Pug Weight Chart : 6 Pug Growth Stages With Weights

Every Pug owner wants their dog to be of adequate weight and live a healthy life. It is essential to make sure that your new pet will grow to be an ideal size for your household. My Pug is overweight, I didn’t know much about the pug weight chart, and of course, this is what every Pug owner avoids.

A Pug weight chart can help you keep track of how much your pugs weigh at certain times throughout the day. This is important as you want to ensure that they are getting proper nutrition during the day and not putting on too much weight. 

By knowing the average Pug weight and how to care for our Pug to have an ideal weight, of course, there are several things you need to know. Let’s read to the end about this.

Pug weight chart
pug weight chart – average pug weight – overweight pug


How Much Should A Pug Weigh?

The average weight of pugs is between 14 to 18 pounds.

Pugs are a very active breed that can become overweight quickly. This is why it is crucial to check out your Pug’s weight to ensure that he or she is healthy and not just fat.

When determining the ideal weight for a Pug, you must also consider the overall health of your Pug. The perfect weight for a Pug has no major medical conditions that affect its ability to thrive. Some Pugs may seem skinnier than others, but this is normal.

As soon as the pugs weight more than 10% of their normal weight, you should start to increase the amount of food that you give them. Be sure to keep records of what foods you are giving your Pug so you will be able to monitor their weight closely.

It will be easier to see if you have a Pug weight chart, then you can give food as they will be dropping weight each time you see them on the scale.

Pug Mix dogs have a different weight scale than purebred Pug dogs. Take a look at Husky Pug mix weight and Pitbull Pug mix weight and compare them with Pug dogs.


Is It Important To Have A Pug Weight Chart?

A Pug weight chart will show you that your pug puppies are getting enough food each day. If you have an overweight pug, you will want to start to feed them smaller amounts more often.

Some people do not care if their pug puppy weighs more or less. They just want their puppy to get proper nutrition. The charts are easy to make and will give you valuable information about how much your pug puppy is eating.

You will be able to easily see that he is not becoming overweight Pug. You will also be able to see what portion size your puppy needs.


Is Female Pug Weight Different From Male Pug Weight?

The female is generally leaner with a smaller build than the male. They have smaller waists and thighs and have been reported to have less fat in the abdominal area.

Although many say that on the pug weight chart, women and men have the same weight, women also have different body metabolisms, so their weight will be visible.

Knowing how female Pugs differ from male Pugs will help you understand if a female Pug is right for you or not. Even if it’s only a few pounds difference, you need to measure your female pug weight in kg to know for sure the average of your Pug’s ideal weight.


Average Size Of A Pug

The average size of a pug is 25-30cm for the female and 30-36 for the male. While the weight is between 14-18 pounds.

Because it is a small-sized dog, you should look at the pug growth chart to see if your Pug is developmentally appropriate for its age.

For example, you must know the ideal weight of a 1 year old pug to determine whether your dog is healthy or has certain diseases so that his weight is not ideal.

Although it doesn’t have to be fat, your Pug should at least have an average pug weight of between 14-18 pounds in its full-grown state.

If your Pug is underweight on the pug weight chart, you need to adjust their healthy diet because feeding pugs should not be careless. Too much giving them food also makes it easier for pugs to be overweight.


Newborn Pug Puppy Weight

If you understand that pugs are small dogs, many wonder what the average pug weight is when they are born. The newborn Pug weighs 75g to 350g.

When you bring a Pug into the world, you should already have a healthy weight gain for the dog. It is crucial to keep in mind that the newborn Pug puppy weight will increase as they grow older. You will need to observe them in the pug weight chart or pug puppy weight chart kg so that you do not overfeed them.

It is also good to have some sort of diet plan set up to know what to eat. It is beneficial if you can demonstrate to them what they are eating each meal.

Teaching them what is good for them can make it much easier to feed them the proper diet. Make sure when your Pug enters the 4-month old Pug, the weight can reach 2 to 3.5 kg.


Pug Growth Stages

Pugs include toy dogs or small dogs, so many pet owners want to know the Pug grow stages besides the pug weight chart. Pugs will have five grown stages, which are:

Neonatal stageBirth to 2 weeks of age
Transitional stage2 to 4 weeks of age
Socialization stage4 to 12 weeks of age
Ranking stage3 to 6 months of age
Adolescence stage6 to 18 months of age

Understanding the stage of the Pug will know their progress. How big do pugs grow starts from the socialization stage because their appetite for food starts to grow. Some are still breastfeeding, and some have been introduced to food by their adults.

Pug weight chart
pug weight chart – average pug weight

Avoid overfeeding your Pug because overweight Pug also put a strain on their lives. Overweight will reduce activity, reduce health, and make it easier for them to stress and depression.

For a change, take a look at our Rottweiler Weight Chart and see how it compares with Pugs growth stages.


When Do Pugs Stop Growing?

By the time your pugs are nine months old, they have reached their full-grown size. But it’s also not possible for your Pug to be more developed because the Pug is a dog that is easy to gain weight.

Some see that pugs will stop growing at 2 year old Pug because they have started a lot of activity even though they eat a lot. Even at that age, you should still pay attention to the pug weight chart because at all ages, pugs can still increase their size, especially in weight.


Pug Puppy Weight Chart

The pug weight chart will help you see the growth and development of your puppy. Knowing in detail the development of a puppy will also determine you can take care of your dog with a healthy life and a regular diet.

AgeIn LbIn Kg
2 months4 lbs1.8kg
2 months and 2 weeks5 lbs2.3 kg
3 months6 lbs2.7 kg
4 months7.5 lbs3.4 kg
6 months12 lbs5.5 kg
7 months15 lbs6.8 kg
8 months17.5 lbs8 kg

If you don’t use pounds as your measurement, then you can look at the pug weight chart by age in kg to make it easier for you to determine the ideal weight of your Pug.

After more than one year, your pug weight can be higher than average. Therefore, you should always control your diet, exercise, sleep patterns, and pug activities to not have an overweight Pug.


How To Treat Skinny Pug?

If your Pug is not gaining weight like the average size of Pug, you need to find out what is causing this. When thinking about treating a skinny Pug, the first thing you should do when thinking about treating a skinny Pug is to make sure it is in good overall health.

A good diet and exercise will go far for keeping your Pug healthy. You should always check with your veterinarian if your Pug is not growing properly, especially after birth. If you can see your Pug’s ribs, your dog could be suffering from parasites, worms, or lack of exercise.

One of the importance of having a pug weight chart is to avoid having a skinny pug because an unhealthy life will make your Pug easy to get sick.

First, you must take your dog to the vet for a medical examination. Ensure your dog is not exposed to severe conditions such as diabetes, parasites, or an insufficient diet. Then ask your vet if there are antibiotics or special medication to increase your Pug’s appetite to eat more.

After that, you can feed more than the usual portion, but do not overfeed to prevent overweight Pug.

Give your Pug enough exercise, so they don’t get tired quickly and can rest in a relaxed manner. With a healthy routine, your Pug can return to average pug weight.


How Much Does An Obese Pug Weigh?

Obese pug weight starts from over 25 pounds. Because pug fat starts from 19 pounds, and above that is considered to be obese.

Obesity in animals is usually caused by a poor diet and lack of exercise. A pug usually won’t run unless it is forced to, and he’ll often choose his own playthings instead of joining you in a game. This means that he’ll be getting less exercise than usual, which can have profound health implications.

Obesity can also result from a poor diet or living in a dirty environment, and overweight Pugs in pug weight chart are certainly no exception.

The solution is to start an exercise routine and to work with your vet to create a proper diet for your Pug. Ensure you feed him fish and meat over time and make sure that your Pug has regular veterinarian checkups until getting average pug weight.


Fattest Pug In The World

Back in 2010, a picture appeared on the Internet with the fattest Pug in the world with 46.2 lbs or 21 kg. This is considered as really a fat pug because just an obese pug is already over 25 pounds while reaching 40 pounds is even worse.


How To Prevent Overweight Pugs?

It is essential to know what a healthy weight for a dog is. This means that your Pug should be no more than 18% of his total body weight on the pug weight chart. Ideally, you want to see your Pug weighing no more than fifteen percent of his body weight.

When feeding your Pug, try to maintain a steady feeding schedule. Dogs who overeat often become fat pug puppy, which is precisely what you do not want to happen to your Pug.

He may be a fat pug dog because he doesn’t exercise enough, or he may be overweight because he is suffering from some kind of health problem. Invite Pug to play with you or walk around the neighborhood. If your Pug is sick, immediately take it to the vet to get medication.


Final Verdict On Pug Weight Chart

Pugs are small dogs that are easily overweight if they are not adequately regulated by diet and exercise. Every Pug owner is still putting aside about healthy pug weight by only providing nutritious food without regard to the number of calories or benefits per meal provided.

Having a pug weight chart kg can control your Pug’s weight to not be categorized as underweight or overweight.

Pug weight chart
pug weight chart – average pug weight – overweight pug

Any dog can more easily experience health issues if its body is not ideal. For example, underweight pugs can be caused by stress, parasites, worms, or poisoning. In contrast, overweight Pugs can cause other severe conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, kidney damage, etc.

Having a Pug with an average pug weight of 14-18 pounds in a full-grown state means your Pug is living a healthy and happy life.

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