My Dog Ate A Balloon : Can Dogs Eat Balloons? 5 Conclusive Health Issues

Dogs are the most curious creatures of all animals. They would love to discover new things and to eat every new element which comes into their domain.

Balloons are used for a lot of purposes. We use them to decorate our houses at special occasions like parties, birthdays, weddings and other functions.

Can Dogs eat Balloons? If my dog ate a balloon, there is a danger to the dog’s health and causes respiratory and digestive issues. If a dog swallows a balloon and experiences problems, please consult with a vet immediately and follow up with a Vet’s office visit, if recommended by the Vet.

In this article, we will discuss one of the most asked questions: what should I do if my dog eats a balloon or the balloon is stuck inside the dog?

My dog ate a balloon
My Dog Ate A Balloon Suddenly

Let’s start the article and get all the answers to these questions and see what we can do to train our dog to keep him from eating strange stuff.


My Dog Ate A Balloon

If my Dog ate a Balloon, then the next thing that comes to my mind is what to do when a dog throws up balloons. If we talk on serious grounds, the balloon is considered very dangerous for your little puppies and adult and mature dogs. Is Helium Bad For Dogs? The reason is that balloons contain chemical compounds like helium that are harmful and which cannot be digested or sometimes not even swallowed by the dogs.

So, one of the worst-case scenarios is when a balloon gets stuck inside the dog’s mouth, and it can even breathe at that time. Thus, it can be fatal for your dog, for which you should keep it away from your dog to prevent any serious complications and incidents happening to your dog.


Why Is Balloon Considered Bad For Dogs? What Is It Made Of?

My dog swallowed a popped balloon, will she be okay?

Balloons are considered very bad for the health of dogs. It is made up of rubber or latex. Since the rubber is not a biodegradable substance, we cannot expect our dog to digest the balloon.  Are balloons bad for dogs? So, it is therefore advisable that you should never keep these things in the reach of your dog.

The little dogs are even more curious to find new things. So they will try to take the balloons and eat them.

Nevertheless, it is seen that the balloon will get out of the body of a puppy soon.

If a balloon is stuck inside the throat, it may interfere with a dog’s respiratory system and cause problems in inhalation.

Thus, you need to take the dog to a vet immediately when this kind of condition occurs. In such cases, surgery may be required to get the balloon out of the throat or stomach of the dog’s body.

But, if my dog eats a balloon which is small, it is quickly passed out in feces and provided that the balloon won’t get stuck in the body.

Therefore, the best practice is to make your dog safe by keeping all these creepy and strange things away from the dog.


The Composition Is Safe But, Still Dangerous

My Dog Ate A Bag Of Balloons; what substances in balloons make it dangerous?

As we have defined that balloons are made from plastic or latex. Although, both of these chemical compounds are harmful to the health of dogs. How are they a threat to the dogs’ health? You know the balloons or latex are non-biodegradable, so they are purely like inhibitors to the dog’s body.

They will be stuck in the stomach and may not be able to pass out of the anus if the balloon that your dog has engulfed is a big one. Also, it could be stuck in the tube which connects the nasal and the oral cavity and thus may pose a restriction to breathing.

Thus, if the balloon is not ingested correctly by the dog, it will not breathe properly and may prove fatal.

In this case, an immediate solution is required, and the first person’s advice is to take your pup to the nearest animal hospital.


Symptoms Of Dog Eating A Balloon

Dog Ate Little Balloon, what symptoms should I expect?

Now, let’s see what happens if a dog has eaten the balloon. Indeed, a person cannot track their dog’s activities all the time. Where did it do, what did it eat, who did it meet, and what is it doing.

But, one thing a person can tell is how well the dog is feeling. From the visual appearance and the behavior of a dog, it is easily told how active it is today or anything wrong with it.

Similarly, if the dog has swallowed the balloon, it could not be easily depicted by the pet owner, and the symptoms will be shown gradually. So, this is the last thing you could do because you may not see your dog that has eaten or chewed the rubber.

There are primary symptoms that show when my dog ate a balloon may include the following, which is all associated with the obstruction in the digestive system.


Here is the list of symptoms and how it feels during these symptoms:

Vomiting and nausea

Vomiting or feeling nauseous is a common symptom when a dog has eaten unusual food. If your dog has eaten a rubber balloon, it will vomit. The vomiting will persist, and it may be two to three times. If you see more than this vomiting in a single day, you should call a vet or take your small puppy to an animal hospital.


Watery diarrhea

Watery diarrhea is a significant symptom for a dog who has eaten rubber latex. The dog’s body will try to expel the rubber latex out in the poop. So, diarrheal conditions will be observed. But, this could be cured easily with no problem at all.


Abdominal pain

If the dog has engulfed a balloon or natural rubber, it will show painful symptoms in which it will try to tell you it has sharp pain in the stomach. It will tell you this by position. The central part is rolling on the floor and making noises intending to say to you that it is not at peace and facing many problems.



Constipation occurs when we see that our stomach has received unusual food. If my dog ate a balloon, it would show constipation.


Appetite is lost/lethargy

Another possible effect of the blockage in the stomach due to balloon eating by the dog is loss of appetite. The dog will not show any interest in eating and will turn its mouth or nose towards the food. Although it will be doing this due to the painful conditions, it is in the stomach.


Can The Balloon Come Out In Poop?

My Dog Ate A Water Balloon. Will it pass out with the poop?

What are the odds that the dog will take out the balloon in the poop? Although there is only one thing that determines if the balloon will come out of the body or not. The size of the balloon will decide whether it will be able to pass out in poop or not.

My dog ate a balloon
My Dog Ate A Balloon And Looks Normal

If you think that the balloon was in pieces and my dog ate a balloon that could be passed out in the poop quickly, then the only thing you should care about is to make your dog get enough water so that it may flush out the small balloon easily.

But, if you saw that the dog swallowed the whole balloon, you cannot just rely on it and wait for the balloon to get out by itself. You may have to involve the vet in this case. A minor surgical procedure is required to remove the balloon.

How to make a dog throw up balloons? Insert fingers in your dog’s mouth, and it will throw up.


How To Train If My Dog Ate A Balloon To Not Eat Balloon Further In The Future?

My Dog ate a balloon and My Dog Pooped Out A Balloon, how to avoid it next time? Is this good for the dog?

It is better to educate your dog when trying to make sure that it will not eat these kinds of creepy things again.

We all know that we cannot always keep an eye on our dogs as they are very active and wander here and there. They will be actively playing and finding new stuff to play with or even eating the strange and creepy foods they will find in the streets. Thus, dogs are curious animals.

But you can do try these exercises to make sure that your dog would not eat the rubber or latex ever again and get you and itself in any trouble:


Buy Some Toys For Your Dog

One of the best possible methods has been used by many pet owners and suggested by many vets. Suppose you want to divert the attention of your dog. It is an excellent method to buy some of the best dog toys.

Toys will have a positive effect, and the dog will not be able to invest its time and find strange things to chew and swallow without even knowing what those things are and what threats they could cause.


Play With Your Dog And Educate It Physically

The second possible method is to use the physical form to control the desire of your dog to eat the balloon or balloon-like strange things.

You need to take some time from your busy and hectic schedule and invest it with your dog. be more caring towards it, and help it understand that their rubber is a bad thing.

This way to control the dogs is very authentic and accessible. This is mainly for those owners who have complete and robust emotional attachments with their dogs.


Keep An Eye On Your Dog

The last thing that is again said and advised by everyone is that no one will be able to take care of your dog, so it is only you who could keep an eye on it. So, make sure you don’t have to tell your vet that my dog ate a balloon, tell me what should I do?

If you have taken responsibility for a dog that is not less than raising a child, you should also fulfill it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Do I Do If My Dog Swallowed A Balloon?

If my dog ate a balloon, I will be protective and quick in making a decision. What happens if you swallow a water balloon? See and analyze the situation; if the balloon is not very big, then you need not worry about anything as it will be passed in the poop. 


Does Rubber Digest In A Dog’s Stomach?

My Dog Ate A Balloon, will it be digested in the stomach? The digestive system of any animal is not made to digest the balloons. It is because the balloons are made up of rubber. The latex is a non-biodegradable substance, so it means that the bacteria do not even degrade it. That is why rubber does not digest in a dog’s stomach.


How Long Does It Take To Poop Out A Balloon?

The maximum time taken by the dogs to flush the balloon out of the dog’s body is about a day or two. Within two days, we will see that the small balloon particles will get out from the dog’s body If My Dog Ate A Balloon.


How Long Does It Take For Plastic To Pass Through A Dog?

For a Dog, Throwing Up Balloons or pooping it out takes time.

The plastic takes two to three days to get out of the body of a dog. It is only for the small balloons. But, if the balloon is giant and there are more incidents, it will get stuck in the stomach or even in the respiratory system.


Final Verdict – My Dog Ate A Balloon

In this article, we have discussed how the dogs would feel if they swallowed the balloons. A balloon is made up of two substances, latex or rubber. These chemical compounds are not digestible or degradable substances.

My dog ate a balloon
My Dog Ate A Balloon

My Dog Ate A Balloon now what can I do? In this case, they will not be digested by any of the enzymes present in the dog; body. There may be several symptoms of a puppy that has eaten the rubber. Primary symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, etc. 

But, you could also control your dog and keep it away from the dog’s strange food items. Most possibly you should provide it with toys which it could play with. Thus, eating balloons is not healthy.

As a pet lover, make sure to learn about pet more and give your pet dog a good and comfortable life!

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