Husky Pug Mix: 9 Cool Hug Breed Characteristics

One of the best-kept secrets in the Pug rescue world is that of the Husky Pug mix. This combination is one of the favorites in the Pug rescues, simply because of the puppy’s small size and the devotion that owners have for them.

Huskies are a very loyal breed, and when you get one as a puppy, you are getting an animal that will always be there for you. They are great companions and are easy to train, and they also love children. The Husky Pug mix is perfect for those who want a smaller dog but still want a very protective, intelligent dog.

Husky pug mix
husky pug mix


What Is A Husky Pug Mix Called?

You can call the Husky Pug mix a Pugsky or the Hug because it’s a crossbreed from Siberian Husky and Pug. Pug Husky mix is intelligent, loyal, loving, and alert.

As the nickname, the Hug, this breed is very friendly to other dogs and small children. Like Pugs and Huskies, which have something in common, namely low aggressive tendencies and companion dogs that rule families.


How Big Does A Husky Pug Mix Get?

The first step to knowing how big your Pug mix Husky will get is to do some basic measurements. This breed is a small to medium-sized dog with 14 to 36 pounds and about 10 to 23 inches tall.

Now that you know your new best friend’s overall size, you should start thinking about what to do about it. Most people go with a home furnishings company to put furnishings in their home.

Does your Husky whine a lot?

Huskies love wood, and they are attracted to rooms with a lot of this specific type of wood. It is essential to make space your Pug’s new home look as it would be in your living room or family room. Make it as comfortable as possible. Remember, pugs are small dogs and need room to stretch out.


Husky Pug Mix Puppy Price – How Much Is A Hug Puppy?

The cost of Pug and Husky mix starts from $1,000 and upwards. When you are trying to purchase Husky Pug mix puppies, it is always wise to do your research before buying the puppy.

Even if you find a great breeder, you should still visit the animal shelter or vet. This way, you will know if the puppy has any health issues or not.

You should know all of the information you can about the puppy and the parents they have. All of this will help you make the best possible decision when looking at Husky Pug mix puppies.


What Is A Hug Dog?

A Hug dog is a mixed breed between Siberian Husky and Pug. This hybrid is affectionate and attractive. It’s matched with an active family because they’re family-friendly and good with children.

Hug dog breed is easy to care for because it will make it easier for you to manage for grooming. Their coat is straight and smooth, so they only require intermediate maintenance at maximum.

Is your Husky Fat?


What Does A Husky Pug Mix Look Like?

Because of the crossbreeds, Husky and Pug mix can have an unpredictable appearance. Similarly, as with mixed breeds, Hybrids are usually smaller, with smaller fur and a longer, slimmer face.

Hybrids are generally milder in temperament and are suitable for families with children who have an affinity for dogs of varying breeds.

Does your Husky howl a lot?


How To Choose Husky Pug Mix Dog Breeder?

When looking for a suitable match, you must consider both the parents’ character to make sure that there will be no behavioral differences between them when the pups arrive at your home.

Ask the breeder to give examples of different types of Husky Pups from which you can choose. You can visit the shelters or animal rescue centers in your area to see if any of your local breeders have Pug Husky or Husky Pekingese mix they are willing to sell.


Husky Pug Mix For Sale

If you are considering buying a Husky Pug mix or Husky mixed with Pug, you should have a couple of available choices. Once you know which breeders are available to help you with your needs, make an appointment and go see them.

When you make an appointment with a breeder, they should let you know that they will only sell purebreds. When you are at the breeder’s home, you should look around in the room to ensure that the Husky no is all healthy and in good spirits.

If you notice any trouble with one of the dogs, it would be a good idea to ask the breeder if they know of any behavioral problems related to the particular mix you are looking at.


Husky Pug Mix For Adoption

If you are looking to get a Husky Pug for adoption, you may be looking at several possible breeds to consider. It really comes down to what kind of person you are and which dog type you would like to adopt.

While many different types of dogs can be adopted as pets, like Pekingese Husky mix, none are quite as cute or endearing as the Husky Pug mix.

You should also consider your new family member’s personality before deciding if you are going to adopt a purebred Husky Pug or a mixed Husky Pug. Although each breed has different traits, Huskies, in general, seem to be very loving and devoted to their owners.


Pug Husky Mix Price

The price of the Pug Husky mix varies, between $ 1230 to $ 2000 and is more expensive than the Pekingese pug mix price at $ 800 – $ 1200 for a puppy.

Hug puppy breed are a very healthy breed, but they also share health problems and concerns. The right Pug breeder will be upfront with you and let you know everything about their breeding methods.


Are Hug Dogs Mean?

Although it has been suggested that Hug dogs are mean or even savage, this isn’t true. In fact, they are very lovable and loyal and possess no aggression of any sort.

They only have problems if Husky Pug Hug is left alone or has not been socialized with other dogs or other people in their surroundings, and then become bored.

On a more positive note, these dogs have been proven to be loving, faithful, and intelligent and are an ideal choice for someone who wants a new member of their family.


Are Pug Husky Mix trainable?

One of the biggest decisions that you will have to make is whether or not you will allow your Pug mix with Husky to go outside and roam around with other dogs.

If you do decide that you will permit your Pug to go out and play outside, one of the first things that you will want to keep in mind is how to train your Pug Husky mix.

The next thing that you will want to keep in mind when trying to figure out is what Pug Husky mix trainable dogs are. The best way to avoid any potential future problems is to train them while they are young.

I say this because as Pug grows older, they become less receptive to training. If you decide that you want to teach your Husky to be obedient, you need to train him while still a puppy.


Husky Pug Mix Temperament

Many people who own Huskies find it interesting because they do have a lot of different personalities. While the Husky Pugs have one dominant personality type, there are still several different personality types found in each breed of Husky.

Because of this, it takes time and patience for you to understand the traits of each Husky you are interested in inbreeding. Once you have spent enough time with the dog you want to breed, you will notice some subtle personality differences between each puppy you housebreak.

Does your Husky hide often?


How To Groom Pug Husky Mix?

Most people find that it is very helpful to have a soft brush or even a comb handy when grooming Pug Huskies. It makes the whole process go a lot smoother. If you want to use something more powerful, then be sure to ask your groomer first.

It is a good idea not to try to use too much force when grooming your Husky mix. Do at least one grooming each week. Remember that they have minds and can sometimes make mistakes. Brush their coat no less than twice a week.


Husky Pug Mix lifespan

A Hug dog has a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They can live up to twenty years in captivity. But you can expect your Husky Pug mix to have some health problems during that time, so you should plan for their longevity.

Just like any other breed, a Pug mix will develop heartworms at an early age. A veterinarian will test your dog’s heart and lungs during a checkup, and he will tell you if he has high levels of calcium, triglycerides, and cholesterol or low levels of all three.

The lifespan of a Husky Pug mix is normal, although it is recommended to buy from reputable breeders. There is no one set figure on how long a mixed breed’s life span is since they are a mixture of different genes. A good breeder will give you a reasonable estimate based on the known facts of the breed.


How Much Does Pug Husky Mix Weigh?

The Pug Husky Mix weight can go up to 60 lbs. The average weight is between 30 to 40 lbs. This will depend largely on the breed and take into account the natural characteristics of this particular dog.

Most Huskies are of medium to medium-heavy bone structure and will therefore be packing on some extra pounds to support their body and functions. It will depend mainly on the food that you are feeding your Husky mix.


Pug Husky Mix Color Coats

When you are looking for Pug Husky Mixes, it is a good idea to know about the different colors that a mix can be. Knowing what kinds of colors a Pug mix can have will allow you to buy a mix that is the perfect color for your pet.

Husky dominant traitsPug dominant traits
Black and whiteBrindle
Brown and whiteSilver fawn

The color coat of a Husky Pug mix puppy is a combination of several different colors. The most popular color coat is a deep chocolate brown with black markings. However, some other colors are less common and are used as well.

You should always take it slow when choosing a color for your Pug Husky mix. You should go through the entire process and see if it is a color that you are going to like and that the other person will enjoy as well.

Husky pug mix
husky pug mix


Do Husky Pug Mix Dogs Shed A Lot?

A lot of people think that huskies are not particularly shedding and that they only shed when they get really dirty. Huskies do indeed shed, but there is more to it than just that. You see dogs shed as a way to remove all the old hair and dirt from their skin and clothes.

It is a very good way to make your Hug dog mix look and feel clean, and you should allow it as this will also make them feel much better about themselves. Brush their coat at least twice a week to keep their hair shiny.


Do Pug Husky Mix Like To Cuddle?

The word cuddly actually comes from the sound that the Pug makes when they cuddle. They are one of those dogs that really love to be petted and held, even by an adult.

They are also very energetic and a great joy to have around, so it is no surprise that the Pug puppy is a very sweet and adorable little boy.

They need to know that you love and care about them. Even if your Husky mix isn’t an instant best friend, they will grow to be great companions over time, just as any other dog.


Do Husky Pug Mix Dogs Love Their Owners?

You can buy a Husky Pug mix depending on what kind of personality you are looking for. They love attention and will respond accordingly. Basically, all dogs depend on the owner, how they treat the dog. If you show love to dogs, of course, the dogs will give you more love.


Are Pug Husky Mix Dogs Loyal?

The Pug is a very intelligent breed that can be trained to do just about anything, and the Husky is similarly well-behaved. They both enjoy long walks and share a similar bond to that of a cat or dog.

Husky Pug mix is an incredibly loyal and energetic dog. They are very easy to train and have an eagerness to please, which means that they respond well to training.

Many fluffy Pug mix have been trained to do agility competitions, and if you take care of your Pug, it will be a dog that will bring many years of happiness and laughter to the family.


How Do I Know If My Pug Mix Husky Is Happy?

I watch him the minute he shows any sign of emotion, which means when he jumps on me or jumps on his friends. When he tries to touch me, it’s gentle and loving, so if you do try to pull back on him, he will just laugh at you, and that’s it.

I am positive my Husky Pug mix would never harm a human being. He is even friendly to other dogs at times. So, if you were to have any worries about him being anti-social, you should be rest assured that he is perfectly content.


How Long Can A Husky Pug Mix Be Left Alone?

If you have a Pug and are only given around five hours of freedom a day, they will usually spend most of that time by themselves. However, if you have never owned a Pug before, you may not know how much time is spent alone.

A Pug being the independent animal that they are, they will need time to explore their surroundings. If you have just gotten them from a breeder, you should ask the breeder to record the amount of time your Pug spends alone, so you can be sure that this amount is reasonable.

Don’t leave your dog alone for too long because your dog can experience anxiety or isolation distress. Don’t leave your Husky Pug mix more than 6 hours.


Are Husky Pug Hug Mix Aggressive?

You should also know that these Hug breed can be a little rough for the first few months, but they quickly adapt to being a great companion. They have a lot of energy and a drive to please you. They have low aggressive tendencies because they’re loving and intelligent.


Different Husky Pug Mix Crossbreeds

It is not easy to find the right Husky Pug mix. There are many crossbreeds out there, and they all have their pros and cons. When you are considering getting a Pug mixed with Husky, you want to make sure that you choose the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

There are many types of Husky mixes such as

  1. Pomsky
  2. Rottsky
  3. Horgi
  4. Siberian Retriever

Below, we will describe some of the crossbreeds that dog owners often want.


Pomsky Husky Pug Mix

The Pomsky Husky is a very easy breed to train. Pomsky or Pomeranian-Husky mixed breed is very intelligent and eager to learn tricks. And when you teach a Pomsky Husky Pug mix what you want him to do, he will do it happily.

A Pomsky Husky pugs makes a great family pet. Because he is very intelligent, he will tend to be distracted from his true purpose in life (that’s hunting) by things that don’t interest him (training).


Miniature Husky Pug Mix

A miniature Pug cross Husky is a cross between a Pug and a Miniature Husky. The two dogs share the same parents but differ in terms of temperament and appearance. Some of the other characteristics of the Pugs are the same as for their counterparts.

Miniature Huskies and Pugs do share some genetic traits, but not every hybrid is purebred. The more popular versions are crossbreeds, produced by breeding two purebreds together. Some of these are even a combination of two different breeds.


Husky Chihuahua Pug Mix

It has a lot of traits from a cross between a Pug and a Chihuahua. Like any other hybrid, Chug shares the same characteristics as all other hybrid dogs do, which includes intelligence, loyalty, and good health.

This breed of dog requires a lot of exercises, and if you are not ready to spend hours upon hours at the park chasing a ball or sniffing the ground, then you might want to consider another breed of dog.


Baby Husky Pug Mix

The baby Husky Pug mix is one of the more popular dog breeds out there, and it’s no wonder. These dogs have a lot of the qualities that you’d look for in a family pet. They’re very loyal, energetic, gentle with kids, and easily trained.

Huskies are also good for apartment life because they are small and quiet. Some people prefer huskies over Pit Bulls due to their size, but the Husky is still a very popular dog in North America and other places.

Another thing that makes the Pug mix so nice is that they’re quite easy to groom and maintain. Their coats don’t need to be trimmed too often, which is why many people choose them over other dogs.

Both Pugs and Huskies like to guard, and both dogs love children. There’s just no getting around the pure joy that comes from owning a Pug mix.


Final Verdict – Husky Pug Mix

Before buying a Pug Husky mix, you have to commit. The type of pup that you choose will depend on your personal preference and your financial capabilities.

It will also help if you know how old the dog is that you are going to buy. Knowing the animal’s exact age will help you make the right decision about its diet and its future vet visits.

You have to consider whether you will spend a lot of money on boarding kennels for your Husky Pug mix. Look out for Cryptorchidism in Husky breeds and talk to your Vet.

You also have to decide if you will buy a young pup or an adult dog because the differences between them are significant, and they have different requirements.

Husky pug mix
husky pug mix

You also have to decide if you would like to get a puppy that has already been spayed or neutered or one that is still in the process of being spayed or neutered.

It will also help if you have already chosen a name for the puppy and have settled on one for its litter.

Taking all these things into consideration before you make your final decision about purchasing a Husky Pug mix will help you make a more informed and educated decision regarding this unique breed of dogs.

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