Rottweiler Growth Chart : 9 Cool Full Grown Rottweiler Facts

The dog is the man’s best friend and the most loyal pet among the animals that can risk its life to save yours.

Rottweiler is a dog that is a mighty dog that is very loyal and affectionate towards its family. It is such a powerful dog that can kill a lion very quickly with its intelligence and insightfulness.

Today, we will talk about the Rottweiler growth chart, all the physical changes that occur during the growth period of a Rottweiler. The diet plan is discussed here with the essential foods for a Rottweiler to grow constantly and healthily.

Rottweiler growth chart
rottweiler growth chart – full grown rottweiler

We will also discuss the Rottweiler weight chart in detail with both male and female rottweilers’ average weights. Start the article by first describing what rottweilers are, what they are from, and their fundamental characteristic.

Rottweilers are initially a breed that would serve for watch-over purposes and save one’s property, either it is a living or non-living Thing. They are thought to have originated from the Roman Legion.

So, people started getting to know about the significance and the benefits of Rottweiler that which has so much power that it can almost kill a lion, and then people started to breed this unique dog.

Nowadays, we use it to serve security purposes, searching, by the investigation teams, and also by the police for detecting clues about several crimes.

But have you ever fought about the growth of rottweilers? This article will focus on the Rottweiler growth chart and debate the growth stages Rottweiler has to pass through during its development.


Which Factor Will Determine The Growth Of A Rottweiler?

The Thing that will determine the growth and size of a Rottweiler is in its genes. The Rottweiler gets its genes from both of its parents.

Both parents contribute to the gene that controls the growth.


Factors That Control The Growth

These two factors will control the growth of Rottweilers;

  1. The breeding dog’s region
  2. The genes
  3. The mother and father


Breeding Dog’s Region

If the breed is from America, it will not grow to a significant size. Generally, German Rottweilers are bigger than American Dogs.



Genes play an essential part in predicting the Rottweiler’s size and growth. The genes are affected by mutations; if any transformation occurs, the measure will be affected, and your dog may have an expectedly big or small size.

In that case, we can do gene therapy, but it is costly and time-consuming.


The Mother And The Father

The mother and the fathers both play contributing roles in guessing the size of a Rottweiler. A female Rottweiler will get its mother’s side, and the male Rottweiler will attain and follow its father’s height.


Rottweiler Dog Breed Growth Stages

Let’s talk about the rottweiler growth stages. The Rottweiler will take several months to grow fully, and in this period, you need to take extra care of your dog.

It requires complete care and foods with all the essential minerals and vitamins necessary for your Rottweiler’s nourishment.

We will discuss eight Rottweiler growth stages and see the physical changes made in its body during this period. We will study the baby Rottweiler from 8 weeks to a grown-up Rottweiler which is two years old.

Let’s see the Rottweiler growth chart and see the average weight and height in each case.

8 Weeks Old Rottweiler

At the age of 8 weeks, Rottweiler is like a small puppy; it is very adorable and is only 8-12 pounds in males and up to 14 lb. in females. It has a height of almost 13 inches. As the growth continues to the next month, a 9-week old Rottweiler is seen with a further weight increase to nearly 13 lb.


10 Weeks Old Rottweiler

At the age of 10 weeks, a Rottweiler attains 20-25 lb. in male Rottweiler and 18-23 lb. in the female puppy. The height also increases, and it is almost about 15 inches to 16 inches.


12 Weeks Old Rottweiler

A 3 months old Rottweiler puppy is very innocuous and adorable. It has now gained more pounds and added more inches to its height.

The 3-month-old male Rottweiler is 35-40 lb.

The female weighs 32-27 lb. The height also increases. The size of a three months old puppy is 18 inches.


4-Month-Old Rottweiler

The 4-month-old rottweiler weight is as follows: in males, it is 43-50 lb. In female rottweilers, it is almost 45lb. A 4-month-old rottweiler puppy will have a height of 20 inches.

At this age, you need to add more essential nutrients to your Rottweiler diet so that it can grow in a healthy and prosperous manner.


6 Months Old Rottweiler

A 5-month-old female rottweiler will significantly increase height and attain a height of 21-22 inches. But, after a month, A 6-month-old rottweiler puppy will have a height of 23 inches.

A 6-month rottweiler weight is as follows: the male will weigh 65-70 lb. The female Rottweiler will have only 65 lb. weight.


9-Month-Old Rottweiler

The growth continues to the next month, and a 7-month rottweiler grows in size. It is now about 24-25 inches long. The 7-month-old Rottweiler will weigh 75 lb.

The 8-month-old Rottweiler weighs a little more than 77-78 lb. A 9-month rottweiler will have grown to an average size and will grow to 26 inches long in height.

The weight of a Rottweiler growth chart for a nine months old puppy is as follows: the male puppy will have about 100 lb. of importance, and the female puppy wl have 80 lb. of weight.


12-Month-Old Rottweiler

The rottweiler growth chart for a 12 months old rottweiler is as follows: the female will attain almost 100 lb. The male will have a weight ranging between 110-126 lb.

The 12-month-old dog is now 27 inches long in height. It requires more nutrients to support its growth. At this age, development is at its peak, and the metabolism is happening at a very high speed.


24 Months Old Rottweiler

The two years old Rottweiler is almost grown to its full size and is about 27 inches long. The height may increase an inch or more.

The male Rottweiler’s weight at the age of 24 months is about 100- 135 lb. The female Rottweiler weighs somewhere between 90-105 lb.


How Much Does a Rottweiler Weigh

Rottweiler growth chart about growth is discussed previously. Now, we will see how much rottweilers weigh. Let’s have a look at this.


Male Rottweiler Weight

A Rottweiler weight chart male is given here, and let’s have a look at it. The male rottweiler weight ranges from 8 lb. to 140 lb. from a young age of 8 months to 2 years, respectively.

The Rottweiler growth chart for male is given below:

2 months12 – 16 lb.s
3 months34 – 39 lb.s
4 months44 – 51 lb.s
5 months54 – 61 lb.s
6 months64 – 71 lb.s
7 months72 – 80 lb.s
8 months75 – 85 lb.s
9 months90 – 105 lb.s
10 months95 – 110 lb.s
1 year95 – 125 lb.s
2 years95 – 135 lb.s


Female Rottweiler Weight

The female rottweiler weight chart is also given here, and the females are relatively weaker than the male dogs. They weigh less than the male Rottweiler. The female Rottweiler, due to the feminine nature, has less body mass and weight, but it is more intelligent than the male one.

Rottweiler growth chart for female Rottweilers

2 months10 – 14 lb.s
3 months30 – 35 lb.s
4 months35 – 42 lb.s
5 months45 – 55 lb.s
6 months59 – 64 lb.s
7 months65 – 70 lb.s
8 months70 – 75 lb.s
9 months70 – 80 lb.s
10 months75 – 85 lb.s
1 year80 – 95 lb.s
2 years80 – 100 lb.s


What Is The Heaviest Rottweiler On Record?

The heaviest Rottweiler on record is almost 150 lb. and is claimed by the Indians. It was a female Rottweiler, and it reached its maximum weight of nearly 150 pounds. That was the heaviest Rottweiler ever to be found in the Asian region. Look how to grow your Dog responsibly by consulting our Rottweiler growth chart.

Rottweiler growth chart
rottweiler growth chart – full grown rottweiler


How Fast Do Rottweilers Grow?

Rottweiler growth chart shows that the Rottweilers grow to their maximum size in 2 years. In two years, there is a significant growth in these dogs.

The weight gradually increases from 8 pounds of young puppy to a fully grown adult Rottweiler which is 120-135 lb. They may take more time than the common dogs to grow. The Rottweilers will grow to a giant size of 28-29 inches.

When a Rottweiler is young and is just one month old, it is just 13 inches, but it gradually grows in size.


How Big Do Rottweilers Get?

The rottweilers will get to a height of almost 26-28 inches.

The puppy will attain this height at the age of nearly one year or two. The giant Rottweiler can get about 30 to 33 inches.

Follow the Rottweiler growth chart to understand and monitor the progress.


How Big Do Male Rottweilers Get?

The male Rottweiler size ranges between 13 inches to 28 inches. They can attain this size and need to have an active supply of food full of nutrients and minerals required for healthy growth. So, you should provide an active and healthy diet full of nutrients.


How Big Do Female Rottweilers Get?

The female Rottweiler will get to a size the same as of male Rottweiler. They also have a good metabolism. They can weigh almost 100 lb. and have a height of 24-25 inches.

Generally, the sizes of Rottweilers do not matter much. They are brilliant dogs and serve many purposes like scrutinizing and watching, protecting, and many other things.


When Are Rottweilers Fully Grown

When we talk about a Rottweiler full-grown optimum size, it ranges between 25-28 inches with an average weight of almost 130 lb. they are fully grown at the age of two. Some other rottweilers will take an even more extended period to grow to a full size.


When Do Rottweilers Stop Growing?

At what age do Rottweilers stop growing? The Rottweiler growth chart suggests that these dogs will continue to grow until 2-3 years. We will see significant and good growth till it reaches the age of 2 years.

After two years, the growth will slow down and will cease after the 3rd year. And the height it attained at the age of 3 years will remain for the rest of its life.


Which Food Is Good For Rottweiler?

We have discussed enough about the Rottweiler growth chart. Now, we will talk about the foods that are good for the Rottweiler to increase the metabolism and increase its growth.

What is more critical about a Rottweiler’s growth is not the size and weight; it is about your dog’s health. It would be best if you focused more on providing it with a diet with all the essential nutrients and minerals directly part of increasing Rottweilers’ growth.

The more nutrition the food has, We will see the healthier and steady growth of the dog.

We don’t need to increase our dog’s calories, and we need to increase the nutrients, this food.


Foods With More Nutrients

Here is the list of all the food that has a balanced diet which we can add to the Rottweiler growth chart

  1. Taste of the Wild Wetlands
  2. Nutro Wholesome.
  3. Wellness CORE Large Breed.
  4. Eukanuba
  5. BLUE Wilderness.
  6. Fromm Gold Nutritionals
  7. Blue Buffalo Large Breed Chicken and Brown Rice.
  8. Royal Canin


How Many Cups Of Food Should We Give Rottweiler To Eat?

You can feed your dog according to the Rottweiler growth chart. A healthy Rottweiler who weighs around 60 lb. should eat 4-7 cups of food every day.

This 3-7 cups daily is an ideal food amount that you should feed your dog to make it a healthy and robust Rottweiler that can compete with any other dog.


How Many Times A Day Should You Feed A Rottweiler?

You can feed your puppy about three times a day, and when it is less than six months, it is best for your puppy that it eats three times a day.

For an adult Rottweiler, you should not give food to the Rottweiler more than two times. We can see the Rottweiler growth chart, check our dog’s weight, and then choose the best diet for our dog.


How To Fatten Up A Small And Malnourished Rottweiler?

If you feel that your Rottweiler is not getting significant and proper growth, you need to give it some more calories. You can start by giving it some protein shakes and some other organic foods.

By increasing the calories, you can improve your dog’s metabolism and hence, it will start to get growth and better health.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Rottweiler Puppy So Small?

If you see that your dog’s size is minimal, it is not a problem that you get tense and freak out. You can check this problem by yourself by doing some home-remedies or by taking it to a Vet.

There are many possible reasons that your puppy is small


What Is The Best Age For A Rottweiler To Start Its Training?

If you want your Rottweiler to learn more things, you need to start its training at the age of six to 10 weeks. Why? It is because the period is very young and has powerful learning instincts. So, if you start earlier, you can teach more things to yourself, Rottweiler.


What Human Food Can Rottweilers Eat?

Following human foods can be given to Rottweilers and carefully monitor their weight from the Rottweiler growth chart


At What Age Are Rottweilers Fully Grown?

The Rottweilers will get fully grown when they are at the age of 24 months. They attain a big and a giant dog, and it is generally said that they can get to an altitude of 29-31 inches. The largest size of Rottweilers is expected to be 35 Inches.

The record break weight of these intelligent dos is claimed to be 135 lb.


Final Verdict – Rottweiler Growth Chart – Full Grown Rottweiler

A Rottweiler is an intelligent breed of dog that is thought to have originated from the Roman Legion. They are genius, ferocious, fearless and powerful dogs with distinct characteristics from other dogs; they can grow to a bigger size than other dogs and have more actively working brains.

Rottweiler growth chart
rottweiler growth chart – full grown rottweiler

The Rottweiler growth chart is discussed here; from a very young baby puppy, it weighs only 8 lb. and has an initial height of 13 inches.

But, over time, the height and weight increase gradually over two years.

The maximum height a Rottweiler can attain is 29-30 inches, and if your puppy is too small and does not have the minimum size, you can try giving it some food to increase its growth which includes both home-made and market dog foods.

So, that was all about the Rottweilers growth chart, which I have explained in detail. Now, head over to learn about Rottweiler Husky Mix Rottsky if you are interested.

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