Are Axolotls Blind? 11 Menacing Axolotl Eyesight Facts

The axolotl, also known as the Ambystoma mexicanum, is a paedomorphic salamander affiliated with the tiger salamander. It was originally found in several lakes, like Lake Xochimilco underlying Mexico City. Axolotls are typically uncommon among amphibians because they reach adulthood without undergoing metamorphosis.

Are axolotls blind? Although it may appear like axolotls are blind and they can’t see a thing in front of them, this is not the case. The truth of the matter is that they can’t see clearly, therefore it may appear as if they don’t see a thing due to their eyes and movement.

If you want to know more about this salamander species you are in the right place. Let’s discuss them below along with other related questions that may arise about this unique species.

Are axolotls blind
Are Axolotls Blind – Axolotl Eyesight Problems


Are Axolotls Blind?

Although axolotls have blurry vision, they can differentiate some colors. The differences in how they can see vary depending on the animal. However, most of them have lousy eyesight. 

When you consider their exceedingly poor vision, are axolotls blind since they practically bump into everything in their surroundings? Even a human being with a chronic eye condition would behave in a likewise manner if it comes down to it. 

That said, having poor eyesight, however extensive it is, does not equate to or even lead to blindness.

Furthermore, they are not blind since they can see their surroundings. However, we’ve seen that some species of axolotl such as the texas salamander axolotl are blind. What about when we talk about sind axolotl blind, are sind axolotl blind?

 Sind axolotl isn’t blind. However, like many other axolotl species, they have very poor eyesight. And when we talk of sind axolotl blind what about zijn axolotl blind?

Are zijn axolotls blind in the actual sense? No, just like the majority of salamander species, zijn axolotl is not blind but it has poor eyesight. 

So what can we generally say from what we’ve learned above, are axolotls blind? Well, a majority of axolotl species are not blind. They however have terrible eyesight.


Do axolotls have bad eyesight?

Axolotls don’t have eyelids and they are therefore sensitive to light. Due to this, they prefer dim light and this also causes them to have bad eyesight. 

However, they can vividly see their surroundings and how well they can see varies from animal to animal.

So according to this are axolotls blind or axolotls are they blind? No, we can’t say they are blind since they recognize their surroundings. They just naturally have bad eyesight.


Do Axolotls Recognize Their Owners?

Yes, they can. Many axolotls can recognize their owners after some form of training and they usually react to their owners or human hand signals in general.

However, axolotls are by nature reclusive animals that prefer keeping to themselves. More often than not, they have no interest in people.


Can Axolotls Become Blind?

Axolotls, like every other animal, can become blind, either accidentally or by a health condition. That said, it is uncommon for axolotls to naturally go blind despite poor eyesight.

This reminds me I was heading home the other day and I saw a poster reading blind axolotls for sale. I was surprised at first but then after doing some research I found some axolotl species are actually blind, like the texas salamander axolotl for instance. 

What about the blind cave axolotl? This is another blind salamander species that has an incredibly long life span of up to 100 years.


Are Albino Axolotls Blind?

When I came across the term albino axolotls blind my immediate conclusion was that this was an actual name of an axolotl species and that it was blind. However, I later learned that the axolotl species being referred to here was the albino axolotl, which is actually not blind.

So, what can we learn about this particular axolotl species?  Although their eyesight is restrained and they have very blurry vision, albino axolotls can differentiate some colors

They are therefore not blind since they can also vividly see things around them.

What about other species of axolotls, such as the texas salamander axolotl, are texas salamander axolotls blind? Yes, the texas salamander axolotl lives in total darkness and it, therefore, does not need vision.

So according to this are axolotls blind? Not necessarily, the vast majority of axolotls species, apart from the texas salamander and the olm cave salamander that I’ve come across, are not blind. They just have very poor eyesight. 

They are also highly adaptive to an aquatic, underground environment and because of this, their eyes have been minimized to two small black spots under their skin.


 Are All Axolotls Blind?

No, most axolotls can see although they have poor vision. How well each axolotl can see vary from animal to animal. Asides from being able to vividly see their surroundings, they can also differentiate colors.

What would explain an axolotl’s clumsy movement then? Even if someone has bad eyesight at least he or she can do without bumping into everything on his or her path. Are axolotls blind therefore when you consider this?

 No. It is because axolotls have exceedingly poor eyesight. Consider a human in a worst-case eye impairment scenario. That is your everyday axolotl.


Are Axolotls Color Blind?

Axolotls are not color blind since they can differentiate colors. However, their color spectrum is limited and their ability to recognize colors can only go so far.

So when we look at the topic are axolotls blind, can we say axolotls are blind, or better yet, that they are partially blind due to their exceptionally poor eyesight? Not at all. This is because however bad their eyesight is, they can see however limited their eyesight may be.


Can Axolotls See In The Dark?

No. Axolotls can’t see in the dark because of their already poor eyesight. They also prefer dim light so if an environment is brightly colored it is advisable to establish a dark area for your axolotl.

Considering that they can’t see in the dark, are axolotls blind? No, not being able to see in the dark doesn’t mean axolotls are blind. Even human beings cannot see in the dark despite them having perfect vision.


How To Tell If Your Axolotl Is Blind?

In most cases, although it may appear like your axolotl is blind and it can’t see what’s in front of it, it is probably not blind. Generally, axolotls have very poor eyesight therefore it is normal for your axolotl to bump into things.

However, if you are concerned, check if your axolotl’s eyes are cloudy. If they are, that could be a sign of eye damage. Are axolotls blind?

How would you answer a person who has just got him or herself an axolotl as a pet and asks you this question since he is not used to seeing axolotls bumping into things? Well, just give him some fundamentals on how to deal with axolotls if you happen to know.

Furthermore, it’s always helpful and wise to seek professional advice.


How To Care For Blind Axolotl?

If you are certain your axolotl is blind, there are several ways you can care for it adequately. For instance, hand-feed your axolotl. You should also avoid making changes to your axolotl’s environment as this will most likely inconvenience it. 

If you must change your axolotl’s environment, do it suddenly. However, it is best to let it get used and adapt to one environment.

Are axolotls blind
Are Axolotls Blind – Axolotl Eyesight Problems

Are axolotls blind, therefore, according to this? No, your axolotl can acquire blindness by accident or due to a medical condition. However, although a majority of axolotl species have exceedingly poor eyesight, they aren’t blind


How To Prevent Axolotls From Turning Blind?

Make sure your tank is cycled regularly to ensure a clean environment as well as the water in general. Also check for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and the pH of the water to make sure it is safe for your axolotl

Furthermore, check the temperature of the water to make sure it is ideal for your axolotl. This is also very important.

So are axolotls blind or do unfavorable conditions cause them blindness? They are a few axolotl species that are blind. However, despite their poor eyesight, the majority of axolotl species aren’t blind.


Can Axolotls Regenerate Their Eyes?

Axolotls, like newts, can regenerate a perfect lens from their iris. This ability lasts for approximately two to three weeks after that stage begins.

If axolotls can indeed regenerate lenses from their eyelids, why are axolotls blind? Not all axolotl species are blind. A vast majority of axolotl species can actually see despite them having blurred vision.


 Frequently Asked Questions

Do Axolotls Have Good Eyesight?

No, axolotls typically have very poor eyesight. They also don’t have eyelids and are therefore sensitive to light. It is therefore advisable to establish a dark environment for your axolotl if you happen to own one. 

I read somewhere that axolotls bump into everything when they are in their water tanks and their environment in general. Considering this, are axolotls blind? Not necessarily.

 Axolotls ram into things purely due to their exceedingly poor eyesight and not because of blindness.


What Is The Result Of Cutting An Axolotl In Half?

If this happens the affected cells will die off and the limb will rejuvenate through cell division, creating new tissue. Recent studies have also shown that if you split a stentor cell into two, each cell segment will reform into a complete cell with a mouth and tail.


Do Axolotls Love Their Owners?

Axolotls are normally solitary animals that like keeping to themselves. After some training, an axolotl can get used to its owner and even react to his or her hand signals. As for loving its owner, this is unlikely.


How Do I Stop My Axolotl From Morphing?

You can position objects like large stones in the container housing your axolotl so that your axolotl can escape the water. Make sure, however, to provide some kind of a hide on the dry land section of the container.

This will assist in reducing stress and make your morphed axolotl more comfortable in its surroundings.


Why Is My Axolotl Hiding?

It is natural for your axolotl to hide for long periods. Don’t get alarmed therefore if you don’t see your axolotl, possibly for the whole day, and only see it at night. This is because it may be hiding from the daytime light since axolotls prefer dark surroundings.

What does this mean to our discussion? Are axolotls blind, therefore, since they hide from light anyway? No, hiding from light doesn’t mean that your axolotl is blind.

It just means it does like a lot of light. This is usually because axolotls don’t have eyelids.


Can Axolotls Regrow Body Parts?

The Mexican axolotl in particular can regenerate numerous body parts such as its limbs as well as internal organs like the heart, brain, and lungs.


Can An Axolotl Live With A Turtle?

No. A turtle requires significantly higher temperatures as compared to an axolotl therefore they can not live together as excess temperatures would affect the axolotl’s health negatively and it can even cause death.


Can An Axolotl Breathe Air?

Adult axolotls can breathe air and live on land. This is similar to how swimming tadpoles become hopping frogs. That said, axolotls never undergo metamorphosis while they grow so they retain their fish-like fins and the feathery gills to obtain oxygen from water.

 For those thinking of getting axolotl as a pet let’s look at the best food to feed them and their properties below:-


Frozen bloodwormsThis is a  nutritional complete alternative which even the pickiest eaters will love
Brine ShrimpThis is another nutritional complete option that has pretty much everything your axolotl needs
TilapiaThis is available from the grocery store. However, go for freshwater tilapia as opposed to saltwater tilapia as saltwater water tilapia may contain a high concentration of salts which is not good for your axolotl when fed to it regularly.
Beef HeartThis one used to be considered as a staple food but due to high-fat content, it is no longer recommended as a staple but only as a treat.


Final Verdict – Are Axolotls Blind

So in conclusion, what can we say about the are axolotls blind discussion. Well, first and foremost we’ve seen that even though axolotls have very poor eyesight, not all of them are blind. They can also differentiate colors though their ability to do this is also limited.

Are axolotls blind
Are Axolotls Blind – Axolotl Eyesight Problems

If you plan to get an axolotl for a pet this information is ideal for you so that you know what you are getting into and how you can care for your future pet.

 You can also get professional help from a vet so that you are prepared in advance to adequately care for this unique animal.

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