How To Teach Your Dog Yoga? 5 Easy Doga Yoga Exercises

Are you a yoga and dog person altogether? Do you feel that the time you give to your Dog’s activities can be given to your physical activity like Yoga? What if I tell you there is a solution to that demand, and you can start practicing Yoga with your Dog. This article will cover what is doga yoga and how to teach your Dog Yoga all under one roof.

Yoga is a lot more than just moving and breathing. It is a practice that involves mind and body and needs to be incorporated into one’s daily routine for the benefits it comes with. However, some of your Dog’s walks and activities in the early morning may not provide you enough time to practice Yoga regularly.

This is where Doga comes to the rescue. Doga Yoga is just another way of bringing Yoga into your daily life routine. Bonus, this is going to be more fun and entertaining as your Dog is equally involved in the dog yoga funny poses.

How to teach your dog yoga
how to teach your dog yoga


What Is Doga Yoga?

What is Doga, you ask? This portion will cover it all for you. Doga was basically introduced in 2001, and it has gained all the popularity it deserves since then. Doga is basically an entertaining and fun way to incorporate Yoga into your life along with spending quality time with your Dog.

Additionally, this trend got much of the importance it has because of how the Yoga poses mostly correlate with how animals stretch their bodies. By performing different doga yoga poses along with your Dog, you not only get to cover your yoga routine but also have some fun time with your pet too.


Dog Yoga Guide

After asking what is doga yoga, you must be looking for a proper guide on how to teach your dog yoga. Look no more as we have it covered for you under this portion. Here is how you can simply teach your dog yoga and enjoy some quality time with your pet.

Here is how you can start performing Yoga poses along with your Dog and make him feel involved:


Easiest Exercises To Start Doga

  • The first and foremost priority is to start relaxing yourself and your Dog. Have the vibes of dog yoga near me with your Dog sitting nearby and you sitting with your legs crossed on a yoga mat. Now start with relaxed breathing while focusing mainly on relaxed inhaling and exhaling. You can make him relaxed too by massaging him during this posture.
  • Chaturanga is one of the most relaxing dog yoga poses. This is because your Dog gets to lay on his stomach, and you have to massage his back to have a fulfilling time with your Dog.
  • One of the simplest doga yoga positions includes the Chair Pose. All you need to do is to make your Dog sit on his hind legs, hold him around his middle back and then try to raise and lift his front paws. This is especially for Dog’s exercise as it stretches his muscles and front legs, strengthening his back and the joint legs.
  • Other Yoga poses with your Dog include heart-to-hound Mundra. Make your Dog sit in front of you with your legs crossed, place one hand over your Dog’s heart and the other one on your heart. Now close your eyes and relax while focusing on your breathing.
  • You can do Savasana to end the yoga practice. What you need to do is to lie on your back while your Dog lies on your chest. While you relax, keep massaging your Dog and focus on your breathing to have a more comfortable feeling.


How do I Train My Dog To Do Yoga?

Now that you know what is doga yoga and how to teach your dog yoga, let’s now move to how should you actually train your Dog to do Yoga:

  • Practice Doga Yoga at home. You can lift your smaller Dog that requires raising your arms during poses. You can also stretch alongside your big Dog and rest together in the quieter poses.
  • Incorporate some of your Yoga poses in the walk and playtime of your Dog. This may include squatting while picking up the ball for your Dog instead of just bending. Additionally, you can have some walking meditation along with your Dog.
  • Look for some dog yoga YouTube videos to get a better idea of what Yoga poses you can easily incorporate in your daily yoga routine along with your Dog.
  • However, if you see your Dog uninterested in this whole scenario, don’t rush and don’t force him. Keep doing the traditional yoga practice, and your sense of humor, along with an open mind, will show you some benefits in a short span of time.

Is your dog breathing heavy after doing yoga? Make sure to check with your vet on what are the best exercises for your dog. We provide recommendations that should work for most dogs but this is not personalized health advice. Consult your vet for your dog’s needs.


Is Yoga Good For Dogs?

Now that you have known what is doga and how to teach your dog yoga, you must have been wanting to know if Yoga is actually good for your Dog or not. Here is the final verdict that the doga for dogs is as good as Yoga for humans. It is even said that this practice of doing Yoga along with your dogs may help them feel more connected and happy.

Now you don’t need to only know how to teach your dog yoga but also how to make them feel more connected and accepted while doing doga.

Is your dog throwing up white foam after yoga? Consult your vet. Generally, yoga is good for dogs but it may or may not work for your dog.


Benefits Of Dog Yoga

After explaining what is doga yoga, let’s now move to why you should be doing Yoga along with your Dog in the first place. Here are a few of the benefits of dog yoga to enhance your knowledge:

  • Like Yoga helps improving blood circulation in humans, the doga also helps the circulation in dogs.
  • The doga helps to control the impulse control significantly.
  • It can also work as behavioral therapy for the dogs.
  • Doga is kind of an exercise for obese and injured dogs.
  • It can also help to relax the anxious and hyperactive dogs.
  • Doga also adds stress relief and relaxation.
How to teach your dog yoga
how to teach your dog yoga

How To Start Practicing Yoga With Your Dog

Now that you know what is doga yoga and how to teach your dog yoga, let’s now move to how to start practicing Yoga with your Dog. Follow these steps to get a quick start with your practice of doga.

  • Starting with Chaturanga is the easiest way to do it. Get your Dog to lay on his stomach and start petting their back. This practice will calm the Dog down, and they will easily get used to this new exercise.
  • Get your Dog to extend its front paws while lying on its stomach. Now kneel behind your Dog while your head is on their back. Place your hands on their paws, start breathing deeply while turning your head to the side. This exercise is called Puppy Paw Mudra.
  • Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your Dog’s heart. Close your eyes and start breathing slowly. The soothing effect this exercise has to provide will transfer from you to your Dog.
  • While your Dog lays on his back, strike your Dog’s belly gently and start taking slow breaths. You will love the calming effect this exercise named Savasana has to offer.

All these doga exercises are easier to start with and the simplest answer to your query of how to teach your dog yoga.


Why Is My Dog Rude When I Do Yoga?

Are you thinking about how this article has covered what is doga and how to teach your dog yoga but not the fact why is your Dog rude to you when you do Yoga? Worry no more as we have it answered under this portion.

Dogs can easily deduce happiness and stress. If they watch you doing some poses that may seem like fun, but your facial expressions are scowled and stressed, the dogs may find this quite intriguing and perplexing. This could be the main reason why your Dog is rude when you are doing Yoga.


Why Do Dogs Love Yoga Mats?

Do your dog love Yoga mates, and you want to know why? Let us answer it to you after answering what is doga and how to teach your dog yoga. Here are a few of the main reasons why your Dog loves yoga mats.

  • Dogs easily learn to focus on the mat, and that is why they find it attractive.
  • Dogs may like the way yoga mats feel.
  • One of the main reasons could be your Dog loves to stay around you.
  • They may start liking exercising with you.


Why Does My Dog Do Yoga?

After knowing what is doga, do you want to know why does your Dog does Yoga? Here is the answer to your question:

Your Dog does doga because of the same reason why you do Yoga. Doga is one of the most fun and easiest ways for your Dog to escape anxiety and stress. These two feelings are as common for dogs as for humans. Like humans, doga is equally fun, enjoyable, and beneficial for dogs.

Does your dog not sweat after yoga? There’s a reason to it because they sweat through two different ways and that’s why you don’t see it on their skin.


Best Dog Yoga Poses And Positions

Once that you have known what is doga, you will definitely want to know what positions and poses are best for Yoga with your Dog. Here are a few of them covered:

  • Downward dog yogais one of the best poses. The downward dog yoga pose includes stretching the back of legs and lower back and can be a great and calming exercise.
  • Upward dog yoga includes an upward facing pose as dogs do. The up dog yoga is equally good to relax while your Dog lies alongside you.


How To Teach Your Dog Yoga – Download Dog Yoga App

You are looking for dog yoga apps that can help you practice Yoga properly along with your Dog? DO you want to give your Dog the relaxing feeling of doing doga similarly as you have while doing Yoga? This is the easy answer to your question on how to teach your dog yoga?

Here are a few of the best apps that can help you learn doga and practice easily being at home.


Smile Dog Yoga Schedule

The Smile Dog Yoga Schedule is here at your service if you are looking for planning and scheduling your classes for doga. Using this mobile app, you can easily sign up for classes being at home, know the schedule about your classes. Additionally, you can view the ongoing promotions and also the location of the Smile Dog Yoga Schedule along with their contact information.

When you download this app, you can optimize your time schedules and conveniently sign up for classes while using your phone and being at home. This app is available on the Google Play app store.


Black Dog Yoga

This app also helps you plan and schedule your classes without any hassle; that too, you are sitting at the comfort of your home. When you sign up to get classes and proper training of doga, this app allows you to do various tasks.

How to teach your dog yoga
how to teach your dog yoga

These tasks include viewing the promotions, signing up for classes, knowing about the schedule of classes, view the studio’s location and their contact information.

This app also allows you to save your time and effort required to learn about different stuff at the studio. Now you can know everything with just a click on this app. This app is also available to be downloaded easily from the google play app store.

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