Is My Axolotl Happy? How Do I Know? 4 Clear Checks

Axolotls are calm and happy creatures if you can take care of them properly. Although they are more suited to being alone in a tank, axolotls can enjoy their life inside the tank. They have their way of playing, resting, and having fun. Maybe we will find it hard to see if the axolotl is happy or not because they don’t show their emotions. But every owner wants to give their best to their aquatic pet.

Is my axolotl happy? How do I know? The way to see if an axolotl is happy or not is by how its gills move freely without tension. The axolotl will swim around the tank, skin color is bright and looks healthy, eats whatever you give it, and approaches you when you approach the tank.

Axolotl happy
Is my Axolotl happy?

This discussion will be interesting. You can find out how axolotls show their happiness, even though they are not showing emotions. Let’s read this article to the end.


How Do I Know If My Axolotl Is Happy?

Many axolotl owners only know when the axolotl is sick or uncomfortable in the tank when viewed from their gills are curved forward. Besides that, the pet owners don’t know if the axolotl is stressed or not because they don’t show any expressions.

The table below will make it easier for you to check axolotls when they are happy.

Checking how axolotl is happyExplanation
GillsGills will float freely and pointing in one direction
TailThe tail’s tip is moving freely
SkinThere’s no spots with any color in their skin
BehaviorAxolotl only swimming around without floating or refusing to eat


Are Axolotls Happy In Tanks?

Axolotls will be happy if you meet all their requirements. Axolotls are hardy animals if cared for properly. You need to maintain water quality to keep axolotl healthy. Give it a large enough space even if the axolotl is alone in the tank.

One unique fact is that axolotls are more comfortable living alone in a tank than load other axolotls or other fish. Axolotls in a tank full of small fish will easily get stressed.

Sometimes some celebrate the axolotl happy birthday by giving the axolotl food with a little more portion to celebrate the axolotl surviving in captivity. Seeing axolotls excited about the food you give them is also exciting to watch.


Are Axolotls Smiling?

We will often see axolotls with a smiley face. But that does not indicate that the axolotl is happy. The facial structure of the axolotl is like that. If you see an axolotl opening its mouth, it will look like an axolotl smiling broadly outside the tank.

When the food arrives, that axolotl happy face turns into a vacuum cleaner that can suck up all the food until it runs out. With the cute axolotl faces and smiles, many people make the axolotl happy mad plush with the smiley face. Both dolls or real axolotls are cute to own.


Why Is My Axolotl Smiling?

The axolotl’s face has formed into a permanent Mona Lisa smile as they remain silent with their mouths closed. When axolotls want to eat something, they will open their mouth and swallow their food. Some axolotls will upturn their mouths and look like they are smiling all the time.

It is one of the reasons why aquatic pets love to care for axolotls. The axolotl has a cute face and looks like it’s smiling all the time. An axolotl happy is not shown through facial expressions. They look energetic when swimming around in the tank without any strange behavior.


Is My Axolotl Happy?

Happy axolotls will activate by showing interaction as you approach their tank. Axolotls will be excited to eat the food you give them. Look at the tail and gills section of the axolotl. If it doesn’t curl, then that’s a sign the axolotl is doing fine.

Adult axolotls often spend their time at the bottom of the tank. But that doesn’t mean they are not happy for not doing anything. Axolotls are happy if they can do whatever they want without any distractions.

How to keep an axolotl happy? Do not let the axolotl stress in the tank. Perform water changes once a week, provide axolotl friendly tankmates and proper food.


How Do You Tell If An Axolotl Is Stressed?

Stressed axolotls have curled tails and curled gills. They are refusing to eat and floating or swimming upside down. Some strange behavior will be shown by axolotls as a sign that they want to be rescued from the situation.

Making axolotl happier will prevent the axolotl from getting sick. The condition of the water and body of the axolotl from the food given is the primary concern of every aquatic pet owner. Axolotl is happy with their life if you can provide whatever they need.

Axolotl happy
Is my Axolotl happy?


How To Make Your Axolotl Happy?

Water requirements are an essential thing to make an axolotl happy. Some things such as ammonia level, water hardness, substrate, water current, temperatures must be adjusted to the needs of the axolotl. Axolotl will be stressed if any requirements are not met.

How do I make my axolotl happy? Check the tank temperature until it is between 16-18 ° C. Do a water test until it has 0ppm ammonia. Clean water with a slow current makes the axolotl live a healthy and calm life.


How To Keep Your Axolotl Happy?

Axolotls are happier living in captivity than in the wild. They could get food of the highest quality and a special tank for him to live in without anyone bothering him.

Keeping axolotls happy by providing the best food and keeping water conditions clean. Giving tank mates is optional, but it’s better if the axolotl stays alone in the tank with just some plants.

Axolotl fish are happy when they have a regular feeding schedule, water quality is maintained, and no other fish act aggressively on them. If you want to have more than one axolotl in the same tank, ensure one axolotl is an adult so that the level of aggression is reduced.


Are Axolotls Happy In Captivity?

As long as there are no conditions that stress the axolotl, they will always be happy in captivity. Owners can monitor the axolotl’s condition, starting from the food given to the need for water.

If axolotls can continue to live healthily, they can become pets with a long life. Some have axolotls up to 15 years.

How do I know if my axolotl is happy? Axolotls don’t get sick easily. They are free to move in the tank without any obstacles. The axolotl never refuses the food you give it, and there are no problems with water quality.


How To Make Axolotl Happy In Minecraft?

You need to tame the axolotl first by putting it in a bucket. The axolotl will be happy to swim beside you when you enter the water. If you feed axolotls regularly, they can attack hostile mobs that attack you.

Axolotls will behave like aquatic dogs. They can attack fish, guardians, and drowned. Having axolotls in Minecraft is fun. You can collect 4 types of axolotls that can accompany you while in the water.


Final Verdict – Axolotl Happy

The axolotl has a cute face that looks like it’s smiling all the time. The axolotl’s faces do not show that they are happy, but you can see from their behavior.

Axolotl happy
Is my Axolotl happy?

Axolotls who are happy will swim to and fro without any obstacles. They will approach if the food comes, and when viewed from body parts such as skin, tail, and gills, there is no sign of strangeness.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet axolotl a good and comfortable life!

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