Aussie Husky Dog : 9 Cool Aussie Siberian Characteristics

What can you get when you cross an Australian Shepherd with a Siberian Husky pup? To determine whether an Australian Shepherd Husky mix would be a good choice for you and your family, you need to understand the characteristics of the purebred Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky.

After knowing Aussie Husky parents’ characteristics, there are still many things you need to know, such as temperament, how to train, color coat, and the cost. Let’s take a look at it.

Aussie husky
aussie husky – australian shepherd husky mix – aussie siberian


What Is An Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Called?

The Australian Shepherd Husky mix has two nicknames, “Aussie Siberian” and” Aussie Husky.” This Husky Australian Shepherd mix was first bred almost 20 years ago.

If you look at the Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky, they are among the 14th and 15th most popular dogs in America. That’s why people want to know about this crossbreed because of the uniqueness of both of them.


How Big Do Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Get?

The Aussie Husky is a medium-sized dog. Many of them can be smaller and more significant than average, depending on how much the dog owners feed and each food’s nutritional and nutritional content.

At 12 months, the Aussie Siberian is in a full-grown state. If they weigh 40, they are considered underweight, and if they are above 70, they are considered overweight. Husky Aussie mix puppies have an average weight of 17-26 pounds at three months of age.


Are Husky Australian Shepherd Mixes Good Dogs?

Aussie Husky has become a hot topic in the canine world recently. They are excellent family dogs that are great with children. Their parents could have been either the same breed or completely different, yet they would have produced offspring that would have been excellent dogs.

When you bring the Siberian Husky and Australian Shepherd together, you can expect to create an Australian Shepherd Husky mix that has a good temperament and a happy temperament as well. This makes them great companions for kids and adults alike.


Do Aussie Shepherd Husky Mix Shed?

Because of their double-thick coat, the Husky Aussie mix has a high shedding condition, and it’s not suitable for dog owners that have allergies to it.

Aussie Husky did shedding to their thick undercoat twice a year due to seasonal shedding. Besides that, sometimes there are also Aussie Husky with occasional daily shedding.


How Long Do Australian Shepherd Huskies Live?

The Husky Australian Shepherd is a healthy breed with a lifespan between 10 to 13 years. The Australian Shepherd is likely to live for more than twelve years if it is correctly cared for.

This, of course, depends on the genetic makeup of each Aussie Siberian and the health of its caretaker. If you want to take care of the Aussie Husky with the best condition, you must also pay attention to some of the health issues.

You can usually ask this question of every breeder you come across as well since breeders tend to know their dogs well and keep breeding records. These records can be a wealth of information, as they will reveal when the dog was born and any other pertinent information about the dog’s care.


How Much Does An Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Cost?

The typical starting price for an Australian Shepherd Husky mix puppy is around $800 to $1000. The price depends on the breeder, the size, and the temperament of the puppy.

Because there are also many criteria such as color coat, multicolored eyes, or other desirable looks, the price can be varied for each puppy.

When you get your dog, it will come with a certificate that should list the dog’s health records. If you are not sure about its past, then you can ask the breeder to show you the medical records.


Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Explained In Detail

The designer breeder starts mixing Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky in the late 1990s in North America. The Aussie Siberian have great agility, speed, and great endurance. They have a very long and lean muscular structure, but they are still very much a working dog.

As the demand for this mix breed continues to grow, breed designers continue to create the Australian Shepherd Mix Husky. Because this crossbreed is very active, strong, and healthy, you will find more Aussie Siberians in shelters or rescue groups.


History Of Australian Shepherd Dogs

The Australian Shepherd developed in California in the 19th century. This breed is an excellent herding dog, and the popular companion dog breeds.

This is because they possess all the necessary elements that are needed to keep a dog herding – stamina, strength, and the will to chase prey (such as sheep), as well as the intelligence to hunt and catch prey.

Historically, Australian Shepherd dogs were used extensively for hunting purposes. Their powerful, keen senses made them excellent hunters, being able to locate, capture, and kill prey much faster than their size would allow.

Due to their keen sense of smell, they were also employed for tracking since they could track a scent longer than any other dog breed. Australian Shepherd dogs also excelled as guide dogs, helping blind persons and deaf people. Some Australian Shepherd dogs served in the armed forces, being used in war as sentry dogs.


Siberian Husky Dogs History

The Chukchi people developed the Siberian Husky Dog in eastern Siberia as a sled dog. The Siberian Husky is also very curious and trainable. They possess an amazingly keen sense of smell that has made them very efficient hunters.

Alaskans brought Siberian Husky to the United States in the early 20 century. American Kennel Club AKC officially recognized Siberian Husky in 1930. When some huskies continue to work as sled dogs, others know them as companion dogs.

Although they are very protective and loyal dogs, the Siberian Husky still enjoys humans’ company and can often be a joyful and playful pet.

The breed is also very healthy. Although they require a lot of exercises and daily grooming, they are very gentle with a tendency to be shy around strangers. But they make wonderful companions and are very devoted to their owners.


What Does A Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Look Like?

This dog has a beautiful coat that is silky and soft, and it is the mixed color as the coat of their parents. The Australian Shepherd x Husky has a color variant, with predominantly black, tan, white, and brown cream colors. Some of them have a blend of any of these colors.

The eyes of the Aussie Husky are very big and round with almond-shaped sockets. It also has dark eyes, but its pupils are small. Aussie Siberian has a long and sturdy body structure with an upright tail and a muscular chest and back.


Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies

All Husky Australian Shepherd mix puppy are not the same. Like any other mix, these dogs can vary from being calm and easy-going to very protective and even aggressive.

Some Huskies mix will only be aggressive towards other dogs, while others will show aggression to all animals, including humans. They do need to be adequately trained, especially when it comes to aggressive behavior.

You should also make it a point that your new Australian Shepherd Husky mix puppy is neutered and has had all of its shots before you bring it home.

Overall, Aussie Husky puppies are brilliant dogs. They can become quite demanding when it comes to training. It would be a good idea to train them early so that they can be controlled better.


How To Choose Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Breeders?

Do you live near anyone that owns an Aussie Husky or knows someone who does? It is possible to get a great puppy at such great prices from a place living with them.

It will be essential to understand what all of the necessary vaccinations and health checks are for your Australian Shepherd Husky mix puppies before you bring them home. You should always try to find out as much as you can about any of the dogs you buy.

Also, ensure that the Aussie Siberian breeders you choose are responsible enough to give you these documents as proof of what type of dog they are breeding. If they are unable to do so, then look somewhere else.


Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Puppies For Sale

When looking for Aussie Siberian puppies for sale, make sure that you find breeders who know what they are doing. You should never buy a puppy blindly from breeders or pet stores.

Instead, do some research and get information on the various traits of different mixes to know which ones suit your needs.

To figure out precisely what type of environment that you are likely to live in. Different parts of the world may need different temperatures and humidity levels, so you will need to spend some time researching this.

You should also bear in mind that certain dogs’ breeds are more suited to particular climates and weather conditions. This means that you will need to get a dog that has been bred for your climate.


Husky Australian Shepherd Mix For Sale – Adult Dog

Australian Shepherds make perfect pets and Huskies in particular. But before you head out and buy one as an adult dog, it’s important to consider your own personality when choosing the dog.

If you love companionship and can spend time with your dog, then an Aussie Husky might be just right for you.

Consider the size of the dog as well. If you are not sure about which type of Australian Shepherd Husky you want to get, you should ask the breeder or someone else who has a Husky mix in that size range.


Are Australian Shepherd Huskies Bad With Kids?

No. Australian Husky is good with kids and very tolerant to children. Although Aussie Husky is good with children, you should not let go of your baby’s supervision along with your dog.

They have a kind, gentle nature, and as a result, they tend to make great companions. They will often try to play with children and will nip at their hands, so it’s essential to train your dog correctly for this to happen.

When training your Aussie Siberian, it’s important that you stay firm with him. Don’t push the issue, and make sure he understands why you’re trying to control him. This can take a little time, as kids often like to test a dog’s boundaries, and he may have mistaken yours as a plaything.

Keep in mind that while you want your dog to accept your child, it’s also important for the child to accept the dog as well.


Are Aussie Siberian Mixes Trainable?

Although Aussie Siberian can be stubborn and hyperactive, this breed is highly trainable. The Australian Husky mix is very eager to please and loves to spend lots of time with its owners, but they are also very laid-back dogs that don’t require a lot of exercises.

Since the Siberian mix is explorers, you need effective exercise outside the home. Often asked him to walk and jog will help their training to be better.


Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Temperament

The mini Aussie Husky mix is intelligent, affectionate, stubborn, active, mischievous, and loving. They are loyal to a fault and are often very playful.

When you bring an Aussie Husky into your home, you must make sure that you have established the right training environment. Because they are so quick to learn, an early introduction to city life can help prevent destructive behaviors later in life.

Because Huskies make great family dogs, they have a propensity to develop separation anxiety. This is one reason that an Aussie Husky is often placed with older dogs or older children. They also are compassionate and should be kept in a safe place where they can be calm.

Aussie husky
aussie husky – australian shepherd husky mix – aussie siberian


Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Color Coat

To find out more about the various colors of the Aussie Husky coat, you can first get your dog’s full coat done to check for any matted hair, mats, or sores.

The Aussie Husky has a variety of natural colors and patterns to choose from, and you might be surprised at just how many you can choose from. Let’s take a look at the table below.

Australian Shepherd Color CoatSiberian Husky Color CoatAussie Siberian Color Coat
Black TricolorWhiteBlue Merle
Red MerleSilverRed
Red TricolorAgoutiRed Merle
Blue MerleRedWhite

Most dog owners prefer black and white, although some do find the other colors interesting. Australian Shepherd Husky mix in their natural color will need regular grooming, and you should clip the loose hairs daily.


Do Aussie Husky Mix Shed?

Yes, when it comes to adulthood, Husky Aussie mix puppy will start to shed two times a year. The Aussie Siberian is a moderate shedder. You have to prepare a vacuum and several ways to keep your house clean from shedding in your household.


How To Groom Husky Australian Shepherd Mix?

The goal is to make sure that your Aussie Husky mix feels comfortable and enjoys being groomed. When you are grooming your puppy, you will also want to make sure that you do not pull on your puppy’s skin. This can actually lead to some irritation around the area.

You should make sure that your Aussie Siberian is brushed out regularly. If you have any kind of mats or tangles in the fur, then you will want to make sure that they are removed before you groom your puppy.

The best time to brush out the fur of your puppy is about one to two hours before you start grooming. As soon as you are done grooming, you should rinse the puppy off completely with warm water. You should never wash your puppy while they are wet.


Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Weight

The Aussie Husky weight is between 40 – 65 pounds and a height between 18-25 inches. The Australian Shepherd puppies that you find in shelters or rescues that are in perfect health will be primarily healthy dogs.

Their energy level requires more exercise, so Husky Aussie will need a lot of walking and regular grooming. If you feed your dog with the right nutrition and protein, their daily needs will always be fulfilled.


Do Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Like To Cuddle?

Yes, they do. If your Aussie Siberian is a cuddle bug, it’s pretty obvious that he wants to snuggle up with you all the time.

It’s cute when they’re in the act, but if a Husky mix is left alone (without you) for long periods, he may be lonely and look for affection.


Do Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Love Their Owners?

In general, Aussies are very intelligent and well-balanced dogs. They are friendly, loyal, love their owners, and great pets to have in any family.

The Aussie mix well with other dogs because of their eagerness to please and protective nature. However, potential owners should ensure that they do not have a negative attitude that might cause problems between the dog and their owner.


Are Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Dogs Loyal?

It depends on the perspective of the person asking the question. If a person is looking for a family dog that will protect their home and loved ones and listen to them, the answer is most likely yes.

But these same people may come to a different conclusion when asked if they think Husky mix dogs are good companions or good watchdogs. On the one hand, they may say, “No, they’re too hyper and hot-tempered.”

As long as you can train your Aussie Siberian properly, they can become loyal dogs to you and your family.


How Do I Know If My Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Is Happy?

This is one of the easiest signs to look for, just give your dog a quick pat and a smile, and you should be able to gauge your dog’s mood by the reaction. A sure sign that your Aussie Husky mix is feeling happy is the way he reacts to you.

If you notice that he is a little nervous and fidgets around while you are talking to him, he is having difficulty taking in everything you are saying.

He may be a bit scared of you finding out the truth about him, so he will be very cautious and look for any sign that will let you know he is having a bad day.

The key is to be patient and continue to check for any signs your Aussie Husky mix is showing you. Over time you should be able to tell if your Husky is happy or not. As long as he is content and healthy, he is most likely just happy and needs some extra attention.


How Long Can A Husky Australian Shepherd Mix Be Left Alone?

You can leave your Aussie Husky alone for four to six hours. For dog safety, try to have crate training. Don’t leave your husky mix alone too often because you need to consider the emotional well-being of your dog.


Are Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Dogs Aggressive?

If your Aussie Siberian doesn’t exercise regularly, they can be aggressive and destructive. This is because the Aussie is a hyperactive breed.

You need to be observant and note how your Husky Aussie behaves around other people and animals and with you. If he barks and snarls a lot, he may be trying to establish dominance over you, and you need to show him that you’re the leader of the pack.


Australian Shepherd Husky Mix Health Problems

There are certain Aussie Husky health problems you should be aware of to know what to look for and what to do if your dog is exhibiting those problems. These issues are:

Hip dysplasia. This is a genetic disease that occurs when the hip joint capsules become inflamed and abnormal.

Congenital defects. These conditions are often genetic or can be caused by mites, infections, tumors, or trauma.

Heartworms are another problem that can affect the Australian Shepherd Husky mix. When the dogs are stressed or exposed to a lot of noise, their heart rate can increase. This can lead to the development of a heartworm disease known as atherosclerosis.


Final Verdict – Aussie Husky Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

The Australian Shepherd and Siberian Husky are the most popular dogs used as guard dogs or companion dogs in the United States. It’s no wonder that many dog owners want to know about these dogs’ mix together.

There are also several mixed breeds, such as the English Shepherd Husky Mix and the popular Alaskan Shepherd Husky Mix for companion dogs almost identical to the Aussie Siberian.

While the mix breed from the Australian Shepherd, such as the border collie Australian Shepherd Husky mix, is also almost similar to the Aussie Husky, which has a friendly temperament.

Aussie husky
aussie husky – australian shepherd husky mix – aussie siberian

Many things must be considered when you want to choose a mix-breed as your pet because you have to look at the health record, temperament, color coat, size, and the cost of the Husky mix you choose.

However, getting the wrong kind of dog can be more dangerous than getting the right kind. You will need to make sure that you have done your research properly about the Australian Shepherd Husky mix before deciding on getting them as your pet.

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