How To Tell If A Praying Mantis Is Pregnant? 4 Best Ways To Care

Praying mantises are an outstanding insect that has become popular recently. Female mantis have larger size than males, and sometimes female mantis will eat male mantis right after mating. Watching a praying mantis while pregnant is an outstanding sight.

How to tell if a praying mantis is pregnant? There are several ways to tell if a female mantis is pregnant. First, look at the size of mantis’ abdomen. You will notice the comparison of its abdomen with the usual female, as they carry eggs. Second, look at their egg sac or ootheca. The shape of their ootheca is large and round. Sometimes, you can see the embryos moving around inside her abdomen.

If you are a new praying mantis owner, let’s look at some frequently asked questions about the pregnant mantis.

How to tell if a praying mantis is pregnant
How To Tell If A Praying Mantis Is Pregnant?


How To Tell If A Praying Mantis Is Pregnant?

Look at her abdomen. If her abdomen is bigger than usual, and you can see embryos, they are pregnant. The pregnant praying mantis behavior is that they will not fly like others and eat more than usual.


Never Seen A Mantis This Fat Before. Is She Pregnant?

The fat and round-shaped abdomen is a sign that the praying mantis is pregnant. When your pet enters the praying mantis pregnancy stage, mantis will eat and grow fat before laying eggs.

Once the female mantis is ready, they will lay egg cases or ootheca, which are frothy masses to protect the 12 to 100 eggs inside.


Is My Praying Mantis Pregnant?

If you pay attention to the praying mantis time after mating, try waiting a few days after mantis mating. Look at the mantis’ abdomen, which is starting to enlarge, and you can see several embryos moving in the mantis’ stomach.


What Month Do Praying Mantis Lay Eggs?

Typically, praying mantis lay eggs in September or October. The time for a praying mantis to become pregnant ranges from several weeks to several months.

The average period is around two months. Some mantis species can remain in egg sacs even after more than a year before hatching.


How Do You Know When A Praying Mantis Is About To Lay Eggs?

Breeding praying mantises is something that every praying mantis owner wants to do. Pay attention to praying mantis behavior, such as looking for a safe place to lay eggs.

The female mantis will lay her egg case or ootheca on rocks, twigs, stems, or hidden places in their cage. The location she needs can hold her body weight and be somewhat vertical to lay their egg case smoothly.


What Does It Look Like When A Praying Mantis Is Laying Eggs?

The pregnant mantis praying about to lay eggs on my palm, and I will put her back in her cage so she can find the right place to lay her eggs.

Praying mantis gives birth by placing egg cases or foamy mass on stems, plant leaves, and rocks, and hatch for about 2 weeks. The nymphs will emerge from the egg and look like miniature mantis.


How Do You Tell If A Praying Mantis Is A Male Or Female Baby?

You can’t compare praying mantis eggs, whether it’s male or female. You can only compare male and female mantis after they hatch from eggs and are called nymphs. The male nymph has thick antennae, and the female nymph has thin hair-like antennae.


How To Take Care Of A Pregnant Praying Mantis?

If you want to take good care of pregnant praying mantis, read the table below about tips for taking care of them during pregnancy.

Taking care mantis while pregnantExplanation
Provide a spacious enclosureMantis needs a place to move around as her body gets larger. The ideal container size is a 10-gallon aquarium.
Plenty of ventilationKeep the mantis enclosure humid and warm.
Give plenty of foodMantis need a lot of food during pregnancy. It will help her growing body and developing eggs.
Dust the prey with calcium powderEach prey that the mantis eats will have enough nutrients for healthy egg development.


How Many Babies Do Praying Mantis Have?

A female mantis can have 12-100 babies in a froth mass to protect the eggs known as ootheca. After two weeks, the eggs will hatch.


Final verdict

You can tell your praying mantis is pregnant by looking at her abdomen. The abdomen becomes larger and round when she is carrying eggs. When her eggs start to develop, you can see the embryos moving inside her abdomen.

Female mantises need a lot of food to make egg sacs or ootheca. They will lay her egg sacs and will hatch after 2 weeks.

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