How To Morph Axolotls? (7 Interesting Facts)

People often express interest in knowing how to go about morphing axolotls. In this article, you will find information on whether it is possible to morph an axolotl, and if yes, how exactly to go about it.

How to morph axolotl? It is actually possible to morph an axolotl, although it’s hard. Morphing an Axolotl is done by exposing it to iodine. Keeping the axolotl in poor water conditions may also induce morphing, though it would be a rather cruel way to go about it.

The morphing process is one that can be rather hard on the axolotl. Not many survive it. True, there are some rare cases in which you may find a morphed axolotl happy and healthy. But in most cases, a morphed axolotl tends to be rather unhappy and unhealthy.

How to morph axolotl
How to morph axolotl?

Ultimately, the objective here is to end up with the usually aquatic axolotl morphed into a terrestrial salamander.


Can You Make An Axolotl Morph?

Before venturing into a discussion on how to morph axolotl, it is important for us to first understand whether, in actual fact, axolotls do morph.

So, do axolotls morph? The answer is yes. Axolotls do morph and also change colors. But it is a rare phenomenon. So rare is it that very few people have actually witnessed axolotl induced metamorphosis.

But there are quite a number of scientific papers, some in respectable journals, about the phenomenon of axolotls morphing.

More informally, there are quite a number of axolotl morph Reddit threads.

And there are even people who offer axolotl morphs for sale – meaning that the morphing is something that happens.


How To Make An Axolotl Morph?

The most reliable way to get an axolotl to morph is by exposing it to iodine. So, for instance, instead of giving it salt baths using plain salt, you use iodized salt. Or you opt for iodine injections.

So that is how to get an axolotl to morph. And if you had the how to morph my axolotl question, that is the brief answer to it.

How it works is that when the axolotls are exposed to iodine, they produce a hormone that we refer to as thyroxin. That hormone is responsible for the morphing.

There is another approach, where you keep the axolotl in poor water conditions. If, for instance, parameters like PH, ammonia levels and temperatures are not right, it can induce morphing in an axolotl.

Often, someone whose axolotl tank filter doesn’t work well ends up finding his axolotl morphing.

And there has been quite a lot of axolotl morphing documentation with water parameters experiments.

At this point, someone may ask, what do axolotls morph into? And the answer is that axolotls morph into land-based salamanders.

The axolotls are aquatic salamanders, to start with. Then when they morph, they become land salamanders.

Thus, rather than framing the question as how to morph axolotl, we can also reframe it as, how do you evolve an axolotl into a land-based salamander?

That process, of getting an axolotl to change from an aquatic salamander into a land salamander, is the one we refer to as ‘morphing’.

And the way to achieve it is through iodine exposure. The other approach is by getting the axolotl to stay in poor water conditions for so long that it starts morphing. But the latter approach is rather cruel.


What Does An Axolotl Look Like If It Morphs?

When an axolotl morphs, it transforms from being an aquatic animal to a terrestrial salamander.

When an axolotl morphs, its legs become thicker. It loses its gills, and takes to breathing through its lungs. The axolotl’s fin also disappears. Its eyes bulge. Actually, the axolotl develops eyelids. The legs of the axolotl also become less webbed.

Those are also the key axolotl morphing signs.

How to morph axolotl
How to morph axolotl?

In other words, if you were having the how do I know if my axolotl is morphing question, those are the signs to watch out for. To put it differently, that is how to know if my axolotl is morphing.

At this point, one may ask, can morphed axolotls breed? And the answer is yes, though they tend to have a difficult time breeding and passing on their genes.

Ultimately, in any discussion on how to morph axolotl, it is worth mentioning something about these morphing signs. They include thickened legs, popping eyes, development of eyelids, loss of gills and fins and less webbed legs.


How Long Does It Take For An Axolotl To Morph?

The axolotl morphing time lapse depends on what exactly is causing the axolotl to morph.

But on average, it is about one month.

But it is worth mentioning that the morphing doesn’t always happen as expected.

Sometimes, exposure to iodine or poor water conditions ends up killing, rather than morphing the axolotl.

Where the morphing happens though, it is normally within a month.

But then again, all this is with regard to real-life axolotls. If it was in the context of how to morph into an axolotl in Minecraft, then the dynamics would be different.

So would the dynamics be different, if it was in the context of how to make axolotl morph in Wacky Wizards, for example.

For real-life axolotls though, the morphing typically takes a month.


What To Do If Axolotl Morphs?

Right after the how to morph axolotl question is likely to come up this one – on what to do if axolotl morphs.

The key thing to do is to provide the things that the newly morphed axolotl needs for its life as a land-based salamander.

So, for instance, you move it from an aquarium, to a vivarium. You put up a lid, to keep it from climbing out and escaping (now that it can walk properly).

It may also be worthwhile to provide the now terrestrial salamander with suitable food – things like crickets and various worms.

Provide it with a suitable hide, and ‘walking ground’ – perhaps rocks or sand. You may also need to provide it with something it can burrow into: perhaps sand.


Final Verdict – How To Morph Axolotl

You may get an axolotl to morph by exposing it to iodine. That is for instance, through iodine injections or by giving it baths using water that has iodized salt.

Keeping an axolotl in poor water conditions can also make it morph, though this is a rather cruel and crude way to go about it.

When an axolotl morphs, it changes from an aquatic salamander to a terrestrial salamander.

How to morph axolotl
How to morph axolotl?

The morphing process is quite taxing to an axolotl. Ideally, it is not something you should attempt inducing deliberately. Some/most axolotls don’t survive it.

If your axolotl morphs, it is best to provide it with the things it needs for its new life as a land-based (rather than water-based) salamander.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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