Blue Axolotl : Dyed Axolotl | (9 Interesting Facts)

Axolotl lovers love the various types of morphs and colors to make an adorable aquatic pet. Many axolotl varieties ranging from usual to very rare are only owned by a few axolotl enthusiasts or research purposes. If you see a picture on the Internet about a blue dyed axolotl, is it real?

The blue axolotl is what black melanoid is called, and it’s not blue as the name suggests. The black melanoid has dark gray or black color, in certain light this black color looks bluish. Even though it’s not blue, for the right angles and lights it will look like blue.

Blue axolotl
Blue Axolotl – Dyed Axolotl – Are Blue Axolotls Real

It will be interesting if we know about axolotl blue and other colors like dyed axolotl. Let’s find out in this article.


Can You Dye An Axolotl?

Some people choose to dye their axolotl to get a blue axolotl. Do not use this practice if you love the axolotl and don’t want the axolotl to get a health risk. Many say dyed axolotl is more like dead axolotl because axolotl might suffer in their skin and massively impact their life expectancy.

In real life, we can’t have a cyan axolotl like in the game Minecraft. The only type of axolotl that comes close to blue is the black melanoid.

If you want to have a bluish axolotl, treat the black melanoid axolotl and give the substrate a light color. If with a definite light, the axolotl will look blue.


How To Color An Axolotl?

Although not recommended, you are free to do so for your axolotl, and the axolotl owner is at risk. The natural way to change the color of the axolotl is to recognize the genetic characteristics of the axolotl.

For example, axolotls that can change color temporarily are GFP axolotls and black melanoid. GFP axolotls have a special protein. It can give them a bright green color when exposed to UV light.

Black melanoid can change color temporarily based on the color of the substrate. If the substrate color is dark, the axolotl has a darker color and vice versa. Blue axolotl chance is higher if you put black melanoid on white substrate.

Some change the color of the axolotl unnaturally by dyeing it with the color of their choice. Dyed axolotl carries many risks. If you are not careful, forced color can cause health risks and make axolotl suffer.


What Is The Rarest Axolotl Color In Real Life?

The rarest axolotl is a copper melanoid. Copper is a special type of albino with a slightly red eye color. The copper melanoid has a light gray body with freckles on its body, unlike the blue melanoid axolotl with a dominant color of black or dark gray.

Copper melanoid is very rare, harder to find than blue axolotl. In the Minecraft game blue axolotl is the rarest breed with a 0.083% chance of spawning. Copper melanoid in real life can have a lower percentage than that.

You can only get rare axolotl morphs from axolotl enthusiasts at a high price. Some of them are also not for sale. The table below will show some of the rare axolotls and their possible prices.


Axolotl TypePrice
ChimeraNot Sold
MosaicNot Sold

Several axolotl types are not sold because they are challenging to obtain due to a development accident. Many axolotl enthusiasts want to own it because of the unique color and cannot be repeated even though using selective breeding.


Can Axolotls Be Blue?

You can find blue axolotl in the Minecraft game, but not in real life. If you want to see a blue axolotl in real life, look for black melanoid and give the tank a bright color substrate. Finding blue stuffed axolotls will be difficult because there are no axolotls in real life that produce blue.

If you find an axolotl somewhere in blue, it is probably dyed and unsafe for the life of the axolotl. There is no pure axolotl blue color in real life. The colors that exist in the axolotl are golden, gray, black, white, and pink.


Are There Blue Axolotls?

Axolotl blue is the name of the black melanoid because it looks bluish when in certain lights. Some pet stores will name them axolotl blue to fool anyone looking for axolotl because the color is not usual.

Axolotls in blue are only present in Minecraft games with less than 1% spawn chance. If you want a blue axolotl all over your body, you can only see it in the Minecraft game. You can treat black melanoid known as axolotl blue even though it doesn’t look completely blue.


Are Blue Axolotl Real?

If you are looking for an axolotl with blue all over its body, you can only get a blue dyed axolotl. There is no axolotl with blue all over the body other than looking bluish like black melanoid. Because of the bluish color, black melanoid is called an axolotl that has a blue color.

Blue axolotl price or black melanoid around $65 and includes common axolotl. You are not hard to find in the pet store for this type. You must be observant if you want to buy black melanoid so that you understand the original price. Don’t want to be scammed at a high price by being told this color is rare.


Are Blue Axolotls Rare?

If you talk about black melanoid known as axolotl blue, then it is not rare. Black melanoid is considered a common axolotl. You can find black melanoid in pitch black or dark gray. If you have a suitable lamp, you can see the bluish color of this type of axolotl.

Including easy if you look for blue axolotl for sale in pet stores with a price range of $50-$75 depending on size and age. You need to bargain the price if it is more than that because you know black melanoid belongs to the common axolotl.


Are Blue Axolotls Natural?

If the axolotl is blue because of the dyed axolotl, then it is not natural. There is no axolotl base color with pure blue or any blue morph. Black melanoids are considered blue axolotl because they look bluish in the right light.

The blue axolotl cost is $65 as a common axolotl, but don’t expect the whole body to be blue. Black melanoids are dark gray or black, with colors that can be brighter if you live in a tank with a light substrate.


Are Blue Axolotls Healthy?

If you have black melanoid from the pet store, you will get a healthy axolotl. Ask their health condition, age, and size when you buy it. You can get healthy axolotls if they live naturally without any discoloration due to being dyed.

Blue axolotl real life is a black melanoid because it is called to look bluish under certain conditions. There’s no such thing as a blue axolotl with the color of gills until the whole body is blue except for the dyed axolotl.

Don’t take the risk of changing the color of your axolotl unnaturally if you don’t want to see your axolotl suffer and have a health risk.

Blue axolotl
Blue Axolotl – Dyed Axolotl – Are Blue Axolotls Healthy


Do Blue Axolotls Have Lesser Lifespan?

Yes, if you change the color of the axolotl unnaturally. We do not understand the exact effect of blue axolotl skin after being given a special dye whether it will irritate the skin, absorb it into the body, or cause certain diseases.

Anything unnatural puts the axolotl’s life at risk. There are other axolotl varieties with no less beautiful colors, such as golden albino, leucistic, or piebald.


Blue Axolotl Price

If you look at blue axolotl pictures in pure blue, what you find is dyed axolotl. You can find black melanoid for $65 as a common axolotl. If you have a certain light and light substrate, you can see a black melanoid axolotl with a bluish color.

If you are desperate to see an axolotl with a blue whole body, you can see it in Minecraft. Although it is also very difficult to get it with a percentage below 1%. It’s hard to get blue for something natural. Any animal will very rarely have blue as its dominant color.


How To Breed A Blue Axolotl?

Breeding black melanoid is the same as breeding other types of axolotls. After the female axolotl lays their eggs, set the temperature of the tank between 18-20°C. If you want the eggs to hatch faster, you can raise the temperature slightly, not more than 23°C.

The blue axolotl names arise from the black melanoid, which looks blue under certain conditions. Although you can’t get a real blue axolotl, you can get an axolotl with a color close to blue.


Weirdly Colored Axolotls

Anything axolotl color that is rarer than uncommon axolotl is considered a weird color. Besides not many people having it, the developmental error of the axolotl egg makes certain types of axolotl unrepeatable even though selective breeding is used.

For example, a mosaic axolotl with colors that look like it’s been halved perfectly. The possibility is very small and may not be repeated in a long time. If someone has a weird color axolotl, they won’t sell it and want to have it themselves to care for according to their life expectancy.

You can only look at the pictures on the Internet and prove that the axolotl with the weird color exists.


Can You Dye An Axolotl In Minecraft?

You might be able to do that if you play Minecraft in a special mode. If you want blue axolotl Minecraft, you need to spawn two axolotls bred with 1/1200 probability. Look for references on the blue axolotl command, and get this axolotl to fill your axolotl collection.

There are four usual colors for axolotls in Minecraft. Pink, brown, yellow, and cyan. Give tropical fish to accelerate their development to reach adulthood.


Do Dyed Axolotl Die Immediately?

If axolotls live in an unnatural way, such as being colored, it will reduce their life expectancy. We don’t know what effect this could have on the axolotl.

Colors that are changed unnaturally can cause axolotls to suffer. Axolotl can be affected by skin disease, stunted growth, although not immediately die. It depends on the owner whether you want to allow the axolotl to have definite color by coloring it, or like the axolotl with natural color.

Many axolotl colors can be owned ranging from ordinary to rare. If you only focus on one color that is hard to come by, you have to accept the risk that an axolotl with an unnatural color can have a less lifespan.


Final Verdict – Blue Axolotl

There is one type of axolotl known as the blue axolotl because it can look blue under certain conditions. Black melanoid is an axolotl blue with the original color dark gray or black. If black melanoids are in a tank with certain light and have a substrate with a bright color, they can change color temporarily.

Blue axolotl
Blue Axolotl – Dyed Axolotl – Are Blue Axolotls Real

No axolotl has a purely blue color all over its body. You can only find axolotl with blue type in the Minecraft game with a ratio of 1/1200 for its spawn. If you are obsessed with the color blue and want the axolotl to have that color, you can take the risk by coloring it. But, it is not generally recommended.

Coloring unnaturally can cause axolotls to suffer. It depends on you whether you want to have an axolotl with a bluish color naturally or by coloring it and have a health risk.

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