Hamster Breathing Heavy And Shaking : 7 Clear Reasons

Hamster health is a priority for every hamster owner. Their cuteness and ease of care are an option for every owner to introduce hamsters to their kids to teach their pet care responsibilities. But even though hamsters are low maintenance animals, it doesn’t mean hamsters don’t have health issues. One of the worrying conditions is hamster shaking with heavy breathing.

Is your hamster breathing heavy and shaking? Hamster shaking and heavy breathing can be due to several problems. Some medical issues that cause hamster shaking are heatstroke, diabetes, respiratory infection, or congestive heart failure. But some things are less worrying, such as climate and hibernation shakes, or shaking caused by anxiety and fear.

Hamster breathing heavy and shaking
Is your hamster breathing heavy and shaking?

We need to know what causes hamster shaking or heavy breathing and how to deal with it. Let’s read this article to the end.


What Does It Mean When My Hamster Is Shaking?

Shaking is a sign that your hamster is experiencing mental stress or physical conditions. Some health issues with hamster breathing heavy and shaking are diabetes and minor strokes. But there are also times my hamster is breathing rapidly when my pet is experiencing emotional stimulation, such as anxiety or fear.


Why Is My Hamster Shaking/Breathing Heavily?

My hamster is shaking and breathing very heavy after several days of refusing to eat. After I took the hamster to the vet, they said that my hamster breathing heavy and shaking due to congestive heart failure.

My hamster is getting treatment by restoring its hydration level. After the hamster’s condition improved, the vet gave an ACE inhibitor to regulate the hamster’s heart rhythm and blood pressure.


Why Is My Hamster Breathing Fast And Not Moving?

When the dwarf hamster is breathing rapidly/shaking there is a possibility that the hamster has a respiratory infection. A common cause of this disease is hamsters in a stressful environment. Makes them more susceptible to illness and infections.

Hamster breathing heavy and shaking due to respiratory illness can be contagious. The common signs are wheezing, eye discharges, lethargy, loss appetite, and labored breathing. The hamster’s condition will be worse and cause them not to move due to exhaustion.


Why Is My Hamster Breathing Heavy And Not Moving?

Hamsters unable to move and heavy breathing are not normal. Dwarf hamster breathing heavy, body shaking, and gasping for air are severe cases of respiratory infection.

Take your hamster to the vet immediately if a hamster is breathing heavy and shaking until they look weak. Look for nose and eyes discharge as evidence that your hamster has bacteria. The vet can do the treatment by giving antibiotics and helping the hamster breathe until it returns to normal.


Why Is My Hamster Shaking And Breathing Fast?

Sometimes, a hamster breathing heavy and shaking is not dangerous. When hamsters experience a nerve-racking or frightening situation, they can quickly breathe because of shock by something that scares them. Give your hamster some comfort the first time you hold them.

Hamsters that still don’t have a bond with their owners will be shaking or trembling for fear that you will harm them. Pick the hamster and pet it gently until they have trust in you.

Why is my hamster breathing so heavy? It’s because hamsters are nervous when they are around new people. If you don’t show any harm, your hamster will be more relaxed.


Why Is My Hamster Frozen And Shaking?

Hamsters will stand still or frozen and shake when they want to know what happens. It’s a high-alert situation that hamsters do when something scares or surprises them. The hamster breathing heavy and shaking due to shock and nothing dangerous.

Why is my hamster shaking and breathing heavy? Hamsters are animals that are easily surprised if they move to a new environment. The touch from the owners can make them fear and anxious until they can get used to it.


Why Is My Hamster Shaking With Eyes Closed?

When your hamster is shaking and breathing heavily, eyes closed, and feels uncomfortable with its body condition, try taking the hamster to the vet for a medical examination. Hamsters who have difficulty opening their eyes can be due to sticky eyes or eye discharges that accumulate making it difficult for the hamster to open their eyes.

Hamsters breathing heavy and shaking when they are uncomfortable with their condition. Vets can clean fluids from hamster’s eyes and give antibiotics to reduce symptoms of infection in your pet’s eyes.

Hamster breathing heavy and shaking
Is your hamster breathing heavy and shaking?


Why Is My Hamster Shaking In His Sleep?

Hamster breathing fast while sleeping will make owners panic and don’t know what to do. Ensure your hamster eats according to the portion and is well hydrated. Check the temperature in their cage.

Hamster breathing heavy and shaking might occur due to heatstroke. Higher temperatures mean that hamsters need to cool down until they have difficulty breathing. Hamsters can’t stand hot weather. They need the right temperature between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.


Why Is My Hamster Shaking And Having Trouble Walking?

Hamsters are shaking and not moving much when they have a stroke. The paralysis can also be experienced by hamsters, and only time will tell whether the condition will be permanent or temporary. Take your hamster to the vet or give him a proper diet and drink to stay hydrated.

A hamster breathing heavy and shaking when having a stroke. If the hamster’s condition is severe, it can collapse after doing some activities. Sometimes hamsters will stare forward without responding to anything around them. Looks like a hamster in a trance-like state.


What To Do If Your Hamster Is Breathing Heavily?

Help! hamster breathing heavy and shaking. The words just now are the expressions of the hamster owners who are panicking about the pet’s condition. Hamster breathing heavy and shaking is a sign that your pet is sick. The table below is what you can do to treat your sick hamster.

How to treat a sick hamsterExplanation
Look for signsGet a first hint when the hamster will get sick such as losing appetite, sleeping longer than usual, slow moving, or losing any fur.
Keep hamster warmHelp your hamster return to its cage and ensure the hamster is at a warm temperature. Sick hamsters can lose their body heat, and it’s your job to keep their body temperature stable.
Keep hamster hydrateGive hamsters water or fluid-replacement to avoid dehydration.
Give comfort to the hamster cage Cover half of the hamster’s cage to reduce the chances of hamsters being afraid of their surroundings and to give hamsters privacy to hide in their safe areas.


What Should I Do If My Hamster Is Shaking?

Shaking hamsters should be investigated for the root cause. Hamster breathing heavy and shaking can be due to fear or discomfort with its environment. But if the hamster is breathing heavy and wobbly, contact your vet for some possible diseases such as respiratory infection or congestive heart failure.

If your hamster is so stressed that it refuses to eat and drink, you will need to move the hamster’s cage to a safe place with minimal outside interference. Shaking hamsters can be avoided if they feel safe and there are no threats that can scare them.


How Can You Tell If A Hamster Is Dying?

Senior hamsters who are dying will be seen from the way they breathe. The hamster’s breathing is making a clicking noise and suffers from tremors. The shaking hamster dying situation begins with the hamster refusing to eat or drink. Their way of breathing is faster, and they don’t feel like doing any activities.

Hamsters near death will release sphincters, absence of pulse, and mucous membranes cannot recover the hamster’s color because blood flow and oxygenation have decreased.


Final Verdict – Hamster Breathing Heavy And Shaking

Hamster shaking and having difficulty breathing has several possibilities. Some things that are not dangerous are when the hamster is afraid or anxious. Hamsters can freeze still when something startles them, until they find out what’s going on.

Hamster breathing heavy and shaking
Is your hamster breathing heavy and shaking?

Stroke, congestive heart failure, respiratory infection, and diabetes are some of the severe conditions that make hamsters rapid breathing and shaking. Take your hamster to the vet before any fatal conditions happen.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet hamster a good and comfortable life!

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