How To Get Dogs Unstuck? 4 Censored Mating Stages Clearly Explained

Mating is a natural process in dogs. By this process, they produce offspring. Mating is when male dogs deposit sperm in females, and after fertilization and gestation period bitch produce fertile offspring. But many times, the dog gets stuck while mating. You can see this behavior in many dogs.

Are you thinking how to get dogs unstuck while they are mating? The best method is to allow the natural process of dogs getting unstuck after the Copulatory tie releases naturally after mating and not panic and do something that will injure your dog. Generally, dogs should get unstuck within 10 minutes to an hour naturally after mating. In case of longer Copulatory tie release period more than an hour, please call your Vet for assistance.

In this article, we will discuss How to get dogs unstuck, how to safely separate the dogs when they are stuck, and other things related to this. Let’s start the article.


Dog Mating Locking Mechanism

If you are a dog breeder, you should have enough knowledge about dogs’ mating process and know the difficulties in mating, like when dogs are stuck during mating. Mating is a good process for both dogs,but this may become serious because of the dog getting stuck while mating.

How to get dogs unstuck safely
How To Get Dogs Unstuck Safely

Breeding and mating is a very critical process in dogs. These processes are the best for a healthy life for dogs. But, how to get dogs unstuck? Usually, dogs get stuck while mating. When dogs are stuck while mating, it is unpleasant for dogs and breeders because the dogs remain in intercourse position due to sticking of adulatory organs.

 It is difficult to say whether they feel pain or not because both dogs move back to their back end. That is why it isn’t easy to conclude. The dogs get stuck due to the copulatory tie, and it is a natural thing that happens in dog’s mating. You don’t need to worry about the copulatory tie because it is a stage in the breeding mechanism.


Copulatory Tie

It is a natural phenomenon in the breeding of dogs in which the gland (bulbous glands) of the penis of a male gets swells in the private part. After the sperms are sent out, the male dog’s private part remains inside the female dog’s private part and that is the cause of copulatory tie.

How to get dogs unstuck? When the dogs get stuck, they look very anxious, but they are expected this is the truth. You need not worry when the dogs get stuck. Mating in humans is different from the dog’s mating.

There are many stages in the mating of dogs. Following are the stages in the mating of dogs.

  • Mounting: Male dog gets signals of mounting on a female dog when the bitches do something known as flagging. The female discharges the brown fluid that will attract the dogs. The dogs then chase the bitch and do mating. The flagging is a sign that a female is ready to mate.
  • Location of Vulva: the dogs locate the vulva very quickly, but sometimes the dogs don’t easily find the vulva. The dogs locate the vulva of females, and this is the beginning of mating in dogs.
  • Shooting the fluid: the dogs then shoot the prostatic fluid and the sperm in the female dog’s private part when they start humping.
  • Copulatory tie: after shooting sperm in the female dog’s private part, the dog gets stuck. The rear ends of both partners
  • After the copulatory tie, both partners release each other, and then the sperm is deposited safely in the female private part.


How to Get Dogs Unstuck?

No safe method is there to separate the dogs when they get stuck. Because mating is a natural process, it doesn’t need the intervention of a breeder. So how do you get dogs unstuck? If the dogs get stuck while mating, it doesn’t force them to separate because they may harm your dogs. It would help if you waited for them for separation.


How to Unstick A Dog After Mating?

There is no method to separate the dogs when they get stuck. How to get dogs unstuck, and what is the solution to this? The only possible solution is to wait for separation. If you try to separate, then this will hurt them. Some dogs start whimpering and whining and feeling pain in a copulatory tie. The female feels more pain as compared to the male dog, but this is very rare.


How to Get Two Dogs Unstuck

The patting of the female partner will relax the dogs then the dogs can be unstuck. To get two dogs unattached, if the dogs get stuck for a long time, you should go to the female dog and start patting on the head.

Patting will relax your dogs. Then the female will relax the muscles of the private part, and this will cause the separation of dogs.


What Do You Do When Dogs Get Stuck Together?

It would be best if you did wait for the separation of dogs. No signal method will help you when the dogs get stuck.

So try to wait, and when the female feels relaxed, they release the private part muscle, and they will separate then.

Usually, the copulatory tie is less than ten minutes, but sometimes the dogs take about 5-45 minutes after the sperm shoot. Then the dogs get unstuck.


Does Hot Water Get Dogs Unstuck?

How long does it take for dogs to separate after mating – The dogs get stuck when they mate. This is a natural thing in dogs.

The copulatory tie usually lasts for 10 minutes, but if you feel that both partners are uncomfortable and remain stuck for 30 to 40 minutes, you have to pet your female dogs.

This will relax the female, and the female lets the male dog free.


What Happens If You Separate Dogs While Mating?

If you try to separate the dogs when they get stuck, it can hurt your dog very much. It is because the female penis gets stuck in the female body because of the swelling. So how do you get dogs unstuck? Any method will hurt the organs of your dogs.

The dogs will separate by nature when the female feels relaxed and relaxes their muscles. So, don’t try to separate them forcefully.


How Long Do Dogs Stay Stuck Together?

When the dog shoots sperm into the private part of the female, then they get stuck because of the swelling of the male penis.

Usually, the dogs require about 10 minutes to be unattached, but there are many cases in which the dogs remain stuck for about 40 to 50 minutes after the sperm shoot of male dogs.


My Dogs Have Been Stuck Together For Over An Hour – What Should I Do?

If the copulatory tie remains for about an hour, then you should consult with your vet because this may be painful for your dogs. How to get dogs unstuck? There are very few cases of too-long copulatory ties. But if this happens to your dog, call your vet immediately.

How do you get dogs unstuck if the situation is fierce? Please wait for your vet to check, but you should pat your female dog to keep her relaxed and regular before this. If there is a first-time experience with your dog, then the longer copulatory tie is due to the anxiety and nervousness. How to get dogs unstuck? Forceful separation is harmful and painful for your dog so don’t try to do this.

If the dog is stuck for about 24 hours, then it is very dangerous. Consultation with your vet is essential in this regard.

How to get dogs unstuck safely
How To Get Dogs Unstuck Safely


Can A Neutered Dog Still Get Stuck?

Neutered dogs and the castrated dog can also do the sex, but the cases are sporadic. There is a very low testosterone level in the castrated dog which will reduce the desire for sex. In very rare cases, the dogs want sex after being castrated. The neutered dogs do not get stuck because of the low testosterone that is very helpful in reproduction.


How Do I Stop My Dogs From Mating?

Rather than thinking how to get dogs unstuck after mating, there are many ways by which you can stop your dogs from mating. Some bills will make your dog stop mating, but this practice is not good. These tablets can imbalance the hormone level of the body. That is why the vet did not recommend this method.

If the male shoots sperm after mating with a female, you go to the vet to give your dog birth control pills so that the pregnancy will not happen.

If you’re too late to stop your dogs from mating, you can bring the female to the veterinarian within 48 hours from the mating, and she will be given two injections to stop the pregnancy.


There are many other methods to stop the dogs from mating.


This doesn’t look warm-hearted, but this is a very good method to keep your female dogs far away from the male during the days of fertilization. You can also keep the male in the female yard if there is proper fencing.



You should have information about the heat days of your dogs. First, isolate the female dog during the days of the heat cycle. Keep your eye on the female these days because the female can run towards the male dog for mating.



This looks very funny, but putting the panties on your female dog can save the female dog from the attack of male dogs. However, keep in mind that the pantie is not safe because the strong dog can easily break and tear the panties.



Many contraceptive pills are used to stop pregnancy. Unfortunately, this is not much safe method because it can hurt your dogs in many other ways. It can cause medical issues, hormonal changes, and infection issues.



Spaying is the best for the healthy life of your dog because if the dog is spayed, she cannot produce pups. In addition, in spaying, all of the reproductive structure is removed from the female, and breast and ovarian cancer risks are very little.



This process applies to male dogs only. Chemical castration is a very useful process to stop your dog from mating. Chemical castration is very effective for six months.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Separate Dogs After Mating?

How to get dogs unstuck? The only thing that is worth understanding is waiting. It would be best if you waited for your dog to get unstuck. Try to calm and relax your dog. Patting the female can reduce the time when dogs get stuck.

How to get dogs unstuck safely
How To Get Dogs Unstuck Safely


How Long Does It Take For Dogs To Get Unstuck?

The dogs can take 10 to 50 minutes to get unstuck after the sperm shooting of male dogs. How long does it take to get dogs unstuck? Do some dogs get unstuck in less than 10 minutes? But in many rare cases, the dogs get stuck for an hour. Consult with your vet immediately.


How Do I Get My Dogs Unstuck?

Dogs stuck together for a long time? call the vet. If the dogs remain stuck for more than one hour, it is very painful for them. Go and pat the female dogs. This will make the female dogs relax the muscles of their private part. Then the dogs get unstuck. Otherwise, call your vet. Can two boy dogs get stuck together? No, two male dogs don’t get stuck.


How To Stop My Dog From Getting Pregnant After She Got Stuck?

There are many ways by which you can stop your dogs from getting pregnant. Crate, isolation, putting on panties, chemical castration, birth control pills, and spaying are the methods by which you can stop your dogs from getting pregnant.


Final Verdict On How To Get Dogs Unstuck

How to get dogs unstuck? The simple answer is waiting. There is a natural process of copulatory tie dogs. It is usually not more than 1 hour. If the dogs remain stuck after the hour, consult with your vet because it may be painful for them.

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