Lop Bunny Price : How Much Are Lop Bunnies? 7 Clear Steps To Breed Lops

Humans by nature are sociable creatures. Adapting an animal as a pet is one of their ways of showing affection. Besides companionship, pets also help the owner in different ways.

Throughout history, man has kept different pets small or large, depending on ability.

The median Lop bunny price is $60, though the range can widely vary from $25 to $350. Lop Bunny price variation is based on blood lineage, pedigree, fertility test and vaccination.

With fast pace life and smaller dwellings, peoples’ choice for adapting pets is narrowed to smaller size pets with least upkeep, which can share their small dwellings.

Just like dogs, rabbits as pet is fast gaining popularity in US market. One of the new trends is the adoption of dwarf or miniature size rabbit pets.

Lop bunny price
Lop Bunny Price – How much are lop bunnies

Holland lop bunny (a dwarf) is one such breed and considered one of the cutest, and loved by many for adoption as a pet.

Here we discuss the lop bunny, especially the holland lop bunny, how much are lop bunnies, how much do holland lops cost, their availability, sources, and breeding.


What Are Lop Bunnies?

When we think of a bunny, erect years is the first thing that comes to mind. But there are breeds of rabbits whose ears naturally dangle down, hence named as lop bunny.

Holland Lop Lifespan


Difference In Dwarf, Miniature And Mini Rabbits

Rabbit breeds now have been classified by many names due to cross-breeding to get different characteristics of the pets.

The smallest pet breed is called a ‘dwarf’. A ‘dwarf gene’ has to be present in the breed to qualify for it. Also known as ‘miniature’.

The ‘mini’ is entirely different and is bigger in weight and size.


How Much Do Lop Rabbits Cost?

Seeing a lop or drooping ear rabbits, people wonder how much are lop eared rabbits or frequently ask how much do lop bunnies cost.

Lop-eared rabbits are relatively less in population, compared to the general rabbit populace.

The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) reports that “Today the Holland Lop is one of the top five most popular breeds in the ARBA”.

Lop bunny prices vary a lot, depending upon where one is looking, the breed, and pedigree.

It can be anything from few tens to many hundred bucks for the professional show breed type.


How Much Is A Holland Lop Bunny?

The Holland lop bunny is a fluffy-looking rabbit with small body and weighs around 2 to 4 pounds. Regarded as calm, gentle, and quiet, they are a popular pet for people living in apartments.

To the query how much are lop bunnies, the lop bunny price can vary anything from about $40 to $400. The higher price is for the pedigree, medical tests conformation, etc.


How Much Is A Mini Lop Bunny?

Also frequently queried is how much are mini lop bunnies or how much do mini lops cost. The mini lop bunny price has similar variations as the lop bunny price. The mini lop is actually larger in size and weight than the holland rabbit.

The mini lop is medium-sized, with weight around 6.5 pounds.

Both these breeds fall in the expensive rabbits class.

The mini lop bunny price varies from $35 – $100 for a domestic pet. Can go up to or more than $400 for a show breed.


Holland Lop Bunnies For Adoption

The word adoption means the rabbit is without its master or owner and is being housed in a shelter center for adaption by a new owner. It can be a baby or a grownup rabbit, single or bonded pair.

There are many shelters, rescue, and adaptation businesses offering services. Their prices are the most competitive.


How To Get Low Cost Holland Lop Bunnies?

The lowest lop bunny price would be available from a rescue or adaption center, or a pet lover disposing of one of the litters. Check with local 4-H clubs offering sales and adoption services.

Pet shops and breeders would always be expensive. Be well informed about the rabbit characteristics before starting search, especially when purchasing from latter.

Internet, Facebook, and friends are best sources to start with.


Where Can I Get A Holland Lop Bunny?

Where can I get a holland lop bunny or how much is a holland lop bunny, are the first questions one asks when buying a holland lop bunny.

Before responding to the lop eared bunny for sale add, first, familiarize yourself well with the rabbit features and characteristics and traits.

When well informed, one can put the right questions to the seller. Start inquiring from friends and rabbit enthusiasts and different clubs, internet, Facebook, blogs, etc.

Another source of information is pet shows.

The breeder or rabbitry can provide you with your best choice pet. The price would be high, but you will have the satisfaction of having the pedigree. Next would be a pet shop.

Rescue and adaption centers also offer the cheapest price, but the choice would be limited.


How To Choose Lop Bunnies Breeders

All kinds of breeders are competing in the market. Some are there with many years of experience & provide 5-star services. Others are there just to make money unscrupulously.

For a balanced and clear selection, follow principled questions & procedures. Start by checking the breeders’ websites and Facebook accounts.

An honest breeder will always welcome your questions and may allow visiting their rabbitry.

If possible, check with different rabbit enthusiast and owners and their experiences with breeders. Visits to rabbit shows etc. are the best place to interact and have information.

One can always join blogs on such topics and get valuable knowledge and information.

Consult ARBA. They can answer all queries on rabbits and breeders.


How To Breed Holland Lop Bunnies

This should be taken seriously, as by not meeting all standards, one will harm the animals, besides incurring financial loss.

Thoughts must be given to complete financials and sustainability of the project, availability of time and energy by the individual, proper space & environment for the animals.

Best is to consult some experts and acquire as much knowledge. ARBA is one source. Talk to other certified breeders as another source.

It is a very wide subject, only some very basic topics are touched upon here. Once the feasibility has been completed, start with following.

Lop bunny price
Lop Bunny Price – How much are lop bunnies


Breed Of Rabbit

One must start with the purebred Holland lop male and female to have the pedigree. Do not crossbreed.



It must be proper, which is important to not put stress on animals. Temperature, environment, feed, timing, cleanliness, etc. are all important. Buck & doe separate.


Mating Schedule

Important to follow the mating schedules as practiced by breeders.


Weaning & Health Care/Medical

Delivery can be difficult for first-timer. Could need intervention. Assure kittens are getting their nutrition.


Retirement From Breeding

To have the offsprings from healthiest genes, retire the doe & buck at right age.


Maintaining Records & Data

Important to track back any illnesses or to show prospective buyers or vets.


Routine Cleaning And Supplies

Very important for the health and wellbeing of the animals.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Bunnies?

One can have kittens for free if one has friends or intermediaries to enthusiasts disposing of their litter. A rescue or shelter price would vary from $5 to $20.

While a pet shop will charge anything from $20 – $40  for an ordinary pair to $350 or so for pedigree or show bunny.


How Much Are Dutch Rabbits?

Dutch rabbits are a different breed from the Holland lop bunny. At one time they were one of the most popular show breeds in demand.

With the popularity of dwarf varieties, their demand is less now. Dutch rabbit price is between $30 – $90, depending on where one looks for.


How Much Does A Dutch Rabbit Cost?

Pet shops charge about $30. On higher side can go up to $90.


How Much Are Holland Lop Bunnies?

The Holland lop bunny is a miniature show bunny and due to its high demand costs more than other breeds. Pet shops charge $25 to $350.


How Much Are Holland Lops?

The miniature or dwarf Holland lop costs anywhere from $25 to $350. The higher cost can be due to the fur color, pedigree, medical, and health certifications.


How Much Does A Mini Lop Cost?

A mini lop is somewhat a bigger rabbit than the dwarf Holland lop. Mini lop bunny price vary from $25 to $200 at the pet shop, depending upon fur, color, etc.


Holland Lop Bunny Cost

For a Holland lop bunny, a pet shop asks from $25 to $350. The wide variation is for the color of fur and eyes, pedigree, lineage, medical and vaccination certifications, etc.


Mini Lop Cost

Mini lop bunny price varies from $25 to $200 at the pet shop. The difference depends on the color, certifications for pedigree, health and vaccination, etc.


Mini Lop Price

The different factors that affect the mini lop bunny price are fur colors, certifications for pedigree, health, medical, and vaccinations, which a pet shop or breeder can charge. The price varies from $25 to $200.


Miniature Lop Price

The Holland lop (a dwarf) in USA is known as miniature lop in Netherlands, where it was first bred. Miniature lop or Holland lop costs anywhere from $25 to $350 at pet shops.


Final Verdict On Lop Bunny Price

With present lifestyles and affordability, demands for dwarf or mini pets are on increase, and a whole new market for small-sized pets has developed.

The Holland lop bunny is small in size and weight and is very cute looking. It is for its looks and handy size that people fall for it on first look.

Lop bunny price
Lop Bunny Price – How much are lop bunnies

Simply due to high demand, its cost is more than other breeds. If it is a thoroughbred and intended for show and competition, then it commands higher price.

The breeders demand anything from $40 – $50 for a simple kitten. The price goes up as one asks for certification for pedigree, lineage, medical, vaccination, etc.

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