Is Lysol Toxic To Dogs? 7 Clear Facts

As a dog owner, you must know what products can be dangerous if used near your pet. Lysol products are often asked by dog owners, whether Lysol is toxic to our beloved four-legged companion or not.

Is Lysol toxic to dogs? Lysol is not recommended for use in homes with dogs. Even though Lysol does not directly have a toxic effect on dogs, some ingredients can harm your dog if ingested in large quantities.

Let’s explore some asked questions about Lysol and dogs.

Is lysol toxic to dogs
Is Lysol Toxic To Dogs?


Is Lysol Toxic To Animals?

Lysol can contain phenols, ammonia, and bleach, which are toxic to animals. Don’t let your pet ingest Lysol because it can harm their bodies.


Is Lysol Pet Friendly?

No, because Lysol can be unsafe for any pet around. Don’t use Lysol products while your pet is still around, don’t let your pet get close to Lysol products to avoid droplets or areas exposed to Lysol and the possibility of your pet ingesting it.


Is Lysol Toxic To Dogs?

The content of Lysol makes your dog exposed to poisoning, respiratory issues, chemical burns, and skin irritation. If your dog ingests Lysol, immediately take it to the vet to check your pet’s condition.


Is Lysol Spray Toxic To Dogs?

Lysol spray should not be used around pets, because it is not safe for dogs. How toxic is Lysol spray? The phenols in Lysol can cause liver damage to your dog.

Some dogs exposed to Lysol will drool, refuse to eat, repeatedly paw at the mouth, and other signs of toxicity.


Are Dogs Allergic To Lysol Spray?

If you use Lysol spray near your dog, and they inhale it, your dog could get eye and ear irritation. Your dog will be sneezing, having skin lesions, or vomiting.

Don’t let your dog drink Lysol, because the ingredients are dangerous to your pet if taken in large quantities.


Is Lysol Disinfectant Spray Toxic To Dogs?

All cleaning products are toxic to pets. Lysol contains phenols, which are dangerous if your pet ingests them.

Do not use Lysol products around dogs because it can cause liver damage to your canine companion. The disinfectant spray can cause irritation to the dog’s eyes and ears.


Is Lysol Toxic To Dogs After It Dries?

Although some vets recommend not using cleaners with phenols such as Lysol, keep your dog away from the area until the cleaner is completely dry.

Check the cleaned room surface or walks before a dog re-enters the room. Your dog will be safe in a room with dry Lysol, but keep your dog away from Lysol products.


Is Lysol Toxic To Dogs And Cats?

Yes, the phenol in Lysol’s ingredients are toxic to dogs and cats.

While cats can absorb phenol from the spray through their skin or mouth by licking, dogs can also have problems because they ingest too much Lysol.


Is Lysol Toxic To Dogs Throwing Up?

Your dog can be affected by cleaner poisoning ranging from mild to severe signs, such as excess salivation, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and severe vomiting.

The amount your dog throws up depends on how much they ingested Lysol. Immediately take him to the vet after finding out your dog accidentally drank Lysol before any symptoms appeared.


Can You Use Lysol Around Dogs?

Vet recommends that you do not use Lysol products when dogs or other pets are around. Even though Lysol directly doesn’t give dogs much of a problem, it depends on how your dog ingests the Lysol products.

Is lysol toxic to dogs after it dries? It’s still not safe for dogs to re-enter the room after Lysol use. Make sure the room doesn’t have Lysol on the surface. Wipe the floor or room clean before your dog walks around.


What Happens If My Dog Inhaled Lysol?

Lysol will only be dangerous for dogs if your dog ingests it. There is no serious problem if your dog inhales a Lysol spray, but keep your dog away when you want to clean the room with Lysol products.

Below is a table that explains the signs of lysol poisoning in dogs.

Lysol poisoning in dogsExplanation
Liver damageThe phenols in Lysol ingredients can cause dogs to suffer liver damage.
Decreased blood pressureThe ethanol in Lysol products has toxicity risks including low blood sugar and decreased blood pressure.
Mild to severe diarrheaLysol poisoning will cause a dog’s stomach to feel uncomfortable, excess salivation, and diarrhea.


Is Disinfectant Spray Safe For Dogs?

No, even though it doesn’t have a direct harmful effect on your dog. Is lysol safe around dogs? No, because there are many chances that your dog could lick the Lysol products and ingest it in large quantities.


What Disinfectant Sprays Are Safe For Dogs?

Look for non-toxic and pet-safe disinfectants that contain sufactants. Cleaning products with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide or AHP is more stable than hydrogen peroxide used in cleaning products in general.


Is Lysol OK To Use Around Dogs?

No, it’s not okay because there is still a possibility that your dog will lick the area that you have cleaned, or your dog will play with the bottle of Lysol products and accidentally lick the excess of it.


Is Lysol Spray Toxic To Cats And Dogs?

Cats are more sensitive to Lysol products than dogs. If dogs only have problems when they ingest too many Lysol ingredients, cats can be more easily exposed to poisoning from the results of Lysol spray.

Is lysol toxic to cats and dogs? Dogs and cats cannot be exposed to one of the active ingredients in Lysol, which is phenol.

Cats can absorb phenol from anywhere and cause poisoning, while dogs can get poisoning if they ingest too much of it.


I Sprayed Lysol On My Bed And Slept On It, Am I Okay?

You will be fine. But for safety percussion, wait for it to dry before you use the bed. The Lysol products become inert when they’re dry.

Remove any visible debris and dirt from the surface, and use Lysol disinfectant spray on bedding. Wait 5-10 minutes until it dries, and your bed is ready to use.


Can I Spray Lysol On Dog Bed?

No, because the vet does not recommend that you use cleaners for your pet. The disinfectant spray for dog beds can only be used if using AHP (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide), and there is a pet-safe label on it.


Can I Spray My Dog With Lysol?

No, because Lysol products can contain bleach, phenols, and ammonia, all of which are toxic ingredients for dogs.

If you see a dog licking lysol, immediately take it to the vet before poisoning symptoms appear.


Is Lysol Daily Cleanser Safe To Use Around Pets?

Lysol daily cleanser is not recommended for use around pets. Lysol is a phenol-based product that is not good for dogs. Phenol can cause poisoning to dogs when they lick or drink it.


What Is A Safe Disinfectant To Use Around Dogs?

You can use essential oils, baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar and mix it as homemade cleaners.

But if you want to choose a safe disinfectant around your pets, use a non-toxic and pet-safe disinfectant with Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP).


Final Verdict

Lysol products contain chemicals that can poison your dog. The Lysol spray can cause skin irritation, respiratory issues, and chemical burns.

If your dog ingests too much Lysol, your pet can suffer from severe diarrhea, excessive drooling, and vomiting.

If you have already used Lysol products, wait until they dry. Keep your dog away from the room, check the floor, surfaces, and any place you clean.

Make sure there is no Lysol left over and it is within reach of the dog. Use pet-safe cleaners or homemade cleaners for your pet’s health.

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