Puppy Howling : Why Your Puppy Howls, 3 Easy Ways To Stop

Apart from barking, howling is one of the forms dogs use to communicate vocally. Puppy howling can be considered to be cute until it gets to a point where it’s not anymore. The point where it gets to be irritating and noisy. 

Puppies howl when they need something or when triggered by various emotions. Most of the common reasons that can trigger a puppy to start howling include them seeking attention, having pain among other reasons which will be discussed here together with what can be done to stop a puppy from howling.

Puppy howling
puppy howling – why does your puppy howl


What Does It Mean When A Puppy Howls?

Puppies try to communicate vocally through howling. When a puppy howls it simply means that the puppy needs some attention and wants their presence to be felt. Howling in puppies is also triggered by loud sounds such as the ones of a sound of a siren in an ambulance or sound coming from a loud musical instrument. 

Puppies howling might also be an expression of emotions such as sadness or excitement. Some puppies may naturally howl based on their gene evolvement origin. Huskies howl a lot naturally because of their close origin to wolves.


Why Is My Puppy Whining And Howling?

The reason that could push a puppy to start whining and howling can be that the puppy is trying to communicate something. Most of the time puppies howl when they need food and water. A puppy howling might also mean they need attention, perhaps some bonding time or wanting to play, they could also be wanting toys or potty time. 

A puppy howling is associated with emotions such as anxiety, excitement, pain, attention seeking and resource solicitation.


Is A Dog Howling A Sign Of Death?

For so long it has been known that dogs can sense death. They have an ability as research says to predict an incoming death although it is known how they are able to do that. 

There is a belief that the howling of a dog is a bad omen predicting death


Are Dogs Happy When They Howl?

Excitement is one of the emotions that accompanies a dog or puppy howling. If a dog accomplishes something he is likely going to show it off through howling. The howling of a dog is a mode of vocal communication. 

Dogs howl when happy and excited. Their howling tends to make the people around them feel excited as well because it usually sounds entertaining.


Why Would A Dog Suddenly Start Howling?

Dogs tend to express their emotions through howling. When a dog starts to howl suddenly, it could mean that the  dog is suffering from an ailment.  A mournful howling is an indication that the dog is hurt and has pain from a sudden injury, abdominal disorder or any other type of illness. 

One of the most common medical issues that may cause a dog to howl is a disorder called canine cognitive dysfunction which is also referred to as dog dementia. This disorder affects the brain and makes a dog start howling.


Does Howling Stress Dogs Out?

A dog or puppy howling might be triggered by stress and anxiety. Separation anxiety is a common factor that may lead to a puppy howling as a result of stress and depression. Howling caused by separation anxiety is triggered when a puppy is left alone for a long time.

Most of the times when at work you might receive calls from your neighbours telling you that your dog has been howling for so long. This is caused by stress and you might want to consider giving your puppy affection and love when you get home from work.


How To Stop A Dog From Howling?

There are a variety of ways that can help stop a puppy from howling. 

One of the ways is by  ignoring dogs’ attention seeking howls. 

Ignoring the puppy howling can help stop them howling once they realise that there is no attention directed towards them. Howling can tend to be noisy and quite a nuisance at times so by doing this it will help stop your puppy from making unnecessary howling. Remember that you don’t have to feel like you are being too hard on your puppy because it is important to train them on bad habits from a young age. 

Another way that can help stop dogs from howling is by rewarding them when they are quiet. One might consider giving their dogs rewards such as toys, food or access to the outdoors. By doing this your dog will learn the value of remaining silent and avoid making unnecessary howling that might be irritating. 

As a pet owner, it is important to hold your ground on what you think your puppy or dog shouldn’t do.  You should train them to be quiet when you need them to be. 

Lastly to help stop a puppy from howling it is important to address the issues that are making him howl. Occasionally spending time with your puppy helps in reducing the feeling of loneliness that often makes dogs start whining or howling. Dogs are considered social animals just like human beings and they constantly need interaction with their human families. 


Why Is Puppy Howling In The Crate?

It is normal behavior to have a puppy howling in the crate. Most of the times a puppy will start howling and whining while in the crate when they are still being trained.

Puppies are known to be playful and not like to be confined. The isolation and loneliness they get in the crate is what makes them start howling. They are social and love staying in a pack. A puppy cries in a crate when they feel lonely. 


Why Is My Puppy Howling At Night?

Often at times when one brings a new puppy in the house they have the habit of howling in the middle of night precisely around 2-3 am. At this time the puppy howls because they are lonely and need company because as a new puppy in the house they tend to feel vulnerable and they often feel anxious because of separation related problems. 

Puppies howling at night might also mean that they are in need of using the toilet. It is important as a pet owner you have to adjust by setting up a routine to wake up every night even if it means setting the alarm 2 or 3 times in the early hours of the morning and dragging yourself out of bed and into the garden. 


How To Stop Puppy Howling At Night?

The best practises that would help stop a puppy from howling at night would be to identify the issues that the puppy might be trying to communicate. Again as said before, a puppy howling is a means of them trying to communicate something. 

Perhaps one can consider identifying the issue for instance if a puppy howls at night it could mean that they need to pee or something. In this case what you have to do is to get out of bed and take the puppy out to pee. You can even make it a point to make a routine by setting an alarm to wake you up all the time the puppy might be needing based on the times you’ll have studied that the puppy is likely going to start howling. 

Another instance could be when your puppy howls at night because of loneliness. One can decide to sleep with the puppy on their bed until they are able to adapt to the new environment and feel at home. 

It is also important to note that it is not every time that your puppy howls that you should give them your attention. Remember that it is as well important to start training them and let them know that their howling at times might be a nuisance.

For example, you can decide to not pay attention to your puppy when they start howling for no apparent reason so that they can get used to and know that not every time they howl they are going to get attention. 

Puppy howling
puppy howling


Puppy Howling When Left Alone

Like humans, puppies are very social animals. They like having company  and need regular interactions with their human families apart from wanting to stay in a pack together with other puppies. Most of the pet owners find themselves complaining about issues such as, ‘ my puppy cries when I leave the room’. Here there are answers to that.

Puppies tend to be lonely when left outside or alone in the house for many hours. A puppy howling when left alone is an indication that they are lonely and it might mean that the owner might need to spend more quality time with the puppy. 

One can try making it up for their puppy by taking them out for a stroll or game hunting. 


What To Do If My Puppy Is Howling At Night In The Crate?

Training a new puppy to get used to staying in the crate can seem to be a headache at times. Puppy howling at night while in a crate can be an indication of a variety of things but it is important to learn what to do in such a case. 

In this case it is considered important to have your dog learn that crying and howling in the crate at night will only get them a potty break and nothing more. When your puppy howls at night you need to carry him outside or put him on a leash. Once outside do not consider talking to him, looking at him or even play with him and once he is done peeing  give him a treat and go back inside and put him back in the crate. By repeating this routine, you will not have trouble with your puppy constantly howling at night for no apparent reason. 

Although for some exceptions it is recommended to have your puppy sleep in your bed in the case where the puppy is having separation anxiety until they are able to feel at home. 


Learned vs Natural Puppy Howling

Natural Puppy Howling Breeds

Although howling is a common thing among dogs, some breeds are most likely to howl more than other breeds. There are common breeds that are likely to start howling without needing any training

  1. Bloodhound puppy
  2. Beagle puppies
  3. Basset Hound
  4. Huskies
  5. Malamute
  6. Bulldogs
  7. German shepherd

are likely to just come naturally compared to other breeds.


Learned Puppy Howling

Most dog owners consider dog howling as a very cute thing, Beagles and Huskies are considered the cutest puppies when howling. It is for this case that pet owners make the initiative to start training their puppies how to howl.

Puppy howling for the first time melts the heart of the dog owner. It is a common thing to find a puppy howling together with the owner. 

Puppies learn how to howl by having their owner singing or howling to them.

Another way to train your puppy to howl is by playing a musical instrument such as the harmonica, playing siren or alarm sounds, whistling to your dog or the most effective is to play videos of other dogs howling. 


Why Is My Puppy Whining?

A puppy whining is an indication that the puppy is either sick, lonely or in pain. 

It could also be a sign of separation anxiety, a type of behavioral disorder that puppies develop when they get lonely or afraid. 

It could also mean that the puppy is in need of attention.


Should You Ignore Puppy Whining?

At times it is recommended to ignore a puppy whining especially when they need attention as a way of training them that not all the time they will whine they will get attention. This idea has proven to be useful in stopping puppies from whining frequently. 

It is also advised that a pet owner should be  able address and pay attention to some issues that might lead to a puppy whining. Sometimes whining in puppies may be caused by sickness, hunger, fear or loneliness. You should not ignore your puppy whining in such cases.

In the case where a puppy is whining because he is sick , consider taking him to the veterinary, if hungry consider giving him food and when they feel lonely, spend quality time with them.


Should I leave My Puppy To Cry At Night?

Leaving a puppy crying at night is not advised because it may lead to depression and other behaviour problems such as separation anxiety.  

In the case where your puppy is only seeking attention then you can leave them to cry so that they learn that they are not always going to get attention when they need it.


How To Stop Puppy From Crying At Night?

There are a couple of routine practices that can help stop a puppy from crying at night. 

Potty training does wonders. It is good to ensure that the last thing you do before going to sleep is to take your pup outside for a toilet break. Ensure to learn and create time at night especially in the early morning hours around 2-3am where you can set your alarm to wake you up and take your puppy outside for toilet break. By doing this it will help reduce puppy howling at night. 

Crate training also helps in preventing puppies from howling at night. Most puppy howling cases are contributed by the fact that they are unable to sleep or stay in the crate. Training them helps them get used to staying in the crate by themselves and reduce the inconveniences they cause when howling. 

Another thing is to ensure that puppies are provided with comfort and companionship. Note that with providing company it does mean you should provide attention and be mindful when doing that.


Are Dogs Sad When They Howl?

Howling is an extension of a variety of feelings. When a puppy howls in a mournful, sad or pathetic manner it is regarded that the puppy is crying. 

Sad emotions are triggered when a puppy is in need of pack bonding. They also become sad when lonely. A sad puppy howling is also an indication that the puppy is either hurt or scared. It is important that a dog owner tries to check the reasons that could trigger their puppy to howl in a sad manner.


Final Verdict – Puppy Howling

In conclusion it is important for a dog owner to learn behavioral traits that come with their puppies. A puppy howling is a common behavior and acts a means of vocal communication. 

Puppy howling
puppy howling – why is my puppy howling

I hope this article was important in helping you identify the cases that may trigger a puppy to howl or whine. It is important to learn also that even if measures should be taken to take note that some routines may not necessarily help in stopping the puppy from howling but instead might make it worse for example giving too much attention to your puppy when he howls. 

This article has also provided guidelines which I also think will be pretty much helpful when seeking help on how to stop puppy howling which at times might prove to be noisy and destructive.

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