and will find it difficult to run from predators when they sleep. That’s why they will look for a special place to sleep to secure themselves as well as to rest.


How Many Hours Do Clownfish Sleep?

Clownfish in captivity need good sleeping habits to prolong their life expectancy. In the wild, they cannot have a regular sleep time because of the many threats of predators. You must provide facilities and a comfortable place for the clownfish to sleep.

How long do clownfish sleep? Clownfish will sleep between 8-12 hours. You need to set the lights in the aquarium, with 12 hours on and 12 hours off. Bright lights will disturb the clownfish while sleeping. Even if you have provided a place for the clownfish to hide, giving them a dark room will have enough rest time.

How do clownfish sleep? Clownfish can sleep anywhere in the tank when the room is dark. Don’t be surprised if you see some clownfish on the surface of the tank because that’s how they sleep.


How Often Do Clownfish Sleep?

Clownfish are diurnal animals. They will sleep at night. If clownfish have a good habit of sleeping at night, they will only sleep at that time. But if you just picked up clownfish in the wild, they will sleep as long as there is a shady place in the tank.

How many hours do clownfish sleep? Sometimes the clownfish will sleep during the day. If the time they need to sleep is between 8-12 hours, then they can often sleep until they get enough sleep.

How do clownfish sleep
How do clownfish sleep?


Do Clownfish Sleep At Night?

Clownfish will doze off or sleep during the night. If the room near the aquarium is dark, it will make it easier to sleep and have good sleeping habits. An aquarium is a quiet place for them to live, so the clownfish can sleep without having to be afraid of being targeted by predators.

In the wild, clownfish have no fixed sleeping patterns. But if you can turn off the lights in the aquarium at night, you can start making clownfish sleeping habits until they have enough rest time.

Sometimes you will see some clownfish swimming even in the dark. But more are choosing to rest, just as clownfish are looking for a shady place.

How do clownfish sleep? They will lie in their body with no movement. The eyes remain open and can still be seen breathing from the gills’ movement.


Where Do Your Clown Fish Sleep At Night?

Anywhere they want. Pet aquatic owners who have set the lights in their aquariums to turn off at night will often find their clownfish sleeping anywhere. Some are on the tank surface, the bottom of the tank, or their hiding places.

Prepare anemones, shells, or caves for them to rest. Clownfish are not fish that can swim fast. They will enjoy calm water and a place to hide if they feel threatened.

How do clownfish sleep? If there are anemones, the clownfish will hide in them to sleep. They will lie down their body until they wake up. Do not disturb their sleep because they wake up easily.


How Do You Know When A Clownfish Is Sleeping?

Clownfish will be motionless while sleeping. They are lying down on their bodies. Unlike some fish, which sleep in the same position as they are swimming. Clownfish are never seen to stop swimming unless they are sick. If you see the clownfish stop moving, it is a sign that the clownfish is sleeping or taking a nap.

There are some amazing things about the clownfish’s sleeping behavior. Some clownfish can sleep while floating and sometimes surprise their owners because they look like dead fish. They will not respond to a knock in the aquarium or around it.

Look at the gills part. Clownfish will slow down their breathing while they sleep. As long as you see a clownfish lying down their body, but their breathing remains regular although slower, then that is a sign they are sleeping.


Is It Normal For Clownfish To Sleep At The Top Of The Tank?

Yes, it is normal. Clownfish will float on their side motionless. No need to worry about their behavior like that. Because it is a sign that they are sleeping comfortably without thinking about their surroundings. You will often see this behavior in clownfish in the aquarium.

In contrast to clownfish in the wild, which will seek hiding places while they sleep. They will not be comfortable sleeping in the open because many predators are after them. In addition, they will be difficult to run because they are not included as great swimmers.

How do clownfish sleep? By keeping his eyes open, his breath becomes slower, and his body rests on the substrate or shells.


Can Clownfish See At Night?

Clownfish cannot see at night or in dark rooms. Turning off the aquarium lights at night will form a new habit for them to sleep until they get enough time. Clownfish will be able to see again in the morning.

An aquarium that has not too bright a light will be suitable for a clownfish residence. They don’t need bright light to live. As long as the clownfish can approach the food you provide, it is enough for lighting their aquarium.

There is one interesting fact about how clownfish sleep. If the clownfish have found a pair, they will sleep in the same place. Almost no clownfish pair not sleeping together, unless they are not yet bonding with each other.


How Deeply Do Clownfish Sleep?

Clownfish will not respond to things around them when they sleep. If they are in anemones or hollow shells, they can sleep more peacefully and will not be disturbed by anyone. A dark room will help them to reduce their activities and create new habits for them to sleep at the same time.

I often see clownfish sleeping in an anemone. Even though I’ve knocked on the aquarium glass several times, the clownfish are still not bothered by the sound I make. Since I was also afraid to disturb them, I stopped the knocking and let them sleep until morning.

How do clownfish sleep? I saw my clownfish sleeping by placing its body on the bottom of the anemone-like we lay down on a mattress.


Clownfish Sleeping Vertically – Any Problem?

You will often see clownfish sleeping horizontally. It would be a little strange if you saw a clownfish sleeping vertically. Try consulting a vet to ask about your clownfish condition, why it doesn’t sleep like usual. Look around the tanks for anything that might make them uncomfortable.

If there are no problems around them, then they want to sleep vertically when in the middle of a rock, coral, or anemone.

How do clownfish sleep? Clownfish will not respond to things around them, are calmer when they have a place to hide, and their breath is quieter and longer. Never disturb the time when they sleep to get the clownfish to sleep at night.


How Do Ocellaris Clownfish Sleep?

Ocellaris clownfish sleep the same way as other clownfish species. Some sleep on the surface of the tank which is often a concern for every pet owner because it looks worrying. It’s their way of sleeping although it’s a bit unique.

If they have a nest, the clownfish can sleep with their pair and go anywhere together. Clownfish will not move much during sleep, and their breathing seems regular. Try to provide your aquarium with anemones, as a favorite place for them to rest.


Final Verdict – How Do Clownfish Sleep

How do clownfish sleep? Clownfish sleep with their eyes open, breathing slower, unresponsive, and not moving much. They can’t see when they’re in a dark room and will go about their normal activities when it’s morning. Clownfish prefer to sleep in hiding places such as hollow shells, anemones, corals, or caves.

How do clownfish sleep
How do clownfish sleep? How do clownfish sleep in captivity? How do clownfish sleep as pets? How do clownfish sleep and hibernate?

Some clownfish choose to sleep on the surface of the tank in a horizontal position. If there are clownfish that sleep vertically, it will be a little strange, and need to find out why they sleep in that position.

If you want to form a new habit for clownfish to sleep at night, you need to set the aquarium light to be on for 12 hours during the day, and off for 12 hours at night.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet fish a good and comfortable life!

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