Rottweiler Pitbull Mix : 9 Cool Pitweiler Characteristics

If you ever want to choose a dog for yourself, you should be selecting the best breed of dogs. Dogs are the best friend of a man, and they need extra care.

Masculinity is seen in the Rottweiler Pitbull Mix. It has a broad chest and deep head, with its good parenting and guarding abilities, undoubtedly the best breeds of dogs ever crossed. The cross-species have eye color restricted to brown and triangular-shaped ears.

This dog has a unique character different from Pitbull and Rottweiler, and it has some wrinkles the Pitweiler sees in its whole skin. The teeth are sharp and robust, retaining from its parent Rottweiler, which can quickly kill a lion with its intelligence.

Rottweiler pitbull mix
rottweiler pitbull mix pitweiler


Rottweiler Pitbull Mix Explained in Detail

Pitweiler is a hybrid dog produced by the cross between two American-origin dogs, the Rottweiler and Pitbull.

We already know the popularity of the Pitbull dog, which is an intelligent dog weighing about almost 20-28kg in mass and almost 40cm in length; it has a lifespan of almost 15-16 years. This knowledgeable breed crossed with the Rottweiler, which is characteristically a very intelligent and loyal dog produces Rottweiler.

The cross result is a highly remarkable and loyal dog with exceptional traits like are knowledgeable, guarding characteristics, and very affectionate towards their masters.


Quick Information about Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

Pitweiler lifespan

The average lifespan of Pitweiler is generally 15-17 years. It has the characteristics of its parents from which it has been crossed, so it has a reasonable life expectancy but needs to have proper care and guide if you want it to be healthy.


How big do Pitweiler get? How much does Pitweiler weigh?

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix
Average HeightAverage Height
For Males: 61–69 cm

For Females: 56–63 cm

For Males: 35–48 kg

For Females: 50–60 kg


What Does a Rottweiler Pitbull Mix Look Like?

The Pitweiler is an average height dog that has large canine teeth and good posture. Well-maintained masculinity is seen in this cross. It has a broad chest and a deep head. With its good parenting and guarding abilities, it is no doubt one of the best breeds of the dogs ever crossed.

The cross-species have eye color restricted to brown or dark brown, and triangular-shaped ears are evident in their hanging positions.

This dog has a unique character that is different from both Pitbull and Rottweiler. It has some wrinkled skin and is seen in its whole skin. The teeth are sharp and strong, retaining from its parent Rottweiler, which can quickly kill a lion with its intelligence.


What is the Pitweiler used for?

Pitweiler has a leading role in guarding. Most of the these great crossed dogs are used for defending due to its intelligence and instincts and the courageous and bold characters it inherited from its parents.


How Much Do Pitweilers cost? Pitweiler price

What is the Pitweilers price in the US? Let’s find out.

The average price of Pitweiler ranges between 200$ to 700$; depending upon the health and the quality of the breed, a good breeder will ask you for more than 300$.

You can buy it from local stores, but you have to take extra care of your particular breed.


Pitweiler Color Coat

Rottweiler Pitbull Mix has different colors of coats; it may vary with the parental dog coat color. Generally, Pitweiler skin is in black coat, but it is not strictly black.

Your Rottweiler Pitbull Pitweiler mix may have the following color coat combinations


How to Choose a Pitweiler Dog Breeder?

If you are going to buy a Pitweiler, you must look after every little thing; keep in mind that the Rottweiler mix you will purchase should be very sophisticated and well-mannered.

Ask the following questions to your breeder if there are Pitweilers puppies for sale.

  • They are easy to get attached
  • They are not harmful
  • Meet the parents of Rottweiler Pitbull mix puppies for sale
  • They are easy to handle
  • Observe and scrutinize their behavior
  • Check the appetite
  • Check if they are aggressive
  • Always see that they have got the proper care


Pitweiler puppies

Rottweiler Pitbull mix puppies for sale are not easy to find; you must find a good breeder and then check out the Rottweiler Pitbull mix price if it ranges between the prices we have given. If you really love dogs, then the price is not a problem. You can buy the pes in the US for around 200-800 USD.


Pitweiler for Sale

We can purchase the Pitbull, and the Rottweiler hybrid crosses online and from The behavioral; we can buy it around 500-700 USD from the internet.


The behavior of Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

Let’s see the different things that are associated with the behavior of these dogs.


Are Pitweilers Mean?

As we know, Pitweilers are the dogs used for scrutinizing and guarding purposes. They are used as Watchdogs, and by visual appearance, they are not mean or dangerous. But, they do their work very efficiently and keep on barking whenever they see an intruder or suspicious people or happening around them.


Are Pitweilers trainable?

We see that Rottweiler Pitbull Mix has its roots from two best breeds, one of which is hard to train; but, this new species is not that hard to train. They are highly efficient and intelligent dogs.

If you are a good trainer, you can make it an excellent watchdog. It uses its intellectual senses and insightful abilities to detect suspicious and spooky activities.


Does Pitweiler Like to cuddle?

It is a good idea to cuddle your Pitweiler; they love to cuddle if they come in close association with you. You can spend time with your dog, train the dog well, and it will be attractive to you since the factor of loyalty is constant in all the dogs.


Do Pitweilers Love Their Owners?

Yes, they love their owners very much. They show great affection and love towards their owners because of the loyalty found in their blood. If you are spending significant time with your pet and giving it training, making him sleep with you, it will love you and be in a strong association with you.


Are Pitweiler Dogs Loyal?

Pitweilers are very loyal pets.

They have a strong affinity for their owners; if any stranger is around their owner and is hurting or annoying him, they will consider it dishonesty and attack the stranger, making their guardians feel annoyed.

In short, they can even kill a lion if there is a danger and risk their own lives to save yours to prove their loyalty whenever the need arises.


How Do I Know If My Pitweiler is happy?

You can watch your dog’s behavior and tell it that whether it is happy and love you or not, notice your little friend’s excellent action, and it is confirmed that you have made him comfortable with you.

  • You feel safe around him
  • It licks your hands and face
  • It stares at you with glimpses
  • It jumps on you with you come back to your place
  • It will happily obey everything you say
  • It will love you back even more


How Long Can a Pitweiler Be Left Alone?

They are great pets; they are known for their remarkable strength and strenuous body, wisdom, and finding the suspicious activities and people around you.

But they should not be left at home for longer, as they are not shy and alone living organisms. They love to live in social interaction.

The average time you can leave your Pitweiler at home is 6 hours. It would be best if you made it his exercise to be at home and gradually increase the time to go home.


Are Pitweiler Aggressive?

Usually, they are not aggressive and are very calm and loving pets. They are very affectionate towards their owners and family.

But in general, they do not like to mix up with new people easily, so you should never leave them alone with some visitors or friends.

Despite their remarkable guarding instincts, which causes them to exhibit aggressive or unlikely behavior towards strangers, they are excellent friends.


Pitweiler Temperament

The Pitweiler’s Temperament is very loving, secure, and Confident. They are a successfully crossed breed with high intellects and have quality traits from both parents.

You can see a bold, masculine nature with high intelligence from the Pitbull and loving heart, plus guarding abilities against the Rottweiler. These are mixed up to give a great mix.


Pitweiler Leadership

Talking about leadership qualities, Pitweiler is a great leader in all conditions. It can guide other stray dogs and keep a good eye on others to identify the suspicious and strange things around them.

They can even lead a critical situation and be a great leader saving you and others from an unexpected incident.


Do Pitweiler Dogs Shed a lot?

They don’t shed a lot under normal conditions, but they ask for extra attention when there is a spring or Fall month. You can expect to give them hygienic treatments once a week and comb their hairs (Coat).

This is great when they are shedding and helps you maintain your dog’s personality and keep him groomed and cute.


Incredible Rottweiler Pitbull Cross Breeds

Let’s Study the different cross breeds of Rottweiler and Pitbull; they are relatively distant from each other but serve the same purpose of guarding and security with their incredible instincts to detect something sketchy and report it alerts you.

First of all, Check out our detailed Rottweiler Husky Rottsky breed review

Rottweiler pitbull mix
rottweiler pitbull mix pitweiler

 Boxer Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

Boxer Rottweiler Pitbull Mix is a breed of Dogs produced when one crosses a Pitweiler with a boxer. The result is a charming and social dog with remarkable strength and insightfulness with a walk of pride but full of anger and non-friendly behavior for the strangers.


Quick Information about Boxer Rottweiler Pitbull Mix



55-60 kg



20-26 Inches


Body Structure

Masculine, healthy brown, daring


Life Span

Almost 15 years



Good with family, not with strangers


Grooming Requirements

They require grooming once a week and bathing only a few times a year.



Black-brown and the colors of Pitweiler are given above.


German Shepherd Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

German Shepherd Rottweiler Pitbull Mix is a great breed ever mixed to get a great combination of its parents’ distinct features.


The strength, stamina, and remarkable ability to guide and lead is a unique feature of this dog that has raised its demand. The German Shepherd is known for its attacking abilities and for protecting and security purposes.

When this great blood is mixed with Pitweiler, we get a wonderful breed with excellent qualities such as loving nature and guarding ability.


Quick Information about German Shepherd Rottweiler Pitbull Mix



52-66 kg



22-27 Inches


Body Structure

Healthy, Fit and strength-full


Life Span

Over 13 years



Good with family, not with strangers


Grooming Requirements

They require grooming once a week and bathing only a few times a year.



Black-brown and the colors of Pitweiler are given above.



Pitweiler Puppy

Pitweiler puppies are highly adorable and love to snuggle. They are the mini version of thoughtful, intelligent, and powerful adult Pitweilers that are primarily used worldwide for their great paternal instincts of detecting vulnerabilities and suspicious activities.

The puppies are trained to get a mature and adult Pitweiler which has extraordinary abilities.


Mastiff Rottweiler Pitbull Mix

Bullmastiff Rottweiler Pitbull Mix is a cross between Mastiff and Pitweiler dog s generally hailed as it has many characteristics that make it more unique and fantastic dog used for several purposes.

It has a masculine structure with superpowers of both its parents, Mastiff and Pitweiler; they will grow to a large and have good body mass and attacking strength.


Quick Information about Mastiff Rottweiler Pitbull Mix



Weight lies between 50-65 kg.



It is generally 26 inches to 28 inches.


Body Structure

The body structure is unique and quite remarkable.


Life Span

Over 15 years.



Good with family, not with strangers


Grooming Requirements

They require grooming once a week and bathing only a few times a year.



Black-brown and the colors of Pitweiler are given above.



Rottweiler Pitbull German Spitz Mix

Rottweiler Pitbull German Spitz Mix is also a powerfully combined breed of Pitweiler and has incredible and unique characteristics, no study case has been shown about this breed due to the restrictions of breeding, and many people have done it secretly.



Weight lies between 50-65 kg.



Ranges from 20 to 25 inches


Body Structure

Body structure is said to be very ferocious and strong.


Life Span

The life span is almost in range from 12-15 years.



Good with family, not with strangers


Grooming Requirements

Grooming is necessary for the dogs; comb the hairs twice a week.



Black-brown and the colors of Pitweiler are given above.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Pitbull Rottweiler Mix illegal?

Do you want to know if Pitbull Rottweiler mix is illegal? The answer to that question is NO; it is common to breed a crossing of different dog species to get the desired characteristics. It is perfect for getting the Pitweiler because they are specifically used for guarding purposes in the US.

The Pitbull Rottweiler lab mix is an organism that is not crossbred and is produced by biotechnology. The scientists use sex cells of both microorganisms and fuse them in the laboratory to get the mix of the Pitbull and Rottweiler.


How to groom Rottweiler Pitbull Mix?

To groom the personality of your Rottweiler Pitbull Mix, known as the Pitweiler, you have to follow the following things;

  • Make it a bath once in 2 months
  • Keep it in a clean place
  • Always make up its hairs
  • Train him well
  • Spend time with him


 Is a Rottweiler Pitbull Mix a good family dog?

Yes, Pitweiler is a perfect breed of Family dog. It has roots in two best breed dogs. Pitbull is known for its loving and relaxed personality; the other is Rottweiler, famous for ingenious and security purposes.

Rottweiler pitbull mix pitweiler
rottweiler pitbull mix pitweiler

Final Verdict – Rottweiler Pitbull Mix Pitweiler

All in one article, which is based on the complete guide for Pitweiler, a well-known and designer dog used primarily for guarding and scrutinizing purposes. He’s a Chick magnet.

This dog ranges from small to big size and has excellent properties and parental instincts. It has big and honed teeth, which are canines.

The Pitweiler is a brilliant animal. It can easily detect the presence of anything sketchy around you and guard you against it with proper training. The only thing that should be concerned is that people should not leave it with the children or strangers because it does not like strangers.

It has a body mass of almost more than 80 Pounds to 120 pounds and reaches a height of nearly 28 inches or more.

The Pitbull Rottweiler puppies are very easy to get attached to their owners. If you love them, they will love you back; they will always look forward to you if they get used to you and will always jump to get in your arms.

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