How Long Do Rabbits Live? 5 Clear Methods To Prolong Bunny Life

How Long Do Rabbits Live? Rabbits are adorable pets. One can keep a rabbit as a pet and will have a fantastic experience. Rabbits live longer nowadays because of the excellent healthcare provided by the owners.

In this article, we will come to know about these terms frequently when you want to learn more about Rabbits

  • Rabbit Lifespan
  • Rabbit Lifespan In Captivity
  • Domestic Rabbit Lifespan
  • Rabbit Lifespan Pet
  • How Long Do Rabbits Live As Pets
How long do rabbits live
How long do rabbits live

Rabbit Life Span is variable as many factors affect Rabbit Lifespan Domestic such as healthcare, the environment they live in, the food and nutrition. Thus, it may increase the average House Rabbit Lifespan if we take proper care of our rabbit and spend more time making it emotionally intense.


Rabbit Life Cycle

How Long Do Rabbits Live For? Let us discuss the rabbit life cycle.

There are four stages of a bunny’s life cycle:

Newbie Baby Rabbit

A newborn baby is classified when it is less than three months. This period requires a lot of care. If you are going to adopt a bunny, you need to take good care of it.


Start of Childhood (Adolescence) Rabbit

After three months, adolescence starts, which remains when the rabbit reaches the age of 6 months. During this period, it asks for different types of grasses and mainly relies on Alfalfa. You need to make ample space for your young rabbit to play here and there, which will help it grow better.


Teenage Rabbit

The teenage period starts at six months and will last up to 12 months or one year.


Mature and Adult Rabbit

A fully grown and the mature rabbit is developed after it has completed its growth period of 1 year. Now, it does not require as much effort, care, and nutrition as in childhood. It could mainly help itself, but you also have to take care of our bunny.


How Long Do Rabbits Live?

How Long Does A Rabbit Live? What is the Bunny Lifespan? People ask for a Pet Rabbit Lifespan, which is technically not the same for every rabbit. But on average, the pet bunny will live almost nine years. It may be variable for the national breeds of rabbits.


How Long Do Dwarf Rabbits Live?

How Long Do Rabbits Live As Pets If They Are dwarfs? The same holds for all rabbit breeds because this breed will live longer than any other breed. The average lifespan for these rabbits is estimated to be more than ten years.

What let these rabbits live longer? Many factors, such as healthcare, nutrition, and the genes they carry, all play a significant role in depicting the lifespan of rabbits.


How Long Do Unspayed Rabbits Live?

How Long Do Rabbits Live if they are unspayed? An unspayed bunny is a female rabbit in which the ovaries and its secondary reproductive organs are not removed. So, for a rabbit who is not unspayed, the average lifespan increases up to 12 years.


How Long Do Domestic Rabbits Live?

How Long Do Domestic Rabbits Live? Here we will discuss more about How Long Do Rabbits Live At Home? With good care, you can prolong the life of a pet rabbit at home.

Do you know How Long Do House Rabbits Live? A house rabbit is one which is kept as a pet.

Domestic rabbits are different from wild rabbits. Domestic rabbits can live longer than the wild ones because the domestic rabbits receive more care, carry better genes, and eat better and nutritious food. Thus, the domestic rabbits will for almost nine years. However, if they receive care, this lifespan can vary accordingly.


How Long Do Wild Rabbits Live?

How Long Do Wild Rabbits Live? People also ask How Long Do Rabbits Live In The Wild? Living in the wild or forest is tricky; the wildlife rabbits are prone to many vulnerable animals that could prey on bunnies; thus, the life expectancy in the wild is less than that in the home.

So, How Long Do Wild Rabbits Live In Captivity? They will live for eight to nine years on average. Many factors contribute to determining the lifespan of wild bunnies. They get nutritious food, and they will tend to live longer unless wild creatures attack them.


Average Age Of A Pet Rabbit

Let’s discuss the Average Lifespan Of A Rabbit. How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live? to answer this question: How Long Does A Pet Rabbit Live; let’s see the conditions in which a pet rabbit is kept.

If your bunny is kept in good hygienic conditions, good maintenance, and quality food is provided to the bunny,  it will live longer than other rabbits of the same species. Also, the genes which a bunny is carrying determine the lifespan of a rabbit.


How Long Do Rex Rabbits Live?

How Long Do Pet Bunnies Live if they are Rex breed? The Rex bunny is a small rabbit that does not have a long life span. It only lives for four to six years. The lower life expectancy is due to the small size. Much care is required for this bunny because if this breed gets wet, it will have a 70 percent chance of dying.


How Long Do Rabbits Live As A Pet?

Average Lifespan Of A Pet Rabbit. If you are going to get a pet and planning to get a bunny for it, it is a good option. We know that humans use bunnies as a source of meal and make materials from their fur.

Bunnies live for more than eight to nine years. This age is variable in different rabbit breeds; for example, the neuter rabbits live longer and will have 10 to 11 years. The dwarf rabbits will have an average of 10 years of age. The unspayed rabbits lie for 12 years.

Wild rabbits live less than other breeds and are 7 to 8 years old.


How Long Do Lop Eared Rabbits Live?

How Long Do Bunnies Live As Pets if they are lop-eared? The lop-eared rabbits have a good life span. If we see the average lifespan of lop-eared rabbits, it is between about 10 to 11 years.


How Long Do Rabbits Live In Captivity?

How Long Do Rabbits Live In Captivity? I was asked frequently by many people to write something on How Long Do Rabbits Live For In Captivity?

If we see How Long Do Bunnies Live In Captivity, we will get different opinions from different people. But, main thing which everyone agrees that grants and extends a bunny’s life is good care.

If you keep your rabbit healthier and provide it with all the care and nutrients required for its growth and keep it in healthy conditions, your rabbit will have a longer life. Most of the rabbits will have an average life span of 8 to 9 years.

How long do rabbits live
How long do rabbits live


The lifespan of Different breeds of Bunnies

Holland Lop Bunny

The average lifespan for Holland Lop Bunny is seven to twelve years.

Dutch Bunny

The average lifespan for Dutch Bunny is four to seven years.

American Sable Bunny

The average lifespan for American Sable Bunny is five to seven years.

Britannia Bunny

The average lifespan for Britannia Bunny is four to eight years.

Giant Angora Bunny

The average lifespan for Giant Angora Bunny is seven to eleven years.

Flemish Giant Bunny

The average lifespan for Flemish Giant Bunny is five to eight years.

Checkered Giant Bunny

The average lifespan for Checkered Giant Bunny is six to eight years.


Basic Rule For Increasing The Lifespan Of Your Bunny

If you want to increase the lifespan of your rabbit, you need to take extra care of your rabbit. You need to keep an eye on your rabbit’s hygiene, take care of the food he is consuming, get a steady look at your rabbit’s physical activities, provide it a space to play and if you are buying a bunny, make sure you are going for the one who carries good genes.


Do Rabbits Die Easily?

Yes! Bunnies are susceptible animals. If any fluctuation in the environment happens, it will have severe impacts on your rabbit. For example, if there is wet or damp weather, you need to take great care of your rabbit. Provide space for your bunny where it is not prone to the wet and cold weather, so there are greater chances that your bunny will die.

In this condition, if there is a significant sensitivity issue, take your rabbit to the nearest hospital and get it treated by the vet immediately.


Why Do Rabbits Scream When They Die?

If the rabbits fear predators, or they feel like they are going to die, rabbit screaming is heard. Bunnies lack vocal cords; that is why only screaming is heard. So, the scream we hear is because they are dying.


How Long Do Lionhead Rabbits Live

Lionhead rabbits appear like they have the head of a lion. The ears of this bunny resemble the shape of a lion’s ears. The life expectancy for these rabbits is short; this rabbit will live for almost four to seven years.


Can Rabbits Live 20 Years?

No, there is a scarce case that rabbits will live longer than 12 to 13 years. The longest known lifespan for a rabbit is 18 years. Many factors are there which decide the age of a rabbit. Some of these factors include:


If the genes of the rabbits are good, then they will have a longer life expectancy. For example, for the  Holland Lop bunnies, we see an average lifespan of twelve years.


Meals and Nutrition

Good nutrition is directly proportional to lifespan. All the essential minerals and nutrients that make the bunny healthier will add years to its life and make it live longer.


Physical Activities

If you give space to your rabbit, like giving it the required time to play and get attached with it emotionally and spend time with it, then your bunny will live longer.


Environmental Conditions

Good environmental conditions stop the aging process. A better hygienic environment and taking care of your bunny where there is not too cold or hot climate will also affect the age of rabbits. Because rabbits are susceptible to changes in the external environment, you need to take good care of your rabbit.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do Rabbits Usually Die From?

A rabbit is a susceptible pet. It will be a massive shock if there is a sudden change in the external environment. A lot of factors cause the sudden death of a bunny:

  • Too much noise, screaming sounds of ferocious animals
  • Rabbit getting a shock from anything
  • Emotional attachment to something and getting separate from it

All these factors can cause a heart attack in the rabbits, so we should be taking great care of our rabbits if we want to give our rabbits a long life.


How Do You Know When Your Rabbit Is Going To Die?

Following are the symptoms a bunny will experience if it is dying

  • No interest in eating
  • Low energy and desire to move
  • Bad skin conditions
  • Breathing heavily
  • Urination and defecation difficulty
  • Screaming irregularly
  • Getting shivers

If any of these symptoms are noted, it may indicate that the bunny will die, and you will have to rush towards the hospital and get it treated immediately.


Final Verdict On How Long Do Rabbits Live

This article is based on an analytical study on How Long Do Rabbits Live. We have also seen that: How Long Does A Bunny Live As A Pet. The average lifespan of a rabbit that is your pet is longer than the rabbit living in the wild forest.

How long do rabbits live
How long do rabbits live

Better hygienic conditions, proper nutrition, and playful time are the main things that contribute to a rabbit’s more extended life. You need to take good care of your rabbit if you want it to live longer. Different breeds of bunnies have different life spans; Holland lop will live for four to five years, Dutch bunnies have an average of six to seven years of life span, etc.

Thus, the thumb rule for depicting the average lifespan is to provide it with a good and clean environment, and it will have a natural life span of nine to twelve years.

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